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RPG Forum Contest 28 Winners

RPG Contest RPGC28 Winners

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13 replies to this topic

#1 Online Black Six

Black Six
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  • 02-August 01
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Posted Jun 29 2013 - 09:25 AM

The votes are in and it's time to congratulate the winners of our twenty-eighth Bionicle RPG Contest:
    [*]Sunken Cities - The Fourteenth Doctor[*]Trapped in a Map - Toa Kovolta[*]The Voyage of the Requiem IV - Toa Levacius Zehvor[/list]The winners are free to start their RPGs at their leisure. Winners from the previous contest will have a week or so to wrap up, should they choose to do so.Thanks to everyone who entered and to everyone who voted and answered the questions about the future of the RPG Contests.An overwhelming number of you wanted to see us give other RPGs a chance should any of the winners become inactive. Taking that into consideration - for the winners of this contest, if the RPG has no posts for three weeks, it will be closed and the next runner-up will be allowed to start their RPG. We'll see how this time period works out and reevaluate during the next contest. Also, should a runner-up get to start their RPG, they will still have to enter and win the next contest to continue. Again, we'll see how that goes and possibly change it in the future. I'm hoping none of the RPGs get inactive, personally.The majority of you also want to see the RPGs last longer and have fewer contests per year. I will be mulling this over but am not announcing any changes to the timing of the contests right now.Most people voted to keep just three winners for the contest, but there was a sizable group that wanted to increase it to four. Definitely something else to think about for the next contest.Finally, things were very split on the topic of contests versus judging. This surprised me, honestly, but it's good to know. For the time being we will keep running contests but I'll try to keep the results in mind.Thanks again everyone! Hope you had fun.
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#2 Offline BULiK

  • Premier Member
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  • 23-July 08
  • 3,077 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 09:32 AM

Congratulations to the winners!  I can't wait to be RPing in the neat RPGs that won.

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#3 Offline Magnus Greel

Magnus Greel
  • Members
  • Submerged!

  • 23-July 10
  • 1,198 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 09:42 AM

Congrats, guys! I'm excited to have a nice choice of games as I jump back into role-playing, especially for Trapped in a Map. ^_^

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#4 Offline Mangai-Hau

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  • 15-July 10
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Posted Jun 29 2013 - 09:45 AM



congrats everybody.

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#5 Offline Sweet & Sour JL

Sweet & Sour JL
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  • 02-February 11
  • 3,750 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 09:57 AM

Congrats to the winners! :D Lookin for ward to lookin them out.

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#6 Offline Norik Toa Of CuSO4

Norik Toa Of CuSO4
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  • 06-November 11
  • 3,403 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 10:04 AM

This is so exciting. Requiem, here I come!
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#7 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
  • Members
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  • 28-March 08
  • 6,960 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 10:07 AM

My congratulations to the other winners. It's good to see Trapped in the Map get in, especially after so many failed contests. I'm more mixed with Sunken Cities. It's not the RPG I wanted to win, but I may consider it nonetheless. I also congratulate The Fourteenth Doctor on his first win among the contests.


I'll get to posting up Requiem IV immediately. Now, let's try to avoid that little three-week issue for as long as we can, eh?


-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

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#8 Offline Pandamonium

  • Members
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  • 23-June 12
  • 1,963 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 11:16 AM

And Sunken Cities is posted.Thanks to everyone that voted for me and those that decided they'd put up with me enough to be staff. Y'all are awesome.Congrats, Lev and Kovolta.
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#9 Offline Wyrd Bid Ful Araed

Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
  • Members
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  • 18-February 06
  • 16,015 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 11:32 AM

Congrats to the three of you. You realise I'm going to have psychic-murder you with my mind powers for beating Legend, right? :P


Also, I think I got a positive response for that "announce the winners on the front page" suggestion to draw in players, that still got a go-ahead?

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#10 Offline Toa Kovolta

Toa Kovolta
  • Members
  • Exo-Armored Toa

  • 03-September 08
  • 750 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 01:11 PM

Congrats to the other winners and good effort to all the other entrants!


Also thanks to everyone who contributed to finally making Trapped in a Map a winner! Expect to see it up soon after this post.

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#11 Offline Toa of Dancing

Toa of Dancing
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  • Premier Members
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  • 03-May 07
  • 8,272 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 02:15 PM

Conflagrations and stuff. I just might be playing these. At the very least I'll probably go for TiaM.

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#12 Offline Legolover-361

  • Members
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  • 09-June 09
  • 3,495 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 07:10 PM

Congratulations to the winners! I hope I'll have time to join at least one of the victorious RPGs.
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#13 Offline Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter

Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
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  • Emerging Mata Nuian Protector

  • 14-January 12
  • 1,691 posts

Posted Jun 29 2013 - 07:37 PM

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Congrats to the winners! [/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]I'm somewhat sad that Reborn didn't get all that far, especially with all the work I put into it, but oh well. [/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]I'll probably eventually be playing all 3 of the games, so yesh. :P[/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Wheeee away to RPGs~[/font]

[color=rgb(128,0,128);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Zakaro[/color][/font]

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#14 Offline Walking Stereotype

Walking Stereotype
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  • 10-July 09
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Posted Jun 30 2013 - 02:46 AM

Congratulations winners.


I might be able to play these RPGs this time.

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