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  1. Excellent model. It looks like Robby the Robot in attack mode.
  2. Nice. I like the subtle differences in Dume.
  3. You're going to confuse future archaeologists so much. But I get it. I do it a little differently with some sets. For two City sets, I didn't even put on the stickers (they look fine without them) and I just save the stickers, box, and instructions. Does anyone else remember how, at least with Bionicle sets, the bags would be numbered? They had pretty cool graphic designs on them, too. If I could save any, it would be those. I've tried opening the bags cleanly, but it's so hard. If I were serious about it I'd use scissors.
  4. I like him. The name made me expect an astromech droid, though.
  5. It's because they're designed to look like they're swingable when they're really not. Even the movie knew to just have the weapons be solid weapons.
  6. The Proto Pitons are whatever looks cool at the time.
  7. I like him. Great model and also great translation of the original set.
  8. The Spear of Fusion doesn't seem to work consistently. Remember when Vezon used it on a bat and it got split into two one-winged creatures. Honestly there's a good chance the Spear could split you into one being with a mouth and another being with lungs.
  9. I voted Great Masks in Turaga, Infected, and Metru colors
  10. Here's the other trooper helmet thing I mentioned, this was the most convenient way to share! 5 points if you recognize it! 


  11. I got 13 out of 16. Fun quiz. The last one was totally unexpected, and it's one I missed.
  12. Pretty cool, wish I saved mine. Describe Annona in a line.
  13. I'm under the impression John Dexter just made the MOC, and LEGO did everything story-side. LEGO kept the mask because obviously Dexter couldn't make his own unique mask. Krakua's mask is one of the most confusing elements of BIONICLE sets vs. story. I've just learned to not think about it. Regardless of what a book or Greg says, when I hear Krakua, I think of a guy wearing a mask that looks like a Hau, but I also know he wears a Mask of Telepathy.
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