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  1. That's awesome Perp. Thanks for working that up!
  2. Oddly, some people don't have less work with the pandemic going on. It's much the same as last time an explanation was given.
  3. Tallea - Metru Nui - Dume's Office IC: Tallea grabbed a stone and moved closer to Dume, although she kept her distance from the obviously irate titan currently berating him.
  4. Tallea - Taku IC: "Frankly, there's no way to be sure without taking a close look what this machine does to people." Tallea said as she heaved back on a wrench for a brief moment. Giving the bolt she had been tightening an experimental flick of one gauntleted finger, she nodded in satisfaction before shifting slightly for better access to the Taku's port side levitation array. As she started fiddling with something in the pile of machinery she continued. " Toa receive an increase to their mental abilities when they transform. They need it to control their masks and elemental powers. Going by that logic they should be better at controlling such power than a basic Matoran...although a Ce-Matoran might be comparable....Anyway, at the same time this machine would grant six entirely new powers of an unknown level and stability." "That's leaving out any one of a thousand tiny details in biology and internal mechanics that could render a Toa unable to use the new powers. I just don't know enough about how the process works to give a definitive answer. Is it a partial transfer of power, is it all in go? The Great Disks are orders of magnitude more powerful than what we make Great Masks out of. You saw what just one of them did to that poor man down in the Archives. If all six of them were poured into a single person I'm not even sure if it would be survivable." The flow of words was interrupted by an exasperated sigh that carried all the annoyance of an engineer faced with a problem they were ill equipped to solve. "If I had the actual machine and disks in front of me and a few days to run tests I'd be able to give you a more definitive answer. At the moment the best I can say is maybe."
  5. Tallea - Metru Nui - Po-Metru IC: What would have been a possibly tense and hours long explanation, fraught with misunderstandings was resolved in about two seconds thanks to the psionic in the group. Tallea's questions were answered and everyone could get on with their tasks. Unfortunately while that had been going on the newly risen revanant had decided to rip all the speed disks out of both vahki transports...and then left them behind. Hmmmmm. They would all have to travel on the Taku now. It was unfortunate considering the fact that the ship was still wanted in all likelihood. However, as both ground transports were now scrap it opened several new options that might help mitigate that issue. So as everyone else loaded on the cargo ship Tallea quickly gathered up the disks and a choice collection of salvage from the pair of ground bound wrecks.
  6. @Nato the Traveler Were the disks left behind when the revenant took off or are they floating along behind it.
  7. Tallea - Metru Nui - Po-Metru IC: This was a troubling conundrum to say the least. Obviously they needed to get to the Coliseum as fast as possible for a variety of reasons. Getting the Disks to Dume, warning him of the hit. Well that latter could simply be called in. There was no real need to go to Dume themselves aside from adding to his physical security which was a somewhat questionable plan of action when the crew of the Taku were apparently wanted for some reason or another. The fact that said airship was their fastest route to the Coliseum didn't help matters. It was aggravating to say the least. She didn't have all the information needed to make the right decision. It was time to fix that. Before Stannis could head for the airship hovering overhead Tallea stepped in front of him, meeting his gaze straight on. She respected the Wanderer but she wasn't in awe of him. Not like so many others. "Before we go anywhere I do believe it's time for that explanation. That Dark hunter wasn't laying when he said you were wanted and it seems like relevant information to have before flying into the most heavily defended place in the city. If you feel pressed for time we can have Vashni help things along."
  8. Tallea - Metru Nui - Po-Metru IC: That was all of them, time to go. With one last glance around the dusty landscape Tallea dashed through the fading portal and into the equally dusty landscape on the other side.
  9. Tallea - Metru Nui - Po-Metru IC: Now Tallea might have been fighting for longer than she would have liked, seen far more than she'd have liked to, and been more or less immune to many of the shocks she'd seen so far. However, seeing their only way back from this strange land sent a bolt of adrenaline through her veins. If they got stuck here there was no knowing what would happen to them. Plus the image of a giant hunk of rock careening towards the ground in what was now a barren wasteland did not fill her with much in the way of fuzzy feelings. "RUN!" The group was small and it looked like Jutori had already made it through the strange dimensional gateway. Tallea didn;t think of herself as a leader, but she had gone first through the portal and she'd be the last to leave.
  10. Tallea - Metru Nui - Po-Metru IC: "Huh" An unknown land with some form of life on it and a weird feeling that she wasn't supposed to be here. Best to grab the disk and get out of here as quickly as possible. She scanned the area with her suit. If nothing odd could be seen, she was going to go over there and grab that disk so they could all get out of here.
  11. Tallea - Metru Nui - Po-Metru IC: "See what I mean. Now if someone with a ranged ability could disrupt his concentration I bet it would look really impressive as that whole thing falls back into the hole." So saying, Tallea turned back to the recently uncovered table and statue. Atamai's deduction was logical and the last line was likely Destiny, which meant....With sure movements she took each statues and placed them in the indentations on the table. Creation Unity Strategy Destiny
  12. Tallea - Metru Nui - Po-Metru IC: The fight, if one could call it that, seemed to be about over. One of the Dark Hunter was surrendering, another was on the run and the last was dead or dying. Speaking of... "Not to rain on the parade but that guy is going to get back up. There's some sort of undead plague resurrecting people all over the city." It wasn't directed at anyone in particular, simply a piece of information aired for those to whom it applied. The armored Matoran herself was walking towards the now ruined pyramid, scanning it with her x-ray vision once more in an attempt to find anything useful. Even if whatever had been down there was gone, the pieces of it were likely intact. If she could locate those pieces they could be removed from the rubble with a minimum of additional damage.
  13. Tallea - Metru-Nui - Po-Metru IC: Stannis had an arrest warrant out on him? She hadn't been following the news feeds too closely since their hunt had started. Sure there had been the ride over here but she'd been engrossed in her studies of the disk. She brought up a popular news sight with a mental command, surely if a Toa of Stannis' stature had a warrant out on him it would be all over th- Apparently the world has decided become Karzhanni all at once. Wait, did that Ce-Toa say she was connecting everyone's minds? Tallea didn't know how much of her inner monologue had passed over the link, but the interruption served to refocus her on the situation at hand. Specifically focusing her thoughts on the bond she sent out. Non-combatants converge on the block. I'll cover them.
  14. "Don't die" As he charges the rather large party, multiple of whom could 1v1 him.
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