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BBC #69 Toa Mahri Matoro

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Yo, this is my Entry to the BBC #69 - "Everything Old is New Again!B-) 

I was kinda anxious about this thing at first, since when I started building about a week before now, none of the new sets where available where I live, but today they finally showed up on shelves and I got whatever I could, and finished off my entry to this contest.  

I think that the big aesthetic difference between a Hero Factory model, and the new Bionicle models, is the new armour add-on. I didn't use those sparingly on this thing, but I think the way they are used on this MOC work really well, and don't seem too "overused".
Aside from that one new consistent piece from this wave, another thing that brings the new style of Bionicle on top of other CCBS-built themes, is that the characters are a lot more expressive, and to be blunt, a lot more fun and interesting. I watched two kids get so excited about Tahu in stores when I was buying my 2015 sets. They were completely blown away with how "awesome" he looked surfing on lava, on a board that split into huge swords. The new sets have a much higher play value too, especially with the new, or improved gear mechanism that a lot of new fans would not have seen before on a buildable action figure.
(and it works so much better than it ever did on a Gen 1 Bionicle set  :P)

Matoro was my favourite character from Gen 1, so it only seemed right to me to recreate him in the modern style for this competition.
I made sure that this MOC retained the same shape and stance as the original.
The frame of the torso was built on one of the new gearboxes, with an articulated waist connecting to an old Bionicle hip piece, and on top of that are white shells. The limbs are CCBS bones and so the appearance of the modern style came naturally to those.

I also updated his weapons and shoulder pads using newer pieces too, including my custom Cordak Blaster using the new 6-stud shooter.

I tried to keep the MOC as true as possible to the original depiction, in terms of shape, stance, colours and colour distribution.
I know that was boring so here's what you came here for, the MOC! 

Link to full gallery on Imgur:

First up, and probably the most important picture on this post is this side-by-side comparison of the original depiction of Toa Mahri Matoro, and mine.
Here you can see how I managed to maintain the look and feel of Matoro, while updating every aspect, and detail of him.


Here's the back of him, he's using the new gear box which is attached to his arm. (and why wouldn't it be?   :P)

His Cordak Blaster and Twin Cutter.

The skeleton/frame
I think the biggest difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 styles, is that CCBS has solid frame that you build up, and then add the modular armour pieces on top of, shaping the character as you build, and that the older sets don't seem to have much of a defined system at all.

Size comparison with Tahu and Protector of Fire.

Thank you for checking this out, comments and criticism is welcome, and an upvote is always appreciated.  :)

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Man, this one is good. I like everything about it. The way you made the cordak look similar to the original is astounding. The twin cutters are kind of iffy, and don't looks as strong as the rest of the build, but that's easily overlooked. Great moc and good luck in the contest.


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The bulking up is nice, while it still keeps the same overall looks of the G1 counterpart. That Cordak is terrific. My only critique is towards the legs: they seem short in comparison to the body, or perhaps it is the torso/waist that looks...strange, to me.

Thanks! I do admit, the torso is a little odd, and where the sockets of the legs attach to the hips make the legs seem short, but I was trying to convey the shape of the legs (that look proportionate without worrying too much about where the connection points are), and I think that the shape it makes looks fine ^-^


Looks incredibly like the original, and with a great update of the pieces!

Wow. It's great how you conserved the look of the original so well, and not necessarily by adding Gen-1 pieces. Well done. :)

Thank you both! That's exactly what I was going for :P

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I know I'll be voting for this one for sure :D Great execution, and quite a similarity to the original! Best of luck!!!





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This is an amazing looking Gen 2 of Matoro, I like that you kept a limit of Gen 1 parts you use, instead of just use only Gen 1 parts like some "Gen 2" MOCs I seen. I also like that you kept a lot of thing close to the original gen 1, and great job of having the knob box to work and not having the weapon too big like Gali's, the weapons are really good and I'm guessing the cordak blaster works.

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