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I knew it! I knew it! I SO TOTALLY KNEW IT!!!


I TOLD you that's why the board was offline last night! I TOLD YOU ON YIM, tURAKII!!! You KNEW I was on to ya! HA!!


Funny, though, how I also mentioned last night that Turakii had never undergone a name change. Ironic really.




takumasmilie.gifTakuma Nuva:infected:

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And I am Xon. Prepare to be reformed in my image - the darkness of a thousand lands incarnated into one single being.



(Inside Joke no one here would understand) :P


But in all serious, this is a really cool new staff fad. I'm only surpised that Nikira is now the girlfriend of a mentally insane clown - and is EVIL too. :o



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And I'm Tahu01.


I've been trying to think of a better name, and now I have to deal with this... Or not, as the effects of my intervention can often damage the subject beyond comprehension. At the cost of me losing my mental stability for the day. Not good. So, I guess I'll just hide under this blanket, as I usually do.


*hides under blanket* ...Now I am a Horta.


I think I'm missing something... As usual. Oh well, at least I gave my brain a chance to comprehend. :)

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You all don't seem to understand. Turakii can't change her name. Black Six did it.


By the time Halloween is over, Turakii will be Turakii again.

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