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  1. (that's a thing?) Ehlek's big meaty Claws Edit: oh hey, one more post to a thousand, baby
  2. Whiny Inconsistent Character Hafu
  3. Out comes a, uh, a Matatu Nuva? Nah, that's not fun. Out comes Nuju's perpetually screaming, amputated head! In goes a slug! A big fat one.
  4. I see that stabbing someone is always the solution to gain something of interest. Therefore you are stabbed by me, and I kick you off a cliff. My mask
  5. The Vahki check inside the building to find nothing...but a motion sensor beeping wildly, and the building explodes, erasing any traces of my presence there. Got 'em
  6. Zacian

    I Need to Get Me a Cig

    Hmm, I'm not even sure of what I'd put in a sig other than links to my own stuff. So maybe go with that? Or this. If nothing else, then do this. It'll be hilarious.
  7. Your assassin kills me, and on his way out of my apartment, he suddenly decides to check back on my corpse. He goes back to the bedroom and finds the room empty. He turns around, and finds a bullet shot straight through his head. I hunt you down for revenge and two days later, your entire luxurious mansion is burned in flames, with you in it. I walk away with a pair of shades and a baseball cap. Got 'em!
  8. Not where I am. You are then dragged away by Donald Glover back to your country. My mask.
  9. Jokes on you! I won by 5 votes! You are then assassinated by someone who I totally am not acquainted with. Got 'em!
  10. I shoot you several times in the head with an sniper rifle from kilometres away, then I hop onto a hovercar and land right next to your corpse, and finally claim the Mask of Life. My mask.
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