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    1. The Legendary TNT

      The Legendary TNT

      What is real anymore? I seriously don't know.

    2. Canis Lycaon

      Canis Lycaon

      His account got hacked. B6 had to close it.

  2. Get on WLM sometime. I need to talk to you.

    1. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      I'll probably be online all weekend long, so you know where to find me. :P

  3. I never knew you liked Casting Crowns.

  4. Dang you, you made me lose the game. But if you are reading this right now, then you lose it too! HA!

    1. You just lost the game

      You just lost the game

      I have ultimate control over the game because I AM THE GAME! lol

    2. Toa Nidhiki05
  5. Trying this new 'status update' thing out. Don't think I'm going to use it too often, given I have a BLOG.

  6. I don't remember you, but glad to see someone recognizes me on here. I think I may be the least recognizable POBZPC. :P

    1. Nescent


      Yeah, I remember seeing your name floating around. Nice to meet yeh =)

  7. Brawl Code:


    PM me whenever you want to play.

  8. I'll probably just want the food, heart canister, and maxim tomato; other than that, the setting seems good to me.

  9. Yeah, just figured that out by re-beating the SSE again.

    And, I need better competition, so I'm cool with that. :P

  10. Where did you get those lyrics? That is pretty awesome. We should battle sometime on Brawl. :)

  11. Is it at all wierd when people call you 'Natalie' on here even though you are a guy? :P

  12. Quest (Far) to Guest (Star) was genious. :)

  13. Just a word of advice - if you have comics, make them. :)

  14. Congrats on the main page feature, man!

  15. Thanks; glad to see one too. :)

  16. There's basically a 100% chance of you winning S&T 6, so I figured I'd congratulate you in advance. :)

  17. Hey, you stole my avatar idea (albeit reversed it). :P

  18. Well, you need to mobilize some task-force to bump you back up.

    And me, while you're at it. XP

  19. Hey, Tilius isn't that bad, dude; he's okay. :)

  20. What moron changed you to 4 stars? :P

  21. Yeah, same here. I find it most offensive you can't even really say you don't want them without being ridiculed or slammed by the staff.

  22. Just to let you know, I agree with you. :)

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