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  1. BIONICLE (of course) plus Alpha Team, the only other nomination that I owned as a child. Special comment made for Mission Deep Freeze, the Alpha Team subtheme I knew as a kid.
  2. Nice model. The Nuva torso fits perfectly where it is. It excellently captures the aura of the original Vamprah set, and I can easily see this as what the model could have looked like if it were a larger price point (like Icarax-level). While I do like the Gavla mask, the inclusion of the Kardatoran head is unneeded and it just makes it look like it has a glowing crotch. The Mata blue on the wings sticks out, as does the Bohrok eyes on the feet, to a lesser degree. Overall, a solid model with a few issues that could be streamlined to make it look more unified and deliberate.
  3. The mushroom brothers take full advantage of the first snow of the season
  4. 3/5, recognize your name but don't think we've talked before
  5. Wow, I am glad I stumbled on this. Reading this story was a joy and I will definitely be reading the next installment. I love the opening. Such a vivid picture of Kier is painted yet I am left so eager to learn more about him. You do an excellent job establishing an aura of faint dread. I know there's something up about what's going on even if I can't say exactly what it is. I don't know if Kier is a full-on villain or not, but man is he creepy. The section detailing the caravan, I must admit, was not perfect. Frankly, too many characters are introduced too quickly and when the chapter ended I barely felt like I knew any of them. I am sure they all have important roles to play later on, but I feel you could have accomplished what was necessary at this point with only three or maybe even just two characters. I have been guilty of this in my writing, too; having tons of cool ideas for characters and trying to throw them all in and keeping them all distinctive, but honestly I had some trouble keeping track of who was who. I was worried that the remainder of the story would suffer from this kind of over-saturation of characters. Fortunately, chapter 2 was excellent and new characters were slowly brought in in a way that made meeting new characters feel like a reward and not a chore. Right off the bat, I understand the two sister-girls and their supervisor. It's such a relatable human experience I forgot it was a BIONICLE story for a minute. To comment on the mechanics of your writing for a moment, this scene in particular: It is somewhat difficult to make sense of. First, Raku wakes up (ergo the scene is from Raku's POV, and Raneh is the one asleep). However, the second-to-last sentence abruptly shifts to Raneh's POV in a way that just doesn't read that well. Finally, the final sentence shifts back to Raku's POV. Since it's only two characters, it wasn't that hard to figure out, but the way four characters are introduced in rapid succession in chapter 1 with this writing style was not a good combination. I just want to give Kukuna a hug. She is my immediately favorite character 100% because she acts like a clumsy anime girl. And better still, she is characterized so quickly and naturally that it feels like she's in the story for longer than she is. This is the benefit of slowly adding new characters over time. This story has a lot of potential. I can tell you've got a lot planned and you're just setting the stage now for something spectacular, and I can't wait to see it. My only constructive criticism would be regarding the amount of characters (and not even the amount really, just how quickly we meet them). Less is more and it's important to remember the reader is meeting all these people for the first time. Additionally, and this is hardly an objective criticism, present tense sounds so awkward to me. But on the whole you have a great start here. Keep it up.
  6. According to Google, there are 13 seasons of Ninjago. I challenge you to name a TV show that maintained the same level of success past its fifth.
  7. I think that was by design. LEGO knew it wasn't the sports jocks who were buying their toys.
  8. I know I'm probably the only one, but the Bohrok-Kal. My first set was Tahnok-Kal and everything from that era makes me feel seven again.
  9. It basically comes down to "the red one" effect, which Tahu received in a major way. He was never my personal favorite, but I must admit his set form is powerful looking and it serves as the "default" mode for a Toa, with all the others being variations of him. It comes down to a mix of him being the leader, the most heavily advertised, and his mask being the de facto symbol of the entire franchise. True, but all of the Toa were like that. Kopaka was the loner, Onua was the quiet one, Pohatu was the friendly one, Lewa was the hyper one and Gali was the girl. They all got better as the years went on. Jaller (at least in Inika and Mahri forms) was never heavily featured in advertising (being replaced by Matoro Inika and Hahli Mahri) which makes his adoration more impressive, and more fitting given what you've said. Jaller was the most balanced Toa of Fire we had gotten, between Tahu's hotheadedness and Vakama's insecurity. (This was explicitly said in some of the descriptions of the character.) Self-reflection was a big part of the Ignition arc, with Dalu being an aggressive Ga-Matoran and the Piraka posing as Toa.
  10. I would assume not. Elemental Sonics power, like what a Toa would have, only allows them to create, control or destroy their element. Power Scream seems to me like a more specialized power that only certain beings, like a Rahkshi, could access. Though maybe, with particular training, a Toa could learn those sorts of powers.
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