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  1. I will admit it broke part of me seeing a Hau defaced like that (is my purism showing?). I'm relieved it wasn't a 2001 Hau. Do whatever you want to a 2010.
  2. Interesting models, and definitely interesting story to go with them. I like the use of gears and gear functions. In a weird way, these look more like Miramax-style MOCs than most others I've seen. Tahu's story made me sad. This would almost be as good a fanfiction with accompanying images than vice versa.
  3. Even if they're tools, his arms are still uneven. I distinctly remember, in the scene of him approaching Lhikan on the bridge, he's holding one arm higher than the other. I might be reading too much into it, but maybe the heavier arm has the prostetic web launcher.
  4. That bit on the comic is the only time I'm aware of that portrays them as tools.
  5. I've done this by mistake before. It sounds like The 1st Shadow's trick might work, but if I remember correctly, there isn't a corresponding hole for it to go in on the head piece. I don't remember if I was able to undo mine with tweezers, but that's the best advice I can give you. Either that, or only make MOCs using that specific construct from now on.
  6. Beautiful work. I too would love to see more.
  7. First World Problems: BIONICLE Edition. I would say Tren Krom or Miserix, since they were stuck in one location for so long (100,000 years for Tren Krom, unsure for Miserix) through no real fault of their own.
  8. I guess, like actual people, I go back and forth based on context. I usually just use last name.
  9. Wow. It looks like an actual spider, yet it still makes me want to pet it, like the original Oohnorak. Great job. Not to pile work onto you, but the six breeds in this style would look fantastic.
  10. Did anyone else notice that BIONICLE is currently on Wikipedia's "Did you know …" section? It's about how the fandom finished the Legend of Mata Nui video game. It took me by surprise seeing BIONICLE on the front page of anything except BZP and BS01.
  11. Another great entry. It's so cool reading real in-depth BIONICLE analysis like this, and the Kaita is one of those things I'd never even thought about this deeply. The Toa keeping their special masks in 2002 was an interesting part. I always thought personally that it looked weird with them keeping them, even if it made sense as far as I knew story-wise. My big question was always, what's the benefit of the Golden Masks over just having all six masks at the Suva? The visual effect is the same, it just changes shape. If I had to guess, I'd say LEGO dropped the idea of fusion as some esoteric thing and just made it another power because it could come off as weirdly religious.
  12. Joke's on you: I'm at work as I type this (nighttime security). I like your projectiles list. I always preferred the Zamor for being buildable (unlike the Cordak, Midak, or Nynrah), but the Rhotuka and Thornax accomplished that, too. Thornax did get points for simplicity.
  13. Reading these has been such a cathartic experience. It's nice to remember that I'm not the only BIONICLE fan left in the world, though everything I do offline makes me feel like it. First off, it's awesome that the guy behind the cool sprite kit posted in my topic. It feels like a celebrity walking into my little ma and pa shop. Thank you! And that's the best description of post-2006 sets I can think off, looking great for less play value. I read someone else once describe them as statues, which is on point too. It's its own kind of beauty. There was a bit of an art to getting them into really dynamic, emotive poses. That's interesting, it is true that 2006 was, in a way, a bit of a tonal reboot, like a darker 2001. Your parents must've been so confused opening up the VHS case. "Okay kids, time for a wholesome, timeless classic... what in the world?" That's an adorable story on the whole. I too had to get my dad to help me with the ball joints to my first set, Tahnok-Kal. Your story resonates with me the most of collecting sets without really understanding how they interacted in the story. For a long time, even until 2008, I was only really familiar with the movies, and didn't get how things like the other Makuta worked.
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