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  1. A love letter to the Mata Nui Online Game. Le-Koro Platform Le-Koro Platform
  2. The focus of my entry is a location, but I'd like to like to have a slightly-modified set be part of the scene. Specifically, and '01 toa in a much, much larger MOC. Is that a problem?
  3. On Flickr On Instagram
  4. Nice use of the Phantoka wings for the tapering beak.
  5. Nice! I love set-accurate hypotheticals like this.
  6. It's really nice to see those sand blue dino parts being used! I love the coloring. Brilliant yellow & black visor usage all around.
  7. The world of Bionicle needs more brickbuilt wrenches. Those goggles make me happy.
  8. Obsessionist

    Like a Boss

    Good luck! That sounds terrifying.
  9. Obsessionist

    My grandmother

    My grandmother died a couple weeks ago. She had just been released from the hospital- on her 60th wedding anniversary- when she had the stroke that eventually killed her. I feel you family's pain and understand that sad relief that the suffering is over. I'll pray for you and yours.
  10. Last night I turned in my final undergrad assignment before getting my BS in Mechanical Engineering. It was a 100-page research document entitled "Motivations, Values, and Creative Processes of Participatory LEGO Bionicle Fan Community," which feels like an appropriate way to cap things off. Might try to get it published. We'll see if I have the motivation.
  11. I remember realizing that LEGO wasn't my main (or only) hobby anymore, when I had friends who knew I was the D&D guy but were surprised to hear I was super into LEGO. Weird stuff. Also when I realized several people knew about my love of mayonnaise but literally nothing else about me? And had never met me? That seemed wrong.
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