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  1. I voted mixed. I don't hate HF, but there's really nothing about it that I enjoyed more than Bionicle.
  2. 2005 was fine, 2007 was when lime joints became a problem. 2008 is when all joints became a problem. On that note, I've been having more and more difficulty with original 2001 parts. Not the sockets, but the axle holders, mainly at the area where the Toa's legs and Bohrok's limbs connect to the axle coming out of the body.
  3. Conspiracy theory time: It's actually Xboxtravis, and he's only pretending to be against it here to raise its visibility.
  4. Honestly, the best idea is to just pretend the GSR isn't a thing unless it's directly plot-relevant.
  5. I wait until Saturday Night Fever, then you'll all be the ones feeling silly.
  6. Really, you could ask this question for half of all Bionicle weapons.
  7. When I think of fantasy adventures, I don't think of fisticuffs. Choreographed fight scenes with cool weapons is one of the best parts of fights in franchises like Bionicle. That's not saying it was never, or should never have been, part of it. In particular, the way the Web of Shadows movie gave the Toa Hordika one weapon fused to their arm arguably makes them entirely hand-to-hand fighters. Presumably, most Toa are fully capable of fighting both with and without weapons, through a mix of proper training or experience. I imagine fighting with tools is preferred because of their utility (most Toa tools have secondary uses) and they seem to augment their power to a degree. As for hand-to-hand combat vs. elemental powers, why would any Toa favor physical combat? What benefit is there to punching someone in the face when you can shoot fire or electricity at him from a distance? As to elemental powers vs. "using your brain", the most competent Toa in the series always look for unexpected uses of their powers. Even though it ended up being unsuccessful, Tahu's attempt to trap Panrahk in that column of heat was a good idea.
  8. I can never tell when you are being serious.
  9. This is my first time hearing about this. It's cringey but it's also something I 100% would have been doing ten years ago.
  10. Everyone else beat me to it, but the Rahaga eye piece. I'd always cram the second one between the two pieces to force them apart, but that would bend the axle noticeably even if I only did it a few times. I don't consider the Mata eye stalk to be truly irritating because they seem designed to go together, and even as a kid I could sort of tell. Unlike the Rahaga pieces, the Mata head elements don't have much utility independently, especially the eye part. I also wouldn't necessarily count physically flawed pieces like lime joints.
  11. Bionicle doesn't need a high school. Most Toa learn informally from Turaga or more experienced Toa, but experience alone can also be an excellent teacher. Lhikan was still a novice when all of his comrades were killed by Frostelus, and yet he matured into one of the best Toa.
  12. Headcanon: that is not a bug, that Ta-Matoran is just very rude
  13. Examples of Bionicle paralleling real-world mythological imagery: 1. prophecies/visions 2. places being named after founders/rulers (Artakha and Karzahni) 3. from the perspective of the Matoran, the truth about the Great Spirit Robot probably qualifies as a cosmological revelation 4. emphasis on explanations for why the world is the way it is Not that these are necessarily unique to Bionicle, but it does lean into these associations more than other franchises of the time.
  14. That's a beautiful piece of art, and I wish I could focus more on the art itself and less on the circumstances. About the rule: I'm also not a mod, but I highly suspect there could/should be an exception for anonymous pieces.
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