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  1. Why did I login to this site

  2. Honestly a lot of it is the generational gap. A lot of us who were active when we were younger have moved on into the early stages of adulthood and have various degrees of ability to consistently participate. The younger generation that is now picking up Bioniclearly doesn't participate as heavily in message boards and rather see much of their online presence funneled through social media and other outlets
  3. I honestly just searched "Steven Segal boat movie" to try and find the name of it. And wouldn't you know, first result!
  4. Under Siege staring Steven Segal The Replacements But more seriously, if you haven't seen American Hustle you should watch that one.
  5. The moment when you realize all the current global mods are the old Q&A crew that basically ran that forum before they were staff even.
  6. BZPower never on an invision free template as it was never hosted on invisonfree. There was a period where it was on a default skin due to upgrading the forum software and the old skin becoming incompatible. As for the current skin, it was modernized take on the original skin. It could probably be updated with some new tricks at some point, but it'll likely remain largely the same. And if you want the default invison skin, you could always just switch to it.
  7. It was all in General Discussion from what I can remember.
  8. I love you too. I remember when you were Than Matoran of the Village People. What can I say, mistakes were made!
  9. Moving to a more proper place...
  10. Sorry I can't do anything more. Topic closed.
  11. You're no longer a premier member, however you should contact Black Six to clarify why you didn't retain your outstanding citizen status.
  12. Do people read this?

  13. This is a test, ignore it and it will go away shortly. www.weather.com
  14. Just so everyone knows, I think about 5 different people have asked me Xbox One or PS4, so you can probably stop asking now.
  15. who you calling old? lol You're so old you forgot about revival rules. Some former admin you are!
  16. Pfft, I beat you by a month to having Microsoft as a client and my work is application development for them!
  17. Than the Moa

    Whoa, BZP.

    Thanks for that change, it helps a lot. As for not using the mobile version of IPB, it refused to let me add BZP as a community, so I've been unable to use it, unfortunately. ~B~Odd, it should automatically be enabled. Let me check if I can just enable the mobile skin from the skin selector.
  18. We're well aware of the discrepancy in design between the front page and the forums. That's because our forum style is from 2012 and the front page hasn't had a major redesign since 2004.
  19. Than the Moa

    Whoa, BZP.

    That should be fixed as well. It had to do with the content blocks in your own blog being movable so they're set to be over everything.
  20. Than the Moa

    This Bar

    Shouldn't be going behind the content blocks anymore. Thanks for pointing that out.
  21. Than the Moa

    Whoa, BZP.

    It should no longer cut behind anything and the mobile experience should be moderately approved. As a reminder though guys there is a mobile version of IPB for a reason. You shouldn't expect a reasonable level of support using the desktop version on a mobile device due to the wide variety of resolutions and various issues with mobile browsers.
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