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  1. I am always watching. Never forget that.
  2. I've taken a brief respite from international partylording to stop in here and thank all of you for remembering me after all of this time, year after year. This community still holds an extraordinarily special place in my heart. While I no longer actively contribute to it the way I once did, BZPower remains a part of me through the skills I learned, the friendships I made, and the person that I am. Thank you all, admins, staff, and members alike, for continuing to make BZP that place for others - others who at this point likely weren't even born when I first joined. ...and if anybody with time, motivation, and maturity who can also actually write, build, or code is interested in helping start a fan-theme inspired by Bionicle, bother Black Six to bother me about it. I could be convinced to try again.
  3. I find it utterly ridiculous that the overt violence and mature themes in other licensed properties are deemed "for kids," while Firefly, which is exactly the same as these other properties, somehow is not.If you think Lord of the Rings is a "kids" movie you have no business talking about themes in Firefly.
  4. So silly! I'd have to say go with Radiohead or Led Zeppelin though.
  5. I haven't seen you in so long...

  6. Happy birthday :)

  7. Hi. Me. The nut job that hated you on the 2nd. Sorry about that. If I would've listened to the powercast earlier it wouldn't've happened.

  8. Nicely done, and instructive, I think, for all of us.
  9. I hope the BZPower Staff issues sort themselves out!

  10. All hail Warmaster Kaipu!

  11. Congrats . I hope u have a WONDERFUL life. And may your marrige be happy and last forever

  12. congratz,though i am kind of late...

  13. Congratulations! have a nice life! XD

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