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  1. I also always thought it was connected to position, with shades of red being warriors, green representing leader, another color for a scout, a farmer (did Skrall farm?), another color for hunters, and so on. I just choose to ignore the appearance of the stars skrall for most purposes.
  2. The System-built armor, and especially the mask, make it feel like something straight out of Legends of Metru Nui. The body armor all the way around make it feel more complete, and look like he's really wearing armor. I don't really like the arms, though. The completely covered-with-individual-armor-peices feel of the body and legs falls make the arms seem like they're missing something, with the armor only on one side. This applies in particular to the right arm, where the front side is completely uncovered. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I think it would look better with some armor covering it. Overall, though, it really does come together to look like a well-armored Toa.
  3. Being associated with underground caves and tunnels doesn't exactly lend itself to a "big guy" impression. We wouldn't want him hitting his head now, would we? That's why I've always seen him as shorter and/or hunched over, but definitely still quite strong. It always seemed to fit him, and I had never even considered that he could be taller or bigger than the others. It just seemed he was meant to be small but powerful.
  4. I didn't really get into Bionicle until just before it ended. I had a few sets that were given to me as gifts since 2007, but at the time they were just weird, colorful Lego... things. They didn't really fit in with any of my other toys, but I played with them anyway. It wasn't until 2009 that I realized there even was a story behind these sets (most of which were either in pieces scattered throughout my increasingly mixed-up collection of System parts), and I immediately started trying to find it. I found a couple of books at the library and read them, and I found copies of the movies (though I didn't manage to find Mask of Light until years later). I began to get sets just as much as for the story as the "cool-looking robot" aspect. By the time it did end, I had learned enough about it to wish it wouldn't. Hero Factory was never enough to replace the years of story I missed and the years of new story I felt I needed to make up for what I missed. In the years since I have discovered more and more of the story, which became easier to find thanks to my realization that there is more on the internet than web games. I found the amazing complex story to be among the best I had ever read, up there with what many consider to be the best stories of all time. I began re collecting my assorted parts to make MOCs that would fit into the open-ended world. It was always easier to tell my own stories in Bionicle, given how many locations we know of but not much about and the potential for even more that we were just never told about. I was extraordinarily excited when I heard about G2. I was then disappointed by the lack of depth comparable to G1 in the new story, but I saw the sets, which were amazing. I went on to complete my collection of them, happy to have characters I never got from G1 in new forms. I still think of the G1 story as one of the best stories ever told, and I constantly wish I had been there while it was being told the first time around.
  5. I don't know if this is what you intended, but it reminds me of an ancient Egyptian god. The gold disc in the background makes me think of a sun disc, and the head design reminds me of the crown worn by Horus. He blue pipes in the back are like sun rays eminating from it. It's a cool design overall, but the mystical Egyptian god feeling adds to it a lot, whether or not you were trying to do that.
  6. I like Gali's 2015 mask a lot, but Pohatu's and Lewa's 2016 masks are probably tied for my favorite. They're all great masks though, and some of them look better on certain sets than others, but looking only at the masks, those are my favorites.
  7. I like seeing builds of some of the many other species mentioned aside from the Toa and Matoron, of whom we saw the most in sets. These three are all really well-made, but I think the one with the krana is my favorite of them
  8. I recently got a new laptop, running Fedora 24. I have tried running LEGO Digital Designer for Windows through WINE, but I can't get it to work. The installer works fine, but when I try to run by clicking the icon, it opens a window which just shows the desktop or whatever programs it was opened over, and says "LEGO Digital Designer" in the bar at the top, but nothing else happens. When I try running it through a terminal, I get this error: '' fixme:winediag:start_process Wine Staging 1.9.19 is a testing version containing experimental patches.fixme:winediag:start_process Please mention your exact version when filing bug reports on winehq.org. fixme:gstreamer:GST_QueryInterface No interface for {37d84f60-42cb-11ce-8135-00aa004bb851}! fixme:gstreamer:unknown_type Could not find a filter for caps: audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1, layer=(int)3, parsed=(boolean)false fixme:gstreamer:watch_bus decodebin0: Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in. fixme:gstreamer:GST_Connect GStreamer could not find any streams fixme:quartz:MPEGSplitter_QueryInterface No interface for {37d84f60-42cb-11ce-8135-00aa004bb851}! fixme:gstreamer:Gstreamer_FindMatch Could not find plugin for audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int) 1 fixme:ole:CoCreateInstanceEx no instance created for interface {00000000-0000-0000-c000-000000000046} of class {728dcf55-128f-4dd1-ad22-becfa66ce7aa}, hres is 0x80004005 fixme:dbghelp:elf_search_auxv can't find symbol in module I have tried searching for solutions, but it seems that LDD works perfectly with WINE for everyone else, and I have not found any solutions for these errors that work. I am using Fedora 24, LDD 4.3.10, the latest version of WINE. Has anyone else had these errors, and does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix it so I can uses digital designer properly?
  9. I never expected it to last as long as G1 did, but I was looking forward to the third year. I still want the Mask of Ultimate Power. This leaves me one option: 3D printing...
  10. I love the custom build, as well as everything else about it. The green is used just enough to make the Krana not look out of place on the amazing custom head. The system parts in it pull the whole structure together, making it look as great as it does.
  11. Ekimu's lack of much solid color makes him seem like he's evolved into pure energy, or something along those lines. I like the arm-mounted shield, but I wish he still had a stud launcher in his hammer. The lack of a creature to unite to did free up space to add a gearbox for the arms, which helps to make up for it. The Lava Beast seems boring, though. It's not armored well, at all, but the head looks better than the other beasts, and I like the colors. Storm beast is still under armored, particularly on the legs, but the function on the back makes the model seem more filled-out overall. Quake beast does the best with the armour, and it makes it very bulky, but the legs are still missing armour. I like the Storm and Quake beasts' functions, especially the complexity of storm beast's, which leads to it being my favorite of the three. Lava Beast's function seems mundane compared to the others'. As a whole, I like the new Umarak, but the head is terrible. The lower jaw looks more like a beard, and creates a massive hole where the rest of the head should be. I think it's the jaw which kills the whole head, and it would look much better if it were removed and the mask was designed to include the chin.
  12. It's possible that mask powers take training and practice to use, the more powerful the mask the more practice it takes, so Ekimu or Makuta, who would have the most experience, would be able to use their powerful masks, when ordinary villagers, who have almost no experience, couldn't use a mask power. The Protectors might have some experience, so be able to use powers, but not necessarily on the power level of the golden masks, so nothing would happen.
  13. The speeder is excellent, but my favorite part is the scout trooper's helmet and armour. I think the legs are too short, though.
  14. It looks like almost every part of it is custom-built, without many bone pieces, which makes it look better than many that are built on a standard frame, and gives it a mechanical feel. The arms, however, are smoother and less detailed, so they don't match with the legs, which look more mechanical. Not extremely noticeable, it looks great overall.
  15. It's well built, but not overly complicated, great job with it. And the mask, too, it looks hand-made.
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