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Kopeke's Plastic Surgery


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Does anyone know why Kopeke's appearance changed so drastically from the MNOG to his 03 toy? I would like to know if there is an explanation.


Here is a quote from Biosector01

He was also chosen as goal-keeper for Ko-Koro's team in the Kolhii Tournament, though he and Matoro did not make it to the Championship. He originally wore a powerless Noble Kanohi Komau, but it was damaged in Kolhii practice. So, in honor of Turaga Nuju, he took up a powerless Noble Kanohi Matatu.


My guess for the grey colorscheme is simple, Kopeke was blue in the first Mata Nui Online Game.

However since Matoro was already the first to have sand blue, so Lego designers gave him grey as a secondary colorscheme.

It was a simple to avoid confusion between having suddenly two blue and white matoran... also with kopeke dark grey color lego didn't need a new mask mold and could use leftover grey masks from the old mask packs.



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---Kopaka Nuva---'s quote from BS01 is a bit of a retcon; I believe the MNOG masks are considered non-canon. Many Matoran changed masks from MNOG to future incarnations; specifically there were a few issues between the Ruru- and Pakari-wearing Matoran.

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What difference? There's no difference between Kopaka Mata and his MNOG appearance, and I couldn't find a difference between Kopaka Nuva and how he looks in the Bohrok-Kal animations (presuming you meant Nuva by 2003 set). Could you explain further?

Its Kopeke.


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