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  1. I have to add one small correction - the mask is made of resin. The only metal is a powder coating on the surface that makes it copper.
  2. oh dang Props for working in that olive green, I wasn't sure there was even enough of that color for something like this to be feasable. Excellent work here. The shaping of the face must have been quite difficult.
  3. oh yeeah boi Edit: This is spam; please leave constructive feedback on the MOC itself. -Wind-
  4. Will be there starting tomorrow, with 12 mocs to display.
  5. Deviantart is large and bloated, some internet connections struggle to load it. Just checking in on it now and my internet which is three times faster than it was before (comcast never again) is having trouble. Of course this still pales in comparison to the old AOL dial up days, but it makes the site a less attractive option. Not sure about your mature content complaint, it's always locked behind a wall unless your account is listed as being a mature age - though if a poster doesn't flag their own content, some things may slip through. I actually can't remember a time in nearly three active years of having used it (for 'art' purposes when I was younger, but anyway) that I've seen real adult content out in the blue. Though there is a pretty large deal of lewd stuff, and profanity from some users (I'm not saying everyone is a sailor-mouth, but some are), which are valid concerns. I haven't actively used it in three years, so maybe my experience isn't quite so accurate to what's going on over there now. Brickshelf has been struggling to stay online recently, it seems. It's still a good photo sharing site, but there's no community integration outside of linking to it from other websites. I'd personally say Flickr is the best option - plus you can 'join' groups there as Rooster mentioned, to post your content to and get more attention (well you can do that on deviantart, too) , if your photos are near-professional quality, sometimes you will be featured by Explore (like deviantart's 'daily deviations', but far more than 10 a day are featured), which can give you a pretty serious signal boost. Three of my photographs so far have been featured, and the one least visited by explore viewers has double the view count than the next most popular photo of mine (2000-some views to 800 some views). The vast majority of those will be people have no interest in lego, but a handful may stick around to see what new content you make for the quality of your creations or photography. I haven't used BZP's system, though, so I can't speak for that.
  6. If that one bionicle double-deck couch someone made had been saved for this, it would surely be the winner.
  7. So you have polycarbonate or a similar material to make the masks from?
  8. After seeing those design videos which tell us a whole lot of nothing, I sincerely doubt how anyone could seriously believe that they care very much about the reboot.
  9. Sligmor backstabs everyone! Seriously though, that head is fantastic. Rest of his anatomy is pretty tight, also.
  10. probably belongs in the artwork category?
  11. I think the one with toa Ignika is your strongest. The titles starting with 'YO YO' kept me chuckling for a good while!
  12. There's a link to a youtube video in the comments of the article featuring the scarab emblem that might be the VHS. Pretty interesting stuff.
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