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  1. Name: Rek Breed: Wasteland Su-Skakdi Faction: Whoever pays most. Brief Description: Slight of build, but no less competent a fighter for it - what she lacks in muscle she makes up for in agility - Rek has primarily deep orange armour, underlaid by the occasional off-white highlight, and the typical Skakdi maw full of intimidating teeth. The skin of her skull is surprisingly smooth, aside from twin mandibles that jut from either side of her jaw; meanwhile the frills on her spine are each slit down the middle, giving her a more uncommon silhouette when they're raised, and she has a distinct scar down where her spine joins her back. She has two bandoliers slung in opposite directions across her torso, each sporting many small pouches, in which she carries mostly personal items and spare ammunition. Background/Occupation: Mercenary-for-hire. Rek grew up in one of the smaller settlements on Zakaz, alongside her older sister. Even despite the violence of their culture, the two girls were as close as could be; they stuck together through everything, even when their settlement was razed to the ground by another Skakdi tribe, leaving them amongst the few survivors. They grew, they helped each other, they became strong forces in their own right who would make any other Skakdi think twice about dealing with the brutally efficient sisters... until the day the older sister stabbed the younger one in the back for her own personal gain, leaving her in a ditch to die. The younger girl was stronger than her sister realised, however; picking herself back up, Rek sought out her sister and murdered her in retaliation, taking her heartlight as a trophy. Disillusioned with the idea of trusting others, she struck out on her own, not allowing herself to commit to any allegiance but simply becoming a mercenary, working for whoever paid her and not forming any bonds with others. Flaws: Rek has been damaged deeper than she truly realised by her late sister's betrayal. Not only is she now unwilling or incapable of trusting anyone, but she seems sometimes to teeter on the edge of emotional breakdown. Usually, in the everyday, she's fine; but then there are the times when something reminds her of the close bond she and her sister used to share, and crushing guilt will wrack her, rendering her all-but useless for a time as she grapples with the ghosts of her past (psychological issue). There's also the old Skakdi limitation where she can't use her elemental power except in conjunction with another (breed quirk) and she isn't physically strong (physical limitation), relying far more on agility than on brute force. Powers/Equipment: Aside from the Plasma powers that she can only access in conjunction with another Skakdi, Rek has as her species power the ability to heat up her skin until it's hot enough to burn anyone who touches it (primary power); the downside to this is that she can't maintain it for long without overheating herself. She also has thermal imaging vision (secondary power). The weapon she carries is a modified crossbow - not only does it shoot metal darts, but its hilt has been adapted to house a retractable blade for melee situations - and she has an ACR of her own. Name of ACR: Backstabber ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Unaffiliated Pilot of ACR: Rek Type of heartlight: Skakdi - that of her sister. The mech's named the way it is for a reason. Physical Description: Unlike its pilot, Backstabber is bigger and bulkier, serving as Rek's muscle in situations where her agility alone won't get her by. Shorter and more heavyweight than an Exo-Toa, it sports an angular design aesthetic. Onboard Weapons Systems: Backstabber's main weapon is a hefty broadsword, good for dealing heavy damage at close range but unwieldy to use, even for the powerful machine. Rek has foregone a second weapon system for the ACR in favour of powerful thrusters built into the feet; knowing how big and clunky Backstabber is, she has deliberately integrated these as a rapid-escape mechanism: should a situation become too hairy, the mech can use these thrusters to leap itself to safety. This does, however, come at the expense of a secondary weapon system; and the thrusters can only be used once in a two-hour period, as they require a significant recharge time. ( ooc: I've had this profile ready to go for days, I was just stuck on a name for the character xD; )
  2. None so much as the original Mata, I think. While I'd had a couple of the Slizers at the time, the Toa were in a whole other league to them, as far as I was concerned: they were almost twice as tall, and had so many new and fascinating pieces to them that I couldn't even figure out how they were built from the original pictures, which made every moment of building my first one, Onua, a moment of discovery in and of itself. The detail on the limbs; the unique weapons; the translucent eye/brain pieces that seemed to shine up when the light caught them... and those masks that were so unlike any Lego piece I'd ever encountered! The mystery and personality they conveyed! And, like Shadow Imperator up there says, too, all the little differences between each Toa's design, the small things that made them stand out from one another despite their similarities. I'm pretty sure nothing else that Bionicle turned out came anywhere near close to blowing my mind the way those original ones did. Though I want to say that the mid-2003 wave - the Matoran and the titans - gets an honourable mention for me. I think, granted, that had more to do with the thrill of discovery blowing my mind, rather than the sets themselves; but at the time, I hadn't known about the existence of the McDonald's Matoran promo at all, I only knew Hafu and Nuparu existed as sets. So coming on to Bionicle.com that day? The Wall of History entry just LEAPT out at me, showing me that these MNOG guys had got new designs (and names, in some cases); while a spin through the character bios and shop pages showed me they now existed as sets! And that was just! The coolest of the cool to eleven-year-old me. That we got representations of these characters, who were so special to me at the time; and none blew my mind so much as Takua and Jala. Just the fact that they were real, alone! Not to even mention, that seventh Toa; I didn't know at the time who the HECK he was, but NEW TOA! GOLD ARMOUR! EPIC MASK! He was magical to me, I can remember how much I was wowed by him xD
  3. So, just for the record, I have my Skakdi character application practically all ready to go... I am just thoroughly stuck as to a name for her xD So it might be a bit longer until she gets posted, after all, due to that ^^
  4. Yeah, that's what I thought, too. I've just always, like... known (at least more or less) that it was one of the rules of Bionicle, but I have no recollection of where I actually learned that fact from. I would... assume it was possibly mentioned in some throwaway bit of promotional material or other, that has since been lost to time - or maybe on Bionicle.com at some point? - but I just found it weird that I couldn't place where that fact had actually come from. Like others have said, I think Mask of Light and its supplementary material may have been the first time it was made explicitly obvious; but I know that the fandom had known or assumed that fact for longer - I recall it was often mentioned in GaliGee's stories from the earlier years, for one example - so I was just wondering when that fact explicitly went from "the Ga-Matoran we know of are girls" to "all Ga-Matoran are girls, no exceptions". Or if there'd ever been a difference in those two statements at all! Oh, whoops! I guess my first instinct was right: I did think of S&T first, but second-guessed myself before posting. Sorry about that ^^;
  5. Despite what I originally thought, I'm in the process of making a Skakdi character, too, but I haven't finished working out all her details yet. In the meantime, I think I'm only carrying one character over from SKE for the immediate moment. Name: Varxii Breed: Vo-Toa Faction: Technically affiliated with the Metru Nui refugees, really more of a loner. Brief Description: A female Toa of lithe build, Varxii stands about a head taller than your average Toa. Her armour, following the standard for Toa of Lightning, is primarily dark blue with white highlights around her joints and the bottom of her great Kanohi Kiril; additionally she wears incorporated into her armour half of a broken white mask in the shape of a Great Ruru, to honour the memory of the first Matoran who saw her as a hero. Background/Occupation: The lone guardian of an island that was conquered by the League of Six Kingdoms. Varxii started off life as a fighty Matoran, always quick to brawl over little things; a tendency that made her an outlier from her community. When she was transformed into a Toa, the new Lightning elemental decided that was all the excuse she needed for the ways she'd always acted, and quickly took to the role of lone guardian of the island, fending off rahi and other attacks with ease and rarely mingling with her former fellows. She was keeping them safe, she was doing what she was good at... who needed their constant tutting and murmuring to themselves about how she shouldn't be so quick to a fight? Eventually, she had the chance to prove her worth as a Toa, overseeing the evacuation of her villagers when the League advanced on their island, then racing back to take on the invaders head-on. For all her power and confidence, Varxii was utterly stomped and then forcibly assimilated into the League beneath Pridak's heel, under threat of death. Though she played her part in the Barraki's conquests, as long as she was pitted against those capable of fighting back or being sent on various other tasks or errands, Varxii drew a line when the League marched on the mostly-defenceless Metru Nui, slaughtering all in her path. A dying Matoran mistook her for a hero who was there to save them; and that was the moment the Vo-Toa knew she had to make that misconception into a reality. She broke from the League, joining with Turaga Sans and several other Toa to oppose Pridak in the final battle of Metru Nui, right before the universe shattered. Since arriving on Zakaz, Varxii has largely kept to herself. Officially, she's one of the Toa with the Metru Nui refugees; but despite her last-hour change of allegiance, Varxii still feels the weight of her time spent with the League and is reluctant to mingle with those who have been on the side of Metru Nui the whole time. She tends to avoid entering the major encampments, instead watching over them from a distance. Flaws: Overconfident, in a word. Varxii is just a little too sure of herself, of her powers, and often feels like she's unbeatable; this can have the effect of her failing to keep her guard up even in dangerous situations. Even paying the price for this flaw in her first fight against the League has yet to break her of this tendency to put too much faith in her own abilities (psychological issue). Additionally, she's not good at utilising her powers with pinpoint accuracy; she tends to think of them more as a powerful blunt instrument, and will struggle in any situation that requires a more delicate touch (physical imitation). Powers/Equipment: Possesses most standard powers of Lightning Toa (primary power), including the ability to shoot concentrated bursts of lightning from her bare hands, to cause electric shocks, and to create shields and cages of electricity. Additionally, her mask allows her to repair physical damage to any objects in her vicinity (secondary power). She carries a powered blade slung across her back for melee combat, but prefers to channel her element through her bare hands rather than relying on tools. (Breed quirks are just those common to any Toa.)
  6. Right, got it ^^ I thought that was what was meant; I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't misinterpreting it. Thanks for clarifying!
  7. Hi, question if I may? When you say the ACRs need a heartlight to function, is that like... literally need to have killed something and taken its heart, to make it work? Or does heartlight means something different in this context? Thanks!
  8. Something just occurred to me the other day, made me wonder. When was the idea of elements being gender-locked officially canonized? I don't remember any story media spelling it out specifically - not in the comics, MNOG, or novels, at any rate - but it's something that I know has almost always been taken to be a True Canon Fact. I'm wondering now though, whether this was simply a fandom assumption made on the existing evidence at the time (i.e. as of 2002 all five named Ga-characters are girls, all twenty-two named non-Ga-characters are guys, therefore that must be representative of the entire population) that was adopted as true canon only later? Or whether, instead, it was official right from the start and was mentioned in something that's since been forgotten to time? I guess what I'm really asking is, what was the original official source for the statements confining each element to a single gender? BS01 doesn't give any source for that fact; and I'm curious, more than anything else.
  9. @Laval- Master of Energy @Tarn @1womanarmy Oh cool, thanks for the interest! I've kind of got an overwhelming number of other RP commitments I owe replies to on other sites, so I'm not in a position to be able to plan a launch for this right away - plus, I'd REALLY love a guide book first to how to run an RP the BZP way, I've never done it before xD - but I'm glad to see that the interest is there! In the meantime, do you all (or anyone else seeing this) have any thoughts on what you'd like to see in such an RP, in particular? I'm thinking more... in terms of game mechanics, or story direction, or stuff? Like I said, this is all pretty new territory to me, so I welcome any input ^^
  10. I can tell you for sure that it would have starred Achu (the Sun Disk guardian from Adventurers), the Shogun (classic Ninja), the Rock Raiders, the Life on Mars martians and Qui-Gon Jinn as the major characters; there was always at least one, and usually more than one, of them at the centre of my childhood Lego play. These characters would certainly have been based out of the Magic Mountain Time Lab, which was the largest building I owned as a kid. At the time, they were inevitably also backed up by smaller appearances by various other Lego heroes depending on my mood (the time lab got VERY crowded!); but most of those would probably be demoted to smaller roles for a movie retelling, since we'd already have a ton of main characters xD They were typically involved in resisting attacks from various enemies such as Ogel, Vladek, Cedric the Bull, any of the Darths, Sam Sanister and his henchmen, and any other Lego villains I had on hand. The heroes often needed to collect rare treasures which they intended to protect from the villains, and typically ended up fleeing into space with said treasures in either the Insectoids or Star Wars ships, being pursued by the villains until one side shot each other down again and the battle continued on land. 'Living' Lego skeletons were also commonplace in all this, and it wouldn't be a rare thing to see Slizers getting dragged into the action, too; Rock Slizer, as the first one I got, was particularly prone to this before his fellows arrived, and I think I typically cast him as an ally to the heroes before realising that in Slizer canon he was one of the evil Slizers. Bionicle characters, though? Not so much; I usually played with them separately from my other Lego themes, so there wasn't much overlap there. I have some disjointed memories - Takua, Pewku and a semi-reformed Ahkmou fleeing from Makuta; some of the Toa Mata undergoing their Nuva transformation before they were supposed to, in spite of Vakama's warnings not to*; various rehashes of canon battles that took them wildly off the rails; Vakama Hordika taming the Muaka and Kane-Ra. I vaguely recall a whole in-depth story played out based around Mutran and Vican in 2008, though the details escape me (and I wasn't really still a child by then anyway!). But these are all just... little bits and pieces, I don't really REMEMBER the bulk of what I played with my Bionicle sets, which is weird to me because I usually have a good memory for that stuff. I guess it all blurred together since I played with them so often. *(This one mainly because I didn't have all of the Nuva at that point, so I wanted some excuse why Onua and Pohatu were still in Mata form while their teammates weren't!) In any case, I guess means that, in the hypothetical Lego Movie of my childhood, the Bionicle characters would cameo a lot, but not have a major impact on the plot and instead get their own spinoff movie? Similarly, in later years I started to confine my Lego playing to specific themes generally, more often than not - focusing on just a few sets at any given time, rather than trying to jam EVERYONE INTO ONE STORY - which I guess would be an effective explanation for a whole host of spinoff movies focusing on just one or two themes apiece, each? xD
  11. Sorry, sorry! For me, it's absolutely nothing about your game, I'm still completely committed to it: I'm just a slow writer by nature; and between the more demanding faster pace of SKE and RP commitments on other sites as well, my Skyrise characters have just kinda slipped by the wayside a bit. I've been trying to get in posts here and there, but I haven't mastered the art of balancing and keeping up with everything that I owe, I'm afraid. Now that SKE's wrapped up, though (and I plan to limit myself to less characters in its sequel), I'll try and manage my girls here a bit better from now on ^^
  12. IC: Was this what the end of the world felt like? IC: Zecrillia - The Coliseum In the Coliseum, Zecrillia clung to Dume's desk as the world abruptly rocked, as if it was contained in a snow-globe in the hands of an uncautious child. She lost her seat, landing on her rear on the floor, her hands slipping across the delicate controls and causing Metru Nui's architecture, where it was still intact, to shift precariously. There was no longer anyone else in the room of whom to ask what was going on, she had been left on her own; and scrambling back to her feet to look over the screens only showed her what she could already feel: that the whole world was falling apart. She didn't try to flee. There was nowhere to go, there was no escape. Instead, she clung grimly to the desk, her nimble fingers working across the controls, doing what she could to contain the uncontainable damage. If the Coliseum collapsed in the world's end, Zecrillia knew that it would take her with it; as much as she wanted to preserve her precious designs, to preserve her life, she was sure there was no point - no matter what anyone did, there was no surviving through the end of the world. So, if there was no point to self-preservation, she would remain here, doing what she could. Zecrillia had no great love for the Matoran, but nor did she have any dislike for them; they simply weren't all that relevant to her usually. So she continued working, trying to channel whatever damage she could away from the civilians, away from where people had still been living and working and clinging to the last traces of their old lives. Because if it came down to a choice between dying in vain, or doing some good even while the inevitable came for her, she determinedly chose the latter. IC: Jabali - Le-Metru In Le-Metru, Jabali struggled and stumbled over the bucking, rocking floor. The last few minutes had already been particularly rough on her; her eyes still stung and streamed from the pepper gas, she had been too disoriented to control her fall well as Stannis had led them down under the street, and she had proven herself unable to keep up with the running Toa, lagging only a little ahead of the famed warrior as her far shorter legs simply didn't allow her to match the pace Vashni was setting. What she'd thought she was doing, Jabali was no longer sure she knew; by the time she caught up, the Toa would have cleared out Ehlek and she would just have been a burden; nonetheless, though, she pressed after them as best she could. Then the ground had started roiling, giving a sensation like nothing so much as if it was collapsing beneath them, as if the very world was caving in on them. She put on extra speed as Stannis blew past her, forcing herself to keep going even though her breath burned her throat and every step felt like it would be her last. By the time she caught up, the fight was already not so much underway as thoroughly taken care of, and she continued to traipse after Stannis and team until they reached the top of the tower. Couldn't they just have collapsed the whole thing with Ehlek still inside? There were two beings at the top of the tower, one of whom Stannis was singling out as Ehlek; but Jabali didn't waste any time looking to see who they were, or who was doing what. In what she was certain were the last moments of life as she knew it, she hefted her Vorzakh staff and sprayed erasing bolts across the Barraki and his lieutenant. If any hit home, their targets would be turned into mindless shamblers, with no mental capacity for anything greater than basic motor skills, for enough time for her companions to put an end to this fight. Then the tower shuddered again, even more violently than before. The Po-girl lost her footing completely, crashing to the ground, as what was to be perhaps the final battle of the universe raged around her, in those last few minutes before everything ended. IC: Varxii - Ko-Metru In Ko-Metru, everything was chaos. Varxii had fought off Pridak's chains as best she could, and had time to think up a clever retort for him in the meantime that was right on her tongue... but had failed to notice the Cordak rockets heading for her until it was far too late to avoid them. Even as she dodged out of their immediate path, the world around her had seemed to explode, hurling the Vo-Toa as if she were a rag-doll; for what felt like far too long, she was unaware of much, save that her flight had been abruptly stopped by something considerably hardier than she was. Finally, dazed and disoriented, she had pushed herself back to full consciousness to behold a scene of mayhem. The battle still raged; Pridak was nowhere in sight (though Sans was turning something into an unrecognisable smear beneath his massive elbow; and had she been less dizzy Varxii might well have put two and two together); but worse, far worse, was the way the world was inconceivably crumbling around them. The ground beneath them, the knowledge towers above, all the way up to the sky, seemed to fracture and break, and Varxii found she had no words, no words at all to begin to describe the sheer, nightmarish sense of what was happening-- Had Pridak's mask of creation been broken? Was it, as whispered legend suggested it might, destroying the fabric of the universe as a result? Still clutching to her chest the mask of the Matoran whose dying moments had driven her to take her stand against the League - though it was now missing one of its pieces, Varxii noticed with a pang - the Toa scrambled and stumbled her way up to the final moments of conflict. She registered nothing, save the fracturing world all around them, and the presence of her allies, who she just wanted to reach before-- Before-- She grasped onto the shoulder of the first Toa she found in her path, barely registering who it was. Her eyes, wide with uncharacteristic fear, sought their own. "What's happening? WHAT'S HAPPENING?" It was the last thing she remembered before the whole world seemed to cave in on itself, and she simply clung to that brother or sister Toa's shoulder for dear life as the universe spiralled into oblivion. ((ooc: Possibly not even relevant: but anyone present who wants can be that Toa Varxii approached in the last few moments. In any case, that's the last post from me in here; thanks for the great ride, everyone!))
  13. IC: Varxii - Ko-Metru This was... very new to her. Varxii had never been part of a Toa team before. She'd been the only Matoran on her island gifted with Toa power; for she knew not what reason, other than to defend the rest of them. Even if more of her fellows had been given that gift, Varxii knew she would likely have struck out on her own sooner rather than later; she'd never got on with her fellows, she'd always liked being the lone-wolf type. Aiding the League, it was true, she'd worked alongside others; but that had more been all aiding the common cause in their own way rather than being a dedicated team of anything. She'd never felt in tune with others like this. As one of her fellow Toa dragged several Takeans into a black hole; as another blasted sound waves all around them; as the third chopped down League soldiers as if they were cheap training dummies; and as she hurled torrents of streaked lightning over their heads to keep at bay any other attackers who tried to slip through their defences... Karz, she didn't even know her allies' names. But there was just something, must have been something, inbuilt in a Toa's biology that, when they came together, enabled even complete strangers to work so naturally with others, their powers all in concert together. She rather found she liked it. And then, of course, there was their giant Turaga ally, who was doing an incredibly good job of being a target. Varxii had to admit, she was surprised the old guy could take so much punishment and keep going; but that was exactly what he was doing. Not only that, but he was leading the charge, forcing the quartet of Toa to keep pace with his giant steps... which Varxii did, with grim determination. Anyone who got too close - allies excluded, of course - she blasted with lightning, sending several enemies reeling and twitching to the floor. It felt so good to be on the right side once again. "Pridak's not going to be easy to take," she warned her new allies as they made approach. Far be it from her to be pessimistic; but out of all of them, Varxii suspected that she was the only one to have tangled with Pridak in person. And since he'd basically turned her into a smear on the ground last time, not even Varxii's limitless confidence made her quite certain they could just charge the warlord with no plan and still do okay. She had to speak loudly to be heard over the clash of various powers around her. "He's got a warsuit; we need to crack that open before we can get a good shot at him." Maybe Sonics over there could do that? She wasn't sure; and, not being one for battle plans, didn't trust herself to assign roles. "Plus he's got a mask of creation, and he can do a lot with it. So watch out for that too." She grabbed a Skakdi soldier who was getting too close, poured electricity straight out of her bare hands and into his shoulders. The Leaguer fell away, his body spasming with the raw power she'd flooded his muscles with. Stepping over him, she craned her neck to see how far the group still had left to go. IC: Jabali - Le-Metru Oh karz it, karz it, karz it-- That, on repeat, had been about the only thought in her head as the nightmarish vision had closed in on her; and so it was a great relief to Jabali when first one Toa, then the remaining two, appeared, making it out of the wreckage okay. The primary reason, of course, being that these were good people who deserved to live, and she wouldn't wish perishing in an airship crash upon anyone... although there was the somewhat more selfish relief, too, that she wasn't going to have to face an army of bloodthirsty eel-creatures alone with her very inadequate weapons. Toa Stannis, of course, made the first move; hurling blinding light ahead of him, scattering Ehlek's people. The Po-Toa was a living legend in action, as far as Jabali was concerned; she couldn't hope to match what he was achieving as he drove his way ahead, sending merpeople reeling, clutching at their seared eyes... she didn't honestly believe that any Toa alive could, and she was but a Matoran. But just the same? She could and would do her part. The Po-Matoran scampered in the famed hero's wake, her unwieldy weapons swinging awkwardly as she tried to keep them raised high enough that she wouldn't trip on them and land flat on her face. Stannis didn't seem as though he needed any help, if she were completely honest; still, whenever she caught enough of a gap in Stannis' offence to catch sight of the approaching eel-beings, she did her best to line up the Nuurakh staff and take a shot ahead of her. Whether she hit any opponents, she couldn't have said; if she had, they would be turning on their fellows as the command she'd programmed in overrode all other priorities in their heads, but it was impossible to see enough through Stannis' screen of light to know whether her shots were achieving anything or not. Still, she moved as fast as her short legs would carry her, doing her best to keep up.
  14. You know, I actually started writing a short story based on that very concept a bit ago, when I wanted to get back into practice at writing Bionicle stuff before the 2018 fanfic exchange. Never finished it, though... maybe I should pick that up again, now that I think of it.
  15. IC: Jabali - The Virgil, crashing into Le-Metru Well, time to go! As far as Jabali was concerned, this could either go badly or really badly; but she'd picked up this skydiving vest out of the hold for a reason, and now was as good a time as any to put it to the test. As the doomed Virgil began its graceless plummet as the far too close for comfort explosions rocked the airship, the Po-Matoran fumbled for another teleportation disk. With any luck, she wouldn't even need the vest at all; she would, hopefully, be able to teleport neatly onto a nearby rooftop just before the airship hit; but she knew, as always, that teleportation disks could be unpredictable, especially when used in the heat of the moment. She could very well end up in the sky outside the airship, and that wouldn't end well. Still, her chances were better with that, she reckoned, than making it through the crash in one piece. Gulping a quick breath, the Po-girl tapped herself with her disk as the ground raced up to meet them. One moment she was onboard the airship; the next, she was watching the airship from the outside as it smashed nose-first into the ground. Jabali gulped, hoping that those on board were okay - but they'd be okay because they were Toa, right? They could survive things that no Matoran could, right? Her own situation, in contrast, was... untenable, but not entirely unmanageable. The disk had done her the favour of at least finding her somewhere solid to put her feet; albeit on an extremely narrow window-ledge some distance above the ground. It would be really handy, Jabali thought bleakly for a moment, if her powerless Miru was actually the real thing, so she could simply float to the ground; refusing to dwell on that fact, however, the Matoran activated her newly-acquired vest and took a leap of faith off the building. The journey down was a lot quicker than she would have liked, as she failed to manage the combination of disks in the vest properly. Still, though she jarred her knees uncomfortably in her less-than-perfectly-controlled landing, she didn't break anything; so Jabali counted that as a win, regardless. Without hesitating, she raced over to the Virgil's wreck, hoping to find the three Toa climbing out of it unscathed. IC: Zecrillia - Zataka's Office. Oh wow, that was a lot of responsibility. She'd expected... maybe some kind of minor task, something that would make a small contribution to the war effort, but keep her under the watchful eye of someone who Zataka actually trusted. Zecrillia knew how it went: she had been hired by Dume, and Zataka couldn't know whether or not her loyalty still lay with the dead old man. What the Vortixx hadn't expected, then, was for the new ruler of Metru Nui to hand over her desk to her - complete with basically the controls to the whole city - in order to take a dive out of the window so that she could seemingly settle a score with the bloodstained warlord down below. Well, if that was how Zataka wanted to play it? It suited her. Zecrillia quickly settled in behind the desk, her eyes scanning the various displays. Airship crash in Le-Metru... that looked unfortunately like the one commandeered by the Toa who'd recently been in this very room, hopefully they made it out of that okay. Giant Turaga and pals putting up a fight in Ko-Metru. Ga-Metru... a scene of relative calm except for several Toa scuffling(?) in the Great Temple, store that one away as low priority. Everyone in Onu-Metru underground where she couldn't see what in Karz was going on there. Po-Metru apparently all-but cleared, good job team. And Ta-Metru being slowly dismantled, though without the respective warlord overseeing it... maybe she could do something about that. Zecrillia began flicking through the controls, seeing what she could do to turn Ta-Metru against those who would break it apart. One other thought, not really relevant in this particular moment, drifted through the Vortixx's mind as she tried to keep track of absolutely everything else at once. Hope I'm being paid for this later. ((ooc, in reply to Vezok's Friend: No worries, it's fine! Zecrillia's not been in the heart of the action up 'til now, anyway ^^)) ((ooc 2: It's late here, so I don't have time to add Varxii; I'll make another post for her tomorrow. For now, she's just continuing to aid the Ko-Metru group, so feel free to move her along with you all as need be! ^^)) ((ooc 3: @Unreliable Narrator So, apparently Zecrillia just got given the most important desk job in the whole island... what can she reasonably do from here? I don't want to overstep my bounds with this ^^ ))
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