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IC: Sukiru (Sting) - Ocean
As she dove from the ladder, Sting quickly pushed herself deeper to avoid the ravaging effect of the cliffside waves. Her wet jacket and wealth of knives were only too happy to comply. Perhaps she might have taken it off, but she had a feeling the Hunters wouldn't approve of going into combat without her signature weapons.
It was then her eyes caught sight of the caves, and her ears caught the retreating words of their guide. Some training, she thought to herself as she reluctantly swam toward the nearest cave

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IC (Amphibax): The tight and twisting labyrinth of limestone caves went on for a long time, taking the aquatic team deep under Odina's sheer walls. Amphibax kept ahead of them the whole way, navigating the claustrophobic channels with familiar ease. He did, however, keep close enough to the recruits that they could always see at least a trail of bubbles showing them they way forward.


When they emerged at last, it was into much different water then where they had entered. Here, the cliffs above them were less high, and the waves less harsh. By Odina's standards, this was almost a quiet bay. The locations major feature however, was on the seafloor: the rotting skeletons of four dozen ships littered the depths.


"Here," Amphibax announced, "is the remains of the only naval attack in Odina's history. Soon after the Dark Hunters took this island for our own, the inhabitants of the continent mustered a force, and sailed here to end the treat of their new neighbours before it had scarcely begun. They came here, to the easiest approach to Odina, intending to scale the lower cliffs and storm our fortress. Here, you can learn much of naval sabotage. Examine the ships here, and see how they were sunk. Note the weak points where the hulls were punctured, compared to where battering them had no effect. Note also the claw-marks here, signs of where a boarding attempt was made, and repulsed, versus here. Why? Because this rope locker impaired the reach of soldiers on board. These are the sorts of features you must know and recognise from below, if you are to become masters of the seas, able to sink or take control of any vessel you please."


"Now, come examine this ship. What can you tell me of how it came to rest here?"



IC (Triglax and Mimic): With each recruit having selected a weapon, the two hunters moved through the group, advising them on the way they held themselves and their weapons, giving them movements to practice and demonstrating the forms of armed combat. Those with more advanced skills, they instructed in sequences of moves, and transitioning smoothly from defence to attack. Soon, each of them had a number of skills to work on.



IC (Firedracax): Firedracax produced a jar of water, and set it before the pair.

"I'm not sure how much they have told you, but that machine on your back will enhance your control over temperature. You will be able to drain heat from your surroundings, causing them to freeze. Or, in the other direction, you can release that energy back out, scorching your surroundings. I myself have a similar ability, though channeled through a rhotuka."


Firedracax demonstrated this as he spoke, grasping the jar in his hand. A layer of condensation formed around the outside of the glass, quickly turning to frost and spreading outwards as the water inside froze entirely solid. A rhotuka from his staff dispelled the frost, and left a little steam rising from the jar's open mouth.


"Why don't you try now? I often find it helpful to imagine the flow of energy, coming into me, and then back out."



IC (Krekka): Krekka caught the boulder as it slammed into his belly, grunting hard as he did so. He hefted it again and fired it back across the see-saw, though he stumbled as he did so, and the throw was weak. Skondh's throw had quite knocked the wind out of him.


Standing by, Vezok rolled his eyes but did not intervene. It had been too much to hope, that this game between two trainees with more muscles that brains would not turn into a violent slugfest.



IC (Trainers): When Erox returned to the barracks, he would find a note on his bunk, along with a plate of round, juicy berries. The paper apologised that his individual training had not yet been fully prepared, but suggested that he practise his skills in reconnaissance and sniping by loading the berries into his rifle and attempting to shoot as many of his fellow recruits as possible, without being seen.

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IC: Waveahk "Commander" (Odina, Aquatic Caverns, Sunken Shipyard)


"Hmm... no obvious signs of physical damage... maybe someone crept aboard and killed the crew one-by-one in a horrifying killing spree."

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IC: Kohu


Despite knowing why I was being trained, I could not help but feel irritated that after all the years of experience I had I still had to go through this training. Pushing my emotions aside for the sake of professionalism I took my dagger and started practicing some moves. I noticed the Matoran a little aways form the others with his dagger. I decided to call out to him.

"So you kept your dagger huh?"

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--IC: Idgaddiy and Skondh--

Idgaddiy actually swam into the ship's remains to examine it from the inside.  Below deck, there were signs of massive carnage in years previous.  Skeletons of all sorts of beings littered the floor, including one of what appeared to be a large Rahi beast.  A short distance away, a metal crate, rusted with age, stood torn open.

"Well, this is interesting," he said mostly to himself.


Skondh grabbed the boulder that Krekka had hurled at him.  He was disappointed; the throw was very weak.

In response, he threw the boulder back at his opponent, along with another, smaller one.

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IC: Waveahk "Commander" (Odina, Aquatic Caverns, Sunken Shipyard)


Following the bug-eyed one under the deck, the Steltian saw what was so interesting. However, it wasn't nearly as interesting as he thought it would be. That instead of being horribly murdered by an intruding highly-skilled saboteur, they had instead sealed their own fate by making the monumentally moronic decision of bringing an untamed Rahi predator out to sea.


Waveahk had felt this kind of disappointment before, and he had only himself to blame. He had hoped long ago that there might actually be other intelligent life out there in the universe. As it is, no such luck. He resolved to continue his streak of expecting the worst result of any given situation or person, at least until he forgot and felt hope again, which would then be instantly ground to dust.


As it should be.

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