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Anyone miss Nexo Knights? :(


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Hi guys. Well, this year started, and Nexo Knights ended last year. I don’t mind that it would end last year, but what annoys me about it is that the story remains unfinished. However, the TV show’s creator showed some sketches in Twitter on how the story would go. However, he never concluded the story, and there is no replacement for Nexo Knights, not like how it replaced Legends of Chima.


I really wish the story is continued, so Monstrox should be defeated again and peace will fully be restored upon the kingdom of Knighton. Plus, I wish the cancelled Seasons 5 and 6 in 2018 could have happened (like many people say: Lego TV shows don’t get cancelled, even though that Hero Factory and Bionicle G2’s already did, sadly), and Clay’s mom be cured from being evil. Anyway, let’s hope that the theme would become one of Ninjago’s Sixteen Realms, like how Legends of Chima got included, for the sake of remembering it.


Anyone would like to make condolences for the theme? For me, well, I have a say in this. Well, the sets are very cool, and I like how they use the color schemes on them. I love the vehicles that have multiple functions and monsters. For the TV show, well, the story is kind of mediocre, but it’s sort of like looking at Ninjago. As much as Hero Factory is a technology counterpart to Bionicle, NK is a technology counterpart to Ninjago. It is cool in some things, like the action and the comedy, though the Nexo Scan was overdone and the comedy is a bit overdone as well. It’s cool that the bad guys are being focused half the time. For the online game, well, it’s awesome, but it is a bit repetitive. There are a lot of uneven stuff in the theme, like magic books and Forbidden Powers, but the theme is just cool.


I miss it already.:(

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I never engaged with the story but almost all of the sets were fantastic imo, and the theme introduced several great parts. It's always a shame seeing original Lego IP that's fairly imaginative and unique go under while overpriced licensed stuff sells like hotcakes and stretches into its 10+th year, but then they usually plan these for 3 years, and Nexo got that. 



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It was fun, but I think it had a decent run and had stopped following it closely by the very end. Plus, even from the start I wasn't anticipating that it would last more than three years. Generally themes like that aren't expected or even intended to continue on and on, year after year the way that Bionicle, Ninjago, Friends, and City have — that kind of decision is only made after they've demonstrated some really extraordinary levels of popularity.


I also think that while it's a bummer that there was no new TV season to tell the story of Nexo Knights' final wave and conclusion, the story presented in the sets and app make for a very good "final battle", with Monstrox himself taking digital form just as Merlok did and attempting to turn the very technology that always gave the Nexo Knights their edge back against them. I don't know whether there's any new story arcs they could have introduced after that which wouldn't feel tacked-on or otherwise underwhelming compared to such poetically high stakes.


And anyhow, if LEGO kept all their themes running as long as they remained successful in any capacity, they wouldn't have nearly enough production capacity left over to introduce entirely new themes like Hidden Side.


I will say that I have much more bittersweet feelings about LEGO Elves ending. Certainly it had a satisfying conclusion in its own right, with the forces of light vanquishing the shadows that threatened Elvendale, but at the same time I had a much closer connection to those characters and that world than I did with the Nexo Knights, and I felt like the sets always found new ways to excite me. The Elves story also varied much more from year to year than that of Nexo Knights, which always focused pretty intently on the war between the heroes of Knighton and the forces of Monstrox, so I feel like it could have continued in new directions without that same sense of detachment that comes with having to redefine the entire premise after three years defined by conflict against one very specific adversary.


Moreover, a lot of the stuff I enjoyed about Nexo Knights was similar to what I still enjoy about Ninjago, whereas Elves had many much different forms of appeal that this year only the LEGO Movie 2 sets and story come close to delivering. I'm hoping that there's some adequate "spiritual successor" to LEGO Elves in the works for 2020 and beyond.

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I loved the sets. The theme of space-castle was amazing to me. The characters looked cool and each had a unique personality. The pieces were great.

That said, I never watched too much of the animated videos. No time, and I was content building the sets, building some small MOCs, and enjoying it for what it was, simply.


I wish it was never canceled though.


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Yeah. Nexo knight is surprising good. I collected all of them. Good memories ^_^


You collected all Nexo Powers, did you? Just asking.


Man, I still super-wish that the story is resolved properly. I mean, there’s Monstrox infecting technology and Ruina is on the loose. An app game wouldn’t do any good. I wanted to see the Nexo Knights fight Monstrox’s new army, Merlok fighting Monstrox in an epic duel, and Ruina being cured from being a Stone Monster. It would have been cool if Nexo Knights is one of Ninjago’s Sixteen Realms (because there are a lot of similarities, and people keeping calling their homeland a “realm”), perhaps we would know in Ninjago’s future season when we learn about all Sixteen realms, hopefully.


No one has heard about Nexo Knights for some time since 2018. Lego should’ve done something about it rather than cancelling and leaving the story unfinished. Maybe give it a console video game and better advertising on the sets (same goes to Hero Factory, which suffered the same conditions).

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I remember thinking it had some potential early on, but just sort of forgetting about it. It's always sad to see a LEGO original IP go, but it seems like it had a good run. I never got any of the sets, but the Fortrex looked like the coolest.

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