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  1. Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a 159 Kanoka disk, along with ideally other parts, but this is my main focus. I have a Bricklink order lined up for another Great Disk, and with 159 I'll have them all. I would prefer to buy domestic (USA) and am interested in obtaining other old masks, Kraata, instruction manuals, canisters, and anything else slipping my mind right now. Thank you!
  2. BS01 mentions it, probably just extrapolating from the evidence: Toa have other abilities as well, including the ability to merge into Toa Kaita. Toa can also forge mental links with Matoran. The Toa can project visions of what they see to the linked Matoran.[MNOG] Whether or not Toa can be mentally linked with multiple beings, or with beings besides Matoran, is unknown. I agree it was a tragically underexplored concept. I also remembered Gali using the link in 2008 to see if Takanuva was really who he said he was, and it was such a sad moment that these characters who were linked used to be so close but now they had to use the link to disprove suspicions. I'm probably looking too hard into it. Gali's just such a trusting character so I imagine Takanuva must've felt self-conscious about having to prove who he was. There's some kind of adulthood/maturity/innocence metaphor in there somewhere.
  3. Here is something that confused me: when editing a topic, the button to finalize the edit is labeled "Edit Topic."
  4. Chapter I: The Adventure Begins It was all finally over. Lord Business, Rex Dangervest, and every other villain in the universe had been defeated--or, more specifically, been made friends through 100% kid-friendly, corporate-approved verbal confrontation, which is just as good! Now, Emmet Brickowski, two-time savior of the world, walked hand-in-hand down the peaceful streets of Syspocalypstar with his special best friend Lucy. “So, how do you know this guy again?” Lucy was asking. “Who, Gamer Greg?” Emmet asked. “It was awesome! Remember last week when I was late coming back with the coffee? Well, that’s ‘cuz I got into a conversation with him in line at the coffee shop about SPACE GAME IV: DARK MATTER SUPERNOVA! He’d been playing it for eight weeks straight and was taking a pause break to go to the bathroom and get more coffee. Anyway, he told me all about it, and it sounds AWESOME, and he invited me over to play with him, so of course I said YES! Then Greg said, if we get three players, we can do a triple-threat death match, so I said I’d bring you! Pretty exciting, huh?” “Oh… yeah!” Lucy said, trying her best to smile genuinely and look enthusiastic. “What’s wrong?” Emmet asked. “Well,” Lucy said, “it’s just that, when you said you had a special surprise for me today, I just sort of thought you meant something we could do as just you and me… alone.” Emmet’s eyes widened with realization. “Oh my goshness, you are totally right!” He fumbled to get his phone out and said, “I am so sorry. I’ll call Greg right now and tell him we can game together another day.” “No, you don’t have to do that!” Lucy said. “Go, have fun with Greg, and… Here’s what we’ll do: have your game day, and I will go see what Sweet Mayhem is up today, and later we can reconnect and do something together.” “Together, like, just the two of us?” Emmet asked. When Lucy said yes, he said, “Awesome, because between you and me, Sweet Mayhem still really scares me. Like, I know she’s good now, but can’t she change her name to Sweet Uneventful Tranquility or something? I mean--” “Emmet,” Lucy said, immediately quieting him, “I don’t want to keep you. See you later, alligator.” Emmet smiled. “After a while, crocodile.” The two hugged and set off in opposite directions. A few blocks later and Emmet was at Greg’s apartment. Greg lived in a blown-out portion of the Statue of Liberty restored with sparkly pink Systarian bricks. Emmet knocked on the door and was greeted by a green-haired minifig in pajamas who smelled of insomnia and potato chips. “Emmet! Glad you could make it, buddy!” he said, pulling him in for a bear hug that took Emmet off the ground. “Thanks, Greg!” Emmet said, struggling to breath. “So, where’s that girl you were gonna bring?” “Oh, Lucy. Yeah, she was, um, busy today. Maybe you guys can meet later,” Emmet answered. “Well, her loss!” Greg said. “You ready for some Space Game?” “Am I ever!” Emmet said. He sat down in one of Greg’s bean bag hairs as Greg took the game out of the package. “You came on a great day. Space Game V released just this morning, and it sounds awesome!” Greg said. “Listen to this description: ‘WARNING: This is not a game description. Space Game V is a cursed game that sucks you into the video game world and the only way out is to beat it.’” “That… sounds… AWESOME!” Emmet said with a jubilant jump in his chair. “Best video game description ever! 10/10. Put it in!” “Here we go!” Greg said. He stuck it in the console, and before either minifig could react, a portal popped open on the TV monitor and sucked the two into it, then disappeared with a loud shwoop! To be continued… (Here's how Emmet B and Gamer G came to be: I was looking through some of my minifigures today and reflecting on the writing I used to do. I decided on a whim that I would go to the nearest store that sold LEGO, buy a few minifigure blind bags, and write a piece of flash fiction starring whoever I got. That is what led to this story now, and I must say, I'm glad I listened to that particular whim.)
  5. I can't ask it without sounding all anti-HF, but I mean it honestly, was there any aspect of the toys or storyline that Hero Factory accomplished in a superior way than BIONICLE did? I've thought about it, and I personally don't think so. As far as actual sets, combiner models, MOC-ability, story, worldbuilding, and everything else go, even when HF does them satisfactorily, it's always in a way that just makes me think of how much better BIONICLE did it first time around. But this is all fundamentally subjective, and I'm curious what your perspectives are, and if anything HF did resonated with you in a way BIONICLE for whatever reason just didn't.
  6. Those are good points. I considered adding more "I hear"s but didn't want to make it too repetitious. And with that extra line in stanza 4, I felt like I had to keep three positive and three negative points, with a transition. I guess I could expand that one line into a whole stanza, but would it be too long then? I strongly considered ending it with stanza 5, but felt too bad subjecting the speaker to that purgatory for all time. I needed to give him a hopeful ending.
  7. I wrote this recently. I haven't posted something non-BIONICLE related here in a long time, so I hope you like it: It is silent except for the wind. It is dark except for the stars. I am alone except for my thoughts. I am not alone, then. I am in the midst of a great crowd. They all speak at once, trying to be louder than the rest. I hear the friends of my youth call me to play. I hear my most appreciated teachers instruct me further. I hear my family bid me come eat. But there are voices even louder: The lies of a brother yet to betray me. The rebuke of my disappointed father. The disgusted scoff of the landowner’s daughter. It is silent except for the wind. It is dark except for the stars. I am not alone because of my thoughts. As I cross over the dune, I see the tents. I hear the songs of the nomads preparing their meal. I rush onward, eager to be in a smaller crowd.
  8. VNOG went with a sort of Survivor-looking aesthetic, more advanced than the huts, but most BIONICLE media has portrayed them as the huts you're describing. The Turaga's quarters are the only early example of non-domes I can think of. I know, in MNOG II, Nokama's hut was still a hut, it was just bigger and felt like a more luxurious space.
  9. Lovely model. It strongly reminds me of Enfys Nest, especially after I read: I agree with the criticism of the torso armor being unfittingly smooth. A chain or some kind of cover would make it look as perfectly patched-together as the rest. It's an excellent model though, and as soon as I saw it I couldn't decide if it looked best as BIONICLE, RoboRider, Star Wars, or Mad Max.
  10. Kongu's nightmare is now my nightmare, too... beautiful photography, and I love the comic cover recreation. Will you be doing any more comic covers?
  11. I like this idea. It was sort of true, with the Hau at least, being a symbol of Mata Nui, and the Kraahkan was clearly associated with Makuta even in-universe. LEGO probably wouldn't have pursued this idea, especially not later on, for being too associated with religion. BIONICLE's Polynesian influences never went much deeper than the tiki aesthetic and vague talk of "spirits."
  12. That render is beautiful. Can't wait for the article on the seventh tribe. At least Lhii stayed part of canon, just built upon and retconned. The Makuta-loyal tribe got totally abandoned and replaced with it being just Ahkmou alone.
  13. Come to think of it, it's possible the BIONICLE characters only use base 18 for time, and base 10 for everything else, kind of like how we use base 12 for time but base 10 for everything else.
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