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MOD: Game-style Ekimu

Logan McOwen

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MOD: Game-style Ekimu

Those who have played BIONICLE: Mask of Creation will know that there has been an update to the game recently, which not only introduces Skull Warriors to the battlefield, but also Skull Slicer, Skull Scorpio, Skull Basher and Skull Grinder as four additional boss levels. Also, once you've fought and defeated all the bosses with their Toa of choice, you can also play as Ekimu, the Mask Maker!




Now, those of you who are quite observant may have noticed something a bit off about Ekimu's in-game model. For those who haven't, take a look at his shoulders and arms. Ekimu has the same build as Narmoto, the Protector of Fire! The model uses 5M hinge bones and a 5M shell in trans light blue, which are versions of those parts which we do not have IRL. But, we can still build a close approximation - which I have done!





What do you think of this version of Ekimu? Is he now more in line with the other figures of his size, or do you feel that he lacks a certain je ne sais quoi without a gearbox?

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I licked the gear box a lot more..

You wat?


I prefer the set build. He's appealingly chunky after the flat sets of later G1

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Elemental Rahi in Gen2, anyone? A write-up for an initial video for a G2 plot


I really wish everyone would stop trying to play join the dots with Gen 1 and Gen 2 though,it seems there's a couple new threads everyday and often they're duplicates of already existing conversations! Or simply parallel them with a slightly new 'twist'! Gen 2 is NEW, it is NOT Gen 1 and it is NOT a continuation. Outside of the characters we already have I personally don't want to see ANY old characters return. I think it will cheapen the whole experience to those of us familiar with the original line...


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You guys do realize that lego just [messed] up and either just gave him Narmoto's model by accident, or just never made Ekimu a model to begin with right?




Edit: Language. Also, please keep your comments to the MOC itself.


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