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  1. "I Don't Like You" - Grace VanderWaal
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    What music are you listening to these days?


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    LEGO Risk

    Yeah, so did I unfortunately, but it is what it is. Anyway, with sign ups over and not enough players on board this game is officially canceled. Thanks you two for joining; considering how well this one went I don't think I'll ever try hosting another one of these games again. It looks like Bionicle/LEGO Risk was just a one-time thing.
  5. JAG18

    LEGO Risk

    I only had this one and while I always preferred the Mars Mission aliens (because of the cool ship designs and more militaristic approach) I only had one of those sets too (although that RTS game was/is my favorite LEGO game of all time). Also, you're in.
  6. JAG18

    LEGO Risk

    Although, I had the latter ones (Mars Mission ones) in mind, I honestly don't think it makes a difference so you could pick either one to play. *Yes, I know that the Mars Mission aliens aren't originally from Mars, but whatev I just needed a catchy name.
  7. JAG18

    LEGO Risk

    You're in! And all the Iron Drones have gone out to spray paint all the mechs black.
  8. The sequel to Bionicle RISK is currently up in G&T and accepting players.  Join today and tell your friends (so you can beat them). 

    1. Iron_Man5


      Put me down as willing and eager to join!  :D

    2. JAG18


      Great!  I reserved a spot for you and you can post in the topic when you're ready to join. 

  9. JAG18

    LEGO Risk

    After emerging victorious at The Battle of Bara Magna, The Makuta set out to conquer the rest of the universe, but much to his surprise, other powerful warlords had embarked on a similar quest. Now, the various villains clash in an attempt to rule the LEGO multiverse, but there can only be one champion... Introduction: Risk is an incredibly popular game of world domination and its rules are probably familiar to many of you reading this. But, because LEGO: Risk is an amalgamation of several different Risk variants I’ve written a set of rules below. If you already know the rules to Risk than just read anything in bold for any of the differences from normal Risk and for info on how to join this game. The Game Board: (See here) The game board is divided into 36 territories, which connect to each other by a space line or a wormhole*. During the game armies will attack enemy armies across these lines. The territories are grouped in to six continents of different colors: Licensed Region (Gold),Systar Region (Red), Historia (Blue), Metro Region (Brown), Original Region (Green) and Far, Far Away Region (Purple). *Wormholes: Territories that connect to a wormhole are considered connected to any territory connected to the worm hole of the same letter. The Factions: Each player will play as one of the dastardly villains of the LEGO universe; each one has special powers that affect the game in certain ways. Brotherhood of Makuta: Overwhelming Numbers: At the beginning of your turn, after placing your armies, but before attacking place an additional army in each capital you control. Rogue Knights: Fortifications: Whenever you defend your starting capital always add 1 to your die results. The Robots: Numerical Advantage: When counting armies, divide your territories by 2 instead of 3 The Martians: Guerrilla Tactics: You may make your Maneuver at any time on your turn and you may maneuver through enemy territories. Dinosaurs: First Blood: In the first territory you attack each turn, add 1 to your highest die roll for every attack that turn. This can turn a 6 into a 7. First Order: Aggressive Recruitment: When drawing territory cards, if you control the territory drawn then immediately place 2 additional armies in that territory. Setting Up: 1) Sign-ups will last one week or until six players have signed up (whichever happens first); to sign up player will post in topic which faction they wish to play and a color army to play with (Options: red, blue, green, brown, black, and purple). Each faction has its own unique ability so choose wisely. 2) I will use an RNG to decide who goes first. Play will proceed down the player list (player 5 then 6 then 1 etc.) until all players have taken a turn. 3) I will use a RNG to divide the territories among the players (each territory has been assigned a number for this process) and then I will post which territories were given to which player. In a 5 player game, the player going last will get one extra territory. 4) All players will start with a pool of armies depending on how many players they are (35/30/25/20 armies in a 3/4/5/6 player game respectively). I will send each player a PM asking them where they want to place their armies in their territories and which of their territories they want to make their capital. Then the game begins. What to do on your turn: Step 1: Recruit Armies At the start of a player’s turn I will count all their territories and cities* then divide the number by 3. That is the number of armies the player can place at the beginning of their turn. Example, a player with 12 territories will get 4 armies, 15 territories 5 armies; if the number can’t be divided by 3 then round down, but players, will always get at least 3 armies from this process. Then the player gets an extra army for each capital they control and if they control one or more continents they get the bonus listed on the game board. A player may also choose to turn in one or more cards won in battles to claim even more armies. Each card has one or two stars on it, which can be turned in for additional armies: 2 Stars = 2 armies 3 Stars = 4 armies 4 Stars = 7 armies 5 Stars = 10 armies 6 Stars = 13 armies 7 Stars = 17 armies Example: a player can turn in three cards with a total of 4 stars to claim 7 bonus armies. *Cities are important locations in the LEGO universe. They are 13 of them in the game. Territories with cities are marked on the board with a grey hexagon. Players will post in the topic, in which territories they will be placing their armies each turn. Step 2: Attack After placing armies, the player whose turn it is may choose to end their turn or they may choose to attack. The attack phase goes as follow: the attacker posts which territory they want to attack and which connected territory they will be attacking from along with the number of armies that will be attacking (up to 3). For each attacking army I will follow a die and the defender will roll 2 dice* (or one if there is only one army in that territory). Pair up the attack and defense dice from highest to lowest. Then, for each pair of dice, do the following: If the attack die is higher, remove one defending army from the battle. If the defense die is the same number, or higher than, the attack die, remove one attacking army (the defender always wins a tie). If the battling players roll an unequal number of dice than ignore the extra dice (the dice with the lowest numbers). If all defenders were killed in the battle, then the attacker won and move as many armies as survived the battle into the territory. Then they may move any additional armies from the attacking territory as they want, but they cannot leave a territory empty. *For the sake of simplicity, I will always roll two dice when rolling defense for a territory unless there is only one army in the territory instead of letting the player decide each battle. Step 3: Maneuver After finishing attacking, the player may move any number of armies from one territory they control to another one as long as they control all the territories in-between (e. g. A player may move armies from Bespin to Tatooine if they control Hoth). Step 4: Draw a card. If the player conquered at least one territory on their turn they get one card to put their hand (determined by RNG). Cards are open knowledge. Step 5: Trade If the player made any deals at any other time then any promised goods are traded now. Items that can be traded and the manner how include: Cards: are exchanged from hand to hand. Armies: armies can be held back during the Recruitment phase and traded during this step. The player starts with them during the next turn. If that player is eliminated with such armies then the player who eliminated them gets the armies on their next turn. Territories: during this step, traded territories are vacated; occupying armies are placed in the owner’s reserve except for one which switches sides and now belongs to the new owner. After all players have taken a turn then a round ends and turn order is determined for the next round. Winning the game: After a player completes their fifth turn then they count all their territories; whoever has the most territories at the end of their fifth turn (after all players have gone) is the winner. Other Rules: All BZPower rules apply. KEEP IT CLEAN Remember it’s just a game and not a real war, so please no rude or unsportsmanlike behavior (e. g. complaining about die rolls). We’re all just here to have fun. Alliances and truces (temporary or otherwise) between players are neither encouraged nor forbidden by the rules. Players are free to discuss said alliances and truces in the topic, in PMs, or any other form of communication. Player List: 1. Iron_Man5 (Martians; green) 2. Toru Nui (Robots; Black) 3. 4. 5. 6.
  10. I lure you into a Chuck E. Cheese's and you are never heard from again. Then, I sneak in and take the mask. My mask.
  11. "Meat" - Poppy Plug me into the feeding machine/ten in a pen pressed against me Cut out my tongue so that I can't scream/there's meat, there's meat on me
  12. Winner is Lipuret McKaukau And since no one is interested in taking over hosting, that means that this iteration of the game is unfortunately coming to a close. But, before the sendoff, here is something you guys might find interesting. Players and their number of round wins: Pahrak Model ZX: 22 FrozenFlash: 17 Ironfist: 14 Master Inika: 12 Specter Knight: 11 ToaTimeLord Requiem: 7 Iron_Man5: 6 Toa Smoke Monster: 5 Electric Light Gunhaver: 5 Toa Jaxus: 4 Wiriamu: 3 Lipuret McKaukau: 3 Laval Master of Energy: 3 Nato the Traveler: 2 Toa Imrukii: 2 Terrorsaur Drunken Khan: 2 Tahukan: 2 Kopakas Kool Kompanion: 2 Toru Nui: 2 1st Shadow: 1 Toa Imrukii: 1 ChargedKanohi: 1 Trijhak: 1 Vestak: 1 Taria Pakari: 1 Railgun: 1 Toa_Vezon22: 1 Daler99: 1 Thank you everyone for playing, it's been a great ride; we got featured on the front page, we made it to 26 pages, and two-and-a-half years. I'm not sure what more one could ask for. If anyone wants to view any of the past winners, the flickr album is here. GG everyone!
  13. "Nobody Does It Like You" - Rayelle
  14. I unload a Cordak blaster into Kardas' face. Look! The Cordak bullets, they disappeared!
  15. I ask it if it wants to see a magic trick.
  16. Winner is Master Inika! Longest. Round. Ever. Now, before we get to the next round there is an important announcement I need to make. To put it bluntly, this downtime has more or less killed any interest I had left in keeping this game going. It has been a ton of fun and I'm glad I was able to restore this BZPower classic, but my time running this topic is coming to a close. BUT, all is not lost; if anyone would like to take over this game, then please express your interest below in this topic or PM me and I'll make you a host. I will let that offer stand for about a week, but in the meantime, here's round 125:
  17. *Pulls out two Gali hooks* Give me your face! My face mask!
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