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  1. So awesome! The entry i wanted to win totally took this contest! Congrats to all and see you at the next one!
  2. Its got the old Metru style head introduced in 2004 This is a very nice looking Kopaka. I like the coloring on him and the new parts used. It makes for a nice new rendition that has that "Kopaka of old" feel. Nicely done!
  3. Using small technic connectors and axles you can build an assembly that passes through the holes in the masks, making for many connection possibilities
  4. Polls have been delayed before. Just be patient and they will show up. I'm sure Tufi has been busy with whatever real life is up to.
  5. If i had tried to build him to emulate exactly his old character it would not have been possible to make him look G2at all due to the fact that old gold hasnt been produced since 2005, and the only dark blue ccbs part is a skull spider mask. New gold was the only option. The idea was to renew the character and make him look big n bad. I guess you could say that this is his old Order of Mata Nui clothes before going undercover and joining the dark hunters..... but yeah. I likehim either way. i may later build another moc of ancient they way I truly envision him without ccbs contest based constraints
  6. When i decided to build ancient the entire moc was centered around that big set of armor. I wanted him to looknlike a big new and madd version of the old ancient. The body inside is made prmarily of ccbs and the shoulders are made of only a small handful of old skool and some small bits. The torso is mostly hollow between the hips and the chest with ccbs holding the armor together. The moc is very solid and forgiving in its poseability. After the contest ends im gonna add a couple parts to aid in poseability even more. The shoulders are put together in an assembly that swings forward to close the gap. It was then secured by the gold back armor. The head is built threaded through the eyes of the elda to make the attachments. Hes got a poseable neck and everytbing. He can look straight up if need be. Hes even got a tongue made from a mini knights kingdom sword. The hilt fit right into the eyes of the elda. As far as how i built it, i have a very large collection of parts that ive been building since i got started in bionicle. Garage sales and thrift stores have provided well for cheap. Many parts are from the sets i purchase or those that are gifted but most were gotten secondhand so i guess ylu could say i have this stuff laying around. I dont tackle a moc with anything more than an idea. I dont lay out any drawings i just envision something in my head based on the parts i want to use for a specific part of the moc and go from there. Defining features develop as i go along. This moc started out as the two chima torsos that make up his chest. Overall i think the ccbs to old skool ratio is about 80-85 percent ccbs vs old.
  7. Diggen the pinch action! This is a cool manas moc. I'm enjoying the simplicity of it and the fact that its not a treaded tank. Very neat! Any chance we get a video of the pincheh pincheh?
  8. This is the best rendition of Turaga Dume and Nivawk I have ever seen. You've done an excellent job capturing Nivawks movie look with the new parts to boot! Killer entry! Best of luck in the contest!
  9. The first bits to assemble this was the chima chests. I centered the moc around that idea. Theres an orange heartlight under the skull spider mask. I tried it with just the rahk face, but the head was too small. After putting it together with the inika head it fit a lot better sizewise. I really wish more dark blue was available and that i had more dark blue skull spiders, but heres to a good contest! I wish luck to all as theres a lot of really great entries!
  10. I can see what you mean. Due to the constraints of there being vitually no dark blue ccbs pieces and zero old gold i wanted to try and use as little g1 as possible withoutnusing an overabundance of black. G2 has lots of gold going on so i figured id beef armor him up. Kinda went big and also took aeay the grey color that ancient did have. I tried to emulate the bulkiness of the originals build but beefier. Its really difficult to capture the lines of the body, especially since im not good at taking pictures compared to others here.
  11. It was a difficult choice choosing Ancient because of the limited colors in ccbs of his color sheme. The legs were giving me a fit because of the hip configuration trying to build them up with ccbs base. So i chose to use more old style parts in the thighs while incorporating some new. Theres a lot of good entries in this contest! The polls are gonna be great to watch!
  12. Entry Name: Ancient http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/17590-bbc69-ancient/?do=findComment&comment=874741 Ancient by Archinto, on Flickr
  13. Ancient, Dark Hunter and undercover OoMN agent, back from the dead and built G2 This is my entry for BBCC69. Enjoy! He has a fully functioning Rhotuka Launcher mounted into his right hand. He is fully poseable from head to toe with a waist that twists and also can bend forward or back. His mouth opens/closes and his head can be moved up down side to side. Ancient by Archinto, on Flickr Ancient Back View by Archinto, on Flickr Ancient Portrait by Archinto, on Flickr Ancients Roar by Archinto, on Flickr
  14. Thats a cool concept. When I built him he was supposed to represent Makutas true form after being changed by the mask of ultimate power. I'm adding more pics right after i post this comment of the golden mask. I finall got it in my hands after waiting to gk get it from my moms where I had it sent to.
  15. Thank you for clarifying that Tufi. i figured id ask. My entry is coming along. I see alot of promising ones already!
  16. Exactly. I figured its strictly ccbs, but I figured id at least ask. Id also figure if there was one itd be 90% ccbs at least.... itd be cool if that was it, otherwise I have to pick a different dude lol
  17. Out of curiosity, is there an old skool bionicle to ccbs constraction ratio? The character I want to make doesnt have his primary color readily available in ccbs. The understructure and most of the armor will be modern ccbs, but with some old skool parts attached to make up for the odd color...
  18. I really hope I can make it to bricks cascade this year. Im gonna have to save up. If i do go, Akutahn will be coming with me as well as my dino riders monoclonius, the blastous dragon and Kikanalo Chieftain as well as some smaller mocs too. This guy hangs up really well too. Hes currently terrorizing my legorium....
  19. I like the way the legs look. Pretty accurate and the feet are really cool. But i think itd really look the part if it had a cannon mounted on it, and maybe have another color to accent the armor on the upper legs and main body. Something dark like iron grey. But then again... it is a stealth unit...
  20. Id go through it and change out some armor pieces like the black one in the center of his back for silver to continue the line of silver armor hes got going for him. Parts more considered to be his "flesh" should be red or black depending on how you have the colors aready blocked and make sure they stay separate looking from his armor cladding. If anything maybe try a different foot design using multiple pieces rather than the premade piraka foot as the primary construction of his feet.
  21. This guy is fearsome and beefy. The overall bulk of the moc makes him look pretty rad, plus the spectacle mod to the vultraz mask is awesome! I like that. The spiky winglet things on his back are cool too. Looks to be a pretty stable and sturdy creation. Nicely done And this creation is more than "not much of a moc'er" can do. You did well! Keep up the good work.
  22. If you like you guys hands enough maybe you could add to the moc to make him a little taller to fit the hands a little better. Id have to see it. Whats your creations name, ill go take a look if its posted here. For akutahn when i found how well the mctoran torsos worked for hand bases i just went with it.
  23. I tried out mantax claws but they were too soft to support his weight.
  24. Yeah it was Thunder that those parts came from. They make awesome grippy toes. Ive been wanting to use them forthis purpose for awhile now.
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