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  1. This looks insanely good, almost as if we've taken a leap into an alternate dimension where the 4th and 5th Bionicle movies were based on the Inika and Mahri respectively. You have a talent for this sort of thing, and it would be a shame if you were to ever give it up. Great job! Also, as many others have said before, I'd be more than happy to help with voice acting or anything else that may be needed, should you ever decide to make a full-length version.
  2. Now THAT is awesome. I love how you managed to keep the function as well. 10/10.
  3. A giant predatory fish said to exist only in the deepest of waters, the Kraga Nui's name translates to "Great Water Shadow", which is said to be the last thing its victims see before they are swallowed whole. Entry Pic This model took me about 5 straight days of building to create, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. It was a bit tricky at first, especially with getting the mouth to work, but overall I believe this model manages to capture what made Bionicle's early years so great. Additional Pics. Back View #1 Back View #2 Front View Side View The Stand. Front View Side View Kraga Nui on Stand Underbelly View And yes, it has gears! Gear Function
  4. i built a stand for my MOC. Will the stand count towards the Technic/System ratio?
  5. 1) Please describe how you joined the VIP program and how you make use of the it today. During this year's May the 4th event, I ordered a set I had been eyeing a few days earlier. When I saw that I would also get double VIP points, that was enough to convince me to sign up. 2) Please identify the key benefits the LEGO VIP program provides for teen and adult LEGO users such as yourself I haven't had a real chance to use it yet, but from what I understand the program is very generous and is great for regular and hardcore Lego fans. 3) How does the VIP program influence your LEGO experiences, such as the LEGO sets and themes you are interested in? My plan is, once the summer 2016 Bionicle sets are available on Shop@Home, I'll use my VIP points to help me purchase them. I'd say the program definitely helps encourage you to buy more Lego, since it's almost like getting free sets. 4) Please brainstorm ideas related to additional experiences teen and adult LEGO VIP members would like access to I personally wouldn't mind getting some sort of label next to my account name, or maybe pins for those who like to flaunt their love of Lego everywhere. Perhaps these labels/pins could correspond to how much you've spent on Lego sets? (Ex: Purchasing up to 100 sets or $1,000 worth of Lego from Shop@Home or Lego stores will grant you the title of "Lego Maniac", with a pin to prove it.) 5) Please look into how teen and adult VIP members would want to be treated as a VIP when they come to the LEGO store, call the contact center and otherwise get into contact with the LEGO Group I personally have never been to a Lego store or called Lego before, which shows how quality their products are. That said, I would expect them to treat me as any other customer, nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Ordered a Sith Infiltrator for 77 bucks. I was eyeing it the day before but couldn't justify spending 90$ USD on it. The free goodies and double VIP points + it being on sale was too good to pass up, though.
  7. This is the single most true post you will ever find on the internet. What I wouldn't give to go back to the good old days. Before social media, before smartphones. Back when kids played with toys instead of tablets, and when people actually talked to each other instead of texting. Where did everything go so wrong?
  8. Maybe the MoC controls whoever wears it, sort of like the Orb of Confusion.
  9. Bury me with my Kanohi collection (Yes, all 5 of them).
  10. This is my favorite theory, mostly because it would "rhyme" with G1's reveal, in the sense that the big good/bad ends up being the big bad/good (Ex: Makuta taking control of Mata Nui's body when everyone thought awakening him would bring peace). Imagine how shocked everyone would be if it turned out Ekimu was the one who summoned the Toa and led them on the false pretenses that they were saving Okoto, but they were actually collecting the masks for Ekimu so he could use all of them to take over the island. Meanwhile, Makuta was actually living in a self-imposed exile after he sealed Ekimu away because he felt he had failed the Okotoans, and the Toa have to find him since he's their last chance to stop Ekimu and save the island. It would rhyme with G1 without being a total rehash.
  11. Attack: Fire Defense: Stone
  12. I'd like any available spot, but shadow is my preference.
  13. Zippo


    Beautiful. This image is obviously an homage to early 2000's culture, as evidenced by the Gameboy Advance SP. The computer windows are from an earlier era, an era before social media and smart phones took the world by storm. An era before government surveillance and the "I do what I want" attitude that has been ingrained into the minds of today's youth. We are the last generation to know what the internet was like before Facebook and Instagram took over, making us modern relics. The bust of Julius Caesar superimposed over the head of Tahu clearly shows how the artist feels: Bionicle is a work of art, one which has been immortalized in both physical and digital form. The furrowed brow and wandering eyes of Wojak Feels signifies a nostalgic viewpoint, a longing to return to simpler times, back when the most we had to worry about was whether the Toa would succeed or fail in their quest to defeat Makuta. However, since Wojak is a modern meme, this can also be interpreted as simply feeling sorrow for the new generation of children who will never know the joy and significance of G1 Bionicle. The hand of God touching the computer hand signifies a link, from past to present. Another link between past and present exists with the modern quote from Jaden Smith in the computer window, which is stylized in a way reminiscent of early computer culture. The various "no"'s can be interpeted as the artist's grief as he remembers his childhood, yearning to go back to those carefree days, even if for only a few moments as he indulges in Bionicle related media (Represented by the computer in the bottom right corner); Or perhaps they are simply in his mind, as he struggles to accept that he can never relive the past and must move along with his life. Finally, the bottle of Fiji water is there to remind us of the mysterious island aesthetic that 2001 Bionicle had. Water is the substance of life, just as nostalgia is the substance of dreams. In short, beautiful. 10/10.
  14. At the minimum, buy all the stone sets. Preferably, buy all the stone and earth sets, as well as the big baddies, sets with special masks (Like Ekimu and Umarak), and the books.
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