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  1. Graphic Novel #1: Rise of the Toa Nuva, for me, literally yesterday. I've been taking part in Inktober this year - you know, the challenge to make an ink drawing each day of October, based on a list of prompts? - and, I decided to take Bionicle's early years as my overall theme for this year; as such, I've been delving particularly into MNOG and the comics for visual reference and inspiration. And perhaps naturally, it's easy to get sucked into the nostalgia and find myself continuing reading anyway, even beyond what I specifically was looking for xD So, needing to reference the Exo-Toa yesterday, I found myself flicking through much of Into the Nest and What Lurks Below, especially. And I'm already expecting today's to take me, again, into The Bohrok Awake... ^^
  2. That. That is my favourite thing about G2, right there. I can't speak for much else; I missed G2 completely. In fact, I didn't even realise that detail for the longest time; I hadn't ever stopped to look closely at the sets until I had the chance to win one from participating in the fanfic exchange. I was just looking at the images on Brickset to see what I thought of them, and that detail absolutely leapt out at me; my respect for G2 increased a lot from just that tiny little inclusion!
  3. If I may ask; is that the same version that was available for download from Bionicle.com back in the day, or is this a better version? I've still got the 2006-or-so download version, but it had a few dialogue files and such missing; is the BioMediaProject one more complete? Because if so, I may have to replace the one I have with that version ^^
  4. I completely agree with this one; but I think I eventually figured out the reason why we never got them. When they were released, in America, it was to coincide with the theme's summer debut, to promote them to people who would likely never have seen a Bionicle set before. The franchise was new, most people would have had little context for it, and their goal was to pique people's interest over a happy meal. Over here though, of course, the Toa had been available for half a year already, it wasn't such a 'NEW BIG THING' that needed promoting; and I assume sales were already good enough as it was so Lego didn't feel like they needed to spend more on making sure it caught interest over here, since it had already taken off so well. Which... yeah. I can kinda see the logic behind that, but I still regret that we never saw them here, especially since MNOG became such a big hit. Though it did mean I was all over the 2003 Matoran when they dropped xD But the MNOG designs were just so small and appealing... I would probably have got my hands on a small army of the little guys, if they'd been available here!
  5. Oh, absolutely Mata Nui. I'd make my home in Ga- or Onu-Koro, for sure - they both feel like really soothing environments to me - but I can't pick a favourite location; I love the sense of atmosphere and depth to the whole island world, from the jungles of Le-Wahi to the volcano with Ta-Koro at its heart to the central Kini-Nui temple. It was just such an amazing - and, as Bionicle Guru says, exotic - place that you feel like you could spend weeks, months, even years exploring it and still not have seen everything. It's just such a fascinating world. Also? That concept art of Ga-Koro looks amazing
  6. It doesn't answer the question; but his abilities and traits section, further down his BS01 page, elaborates at least a little more on what it meant by big and little problems: Though, again, that's [citation needed] too, so I couldn't say how accurate it is. I hadn't even heard about his quitting the team, besides the tiny amount we got given in comic 25, until I was looking at the Rahaga pages on BS01 earlier this week.
  7. I think, aesthetically, I honestly like water best. A lot of the elements are cool, but there's just something about the calming, soothing aspect of water that makes me love it more than, say, ice or earth or fire. Then, personality-wise... I'd say I'm kinda a blend between earth and water, but I went with the former just to give a different answer to both parts. Curiously enough, according to the topic Aderia linked to, I would fall under Psionics by that categorisation... although I relate to that element not at all and, despite testing as the relevant personality type, don't match the description of it in that thread either xD Their description of earth, in fact, feels much more like me than the others, which may have swayed my vote on that part too.
  8. IC: Tarutu - Black Spike Mountains "That sure works for me... depending on what our expedition leader says, of course." She quirked an eyebrow in Tekmo's direction. The deference, naturally, was little more than for show, and carried more than a small hint of sarcasm; Tarutu was sure they both knew that, whether she was permitted or forbidden, she was going to get involved anyway... and out here, the guard from Tesara had no real authority to override her choice. But it seemed fair to her to at least give him the chance to offer his opinion, one way or the other. But she doubted he'd have reason to say no, if they were all working towards the same goal here. "What do you say, Tekmo? Let a girl put her skills to good use?" @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler IC: Kastir - The Arena "Oh, I wasn't thinking of going there. But am I wrong in thinking that there are Bota Magna natives living amongst everyone else in the cities, now?" She couldn't say for absolute certain, not when she'd been away from the (relatively) civilised world for some time now; and Bota Magnans, Bara Magnans, they all looked much the same to her at a cursory glance. But all the same, if there were some natives of Bota Magna about, tactful questioning should show her who they were, and she could surely bring someone back here to help... be they willing or not. The giant woman gave a shrug. "Shouldn't take me long to find one in Atero or Tesara, I'm sure. I can be there and back before you know it." That was an... exaggeration. While she could certainly be there that quickly, it was risky for her to use her natural teleportation powers more than once in a day; not impossible, but they were taxing enough that a single such jump would tire her out. A second, so soon after, would be foolish unless it came out of absolute necessity; but even so, there were other ways of getting back here once she found some suitable volunteer. She paused, almost hesitating for a moment. "Unless we think the Star thing is more likely?" @Ironfist @Click (ooc: Sorry, sorry I'm so slow! Other places, other projects, have been taking up my attention and creative muse. Gonna try and keep up better from here on out, though!)
  9. Oh yeah. For me, mainly, the fact that characters never seemed to keep the same colour schemes when they transformed was a often puzzling. The Toa Metru, for example, could have looked neat with highlights in their Turaga colour schemes, instead of the ever-present dark grey... in fact, the Miramax movie designs do add traces of those shades to them, which feels a lot more natural to me. And even more so with the Toa Inika. I get that the bright colours of the Matoran didn't exactly lend to the 'dark and gritty' look that 2006 was striving for (and that teal was out of production by then, so Kongo would have lost out either way); but personally speaking, familiar colour schemes would have made a world of difference in making the Inika look like the characters we already knew and loved. Some hints of orange on Nuparu, maybe; not overmuch, just to make the connection with the little Matoran from the boxor in 2002. A bit of yellow for Jaller. Maybe going the Vorox route and making Hewkii's secondary colour tan, instead of yellow, since it was one that he wore as a Matoran. At least, that's my personal thoughts ^^ And I don't even know what to say about the canonically black and gold Karzahni being green in set form! I wonder, though. I wonder if the set department didn't design the Toa waves first, with no specific intent for them to be transformations of already-known characters; and it's only later that the story department decided "oh, this set of new Toa we've been given? They can be the same people as the little guys from 2001..." I've honestly long been curious whether sets were designed to meet story needs, or story had to just take whatever sets they were given and make something of them; though I feel like the latter might be more likely.
  10. Oh wow, nineteen years. That's a long time! And to think, BZ wasn't even three years old yet when I joined it. That... makes me feel low-key ancient, even though I know for certain there are people here who have been members even longer than I have. Happy birthday to !
  11. Nothing overly special to offer here, I'm afraid: but I've just lately been sorting a lot of my stuff in preparation for moving out, and decided to pass on a few of my remaining Bionicle things. I was gonna go for eBay, but I figured I'd let you guys have first refusal, just in case anyone's looking for these things. And I still haven't got around to going to eBay, so most of these things are still here if anyone wants ^^ I can provide photos of anything, if you want to verify condition before committing. I'm offering for sale or trade: 1x Glatorian Mata Nui set. Very good condition; only opened two or three years ago, been posed, displayed and stored but not seen a lot of wear. Unfortunately has one damaged joint (one of the yellow upper-arm sockets) that cracked when I was taking him apart, though the piece is still useable. Complete with canister and instructions. 1x Bionicle: Rahi Beasts guide. Decent condition; it came to me used, so it's not perfect, but no substantial damage. Just a bit of creasing, slightly tattered edges here and there. 1x Bionicle: Dark Hunters guide. Good condition. 1x Bionicle: Raid on Vulcanus novel. Very good condition, only read twice. 1x Bionicle: the Game for PC. Average condition; played a lot but not showing any damage, though the instruction manual has a couple of Bionicle stickers slapped on its cover. Can't get it to work on new systems (it ran on my old Windows 7 PC, even when I upgraded to Windows 10; but won't play on my newer laptop), but is still good for a pre-Windows 10 machine. A small handful of promo CDs: the Toa Mata, Nuhvok-Kal, Lehvak-Kal, Panrahk and Toa Nuju. The Kal and Panrahk have had the character names scrawled on them, however a CD-safe pen was used so the content isn't damaged in any way, and they still played fine when I last used them. I can't test the Toa Mata disk because it doesn't run on my current machine; but I recall it did work back when I had an older computer. Also a bunch of spare Bionicle pieces that my Bricklink store is failing to move. If you want to make me an offer for anything in particular, or just the job-lot of them (32 pieces total, plus 4 slizer parts, unless anyone else buys some from my store first), I'm open; I just want to get them off my hands at this point! On the same note, empty Slizer / Throwbot containers, if anyone wants them. I've got most of the first wave (no Jungle, Sub, or bottom of Ice's). I don't keep the sets in the containers, so I have no use for them; but I also don't just want to throw them out if someone else might want them. I know there's probably not a lot here of much worth; so I'm just running this like... I'm willing to accept reasonable offers, really. Alternately, there are a few things I'd be looking to trade, if we can reach a mutual agreement; I'm almost more interested in trading something for something than in getting money out of it, although I'll accept money offers as well. Basically, make me an offer whichever way works for you, if there's anything you're interested in ^^ I'm interested in trading for: **Tohunga / McToran, any except Kongu and Nuparu. Particularly looking for Maku, Matoro, Jala. Used condition is fine.** Possibly certain other G1 sets of appropriate value? I'm just a little nostalgic for a few of the ones who I used to have but don't anymore, although I don't have a specific list of what I'm after here; if I've anything you'd like to trade for, throw some suggestions at me, and we can hopefully come to something we're both happy with ^^ Maybe the 2002 gold Kanohi (except the Miru, which I already have), depending on what they're being offered in exchange for. Also of note: I'm in the UK, so international shipping costs may need to be taken into account. If you'd like a shipping estimate before committing to anything, feel free to ask!
  12. Just a note for if it helps you in your search: the issues of the Lego Adventures magazine that you're looking for are #30, #31, #32, #33 and #34. They were the last five issues of the magazine's run ^^ In actual fact, I see someone's selling issue #30 on Bricklink, if that helps you at all? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?B=amUK01Sep#T=S&O={"iconly":0} (Or if that's not convenient for you, I could always buy it from the seller myself and send it to you in the same package as the CDs we're already talking about?)
  13. I don't think I have anything to even add here: I just have to say that I now want to visit @Xboxtravis's park, because that sounds LITERALLY AMAZING. I could totally believe that being a real theme park, and honestly it's everything I'd ever want from a Bionicle take on the concept!
  14. Oh wow, neat! I've only ever seen this comic online; it's great to see classic D'Anda art of some of our favourite Matoran in such high quality. Thanks for sharing Though... one thing about this comic has always seemed weird to me, does it to anyone else? How Hewkii, the literal sports star, is the one who "always misses the target"? Granted, disk-throwing is kinda a different game to kicking a Koli ball about; but even so, it feels like a strange characterisation for the island's most famous sports player. Maybe I'm just being picky, though, so don't mind me xD
  15. Let me preface by saying that I tend not to dwell on the disappointments. I'm sure I had plenty, back in the day; but, ten years on, I'd rather remember the good things about BIONICLE, not the things that didn't happen. And sometimes, even things that seemed horribly disappointing at the time even turned out to be for the better: like Legend of Mata Nui's cancellation, which saw MNOG rise in its place as the main story vehicle for the year and feels a lot richer for it. Though to actually answer the question! I'd say the one big disappointment for me, was one that I didn't even realise at the time because I didn't learn of it until a few years later: and that was, not getting the Tohunga McDonalds promotion in the UK. I love those little guys; but I was never able to find them anywhere; I didn't even know, for the longest time, that any of them except for Hafu and Nuparu had seen physical form at all! Naturally, this makes them difficult to get hold of on the aftermarket over here; it feels as though they slipped through my fingers through nothing I could affect, and I still low-key regret that being the case. Also, I mean. I just remembered that the lack of Templar involvement in Bionicle media from 2005-onwards was pretty disappointing, too! Would have been neat to have seen later years represented in their distinctive style; particularly if they had used it to slip in some callbacks to the original MNOG, too. (I just watched that Making of the Mata Nui Online Game video today, and may be slightly biased based on that... could you tell? xD)
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