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  1. Thank goodness I've never sold any of mine!
  2. Definitely Axonn. Always the most loyal OoMN member, and he kicked major butt.
  3. I think 2009's ending was a little let-down-ish for me, just because of the absence of the chronology of the typical Bionicle story year.
  4. As per Kodan's death, we're not sure. We just know he was a former Chronicler from Metru Nui who has died.And as per the Sea Gates, just openings in the Great Barrier. I imagine they were very large.
  5. Yeah, he would've had to, given that he was mutated by the Pit Mutagen.
  6. Shadow, I think, is more than the absence of light. While it does include that, I think Shadow is sort of its own force of mystery, paranoia, and all manner of the values and virtues of evil.
  7. Since they're all part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light, yeah, I imagine a Toa of Light could control them. Whether they choose or think to do so, I'm not sure. Never seen any references to it.
  8. Yeah, there was definitely a whole thing where the Nuva Symbols were a plot device. Worked pretty well. :PBut they were a direct link to the Nuva's heightened power, and one way to free the Bahrag, which was vital to the clearing of the island of Mata Nui for the emergence of the Great Spirit Robot from the Aqua Magna sea.
  9. They would definitely sell for more with the box. Kind of a novelty thing. And as for whether or not it's worth it to wait, I dunno. Depends on how much, if at all, Bionicle resale values appreciate over time. Seeing as they're Lego models, I imagine they would.
  10. So simple...yet it works so well! I love the body design, all in just a few pieces!
  11. I definitely did prefer the largely mechanical biomechanical beings from the MU, but the mostly organic SM beings really did add some depth to the story.
  12. Well, it seems that just about everything that would regard the Matorans' survival has basically been explicitly covered at some point, but if not, I'm sure that the Matoran, still settling into life on Spherus Magna, would be able to either replicate of retrieve their previous technology from the Matoran Universe to maintain their population and survive.
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