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  1. I might be interested in that. I'd PM you, but it looks like there's something up with the userpages right now. PM me an asking price if you can.
  2. If I had one, I'd probably keep it as a memento, but that's why my room is full of random LEGO merchandise no other human being could ever want.
  3. Remorse and fear were the ones I just had to assume he had on some level. At least with honor, I once read a Greg quote that Teridax was serious when he offered Vakama a place in the Brotherhood. Cunning would definitely work for Teridax, but I assume for Kojol it was really just for the sake of feeling better than anyone else. That's the picture Mutran paints of him, which is why he just let him die, of course, so it didn't work out for him in the long run. But by that point I was stretching it anyway.
  4. In a Discord chat with some other guys, toaskello mentioned being confused about Makuta being a species name, and thought Teridax split himself into Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah. I thought that was a really interesting idea, with Makuta doing the opposite of a Kaita fusion. The two of us and Keplers all concluded that each 2008 Makuta could be understood as representing a portion of Teridax's personality: Antroz - Honor Vamprah - Love for the hunt Chirox - Brilliance Bitil - Ambition Krika - Remorse Gorast - Rage Miserix - Duty/Fear Icarax - Arrogance Mutran - Insanity Kojol - Secrecy
  5. I've never really worried about putting the Kaukau (or Rau for that matter) with any specific eye color because you can barely see the eyes, if at all, from the front. MOCing with those masks as a child, it always felt like a waste to me using an eye stalk at all with those masks. Though it does look fantastic with Piraka eyes. Not sure where, but I once read that Onua's Kaukau is actually what Pohatu's shade of brown looks like transclucent, hence why Pohatu got orange. Your mention of a trans-light green Kaukau made me realize I'd never thought of it but want one now.
  6. It really humbles me knowing that that box is 20 years old and no one on the world's largest BIONICLE forum fansite ever mentioned it.
  7. I can't be the only one who thinks the humanlike face combined with the gaping holes in his chest puts this thing deep in the uncanny valley.
  8. I think your post left me with a conclusion you did not intend: that LEGO should publish a series of BIONICLE epic poems.
  9. Element: Ice Weapon: Double-barreled blaster Vision power: X-ray vision Third power: Camouflage
  10. I honestly question if it would be worth the cost. G1 was special for actually getting a proper ending to begin with, most LEGO lines just get canceled and never officially acknowledge again. Not that I'm complaining, you have to take it for what it is. But unless it's a massive money magnet like Star Wars, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. Never underestimate how elitist G1 fans can be. A thousand years from now, toy history books will talk about how G2 sucked compared to G1.
  12. These look perfect for an animated series. I like them.
  13. Agreed. It would be hilarious and make tons of money.
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