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  1. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: "My inclination was more to propose this as the first step in a multi-part plan. They help us to deal with our darkwalk and we would help them with theirs. There are six of those vile tunnels across the island. The more we can spread out the load the better. We can't rely on forces from other koros to remain behind after the initial push. So if we can figure out an agreement that allows them to still be involved in some way then it will be of immense help." She nodded in thanks to Stannis and Ra'lhen. Muir might have been right about Stannis. The man was cautious with his information. Perhaps too cautious. There was no denying that lives had been lost as a result of that. There were several reasons that she hadn't made any moves regardless of those facts. One of the primary reasons was that the man was karz- useful. She needed someone with the power and knowledge of a Maru around to help out. Perhaps not to make important decisions but one could not deny the unique and useful skills that Stannis brought to the table. "Consider yourselves deputized as temporary ambassadors. I authorize you to offer Onu-koro a mutual defense agreement in which both sides agree to help the other take control of their darkwalk. If additional incentives are required then you are also authorized to offer up to fifty thousand widgets to help Onu-koro outfit an expeditionary force."
  2. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: "That would be most appreciated, Toa Stannis. The more help we can get the better. Watchtowers will be of limited usefulness in the darkwalk but regular fortifications will be erected as we progress. they will act both as fallback points and protection against ambushes from the rear." One of the many documents on the desk in her office was a list of known rahkshi powers. Enough people had seen them in action both during the major attacks on the koros and inside of the darkwalks themselves for a few to be confirmed. It was by no means exhaustive but the simple fact that they were adept tunnelers told her not to treat the walls of their planned battleground as inviolable. Her gaze turned towards Muir next. There was a fair amount of subtext in his statement and while she didn't exactly need his approval in the endeavor that did not mean that his insights should be turned away. "I expect the most aid to come from Onu-koro and Ta-koro, if we get any at all. Ko-koro is still rebuilding and in no shape to launch military expeditions. Le-koro fights in the air and Ga-koro fights on the water. The smaller settlements may send help but not in the numbers we require. Onu-koro is both adept at tunnel fighting and one of our largest trading partners. Plus, "She added with a wry smirk. "They always love showing off their latest products. We can make use of that."
  3. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: The Maru's comment got a nod of acknowledgement. Even with the koro's recent advancements this was a bold undertaking to say the least. Without the rapid technological gain of the last few months she wouldn't even have considered such a bold move. "I want to provide as much mechanized support as possible. It's the only advantage we have things brings a matoran even close to a rahkshi in capabilities. Unfortunately we don't have any weapons that can fight on their own so any such move would require a significant manpower investment by the Sentinels. If possible I'd like to get help from the other koros for the initial push."
  4. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: The unspoken message was met with a nod. Muir would tell the truth, but not carelessly. She could work with that. So she moved back over to the table. This time standing at the head of it with her arms crossed. It was clear that the pair's time here was much more limited than before. The akiri's gaze swept over everyone gather. Measuring them each and weighing their trustworthiness. Finally she spoke. "A Toa seal would be an effective method of doing that. As would collapsing the thing using stralix charges and our local Toa. The problem is that such a move would be a temporary solution at best and cause more problems in the long term. Makuta and his rahkshi made that tunnel once. They can easily do so again. This time the entrence could come out somewhere much worse. Inside the koro, maybe even directly in the Sentinel Bastion itself. My plan is to take the darkwalk but leave it an open so that our enemy think he still has a chance to take it back. I will turn that place into a death trap that drains the Maluta's forces to the very dregs."
  5. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: "Before I answer that I have a question of my own." Orange eyes narrowed slightly as the akiri of Po-koro turned to regard the crystaline toa. It wasn't every day that someone interrupted her. Even rarer that it happened in her own home. So there may have been a certain level of extra intensity behind her gaze as she pinned it on the much larger man. Now that she looked closer at him something clicked in her mind. There's had been another set of files. One of known and suspected foreign agents. That list was still safely locked up in a secure location. "I'm not much in the habit of keeping secrets. They pile up block by block until you've surrounded yourself in a tomb of hidden knowledge. I'm also not in the habit of telling people important information that could end up influencing thousands of people when I don't even know their name. So again. Granite's truth, who are you." On the beginning of that last sentence her eyes had switched to Muir. They were a local idiom. Granite was heavy and solid. Once it was set down you knew that it wouldn't change or shift. To tell someone granite's truth was to set it all on the table. You could hear it said anywhere from the bazaar to the courtrooms of the koro. The as of yet unnamed toa could likely spin up a half-believable tale if confronted with such a demand. The lawyer on the other hand was somewhat different if she'd judged him correctly. At the core of it knowing people was half her job. Put the right person in the right place and they could accomplish wonders. She'd been watching both guests all through the discussion but most of her attention had been on Muir. The scales of justice in the man's heart were made of protosteel and balanced on the finest of edges. At least that's the impression she got. A call for truth like this was direct but she needed that last bit of certainty. It was easy to push for absolute truth when someone else was paying the price. It was often very different when one was called upon to give information that might put them at a disadvantage.
  6. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: The discussion was clearly at an end. Each side has stated their case and made rebuttals.Without a true arbitrator this was as far as things would go between the lawyer and the Maru. So when the former turned to her she nodded and stood up. Speaking as she moved towards the doorway. Her bodyguard one step behind her. His orange eyes sliding from one toa to the other as they moved. It was unlikely that these people would make any rash decisions but he was payed to be paranoid and things often went awry when tempers were high. "Of course. Please allow me to show you out." It was a flimsy pretext to be able to talk to the investigator alone. In truth she didn't really care if everyone in the group could see right through it. Duplicity was something she could practice at need. yet her Po-matoran nature inclined her toward more blunt and straightforward routes to get what she wanted.
  7. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: As unexpected as it was this conversation was turning into the highlight of her day. Well honed political instincts told her that every word here was being chosen precisely and with specific intent. It was like watching a regional kohli match instead of the scrimmages that were her usual board meetings. So far she had been content to simply sit back and watch the byplay as the host. It was surprising what one could learn simply by being quiet and letting people talk. Of course she was interested in the discussion for more reasons than simple academic entertainment. Ko-koro was starting to gain a rather unfortunate reputation. She had nothing against Ko-Matoran but when one of the island's city-states follows up two dictators with a weaponsmith only a fool wouldn't take notice. So if there was some issue with their premiere Toa team that was something she needed to be aware of. In much the same way a lot of Toa Stannis' decisions had been coming into question lately. When your greatest accomplishment comes undone all on its own people tend to take a closer look at things they once would have let slide. This didn't seem to be an inquisition against Stannis. More a passing swipe as the pair of toa went on to other things.Muir had a reputation as keen investigator and truthful to a fault. Any insights he might have on her koro's protector would be worth listening to. She would have to find some time to speak to him later. Now was not the time to interrupt their conversation. Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - The Fowadi IC: It took an effort of will not to visibly wince at his companion's statement. He didn't know all the details but he knew enough for the reaction to be worth it. Instead he continued on without focusing on the slip. Eyes slightly narrowed, although if that was in consternation or thought was up to whoever looked at him. "We definitely need more information. I think I heard the others saying something about going to see Stannis as they were leaving? Not sure. They were walking past and I was busy talking to one of the new recruits at the time."
  8. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: Interest showed clearly on the Akiri's face as she watched the verbal sparing. It was clear that the legal consultant was here to dig for answers of some kind. Stannis also seemed to be playing it purposely obtuse. Either he wasn't a fan of the passively adversarial tone of the conversation or he knew exactly what the other man was talking about and had a reason to keep it a secret. That latter option brought up a slew of followup possibilities. some of them benign, other less so. The name in question was not one she was familiar with. Unless the hospital needed something she usually stayed out of their way. They were doing good work and she saw no reason to watch over their shoulder. That was was an easy way to throw a metaphorical spanner into the metaphorical workings.
  9. Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: Two people, both of them Toa, one of them the new Akiri recognized. Muirtagh was someone she recognized from a sketch of his. Back during the height of his paranoia Hewkii had started building files on people who might have proven a problem in some form or another. Lawyers had gone onto that list almost by default. Especially ones who had left the Sentinels due to a disagreement with his policies. She had gone through those files personally. It wasn't the kind of thing she could trust to just anybody and she had no way of knowing if any of it was safe without going over them. Thankfully most of it had been publicly available knowledge. Even at his worst Hewkii had not attempted to build something like a secret Guard. It was part of why the new ruler of the koro allowed him to still live. Most of them had been destroyed after she was done sorting them. Some of the contents had been sent to the Sentinels for follow-up investigations. Not all of the files had been about upstanding citizens and she figured that at least some good could be salvaged from the unpleasant mess. In fact that pretty much described her first month in office. "Please, ask away. I must admit some curiosity as to what this might be about."
  10. Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - The Fowadi IC: "That's certainly been proven well enough over the last few years." As a matter of fact one of Kale's first adventures with the Aggressors had been rescuing one of the Turaga. That mission had been a success, but it had happened and was followed up with the almost immediate assassination of that same person afterwards. It didn't really point towards their old leaders having been all that infallible either. The silver Toa's gaze dropped from the sky to fall on his companion. One of the ridges in Luten's corporeal form lifting skeptically. The voice that followed was a mirror of his face. "Got any ideas on how to punch ultimate wisdom into people?" Renaka - Po-koro - Her House IC: Keen eyes flowed from one Toa to the other as they spoke. Both were veterans in the long struggle with Darkness. The one who shared much of her color scheme had new armor but the way he spoke and moved detailed a history of conflict. Each of them also seemed to agree that time was not on their side in this matter. With Makuta back the Darkwalk was a clear and present danger to the safety of the koro. Especially with their new expansion. When her guests both fell silent she replied with a soft sigh. Her first words accompanied by a soft clink as she set her ceramic mug down on the table. "Not as of yet. In truth I had not reached a final decision on the matter. It has been percolating in the back of my mind ever since I felt Him return but there has always been something or other keeping me busy. the last couple months have been extremely busy around here. With the help of our fellow koros the construction has gone more smoothly than I could have hoped. Even it seems like everyone in Po-koro needs a moment of my time...and many of those not from Po-koro as well." A sardonic grin flashed across her face with that final sentence. A bit of genuine emotion allowed to slip in with a set of carefully controlled feelings. The next words were accompanied by a swinging arm gesturing to the building as a whole. "Things what I spend most of my time here contemplating. It's quiet, people tend to come find me on business days, I have the time and space to give certain things the attention they deserve." Any further conversation was interrupted by a polite knock at the door. The Po-Matoran guard first checked through the peephole, then came over to murmur something in the Akiri's ear. She tilted her head for a moment before nodding back towards the door. As the bodyguard went back to let the two visitors in the much paler Po-Matoran turned back to her current guests with a mask of partial amusement and partial annoyance. "People usually come to me business days."
  11. Kale Ironshaper - Po-wahi - Ostia - Fowadi IC: "Well that's what we're for." A contemplative tone had entered the other Toa's voice. Almost as if he was working his way through a thought out loud. "We are the Aggressors, we go out and find trouble before it become even bigger trouble. Of course something has to happen to prove that someone needs dealing with so things often feel like we're just responding all the time. We don't need to do that now though. The Legacy is a clear and present danger." The soft tap of a metal digit on wooden gunwale sounded out. Silence reigned for a time as the ship's first mate tumbled the problem around in his head for a time. It was pretty clear what they had to do. The question was how they would go about it. Finally, his voice broke the quiet once more. "What would you say that our primary weaknesses would be? As an island that is. Seems to me that if we want to get out ahead of them than we need to try and pin down their next target."
  12. Kale Ironshaper - Po-wahi - Ostia - Fowadi IC: "According to the reports they pretty much all got away. Nobody has seen or heard of them since the battle despite everyone keeping an eye out for them. For all we know they could have vanished into the depths of Le-wahi. They'd never be found in that jungle if they laid low. Somehow I doubt that's their plan though. Especially with their old boss back in the game." The silver Toa turned around and rested his elbows on the gunwale. Head lulling back to stare into the almost painfully blue sky. It seemed so different from all the doom and gloom they were currently talking about. The sky didn't care. It was above such petty struggles. A soft chuckle escaped his mouth at the word play.
  13. Kale Ironshaper - Po-wahi - Ostia - Fowadi IC: The young Toa's face turned grim at the change in topic. They had been free from the Makuta for what...eight months at best? How could one defeat a foe who didn't even need a full year to come back from the dead. Or perhaps he had only been sealed.The Maru hadn't been too keen on giving out details of their encounter with the master of shadows. He wasn't sure which option bothered him more. "Hard to miss them when every drunk sailor seem intent on sharing the news. Even so...I can't deny the fact that something has changed. The air seems different now. Sometimes at night when I stare out at the black ocean I can swear that it's laughing at me. Only when I try to listen harder there's nothing. Renaka Lichgeist - Po-wahi - Po-koro - Akiri Residence IC: One pale eyebrow lifted at the antics of the two. So far her interactions with her koro's guardian Maru had been limited. A few conversations here and there. Mostly at some official event that neither of them could resist the call or obligation of. He was certainly far more...casual, than she'd expected from the stories. Stories told around a campfire of the semi-mythical Wanderer didn't quite match up with the old man currently conjuring random items out of thin air before her. A mug of warm coffee currently rested in her hands. It hid her mouth from view. Although if that was intentional or if she simply was enjoying the aroma of the warm beverage was anyone's guess. Once her guests finally got settled in at the small table she spoke up. "Welcome Ra'lhen, it is always a pleasure to meet the people responsible for defending our city." Her eyes narrowed a hint as she looked at him A thought niggling at the back of her mind. There was something about him that seemed familiar...no, something to follow through on later. "I hadn't made any concrete plans the last time Stannis and I spoke. Things have...changed since then. Before the Darkwalk was simply a dangerous but ultimately minor threat to the region. We could have gradually worn down the Rahkshi that remained within and made it safe to travel through. Had anyone the desire to. With the return of Makuta it has once more become a clear and present threat to Po-koro. He could send another invasion force through at any time." The relatively diminutive stature of the pale Matoran did nothing to diminish her presence. Her eyes blazed with a controlled fire from over the rim of her mug. It was clear that she did not take the safety of her charge lightly.
  14. Kale Ironshaper - Po-wahi - Ostia - Fowadi IC: That might have been the last of them. At least for now. Considering the way today was going he wouldn't be surprised if half a dozen more people trickled along to try out. It did mean that he was free to give his friend the attention he deserved. The silvered Toa turned to his lounging companion. A small smirk crossing his lips as he looked at the other's relaxed form. "Ko-koro was harsh. We all needed a break froms aving the day. Karz, the whole island needed a break. Thankfully the last couple months have been pretty quiet. It hasn't been easy, as you've said. Sometimes it feels like this ship is trying to swallow me into her bowls and never let me out. The refit is nice but I won't deny that the amount of administrative work is driving me up the wall. I used to be able to get Naona to do some of it..." He shook his head and walked over to rest on the gunwale next to the other Toa. A voice a bit more mature, more weathered than when Rynekk has heard it last slipping out to fly away on the sea breeze. "I'm glad you're back. I needed a friend. Or at least one that I didn't have to keep from chasing butterflies or fending off the bad memories with a secret stash of liquor that I absolutely do not know about."
  15. Kale Ironshaper - Po-wahi - Ostia - Fowadi IC: "Whatever we happen to need at the time." There was a a sardonic grin somewhere in his words but they clearly weren't intended to be mocking. "We'll teach you how to handle the boat but for the most part you will be part of our combat team. Our missions tend to be pretty varied so you'll likely end up doing more than just fighting but it's pretty good bet that there will be someone who deserves a punch in the face wherever we end up."
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