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  1. 3/5 - I enjoyed the musicality. Very gritty and a bit techno-vibey. The vocals kinda threw me off though. "Pardon Me" - Incubus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPKZSq0hrww How do you get the actual video to show up in a post? Having some trouble with getting it to work
  2. It's been since freshman year since I ever built a MoC. Gotta find some time now! Give a fitting welcome back to the best part of my childhood! Woo! I just hope my building skills are still intact.
  3. Aaaaaaaaaand... Looks like we have a potential winner!!The style you used here is absolutely fantastic, and it analogs the actual set pieces with utmost creativity! The detail you used is outstanding, and it really conveys that sense of functionality to the characters with all of those mechanisms. The complexity in the characters is so excellently done, and it never feels distracting. Always flows with the more angular styles int he art.The colors you used and how you used them is very impressive. The shading is simple, yet still works for the characters. Easier to paint than full-on gradients.The masks rock so hard! Even tough they're both the same mask, you still managed to make them reflect personality! Admirable!My only complaints stem from aspects of Jaller's design. His feet seem disproportionate to his body, but since you were going for some set-accuracy, it works. Something about his torso also seems a bit wack, but that's the set accuracy again. Other than that, not much else bugs me.Anyways, the style, coloring, and craftsmanship here is outstanding! I love this, and it's definitely got my vote (assuming I don't enter the contest ).LOVE THE MASKS!!!
  4. Dude, you rock! Got that recently too! Such an awesome and funky record!! Anyways, also got: "Superunknown" -Soundgarden"Telephantasm" -Soundgarden"Cabin By The Sea" -The Dirty Heads
  5. Sweet! I always love and appreciate a good Mass Effect Moc!The design you used here works very well for Legion, and in terms of piece usage and creativity, this looks great! The head design rocks especially and it's very fitting for a Geth. The colors are off though, but I can overlook that because everything else looks good, and in hindsight, the colors work for it as a Moc. I also dig the rifle, and he looks awesome holding it too!Nice job with Legion! It'd be sweet to see you do some more Mass Effect Mocs!
  6. Never seen anything this cool in a while! Creatively designed and well executed! The complexity in the piece usage, especially with the torso/lower arms area, is nicely done as well.I'm really diggin' the high-machinery industrial aesthetic of this Moc!Something about the feet kind of bug me though. Maybe it's the Metru heads, but it doesn't bother me so much compared to the entirety of the Moc.The design reminds me exactly of Sebulba! Instantly got it! Such a unique basis for that compelling a design! Anyways, It's great to see another stellar Moc from you Primus! Excellent work once again!
  7. Awesometacular fight scene between a cyclopean monster and an elf-like warrior! Epic!
  8. Granted. On his killing spree, he obliterates every structure in his path. Every one. Including your home.I wish I was better at Halo.
  9. Granted. The robot is tiny and has no function other than to drive around aimlessly.I wish I was stronger.
  10. Excellent work on this one! The single-colored armor of the Moc is quite pleasing to the eye, and the blue helmet is a great addition as well! The way you used the pieces of the Moc is ingenious! The legs and upper torso are close-to-brilliant in my opinion! I don't personally have a problem with the lower torso/waist area. I like the occasional exaggerated-proportion aesthetic when it works, and it works pretty well here. All in all, I really love what you did with this Moc, and he looks awesome!
  11. This Moc is really amazing! I love the complexity of it, and that face is absolutely priceless! Nice job man!
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