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Chalk Art: Lego Terracotta Army

toa ordaku

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First, please note for all intents and purposes that I am neither the one who drew this, nor the one who took this picture. As such, I've posted this in the General Lego Discussion rather than an art forum. Also, I will be visiting the Chalk Art Festival tomorrow, and, if I see this particular piece, will try to take more pictures, as this was the only one that I could find.*Phew!* Now that my little spiel is out of the way, enjoy this masterpiece in all of its brick-filled glory! :) 383626_10150349607797647_159371282646_8250362_610610642_n.jpgIf you would like to know more about the Sarasota Chalk Art Festival, please visit http://www.chalkfestival.com.Also, on a side note, some people are theorizing that there is a connection between the Festival and the Giant Lego Minifigure that washed ashore recently on Siesta Key. If you would like to see that article, as well as the latest photos of the SK Lego Man: http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20111027/ARTICLE/111029610.Thanks for viewing! :D

Rest in Peace, Joey Powers! I'm sorry that I didn't have the chance to get to know you!
Credit to ~Nausicaa~ for the second banner.
If you created the first banner, please come forward so I can give you credit.
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I've seen art like this before. This one's just as awesome. And since it's of lego, even better. Great!


Why are orange and black such a good color Combination ? Purple is pretty, and so is blue. Pink hurts your eyes, green is quite mellowing, black is very threatning, red is cool, orange is SO awesome, yellow's hard to read... But you can't see white at all! Oh, wait. I forgot brown.


Here's my thoughts: If a person tells the truth and says, " I always lie," Is he lying? Or is he telling the truth? And what has a mouth, but no head, and a body, but no torso? Do caterpillars like to tend to supporting colum of stone's every need? Or is that name misleading by nature? Speaking of nature, why are the children of animals called offspring? don't many young beasts come alive in spring, and thus, should be called onspring? Heeeeeeyy..... I got the first post on a page for the first time. Who knows; it may happen again. What the... It did happen again... and again...



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