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The good things about G2


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Hi, guys. I know that you guys are being picky about G2’s flaws, and it’s not our favorite thing about Bionicle, but let’s forgive it for some things: 

1. The Toa Mata and Makuta are there. However, I would wish that Makuta is actually G2’s Teridax in disguise. 
2. Beautiful transparent pieces. 
3. A TV show (but it is Netflix). 
4. Purple pieces! 
5. Umarak. 
6. Kulta. 
7. The Toa’s weapons. 
8. The Toa’s and Umarak the Hunter’s ability to combine with the Elemental Creatures. 
9. The use of CCBS. 
10. The Mask of Creation. 
11. The upper half of the Vahi. It gives us the glimpse of what would the G1 Vahi look like if it looks completed. 
12. The machine guns. 
13. The masks. 
14. The Art of Bionicle book. 

Anyone agree? :)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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11 hours ago, fabSheers said:

One thing I did really appreciate about Gen 2 was how the Toa Mata were handled. They felt like true lineage sets in ways that the Nuva (and certainly the Phantoka/Mistika) missed the mark.

Oooh yes. There is a reason I have all the Toa Masters and 5 of the Toa Uniters (darn you Pohatu!), the G2 Toa really felt like a return to the 2001-2002 roots that the Mata and Nuva set that G1 was never able to somehow recapture itself. Furthermore the changes between the Masters and Uniters are much nicer and well thought out than the differences between the Mata and Nuva. So many of the Nuva had been radically redesigned that if you removed the identifying color it would be hard to tell who was who, but the revamped masks and builds of the Uniters still felt very much in vein of who the characters we met in the Masters were. Not to mention the easter eggs, such as the inclusion of the Nuva symbols as chest decals on the Uniters (symbols which only showed up in packaging but never in G1 sets) felt like a nice nod to their 2002 predecessors. Even then, it was great to just have the original six Toa back in some form, seeing it had been 7 years since the Mistika/Phantoka years and 13 years since their Nuva and Mata forms. 

Furthermore G2's sets in general just did, a lot right. I know CCBS isn't for everyone since its normally is much smoother and futuristic than the rough and worn texture of G1 (pistons!) but CCBS is a very robust system that combined the best of Constraction with traditional Technic builds. I recently have rebuilt a few of my G2 sets after having previously built the Makuta combiner from them, and as I was putting stuff like Umarak the Destroyer and Lord of Skull Spiders together I was pleasantly reminded at how much Technic was in the models. LoSS feels very much like he belongs in the same family as the 2001 Rahi sets. Oh and the socket quality, CCBS is built to last in a way G1 never was.

Speaking of sets, I came to love the Protector style and have many G1 characters "revamped" in the Protector style to bring them into the G2 story and I love how the little figures have so much articulation in G2. While I think the villains in G2 in general never hit the same high water mark as a wave that G1 had with stuff like the Bohrok or Pirakha, I do think Umarak the Hunter might be one of the best villain sets Bionicle ever put out; with a great spooky forest-man "wendigo" vibe to him. The Makuta combiner (while a pain to collect all the pieces needed to build it) is so spectacular in person and really shows the full potential G2 had. 

G2's biggest sins were in its story, and its unfortunate since I will stand by that the physical sets were well designed products and a much better final series for Bionicle sets collectors than 2010's Stars were. 

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On 10/1/2020 at 4:09 AM, Xboxtravis said:

such as the inclusion of the Nuva symbols as chest decals on the Uniters

That. That is my favourite thing about G2, right there.

I can't speak for much else; I missed G2 completely. In fact, I didn't even realise that detail for the longest time; I hadn't ever stopped to look closely at the sets until I had the chance to win one from participating in the fanfic exchange. I was just looking at the images on Brickset to see what I thought of them, and that detail absolutely leapt out at me; my respect for G2 increased a lot from just that tiny little inclusion!


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Yeah, my friends and I mainly remember G2’s story for its faults, but I think basically everyone I’ve talked to agrees that the sets were TOP quality, especially the masters. It felt like the masters were thought about by the set designers for a long time; each one evoked their characters personality more than most G1’s canister sets could dream of. On top of that, they all had unique silhouettes, gear functions, multi purpose weapons, pistons, everything. For me at least, they gave the feeling that Lego knew what they were doing, and that G2 was going to have a story to rival G1’s.

Of course, the Masters were about as good of a litmus test for the quality of G2’s story as my N1 Naboo Star Fighter toy was for TPM’s. However, I would say that G2’s toys blow G1’s out of the water 9 times out of 10. Only thing missing with G2 were titans, I’m sad we never got that many.

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To recap: sets good, everything else bad

It is tragic to recall the hype when we first saw the sets slowly killed by the realization that the story wasn't getting any bette.

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