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  1. I sympathize with Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, I want to learn how to make propane bombs & get my hands on a few guns so I can do what they couldn't. Start a massacre worse than the Oklahoma City Bombing & dedicate it to their memory.

  2. I hate this world. (Hey, someone had to say it.)
  3. No do you believe in life after love?
  4. Superman better come save me. What would you do if you found the meaning of love?
  5. I hate toxic masculinity. Does that mean you hate Frozen?
  6. IC (Jasisu-The Wasteland): "Don't worry, I remember which way you want to go." The Fa-Matoran said with a smile as she began walking towards the spot that Zavarix wanted to examine. Within a few minutes, they had reached their destination.
  7. I cheese you off with bad puns. I got him.
  8. There is only one Naoto Takizawa & that is me. You begin to fade from existence since you are an imposter. My mask.
  9. Go nuts at a rave. What would you do if you saw any of the Toa Nuva's weapons lying around?
  10. I hate how this world has rich people creating systems of oppression designed to destroy minorities, create endless poverty & destruction while the rich continue to maintain that system.
  11. A dragonslayer with pink hair & a scarf. Lucy Heartfilia
  12. I'd have to ask them what use I am to them. What would you do if you got asked to join the justice league?
  13. IC (Fulmen-The Wasteland): The Vo-Matoran took the cup from Mina & nodded in agreement. "Let's get digging." Said the Matoran of lightning as he walked to the dune with his companions & began digging.
  14. I would just swing it around for fun. If you saw the Toa Mata's tools in real life, you would...
  15. Out goes the entire cast of Inuyasha... Played by Windrider. In goes Hafu...
  16. Makuta holds the mask in his hands so Ekimu can smash it! With the power of teamwork, the mask is destroyed! Hafu's gone in a state of depression & won't make anymore statues!
  17. I tie you up & throw you into a room full of uranium. My mask.
  18. "Sure Tuyet, I'll hang out with you, as long as you promise not to kill me, which you probably will do." -Kongu
  19. I knock you unconscious with a shovel & throw you into wet cement. Good luck breaking out when it dries. I got him.
  20. That's disgusting, I ought to crack my knuckles & pummel you for making such an awful pie. Now, I make a mini beef pie & serve it.
  21. Hafu was really sick while working on the statue. He left several cracks in the base of the statue & the statue itself was sloppily made. It crumbles after a bird lands on it. Hafu decides to try another hobby instead of carving.
  22. Bohrok That terrifying centaur scorpion built from the visorak.
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