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  1. IC: Savis – The Unfortunate Fikou Once upon a time, Savis had been characterised by confidence. They’d been a buoyant, brash being, boisterous and brazen to a point that bordered belligerence. At least, that was the way they remembered it, in the memories that had slowly been unfolding to fill the fuzzy parts of their mind. But it was hard for Savis to look at those memories and see themself in them. That Savis was someone else, somewhere else… something else. The Savis of today was all but devoid of that confidence. The space it had once occupied, a lifetime ago, was now cloyed and cluttered with uncertainty and questions. But today, perhaps, they could find some answers. A soft sound echoed in Savis’ ears as they made their way into the inn, a sound that had accompanied them from their old life into the next, never changing or abating. Tinnitus was the medical term for it, according to the healer they’d once consulted, a symptom of damage to the auditory system, or an indicator of noise-induced hearing loss. For some, it was said to sound like ringing, or buzzing, or whistling. To Savis, it was more akin to the dim, distant crashing of ocean waves. Most days, it was so quiet that it was imperceptible over the bustle of daily life in Onu-Koro. But in the dead of night, in the quiet dark, it reverberated through the recesses of their tired mind, filling their every fleeting thought. It felt that way now, as they made their way through the inn and approached the room the notice had indicated. With each step, the wailing waves grew louder, roaring, raging, to the point that Savis could almost feel the waves battering their body, see the sloshing sea in their mind’s eye. They saw the door they sought. They stepped towards it. They raised their hand. And the sound suddenly sunk once more, the rapping of Savis’ knuckles upon the door echoing loudly in the ensuing silence. @Goose @Perp
  2. I would assume it's referring to models made in Bricklink's digital designer program. That said, last time I checked a lot of Bionicle parts, particularly masks and tools, aren't present in the program. There's a lot of parts packs made by fans floating around, but there's so much overlap and different versions that I imagine keeping track of which one/s were used is going to be tricky.
  3. Bear in mind that most Rahkshi don't even have staffs. The majority of the wild Rahkshi in canon didn't use tools, they just fought with their claws and their powers. The first Rahkshi we saw in canon were abnormally strong, and specifically chosen and equipped to take down a team of exceptionally powerful Toa. It makes sense that Makuta would go out of his way to give each of them a special unique staff. By contrast, the Heat Vision and Quick Healing Rahkshi that fought in the final battle were a mass-produced army. Most likely Makuta just manufactured a bunch of identical staffs to arm them.
  4. IC: Vazaria – Mount Koshiki As the sun shone down upon her bent back, Vazaria shivered. The shadows seemed to congeal around her as Zataka spoke, the goddess oozing an oppressive presence that chilled her to her core. “Even outside the Empire you hate you crave Order. Subservience,” Zataka said, “You want the Order gone but you don't know what to do without it, so you latch onto the most powerful force outside the system. To give you the guidance you seek." The truth of Zataka’s words cut deeper than her darkness. She’d never truly tried to lead. She’d never taken a stand for herself. As much as she resented the empire, as much as she sought to rebel against the system that had stifled her people’s freedom for centuries, Vazaria had never really made a decision for herself. She’d taken jobs and orders and assignments, clung to the ambitions of others to guide her actions. All she’d done was trade one type of control for another, in the belief that it would somehow bring her liberation. What had she even been fighting for? Mindless spite against a world that had spurned her? Rebellion for rebellion's sake? She'd never really thought about what would come after, all she'd ever thought about was the satisfaction of seeing the empire someday brought low, as if that would somehow balance out all that she'd suffered. “Disappointing. But there's no reason to do away with useful, willing material.” The creatures closed in, and Vazaria flinched, furtive flickers of fear setting her battered body ablaze. She closed her eyes, fingers folding into fists in the dirt as she braced herself for the fate she’d feared from the moment she’d first considered coming up the mountain. The hands seized her arms and face, claws cruelly scraping her skin… but the agony she’d anticipated didn’t arrive. Her limbs remained firmly attached to her torso. She cracked open her eyes, looking up at Zataka as the goddess ripped a screaming serpent from the shell of her child. “But if you would surrender so easily you are useless like this. Too little will to stiffen that spine. We'll have to fix that.” In the space between eyeblinks, the serpent was suddenly sailing towards her, contorting in midair to latch onto her Kanohi, screeching as it struck her. The sound split through her skull, a savage song of surrender and submission that stabbed into her psyche and brought with it a sense of acceptance. She didn’t fight it. She was past the point of choice. She'd known there was no going back. “You came to offer me your will. It seems rude not to take it.” For a brief, fleeting moment, she wondered what she would become, if she would remember who and what she’d been before this moment, whether there would be any part of her capable of regretting the decisions that her brought her here. The doubts faded, and she silently bowed her head, submitting to the will of her new goddess. @Krayzikk
  5. Top two for me would have to be Rahkshi - for pretty much the same reasons Kal stated above, and Skakdi - because their powersets and limitations can lead to some really interesting and creative character concepts. Third place for me is... pretty much anything else that isn't a Toa. There are so many unique and intriguing species in Bionicle lore that are rarely fleshed out or explored, and I personally find the Toa/Matoran/Turaga species to be very overused and frankly, kind of boring. Especially because their one major weakness in canon - the Toa Code - is pretty much universally ignored in roleplays on this site.
  6. Aside from some early concept art that suggest there were scrapped plans for Takanuva to be a villain (?) in Lego Movie 2, the only mention of Bionicle in those films was a very brief image of Gen 1 as one of numerous other themes that explicitly weren't important to the story. I've always seen it as more of a dismissive easter egg than any kind of implication that Bionicle is part of some shared Lego universe.
  7. IC: Vazaria – Mount Koshiki “I suppose I am,” she nodded, doing her best not to flinch as the Children closed in. “I have no illusions about my worth. I know your servants are stronger than myself, or any other Menti. But I’m here, of my own free will, offering what I can to your cause. Accept me or annihilate me... I don't imagine there's another option." @Krayzikk
  8. IC: Vazaria – Mount Koshiki An involuntary chill ran down Vazaria’s spine. She hadn't been sure what to expect in response to her words, but the idea of Zataka putting in a personal appearance had seemed laughable until a few seconds ago. “No. I suspect my best chance to survive would be to run and hide, to steal a boat and sail away,” she replied, raising her eyes to meet those of the goddess before her. “I came because this archipelago has stagnated for centuries under the rule of despots who deem our destines to be decided from the day we’re born… everything we do, everything we are, categorised by class or caste or clan... and you don’t care about any of it. Your slaughter hasn’t discriminated. You represent the kind of meaningful change I’ve always dreamed of seeing, and I… well, I wish to be part of it.” @Krayzikk
  9. Yeah, I don't remember Pohatu controlling sand at any point in G1. Lore in later years established sand to be separate element to both Stone and Earth. I believe Greg has clarified at some point that Po-elementals can theoretically turn sand or dust into stone, or vice-versa, but can't directly control sand itself.
  10. IC: Savis – Onu-Koro They’d thought that settling in the underground city would finally dispel the dreams. It hadn’t. If anything, the nightmares now gnawed at their mind with even greater intensity. As they tossed and turned in their bed, Savis dreamed the dream again. It began as a memory, one they hadn’t even known to be a memory until their recollections began returning in recent weeks. They were submerged in soul-chilling cold, the sea swallowing their screams as they scrabbled for the surface, the splintered shreds of their ship swirling in a slow circle around them. Savis could feel their lungs burning, see their vision darkening at the edges, feel their limbs weakening, but no matter how hard they tried, they could never get any closer to the surface. As defeat and despair settled in, their gaze gradually drifted downwards, searching for some sign of their crewmates, or the colossal creature that had capsized the vessel… but all they saw was the deep dark. The debris disappeared. The desperation dissipated. The sea settled. There was no surface. No up, no down, no direction. There was nothing but the depths, drawing them in. Indiscernible shapes swam in the shadows in the corners of their vision, reaching out as if to pull Savis into the comfort of their embrace. Savis was wanted. Savis belonged. B̗͚̗̱̠͇e͔̖̝̫lo͇̭͔͎͖̦͡w͓͍͎̫̞͕.̥̭̦ And then they awoke, as they always did, slicked in sweat, with the crashing of waves echoing in their ears. They lay there for a long time, staring in silence at the cracked stone of the ceiling above. A part of them was terrified to close their eyes again. A part of them wanted nothing more than to return to the dream. Each time, it felt like they were getting closer. Closer to the truth. Closer to understanding. Closer to… something beyond. S͏o͌̈́̓m͚̼̖͔̥̼̆ͬ̇̋ê̛̈́̃ͩ̈́̌̚t̻̻̦̅ͮ̉h͉̻͓͆̏̓ͪ̆͝i̬͙̠͕̯͙ͧͅn̛̾g͇͉̭̮̥̲ͯͥͮ̃̇̌̋ ̩̫̥ͨ̀bͨ̊͐̚e͓̰̯̻͔̳͑̓̈̾l̥͎̰ͧ͗͒ͯͥ̇̽o͎̐w.̱ͮ̋ͨͦ Their thoughts drifted to the missive they'd glimpsed in the marketplace yesterday. Were there truly others out there experiencing the same dreams? Was it truly more than their own memories and madness? Somehow, the possibility of there being others made the whole thing all the more frightening. But fears needed to be faced. Savis needed to know.
  11. Not really, though. There were still a lot of loose ends, etc. set up in the serials and stories prior to that point. The Dark Hunters rebuilding, the League of Six Kingdoms going on the march, the Golden Being being loosed upon the world, etc. Frankly, I think the issue is less that some individual stories were unfinished or left on cliffhangers, and more that there were so many side plots and factions that they could never all be wrapped up in the ending we got.
  12. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa "Ah, another one who likes punching things," she drawled, her gaze drifting from the newcomer to resident stuff-puncher Jojax, "I'm sure he'd fit right in." The sight of the new arrival's tech had given her momentary hope that fate had graced the fort with another tinkerer, but evidently that wasn't the case. Maybe next time... @Snelly @Zeal @Sparticus147 @Smudge8
  13. IC: Vazaria – Mount Koshiki Dimly, Vaza realised she was falling. It was a familiar feeling. In a way, she’d been falling for a long time. Falling out of favour, falling from grace, falling short of expectations, of her own aspirations… falling… Falling! The impact rocked her back to reality, realisation and pain breaking through the barricade of bewilderment blockading her brain. She inhaled sharply, coughing as more dirt than air filled her mouth. Her scarred hands clawed furrows in the cloying soil as she scrabbled for purchase and pushed herself up onto her knees, blinking her bleary eyes. Sleek, serpentine shapes surrounded her, strange sizzling sounds issuing from their segmented skulls. She blinked again, and the world snapped back into focus. A group of the invaders stood arrayed around her, savage staves in their hands, faceplates folded back to reveal the fetid, fleshy creatures that resided within. Beyond the bruises and abrasions she’d acquired on impact, she couldn’t see or feel any new wounds, despite the devastation she knew these creatures were capable of. And they weren’t attacking… yet. Could they somehow sense her intentions, or were they merely curious? Moving slowly in the hopes of not provoking an attack, she undid the strap securing her sword across her back, and placed the weapon on the ground, before raising her hands in a placating gesture. For a brief instant, her old doubts swam to the surface, but she dismissed them as swiftly as they came. She was already way past the point of no return now. “Children of Zataka,” she spoke, bowing her head in what she hoped the creatures would take as a sign of deference and respect, “I’ve come a long way to find you. I seek to stand with you. I seek to serve.” @Krayzikk
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