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Flickr Contest 09/14 Preliminary Poll Fall

Flickr Contest 09/14 Preliminary Poll Fall  

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Preliminary Poll Fall

Flickr Contest - September 2014


Here we are... it's the preliminary voting round for the September 2014 Flickr Contest!


Two entries from each poll will advance, as well as two overall wildcards.


Voting begins September 24th and ends September 27th at 11:59 P.M. EST.

Final voting begins September 27th and ends September 29th at 11:59 P.M. EST.

The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on September 30th.




BZP Rules and Guidelines




1. 201409_05.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Luminescent Lurker


2. 201409_12.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> MTG-04


3. 201409_01.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Batu, Toa of Stone


4. 201409_13.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Invader Kekmor


5. 201409_09.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> MTG-03


6. 201409_15.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Krana-suit


7. 201409_02.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Elephantine


8. 201409_04.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Bionicle House

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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Ha, both MTG-03 and MTG-04 in one contest and even one poll! Now it's time to see the real MTG!


This was a hard choice. There were a lot of great MOCs here, but I think Luminescent Lurker would look the best as a banner.


Wow, there really were a lot of entries this time around. No wonder the polls took so long. :P

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I self-voted for Elephantine, since Luminescent Lurker is likely going to clobber all other entries anyway.


Incidentally, when I try to view this poll on the mobile version, I get the following error:


Fatal error: Method sdHidePollVotesPollDisplay does not exist in dp3_custp_parsePostTopicViewPostSkinOverloader in /home/bzpower/public_html/board/converge_public/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4051



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