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  1. Entirely possible that the island itself was underground or disguised. It was the home of a master craftsman and a legion of devoted and skilled workers. They could have easily made buildings that fold into the earth, valleys that lead around the important areas, and even terrain that changed overnight to disorient. For all the BoM knew, Artakha was a strange, dangerous, thoroughly explored but uninhabited island dome that was the lair of Crystal Serpents. In other words; not worth the trouble. They would probably have been looking for spires-and-toga idealized Metru Nui anyway. Nothing hides something better than a preconceived notion of what it is.
  2. I'd be interested in getting that Marendar question answered. Let me know if it does.
  3. I had the idea months ago of taking the MNOLG and essentially making that the 1st year plot; the villager heroes save the island and are 'promoted' into Toa forms. The medium sets the first year would be the "Rahkshi" serpent-men, while the small sets are the Heroes (Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua, Kopaka) akin to the protectors of G2. The large sets should be Great Beasts: A Kanohi Dragon-esque, black-and-red serpent as the first form or servant of Makuta, with a gold-and-blue Kahu rendition of Agil that could support one of the small sets as a rider. Alternatively, the small sets of the first wave are villagers, with the Toa themselves coming in the second wave as the cavalry. Second wave small sets would probably be best used as little beasts, three bad, three good. Maybe a titan. I'd support the conflict-a-in-a-box by including smaller serpents, two or three pieces with a head filling a similar role to Krana in the small sets, and the medium sets get a small Agil-like bird that will attach to the Toa sets in the second wave. The Toa sets get another round of krana-serpents, and the small sets stand on their own.
  4. Personally, I think that the EP wasn't at the core, geologically speaking, just very low in the crust, bordering on within the mantle. Think of it like oil, being contained by stone it had already transmuted to protosteel/other unaffectable substance, until it was brought to the surface and spread around. Whereupon it could affect the planet as a whole...
  5. I look at all the complaints about the characterization of the Masters and think they didn't separate the two generations enough. The main moment that sticks in my mind is Tahu Master running from the overwhelming legions of skull spiders before acquiring his mask. A number of members remarked on how "Tahu would never do that" and claiming the new story team was doing something wrong on the basis of Tahu Nuva's established arc. Now this is the equivalent to claiming that a bookish child named Dave Beckham is "doing something wrong" because he's not playing soccer like an older namesake.
  6. For all we know it could be lions that move the planets.Also wouldn't the Order of Mata Nui know the MU was a robot. Depends on how Mata Nui appeared to them back in the days he still had a firm hand on his internal inhabitants.
  7. "Your time is over, Korra. I will merge with Vaatu and we will become a Dark Avatar!" Yeah, that second idea sounds more like Avatar than bionicle. Never having seen Avatar, I did not know that. Don't worry about it. Bionicle works best when we focus on the whole 'robot warriors in a giant body' angle instead of the 'element wielders' angle.
  8. "Your time is over, Korra. I will merge with Vaatu and we will become a Dark Avatar!" Yeah, that second idea sounds more like Avatar than bionicle.
  9. The Ko-Toa wearing sunglasses while protecting the City. I think we have a winner of most awesome Toa.
  10. There's a species of carnivorous bees that make meat honey, but it apparently tastes foul. Wax... Perhaps the Ta-Matoran wax is made from rahi. Wax is related to fat, right? And fat is an energy source for organic musculature and machinery. Perhaps some of the more organic rahi had fat stores as well as muscles and edible energy.
  11. I remember being so upset when I read about the Piraka killing that matoran. Fortunately, the Piraka got their comeuppance...I think...right? If you think being stripped of arms, legs, most of your body and your ability to breathe air, then tossed into a cauldron of EP to emerge as a component to a great golden skakdi god is comeuppance, then yeah, they did.
  12. The Pit would probably be the liver, in that case. Since it is the organ that deals with detoxification. The Pit then takes care of the toxic elements in Mata Nui. Artakha would be the bone marrow, creating new (blood) cells, the Continents, North and South being the lungs (producing air and climate for the rest of the interior environment), while the BoM island creating rahi like the various glands secrete hormones...
  13. Botar was dropping people off in the Pit. If the place was still whole, they'd probably have people there who took care of containing the prisoners, which would be the stage where Brutaka would have had his Olmak taken. However, there was nobody there to take Brutaka into custody, and by the time the OoMN knew the Pit was breached and Brutaka still had his Olmak, the mask had fused to his face with his mutations. So they would have taken the Olmak, were everything running as it should.
  14. Maybe the G2 Vahi was the top half of the MoUP. We will never know.
  15. I nominate this theory for a Key to Nongu award!
  16. Anyone tried putting Skull Scorpio's tail on LoSS?
  17. Good points, but you could stand to do a little editing. The main problem is the sheer amount of run-on sentences. Hot Tip from an editor and writer; if your sentence ends up more than one line long, you should check if it can't be two or more.
  18. Firstly, thread revival. This is an old thread (sorry to the mods for participating). Secondly, what? You just repeated the end of G1. How does that have any bearing on G2?
  19. There was a dark hunter mutated by Hordika venom. We also learned that 'Kal' is a term for any creature mutated by a substance other than EP; Kraata-Kal, Bohrok-Kal. Technically speaking, the Hordika could have been referred to as Toa-Kal, and would have been had they not been cured before reverting fully.
  20. As they wear masks, the shape of their eyes, altered by the 'shutters', becomes their primary means of facial expression. The rest of their face, covered by the mask, remains inscrutable. It's one thing i feel the 2015 animations did right.
  21. Well that explains why they can't move the bloody things! :v They move forward by rippling their spine like a breakdancer doing the worm. The first pair lifts and settles, then the second, then the third. What, what do you mean they walked like insects in the shorts? Blasphemy!
  22. They are attacking with their fused legs, walking on their elongated ribs with their head, shoulders and arms largely intact. We established this.
  23. Against 173? No, they don't need to. Though I'd like to see a Po-Toa cracking 173 lengthwise, then powderizing the remains. It is a statue, after all.
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