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  1. Oh WOW THIS IS SO NEAT! I have to confess that I'm no music expert; but actually watching such familiar, nostalgic music being played for real is an amazing experience. Thanks so much for sharing these
  2. Oh wow, they look great! I love how, even with a different take on their designs, they're all instantly recognisable and full of personality; your use of posing, in particular, conveys their individual personalities so well. It takes me right back to Bionicle's early years, to meeting these characters for the first time! Really like what you've done with their designs, too; the way they're very new, but still hold callbacks to the original Matoran builds; I'm especially fond of the way you've given each of them a classic-style disk throwing arm. I look forward to seeing them in action when you come to animate them ^^
  3. IC: Tarutu - Black Spike Mountains "Oh right, gotcha." It made sense, at least to her, as the Skrall leader explained. There were only so many ways to find people who didn't want to be found; and tracking down the pipes they were using was definitely one of their best chances. The fact that this Fe remnant, if that was truly what they were, would hear them coming from a mile away with this method was... unfortunate, but there wasn't really much of a way around that. If they were underground, there were no quieter shortcuts to simply drilling them out. Still, even though it wasn't her area at all - and even if it didn't directly contribute to making this trip profitable for her - the Ga-girl wasn't content to simply sit back and watch. "Anything I can do to help? I'm no mountain-climber or demolitionist, but I do know how to find things." @Nato the Traveler IC: Littiuu - Tesara, Coffee Shop "Oh no, no, I completely get that. I feel the same way." Again, seriousness had settled onto her features, though Littiuu tried not to let it weigh her down. The whole world was serious, and while she knew that was important... it didn't mean everything had to be doom, gloom and misery for everyone, all the time. Her place, Littiuu had long ago realised, was to keep morale high as much as it was to protect others from harm; and at best, she could do both at the same time. "Tesara's my home, too. Not as long as it's been yours, I guess; but I don't want anyone to take potshots at it either." She collected her thoughts for a moment, her expression behind the orange Rau seeming unsure of quite what she wanted it to convey, wavering between intensity and levity. Even in spite of that, however, her bright-eyed gaze deliberately held his own. "I know I'm not with the guard; but I promise I'd defend this town to my last breath. I like cheering people up; but please don't mistake that for an unwillingness to fight." @Dane-gerous IC: Kastir - The Arena Ah. More likely. Neither astronomy and cosmology had ever been subjects to which the giant woman had paid much mind. Back in the Old Universe, it later turned out that the only sky that could be seen was still part of the interior of Mata Nui's knees; and since arriving on Spherus it seemed like most of the interesting things to be seen in space had already happened, with the would-be reformation, so there was little point to gazing skyward and trying to work out what came from where. Kastir's mind was, and always had been, firmly on more practical matters such as getting work, providing for herself... and, when it didn't conflict with the first, standing up for the little guy. Practical, physical things. As such, it simply would never have even occurred to her that the third symbol might represent the former Bota Magna; but at the same time, it made sense - far more sense to her, at any rate, than the idea of the symbol representing a star. Even if Bacchus toyed with that thought himself, it just struck the giantess as illogical; no-one could come from a star. "I think you're right. Unfortunately..." She cas a glance around at everyone present, most of whom she either recognised the species of, or could at least place as the far more bio-mechanical inhabitants of the Old Universe. "I don't think we've got any Bota Magna natives here to test your theory. Unless you want me to go and grab one and drag them here." Between her large size, and her teleportation powers, it wasn't an exaggeration to say she meant that quite literally. @Ironfist and co. ((ooc: Also @Smudge8, no rush, but Alarei's waiting on Rakin's reply a couple of pages back ^^))
  4. Towards the end of last year, I bought Toa Nokama and Toa Whenua used - not only complete, but with Tehutti and Vhisola jammed into their cannisters as well! - from a charity shop for really cheap ^^ I'd used to own them all back in the day, of course, but several years back I sold off maybe 80% of my Bionicle collection. And it was not more than a few days before that, I'd been low-key regretting not having any Toa Metru in my collection anymore; so it was quite amazing timing to stumble upon them both
  5. It's only a single set; but I can offer you Glatorian Mata Nui, if he's one of the ones you're looking for. He's very good condition: only built once, a couple of years back, and been on display since then. Let me know if you're interested ^^ (Though I should note, I'm in the UK; so depending on where in the world you are, international shipping costs may be a thing.)
  6. I don't know if you're still looking for the promo mini CDs (these are the ones that came free with certain sets, right?); but I just discovered that I still have a bunch of the English ones around and remembered I'd seen you asking. So if they're of any use to you, you'd be welcome to them ^^ I've got: Toa Mata Nuhvok-Kal Lehvak-Kal Gahlok-Kal Kohrak-Kal Panrahk Lerahk (I think; though the CD decal shows Kurahk's staff, I know it's not his CD) Toa Metru Onewa Toa Metru Vakama Toa Metru Nuju Toa Metru Nokama Toa Metru Matau Three of them aren't perfect condition; the first ones I got as a kid (N-Kal, L-Kal and Panrahk), I wrote on the front of the disk which character they were for; however I used a CD-safe pen, so the content isn't damaged in any way. The others are all pretty much new condition, having only been played once each. Let me know if any of them are any use to you ^^
  7. Oh, well then! I still haven't played through all the free Lego Batman ones I got the last time you guys reported on something like this, and I also haven't seen the movie it's based on... but free Lego games are honestly not to be missed! Definitely gonna give this one a try; thanks for letting us know
  8. I can think of a few things, from my perspective: Childhood nostalgia. The big one, of course; but I feel like, even taking out the giant rose-coloured lenses, there are merits to it beyond that. World-building. This was when the idea of Matoran having actual individual cultures and ways of life was at its peak, and it was certainly one of the biggest draws to the story, in hindsight: compared, in particular, to 2006 and onwards, where each location just had one generic Matoran village with no real cultural distinctness from any of the others, and a geography that never felt fully open to exploration to the degrees that MNOG allowed. Plus, as much as it fits the Patchwork Map trope to a T, the way Mata Nui was laid out with the various elemental regions made it the most fascinating world to explore, when you could go from inside a volcano to lush jungle to freezing mountaintop in a matter of minutes, with each feeling like the location had more going on than just what you saw. The atmosphere of mystery, the 'there's something more going on beneath the surface here' feeling. I don't know that any of us back there suspected GIANT ROBOT was the thing literally beneath the surface, but there was such a sense of this just being the tip of a much bigger story: we were given just enough to tantalise the imagination, without telling us so much that it destroyed that feeling. For me, at least, that's quite the addictive feeling; part of why I'd return to '01-based stories so easily is the expectation that they could almost take that start point, that mystery, and run with it in a different direction this time, and tell a whole new kind of story: 2001 just has that feeling to me that, implausible as it is, stories based around it could well do just that. The characterisation... mostly as supplied by MNOG, where it focused on the little matoran nobodies as much more relatable than the big powerful Toa. Cool as the Toa are, the Takua and Macku and co. are permanently established as my favourites due to that early focus on them. Add to that the fact that it was fresh and new and different; it couldn't be pointed at as a rehash of itself, as subsequent years were sometimes accused, because there had been nothing before to compare it to. No-one had had the chance to get tired of it yet, the way they sometimes did in later years, because it was the freshest thing on the block from Lego: and I suspect that's the reason that, for a lot of people, 2001 is the 'face' of Bionicle, because it captures that sense of fresh and new and mystical in a way that subsequent years didn't always manage to. I know that's a big part of it for me, at any rate. But those are just my thoughts! And I kinda rambled all over the place with them, so... Make of them what you will, I guess ^^
  9. Um... WOW I fell out of this and totally lost the plot, didn't I? I'm really sorry; I've just been busy with other things (not Bionicle-related, but a comic I'm working on, mostly), and kept putting off checking in here until, um... I am way, WAY behind now xD;; I've looked over the game summary for the last couple of weeks, so I might just skip ahead to the present, IC time, and see if I can stay on top of things better now. Has anything significant involved my characters while I've been preoccupied, though?
  10. I just want to say that I really, really like this ^^ After the days of MNOG, canon so often deprived the Matoran of any individual focus, or responses to the things that happened, that it's a truly refreshing change to see some of them having their own negative reactions and independent streaks. The idea of them being so hurt by the Turaga's hiding of their history is a really fascinating idea, and the way you've explored that here is very well achieved; I particularly like the ending, with so many of them staying behind to form their own village in the world they love And the hints of what is to come, and how they will ultimately survive canon, are very well placed too ^^
  11. I reacted to these over on Brickset, so I'm just gonna copy and paste:
  12. IC: Varxii - Outskirts of Metru-Koro "I... suppose." And that certainly didn't describe her, Varxii well knew. She was quick and fighty and reckless and... dare she think it? Perhaps even arrogant. Not slow, not careful, not deliberating. The two of them could hardly have been more different. And yet still. Here they stood, making conversation that... felt both eerily ominous, and almost like small talk, of all things. What was this being? Varxii wondered for a moment if it was predicting her own future. In a way, it probably was... though in a more general sense than specifically singling her own. The young Toa gave a small shrug, wondering what she should do with this information. Death didn't necessarily scare her, it was pretty much inevitable for a Toa ultimately, but at the same time... she was still struggling to re-evaluate her world view after everything she'd lived through recently. She wasn't sure whether the veiled warning troubled her or not. She just... Didn't know anymore, really. The sighed response to her next question, however, drew Varxii from these thoughts. If she'd thought she was getting used to cryptic answers, she was fully proven wrong by this response. Were they... talking at cross-purposes again? Or did her companion's name really get away from them when they tried to look for it? "But you must have something you want people to call you? A nickname, a title, anything?" She almost paused, then added after a moment's deliberation. "For example... I'm Varxii." @Eyru IC: Rek - Outside Sans' Home It wasn't hard to find which hut belonged to the Turaga. The little brown matoran who hadn't got out of her way quick enough, the one with the silver-coloured permanent-grin mask (not that Rek was one to talk on that count), had been real cooperative in pointing her towards one dome in particular... Rek hadn't even threatened her to get a very panicked answer of that one slightly bigger and slightly more ornamented hut as the one the Turaga called home. Must be the reputation of her kind here, scaring the little thing senseless, so she shrugged and continued on her way without making any attempt to traumatise the Matoran any further. The Turaga in question seemed to already have a visitor, a fact that Rek would usually care about not in the slightest. Even now, it didn't deter her from stepping straight into the hut; 1.3 bio of distinctive orange-and-white armour, toothy maw, and weapons. Folding her arms, she leaned against the door frame in as casual a pose as you please. Not exactly looking non-threatening - by her very nature, it was hard to do that - but at least not being directly hostile. "Yeah, don't mind me. Just got a proposition for Turaga here, once you're done." (ooc: Hi, tiny Jabali cameo! Also, @Azibo, Rek seeks Sans' attention ^^)
  13. Just for the record, if anyone in Metru-Koro is looking for interactions, Rek's sort of... passing through there. She doesn't mean harm to anyone yet; but as a Wasteland Skakdi she's likely to draw some unfriendly attention, and I'm up for wherever that leads ^^ If not, I'll just have her arrive at Sans' hut with her 'offer' in a page or so's time; but I wanted to put out that the opportunity was there if anyone wants to take it (Her post is near the top of page 33 ^^)
  14. Right, thanks for the reassurance and advice, everyone ^^ I think I'll stick around after all... just gonna teach myself to read just by skimming! Thanks, again!
  15. IC: Rek - Entering Metru-Koro Well, wasn't this all something? The Toa who'd been confronting her was suddenly off like a shot, on apparently far more important business than dealing with a supposedly 'trespassing' Skak; and even as Rek leered at his retreating form, her eyebrows climbed higher in bemusement. For someone who was supposed to be guarding this village, he was either pretty lax about it, or fancied himself a tremendous judge of character if he was confident she wouldn't cause trouble from a few sentences alone. I mean, she was far less likely to do so than any other Skak out here... not that that was saying much. But Rek figured that she, at least, had some honour. She didn't stab others in the back like SOME PEOPLE who she knew better than to think about and tended to stick to her word. The latter was kind of necessary if you wanted people to hire you again, even if a trustworthy Skakdi stuck out like a sore thumb. She also didn't see the point of raiding just for the sake of it; though if she was paid to do so, you also wouldn't find her complaining. Job was a job, after all. But now that she'd been left alone right here, next to the settlement... pulling herself half out of Backstabber's seat, Rek rested her arms on the cockpit's edge and cast her gaze around. The Toa were all retreating, either back to guard duty, or to the two flying giant-doobedies making vaguely threatening motions towards each other. One looked like an enemy of these guys... and where enemies existed, there was potential profit to be made. She decided to clomp closer and listen in. - - - It was informative, Rek had to admit. She hadn't wanted to get too close, knowing that anyone and everyone would spook at the sight of big bad Skakdi - insert eye-roll here, but whatever - but had lingered a little way from the settlement's outskirts, watching the development. Two beings left the apparent enemy vessel, while the other sped off for parts unknown (and, frankly, uncared about), and the same two beings eventually returned, one looking almost gleeful, the other crushed by the weight of the world. The vessel took off, only to turn and broadcast an ultimatum loud enough for even the dead to hear it. A mask? A war? A Turaga refusing peace? She smelled profit. Leaving Backstabber where it was, and pocketing her heartlight so that no little matoran thief would make off with it - not that they'd dare because she'd hunt them to Irnakk's inferno and back - the orange Skak casually strode towards the settlement. Wars were profitable, for those who were interested in lending their skills to either side, and Rek had a good feeling that a deal could be made, one way or the other. It seemed, to her, that it was time to have a little talk with this Turaga. Ignoring any looks she got from terrified matoran, Rek made her stride a casual one. Oh sure, she knew she wasn't welcome; but she made her pace more imply that she didn't care. If they wanted to see her as a monster, that was on them, not on her. She wouldn't start a fight, though she wouldn't shy from it if someone else through the first punch; but for now, she was here on business. (ooc: Rek is heading towards Sans' hut with an offer to make, but is open for interactions if anyone wants to intercept her first! ^^) IC: Varxii - Outskirts of Metru-Koro "Are... you deliberately being ominous?" As Varxii saw it, there were roughly three options.First possibility: this being was incredibly long-lived, so everything seemed to be gone quickly by their standards. Second: they could see the future and was giving her a cryptic warning. Or third: they were just trying to spook her. Honestly, Varxii thought that any of them sounded just about as plausible as any other when it came to this complete unknown. ...and just as honestly, on another note, she'd much rather stay here talking to the stranger than venture closer and see what the Ripple was doing here. She had easily recognised, by now, the airship she had voyaged on near the war's climax... and had a distinct feeling that no-one on board it, even were they here under truce, would be at all happy to see her. Varxii had know idea just how well known it was that she'd jumped ship from the League in the middle of the invasion; but if her former comrades saw her here, they would undoubtedly put two and two together: and then neither side would want her. Better to stay here, talking to... To... "I didn't get your name, did I? Who are you?" @Eyru
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