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  1. I'm interested in joining this group Matt, I've sent you a private message with details and stuff.
  2. Haha! That was a nice way to change the name of New Metru Nui into New Atero! I love it...
  3. I think the Rahi are a source of food for the Matoran, Toa, etc. I don't think this is the case for bigger and stronger Rahi. Maybe they are made to fight, defend some areas or something like that. That's just my idea.
  4. I would just continue G1, but I'd make some changes minor changes.
  5. Those are really cool! Good job! The region of jungle and the region of water are the best in my opinion.
  6. I would really love to be part of this! I need more details and updates, please
  7. I don't think this is the case. The HF world is full of fights and the Great Spirit Robot's job is to observe worlds and help the Great Beings bring peace to Spherus Magna, so another Core War wouldn't happen.
  8. I like it! I think it will be interesting. One thing triggers me a little bit: the capital city was going to be named New Atero, not New Metru Nui. Good luck! More plot threads: -The Shadowed One's army and virus -The Marendar -Makuta Miserix
  9. Thanks! But I'm not actually mastering the software (FL Studio 11)
  10. Matoro was supposed to turn on the Great Spirit Robot, in the Codrex, instead of Toa Ignika.
  11. I think I speak for any active ARA developers when I say that I would gladly welcome you into the project. I listened to the track, and though not bad, it wasn't symphonic enough for what i feel would be fitting for our project so far. I see quality though, do you think you could produce a separate demo? I appreciate your interest. Thanks! But I'm not that good at symphonic stuff. I'm good at using pads and making progressive ambient music, but not symphonic...
  12. If you're still looking for musicians I can help you. (You can listen to something I made in my signature).
  13. I am sure that the research was on how to prevent something like the Core War from happening again. War being waged 'tll war weather world to splintered slaying. EDIT: No sense on reforming the world if the planet's denizens will eventually blow it up again. Yes. That's why they built the Great Spirit Robot.
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