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  1. Happy Holidays! ^_^

    1. Ghidora131


      Nuu its not politically correeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect


      *is shot down by a band of reindeer*

    2. The Hip Historian Iaredios

      The Hip Historian Iaredios

      *was actually me in a reindeer costume*

    3. Ghidora131


      *curses all boy band reindeer for all eternity*

  2. Happy Birthday, SPIRIT! Try to fight off some crocodiles and maybe box a kangaroo, alright? Oh, and maybe eat cake. :)

    1. SPIRIT


      Try? I have to SUCCEED in fighting off those animals.

    2. Ghidora131


      Yoda enthusiast.

  3. Hey, congrats on getting full proto! Looking forward to having your name in orange? :D

  4. So, yeah. It was my birthday today. :P

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    2. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Happy slightly late birthday.

    3. Nescent


      Oh happy (also slightly late) birthday!

    4. Ghidora131


      *shows up april 23rd* am I late?

  5. Hey, how's it been going, Velox?

  6. I've been kind of inactive lately...ugh. Better start fixing that. ;)

  7. God bless America!

  8. So, I, um, probably need to finish my half-way-done comic at some point, eh?

    1. fishers64


      In this case, need is subjective (will it haunt you day and night until finished?) and probably is iffy. If it is more likely to haunt you day and night, than you should finish it.

    2. Reznas
  9. #Bionicle2015 I just had to. :P

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    2. Reznas


      #SinceNever Oops, did I just go mainstream again? Sorry 'bout that.

    3. fishers64


      *ominous voice* Being countercultural is a burden few beings are strong enough to bear. :P

    4. Reznas


      I am willing to take on the fiery breath of the dragon that is countercultural. #dragons (Imagine a strikethrough here)

  10. OBZPC! Congrats!

  11. Welcome to BZPower! Enjoy your time here! :)

  12. Post something on BZPower, have to wait a whole day to get a response... :( #TimezoneDifference

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    2. ToaTurna



    3. Sir Ptolemic Of Zyglak

      Sir Ptolemic Of Zyglak

      I stay up until 2 am (central standard time, with stupid daylight savings nonsense) on average playing arma 2 or civ 5 with my friends, it's great, I love sing out of school.

    4. Sir Ptolemic Of Zyglak
  13. If I knew what was on my mind, do you think I'd post it?

    1. ToaTurna


      isnt that on your mind?

    2. Reznas


      I don't know.

    3. Underscore


      Obviously not, as you're not doing so right now.


      Or IS that what's on your mind? I've never been a fan of trick questions.

  14. Can someone please tell me what's on my mind?!

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    2. The Legendary TNT

      The Legendary TNT

      Well hopefully a skull, because if not; you may need to see a doctor.

    3. Dual Cee

      Dual Cee

      you're mind is not your brain, if there's always a skull on your mind you better go see a therapist

    4. CeeCee


      Santa Hats in January.

      Also DM, there is always a skull on my mind. He's called Death.


  15. Check out my Comics Contest #2 Entry. If you like it, don't hesitate to vote! :)

  16. What's on my mind?

    1. a goose

      a goose

      I'm guessing: not much.

  17. You're better than me. I want to know how your make all of the characters you put in your banners glow. You can continue this conversation in PM.

  18. I'm a Christian too. :) I don't know how you and Turakii have the time to type up those long interests list. :P

  19. Oh I see. Sorry. :| And also, you're welcome. Can you give me some tips on GIMP? Cause you make my banners look silly. :P

  20. Yeah. It says you have 1+ proto point and you're a premier.

  21. How'd you loose a proto? Also, you're banners rock. Do you use Photoshop or GIMP?

  22. I'm obssessed too. :P

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