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Yeah, neither of my characters has ever been approved because I forgot until now that I still had to edit in the appearances. :P

I'll probably do that tonight; right now I'm about to get on a flight from Austin, Texas(great spot to go for spring break, by the way), but I could do it when we get home.



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Douglas' Ta-Toa is drunk off his backside somewhere, he's not much help.


And I beg to differ, last post with Dracax he was standing very much on his own two feet, looking at the Frostelus

Oh, right. Duh. Well, hopefully in the next post or two Zinyn will be dropping by to tell you something: the image I have in my head is that I'm on one side of the Frostelus and you're on the other. Hard to keep track.


Yeah, neither of my characters has ever been approved because I forgot until now that I still had to edit in the appearances. :P

I'll probably do that tonight; right now I'm about to get on a flight from Austin, Texas(great spot to go for spring break, by the way), but I could do it when we get home.


:a: :k: :i:

Please do, we need more Fire Toa D=


Texas is awesome, isn't it? *totally not biased by being a resident* Austin is weird though.

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This might be what I need, hopefully.


Name: Kurn


Species and Gender: Male Su-Matoran

Appearance: Kurn can be described as something of a “gentle giant” (from a Matoran perspective, of course). He’s a head taller than your average Matoran, stocky, muscular and heavily built. He walks with a kind of bumbling gait that tells a lot about the kind of person he is: The bumbling do-gooder who will always welcome you with a big smile. He is colored burnt orange for the most part, with white on his shoulders, hands and feet to break up the monotony. His eyes are bright yellow, glowing with a gentle flame that gives Kurn a welcoming aura.

Kanohi: He wears a Great Pakari, which is primarily colored the same orange nuance as his body, although towards the top it seuges into white (like the 2004 Matoran’s masks).

Weapons: Kurn is not a military man, and as such wields no weapons.

Gear: Kurn’s only noteworthy possession is his Firework Revolver, his last relic from his previous career.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: As a Su-Matoran, Kurn’s eyes are protected against bright flashes of light, and he can take heat better than most Matoran, although not quite as much as Ta-Matoran.


Kurn’s build suggest strength, and he is quite strong, although how much of that is actual muscle rather than blubber nobody can tell you.


Kurn’s greatest talent, however, is his skills with fireworks, which earned him some renown back in the day for their simple beauty, often taking motifs from nature, which has of course become a luxury recently.

Personality: Kurn is a very dedicated and standup member of the Ta-Karda Heaters, and he knows practically everyone on his shift, and will gladly make smalltalk as they pass each other or help the freshman with his first assignment. Kurn does it all gladly, and always with a smile, taking pride in the little things that he does to brighten the day of Ta-Karda’s citizens. His friendly attitude and even-tempered demeanor stems from his innate desire to be liked and appreciated, living a lonely life despite his minor celebrity status until the ice age set in. He is very eager to please and will rarely throw insults or harsh words. He is, however, loyal to Ta-Karda and will follow his orders, and is not afraid to risk his life when the need arises. He has quite the poetic mind, and will often find himself daydreaming, and even writing a bit of poetry in his spare time.

Weaknesses: Kurn’s submissive attitude and pacifism makes him an easy target. He’s not going to fight back to save his own hide, and everyone knows it. He’s not a fighter, nor an athlete in any sense of the word.

Biography: Kurn grew up a lonely person, never having anybody else to rely on. If anything, other people relied on him. As a pretty unassuming character, Kurn probably would’ve lingered in complete obscurity hadn’t it been for his fireworks, which catapulted him into something of a minor celebrity back in the day, but didn’t earn him any friends. After the ice age set in and many goods became a luxury, he packed his things and decided to do some real community service for a change, maybe then people would appreciate him. He enlisted at the forges, and found that, yes, here he was acknowledged. He would, however, really like to put on another fireworks display sometime, it seems the island’s people really could use something to be excited about.

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Name: Verdas

Species and Gender: Male Ko-Toa
Appearance: Despite his status as a Ko-Toa, he has taken great pains to disquise it. He wears a suit of armor colored with Ta-Toa colors, and has used a synthetic covering on his mask that can be peeled off and reapplied.. He is small, lean, and wiry. Despite this, he is an eccelent physical speciman, which when combined with his Calix, makes him a formidable force. He wears a Rhotuka launcher on his chest. When near his home n teh Ko-Metru area, he wears a standard cloak, doesn't wear his armor, and takes the red coloring off his mask.
Kanohi: Calix
Weapons: Besides his Rhotuka launcher, he carries a long, thin blade made of a transparent mineral as strong as metal and impervious to the cold. He also carries a handheld weapon that works in an odd way: He places a short metal rod with a tip in the firing cylinder, then absorbs the cold energy in the pressure chamber. As the air expands, he pulls the trigger, which opens a valve in the pressure chamber, which releases the hot air into the firing cylinder, and the pressure fires the spear at great velocity.

Gear: A hook on a chain for climbing, a backpack, and a heatstone.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: He is an accomplished martial artist, which is amplified by his Calix. His Rhotuka absorbs the 'cold energy' and ice through its flight path and from the target, and transfers it to him. Standard Ice powers, as well as having mastered absorbing cold energy to make heat. However, he is inept in business and political matters. Good climber
Personality: He feels very strongly that the Ko should not take all power because of a cirumstance, and has thus adopted the alter-ego of the 'heater', an outlaw that sneaks into forges and heating areas and helps with the work. He also will repel Ko law enforcers that are trying to bully non-Ko.


Weaknesses: Being forced into a diplomatic situation, or being attacked from behind. He is also vulnerable to ranged weapons.
Biography: He became a TOa soon after the ice age, and decided he had to do something about the impending status oppression He doesn't talk much about his past, mainly because he has no one to talk to.

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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Name: Panuku

Species and Gender: Le-Matoran Male.
Appearance: 5111999429_489edf1bd8_n.jpg (credits to the guy who made the Moc)

Kanohi: Kulasi

Weapons: Chronicler's Staff
Gear: Chronicler's Staff
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Panuku's staff may not be for stabbing but his skills at using a Kanoka disk launcher is very good,a reason why he can become narcissist at times.Panuku has practiced with his Kanoka for several years and used it on scrap pieces he has found.

Personality: Panuku is a Le Matoran. He can be a little narcissist at times and and brags a little bit.His Chronicler's Company has no members so Panuku is always ALWAYS stalking other Matoran to find people to join his crew.Panuku is extremely enthusiastic and very appreciative about what he has.He is sometimes very charming and nice to people he hasn't met before. As a chronicler he can be bossy at times and sort of ill-minded. Panuku will find out things usually the hard and incredibly dangerous ways like when he wondered what is under a cliff,so he fell off.Panuku Also has a repeated role so most people know his name,this fame can sometimes come to his head and become egotistical and kinda of a mean person.


Weaknesses: His risk taking skills can lead him to death and terrible situation which can get others in danger. And his inability to fight in close range combat is a hinderance for him.Panuku is also clumsy and misguided at times making people think he is very irresponsible.


Biography: Panuku was born a Le-Matoran.He was chosen when another Chronicler died.Panuku became more serious after this,when he found out of the Toa he always wanted to be a hero too.Panuku sought out to find his destiny and path to find more about himself.He never knew where to start or how to start at all.He spent his life chronicling and recording life in Ga-Metru,Ta-Metru,Le-Metru,Ko-Metru,Ono-Metru,and Po-Metru. One day Panuku decided to vacation to Ko-Metru.He didn't really care what was going on there because he was a risk taker. Panuku never listened to the warnings Matoran give him. Panuku wasn't afraid of the attackers the were getting closer to Ko-Metru.If people ask him why he come "To record it.",Panuku would say. Panuku is also richer than most Matoran by having a repeated role as a chronicler.

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Our GM for this game is a very busy man, I'm afraid.


Anyway, I can tell you right now that your profile doesn't meet the guidelines; Abilities, Powers and Skills, Personality and Biography sections have to have at least thirty words. "Nothing" doesn't fly, everyone is good at something.

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So I guess I'm gonna try this, so here we go! (sorry for the inconvenience with the profile topics, failed to notice the part above the template, but I've got it now)

Name: Krentom

Species and Gender: Male Toa of Stone

Appearance: Krentom is a very bulky and muscular figure who keeps most of his body covered in rags and armor, ranging in color from beige to dark brown. Most of his armor is chipped and jagged from years of use, though it keeps a unified look. He has dull blue eyes and a distinct slender look to his face, contrasting with his otherwise toned physique.

Kanohi: Krentom wears a dark brown Volitak, chipped like the rest of his armor. He often puts on a decorative second mask over it, not corresponding to any particular mask but rather resembling an elongated Rahi skull.

Weapons: Krentom mostly uses his hands to do dirty work, but he also wears two large wrist guards with claws mounted right over his fingers.

Gear: Various small packs with basic survival materials such as food, lightstones, some basic tools, and whatever things he comes across that he considers useful, and various cloaks and bits of armor.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Krentom is a seasoned hunter, with knowledge of the various Rahi across the island and the techniques he needs to hunt them. He's also a survival expert who is well-adjusted to the harsh cold. Even outside of hunting he's a tough fighter, and of course he has control of stone due to being a Toa of the element.

Personality: Krentom is a gruff Toa who isn't afraid to be direct about what he wants or thinks. Due to spending most of his time on the outskirts of the villages and cities of the island, he is often ignorant to political happenings or anything that doesn't concern the wilderness. Despite coming off as brash and rough, he is open to working with others and his main concern is keeping people safe from whatever troubles them.

Weaknesses: While he is adjusted to the cold and spends most of his time hunting, Krentom is still vulnerable to Rahi and the harsh nature of the island. He also focuses on one problem at a time, leaving him vulnerable to sneak attacks, and he's rather arrogant about his skills, leading to him underestimating tough enemies.

Biography: Krentom was the self-appointed defender of a Matoran stronghold towards the Tren Krom Peninsula on the Northern Continent, forming a makeshift team of Toa to keep the inhabitants of the stronghold safe. Despite their best efforts to keep Rahi out, they inevitably got in, and eventually the other Toa left one by one, needed in other settlements, until Krentom was the sole defender of the remaining population of the stronghold. Eventually the stronghold fell, and Krentom began a nomadic life, eventually arriving in Ko-Nui upon hearing of its harsh winters. Seeing it as a challenge to survive, Krentom began living in the outskirts of society, defending various villages and honing his skills as a hunter.


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Name: Draconyx

Species and Gender: Male Ta-Skakdi
Appearance: A basic fire skakdi, albeit one that looks like a red Avak. Is seen most often wearing white furs, often with a random sword from collection of four elementally colored blades at hand.

Weapons: bionicle_tools___the_elemental_swords_4_
Gear: A bow and a quiver of arrows at hip, collapsible bow no less, bag of widgets at hips other side, a web from the visorak that dried up around four rocks at four corners of the web for trapping, a flint and steel, and about 30 arrops tipped with a barbed head for maximum damage.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Abilities involve agility befitting a ranged melee master, powers include ability to generate a heat field for short periods of time, skills involve the range of traps from bear traps, to pitfalls.
Personality: vague, uncaring, indifferent, but has heart enough to survive the frozen wasteland that he found himself in. He finds he has some skill with being a people person. Finds that he can start bar fights he does not join in willingly.
Weaknesses: REALLY has cold problems, but works best in the cold because of one advantage: Mentality boost. Is weak to icy conditions, cannot see in the dark.
Biography: A hunter, with weakness to cold, has tendancy to hunt big rahi.

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