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  1. That's a good point. We eerie as all this stuff is, compared to the real world, LEGO did a pretty good job at making BIONICLE escapist action/adventure fluff to retreat to. After the Rahi battle, when no one will talk too much to Takua, sort of recreates what it's like to have anxiety for me. It briefly reminds me that Takua, for all his heroics, is still an outcast to everyone else. Just the way that everyone isn't explicitly mean or rude to him, just short in their responses, really feels to me like they're brushing him off. Like, he's served his purpose, now we can go back to ignoring him. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. For what it's worth, I always felt like Takua himself would take this in stride.
  2. Can't argue with that. I finally got him a few years ago, and all things considered, I probably would have liked him more when I was 8. His head design is pretty cool though.
  3. Very well-thought-out; however, I would say taking for granted that Makuta could defeat Palpatine is quite an assumption to make. Remember, Palpatine is a master of the Dark Side. What comes to mind here is Darth Maul being found by Death Watch in The Clone Wars, which he considered a sign from the Force itself that he was meant to earn their trust, use them to conquer Mandalore, and betray them as soon as the system was in his control. And Maul never advanced passed apprentice, so imagine what kind of convenient coincidences might happen in Palpatine's favor even against someone as powerful as Makuta. Thinking further, Pre Vizsla planned on betraying Maul too, but Maul struck first, and defeated him decisively but I would not necessarily say easily. Palps vs. Terry would basically be an amped-up version of that fight. If I had to guess, I would say Palpatine's Force abilities would help him win, but it would not be an easy victory, and if you told me Makuta would manage some kind of last-ditch dirty trick that got the best of Palpatine for a split second, and Makuta in that second delivered the killing blow, I'd believe you. The main point I would change, though, is that there would probably be a considerable length of time (I'm talking years) where Makuta and Palpatine were both aware of each other and working together, both planning on betraying the other when the time was right. Unlike Maul vs. Vizsla, however, Makuta and Palpatine are probably much closer in power level, so it would be a closer fight. I'm just spitballing numbers here, but if Vizsla had a 30% change of beating Maul, Makuta might have a 40% change at beating Palpatine and becoming the Emperor himself.
  4. Was this the program that kept showing G2 footage while talking about G1? That's what really bothered me. Still, there is something vindicating about the outside world acknowledging LEGO. IHE covered Mask of Light for his "Search for the Worst" (based on its IMDB rating) and concluded that, while it wasn't amazing, it didn't belong on a series about bad movies.
  5. That's an interesting take. I'd honestly consider Skirmix one of the better offerings of the first half of 2009. To be honest, if he didn't satisfy you, skipping out on the rest of the year wasn't a bad move. His arms are lazy, but his torso and legs were on par with the good titans from the better years. Umbra would have been impressive if it was a MOC.
  6. I recall the Mata Nui Explorer from the Mask of Light DVD bonus features, in the Ga-Koro segment, saying all Ga-Matoran are female. Am I the only one who likes the elements being gender-specific?
  7. Here are the six 2004 comics. Along with Kryssing only working as an inker on the first three, I never noticed that weird symbol on 20, between Farshtey and Elliott’s names. In the others, it’s just a dot, which I assume means “and,” but on 20 it’s the symbol of the Japanese yen. Anyone else notice this, or any other interesting printing quirks?
  8. I always noticed (obviously) he’s bigger and has an orange horn, but only as I watched it today did I notice he also has some extra detailing on his shoulder armor. I’ve seen this movie probably 20 times and stuff like that still jumps out at me. I love making discoveries like that.
  9. At the very end he sounds like he’s trying to imitate a rapper. I guess that was supposed to go with the city aesthetic? 2006 was weird.
  10. It's difficult to see any evil-doer reciting the Tragedy framing themselves as Plagueis. That's the weird thing about the Rule of Two, it's not really "selfish" in the way we envision Sith because the master must, on some level, understand that they point is to find someone better than them to kill them. Its underlying principle is that the Sith as a whole are greater than the individual, which goes against the whole Sith thing of being individualistic. But that's neither here nor there. I'd consider Teridax vs. Sheev (or Makuta vs. Palpatine, if you're more traditional) to be a quintessential unstoppable force meets an immovable object. It's really anyone's guess who'd win between them.
  11. I didn't think Onua and Pohatu looked out of place compared to the actual models, but it might be at this scale just because I associate their masks and hands so much with the Toa. Vakama definitely looks taller than them.
  12. Very nice. I must ask, is it hard making her stand?
  13. Very nice. He looks like he could be an animated statue. I love the painted mask and weapon.
  14. I get a lot of Doctor Strange vibes from this.
  15. I have to second Kek's opinions. If you ask me, G2 belongs as far away from G1 as it does from HF. (Which, just to be clear, is far.)
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