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BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded - Preview #7

Posted by TNTOS , Nov 30 2012 · 163 views
The Legend Trilogy
This is the final preview for my upcoming comedy, BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded, which is coming out tomorow, which is going to be awesome.

So here's the preview, from Chapter 6:

Just before Mata Nui could jump, however, a voice said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Mata Nui."

Mata Nui looked around until he spotted a familiar black-armored being standing on the other side of the pit. It was Teridax, who was leaning against the wall on the far side quite casually.

"Teridax," Mata Nui said, immediately raising his gun. "What are you doing here? How'd you know I'd be here?"

"It was easy," said Teridax. "My Rahkshi were but a distraction, the prod necessary to make you come down here and face me. By putting the golden mask down here, I gave you another reason to want to fight me, rather than run away as you have before."

"It was just a lucky guess, then," said Mata Nui. "Right?"

Teridax stomped his foot against the floor. "No, no, no! I planned it all and you fell for it! I'm right and you're wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!"

"Okay, okay, geez," said Mata Nui, holding his hands up. "Don't have a man, cow . . . wait, I don"t think I got that right."

"Anyway," said Teridax, suddenly regaining his composure. "If you want the mask, Mata Nui, you will have to fight me to get it."

"And if I don't?" said Mata Nui. "What if I just take the mask really fast and escape, before you can stop me?"

"You won't escape," said Teridax as he snapped his fingers.

From out of the tunnels came millions of Rahkshi. They blocked every exit, including the one behind Mata Nui. Mata Nui didn't doubt he could kill them all if he had to (or even if he didn"t have to), but with Teridax being here, it would be far more difficult.

"My Rahkshi will make sure you do not escape before we clash," said Teridax as he unsheathed something that looked like a sawed-off shot gun. "Let us do battle. The winner gets the golden mask. The loser is banished to the pit below."

Teridax pointed at the gaping hole that was opened below the suspended mask. Mata Nui still couldn't see the bottom of it, but he had no fears. After all, he was Mata Nui, the gun-toting, butt-kicking hero of this comedy. How could he, the main character, lose?

So Mata Nui said, "All right, then. Bring it on, Teridax. I don't need the golden armor to beat you."

"Then why are you and your friends trying to get it?" said Teridax.

"Because you better shut your mouth or I'm going to shut it for you!" Mata Nui said as he launched himself into the air.


That's the end of the previews. Keep an eye on the Comedies forum tomorrow, Saturday, December 1st, where I will begin posting chapters of TLI on a weekly basis!



BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded - Preview #6

Posted by TNTOS , Nov 29 2012 · 248 views
The Legend Trilogy, Comedies
Here's the sixth preview for my upcoming comedy, BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded, which is coming out in the Comedies forum on Saturday, December 1st. This preview is from Chapter 6:

It was then that Mata Nui heard a hissing noise; a lot of hissing noises, actually. He looked around and realized that he was surrounded by what appeared to be thousands of yellow-armored beings, but they looked nothing like him despite sharing the same armor color.

They looked something like snakes mounted on humanoid bodies. They held two sided shot guns, which would have made them look fierce if they didn’t stand shorter than Mata Nui’s knee. If anything, these newcomers actually looked kind of cute, but that wasn’t on Mata Nui’s mind as he understood his situation.

“Rahkshi,” said Mata Nui, redoubling his grip on his gun. “Teridax’s sons, right?”

The lead Rahkshi hissed. “Yesss. We are hissss sssonsss.”

“Teridax must have gotten busy,” said Mata Nui, looking around. “I mean, look at all of you.”

“Sssssome of ussss are adopted, you know,” said one Rahkshi, sounding like his feelings were hurt. “Actually, mosssst of ussss are.”

“I see,” said Mata Nui. “Well, don’t let anyone tell you that just because you’re adopted that means your dad doesn’t love you. That’s a lie; a deliberate, harmful lie.”

Many of the Rahkshi shed tears at Mata Nui’s words, as though they had been waiting their whole lives to hear such encouraging words. That didn’t quite quell the desire in their hearts to rip Mata Nui limb from limb, but many of the Rahkshi gained a newfound respect for Mata Nui just the same.

“So let me guess,” said Mata Nui as he cocked his gun. “Y’all are gonna kill me, right? Just following your daddy’s orders?”

“Yessss, Mata Nui,” the lead Rahkshi said. “Daddy told ussss to kill you. We must obey our daddy’sssssss wishessss.”

“Teridax must be getting stupid, then,” said Mata Nui. “Thinks a bunch of adopted children can kill me? He’s losing his game, he is.”

That ‘adopted children’ bit enraged the Rahkshi, causing them to jump toward him with frightening speed.

Remember to keep an eye on the Comedies forum on Saturday, December 1st, where I will begin posting TLI. It's going to be awesome.



BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded - Preview #5

Posted by TNTOS , Nov 28 2012 · 267 views
The Legend Trilogy, Comedies
Two days to go until the release of BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded. And as I promised yesterday, here is the fifth preview, showcasing an excerpt from Chapter 5:

“Um, I dunno, man,” said Takanuva. “I mean, I think so, but . . . I dunno, man.”

“All we need to do is find the golden armor piece and we’ll leave,” Gresh said as he stopped hopping and skipping. “I was here once in Grand Di-Shogun Land.”

“Really?” said Takanuva. “When was that?”

Gresh frowned. “You know, I can’t seem to remember. Feels like someone took a giant eraser and erased part of my memory away. Think it had something to do with ninjas kidnapping someone and we had to save him or something.”

“Sounds stupid, man,” said Takanuva. “Then again . . . I dunno, man.”

“Well,” said Gresh as he looked around, “I figure the golden armor piece has to be around here somewhere. I have no doubt in my heart that we’ll find it, and when we do, it will be righteous!”

“Dunno, man,” said Takanuva as he picked up a flower and ate it. “I don’t see any golden armor pieces around here, man, but then again, I dunno, man.”

Remember to keep an eye on the Comedies forum on Saturday, December 1st, which is when I will beging posting BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded! Also stay tuned to this blog tomorrow, when I will post Preview #6.



Back on the Hunt, it seems

Posted by TNTOS , Nov 27 2012 · 199 views
Real Life, Job-Hunting
Yesterday on this blog I mentioned that I had a job interview with UPS, which was supposed to be today at 11:30 AM. Thing is, the interview was to take place in a town about an hour and a half away from where I lived, which by itself isn't a problem, as I have been to that particular town before, so I simply left around 9:40 to give myself plenty of time to get there in case of unexpected delays or whatever.

The problem came when I tried to figure out where the UPS center was. I tried Google maps to help me find it, but either Google maps was messed up or I am terrible at reading directions because I ended up lost in that town for about an hour or so. I did eventually find the UPS center at around lunch time, but it was closed until 4:30 PM. As I didn't want to wait four hours for the UPS center to open, I decided to just go home, as I had already missed the interview by at least an hour and so doubted I was going to be interviewed at all.

As you can imagine, I'm not in a particularly happy mood right now. I didn't even get to do the interview, so I don't know for sure if I would have been accepted or rejected. I suppose I could call or email them and explain why I didn't show up, but considering the seasonal nature of the position I applied for, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has already filled it by now.

So, unless something unexpected comes up, it's back to job-hunting again for me, it appears. What joy.



BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded - Preview #4

Posted by TNTOS , Nov 27 2012 · 472 views
The Legend Trilogy, Comedies
Only three days to go until the release of my upcoming comedy, BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded. In the meantime, why don't you check out this hilarious preview? It might give you a couple of giggles at least, so here is the preview from Chapter 5:

“I say we go left,” said Likus.

“Left scares me,” Tera said. “So we go right. Then again, going right scares me, too.”

“If you’re afraid of going right, why do you want to go right?” said Likus.

“Because conforming to other peoples’ opinions scares me,” said Tera.

“All right,” said Likus as he pulled out his air guitar. “Seeing as we can’t agree, how’s about we compromise?”

“Compromise scares me,” said Tera.

“And by compromise,” Likus continued, ignoring Tera, “I mean we’ll just break down this wall and go straight ahead.”

“Breaking walls scares me,” said Tera. “Y-You do it.”

“Then step back,” said Likus, “’cause it’s about to get rock and rolling up in here and you don’t want to be here when it’s rocking and rolling!”

Tera timidly retreated a short distance away as Likus strummed his air guitar. The champion air guitarist suddenly unleashed a string of awesome notes that completely obliterated the wall before them, thus opening a new path for them to go through.

“See, Tera?” said Likus as he strapped his air guitar to his back. “Nothing to it.”

Remember to keep an eye on the Comedies forum for BIONICLE: The Legend Imploded, which is coming out Saturday, December 1st!



BZP Name: TNTOS (short for Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar)
Real Name: Tim
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
Languages: English, Spanish (not much, though)
Ethnicity: Ukrainian/German
Religion: Christian
Education: Homeschool Graduate
Goal: To make my living as a writer
Interests: Please see profile for detailed interests list

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Bionicle Epics

The Tales of Shika Nui (NOTE: Links to Shika Trilogy Omnibus edition)
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Chapters: 16
Summary: When six Matoran thieves are transformed into new Toa heroes and are forced into combat with the Dark Hunters that rule Shika Nui, will they prevail? Find out in the first chapter of the Shika Trilogy of BIONICLE epics!

Tapestry of Evil (NOTE: Links to Shika Trilogy Omnibus edition)
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Summary: After the events of the last epic, the Toa Shika find themselves in Wyoko, a land of shadow. Here they discover the ancient Kra-Matoran tribe and their six Toa, known as the Shodios, are attempting to leave their prison and renew their conquest of the universe as they did 100,000 years ago. Will the Toa Shika be able to defeat them, and if so, at what price? Find out in the second chapter of the Shika Trilogy!

An Unlikely Alliance (NOTE: Links to Shika Trilogy Omnibus edition)
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: In An Unlikely Allinace, the third and final chapter of the Shika Trilogy, the Toa Shika return to Shika Nui to find it has changed much since their adventures in Wyoko, and in more ways than one. Forced to ally with new friends and old enemies alike to stop an evil greater than any they have face thus far, the Toa Shika are about to prove themselves as true Toa and as true heroes. But will they learn to work with their new, rather unlikely allies or will their disunity allow the might of the mysterious Tuikas monsters to crush them?

Dimension Hoppers
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 20
Summary: When a valuable treasure is stolen from the island of Tanjo Nui, its two guaridans discover that the thief is a dimension hopper. In order to chase the thief and retrieve the Time Stone, Isarot and Toa Kiriah use a Kanohi Olmak to hop dimensions to go after the thief. Will they succeed? And if they do, will their dimension hopping give them the wisdom they need to understand the Time Stone's true purpose?

Dimension Hoppers: The Other Tale
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Chapters: 10
Summary: Taking place during the events of Dimension Hoppers, Toa Nasis and Toa Ahova investigate the possibility of Dark Hunter involvement in the recent theft of the Time Stone. The Shadowed One soon learns of the Time Stone's theft and sends the Dark Hunter Raider to steal it. What will happen when the Toa clash with the Dark Hunter?

The Ghost King's Tragedy
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 10
Summary: Toa Akuna, Toa Kiriah, Toa Oggakia, and Toa Ahova have been gathered by a mysterious being known as the Master of Mist for a special mission. They will go to the island World's End to seek the secret to defeating Makuta Teridax, but will they achieve this mission or will the Ghost King's might destroy the four heroes?

Dawn of the New Century
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 29
Summary: Fifty-thousand years after the death of Makuta Teridax, a messiah-like figure named Masqouth appears seemingly out of nowhere in Zisar, the capital of New Zakaz, promising freedom and prosperity to the enslaved Skakdi people. He backs up his claims by miraculously healing wounded or sick Skakdi, all the while hiding his true intentions for these people.

At the same time, a Skakdi named Kafor is kidnapped by two Dark Hunters, one a Skrall codenamed Night and the other a Vortixx codenamed Heavyweight. Kafor knows the fate that awaits her at the foot of the Shadowed One's throne, but cannot escape her kidnappers no matter how hard she tries.

In the city of New Atero, detective Toa Niham investigates two similar kidnappings while trying to balance her precarious love life with the famous Glatorian Rubella the Red Star. Little does she knew just how intimately related these two kidnappings are, nor the hidden secrets they will lead her to uncover.

Meanwhile, Toa Kiriah, veteran guardian of the Time Stone, is summoned by the Almighty Ones in order to help them deal with a new threat. But an unexpected attack forces Kiriah to change her plans and work with people whom she never though she would find herself working with.

The lives of these people are destined to intertwine in ways none expect. And when they collide, they -- and their world -- will be changed forever.

In the End
Status: Complete

Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 20
Summary: In this sequel to Dawn of the New Century, the Dawn Duology comes to its thrilling conclusion as the conflict between the Almighty Ones and King Atuje finally comes to a head with Atuje's acquisition of a new physical body. With his new body, Atuje goes to finish the Almighty Ones once and for all, as well as anyone who allies with them.

Night, Kiriah, and Jetrupi attempt to stop him, but Atuje banishes them to a universe none of them have ever been to before. Even worse, they must survive a dangerous maze created by a mad female Skrall who names herself after a trickster goddess, a maze so dangerous that only few have ever came out of it alive.

Meanwhile, Rubella the Red Star, a famous Glatorian fighter, enlists the help of the mysterious Toa Cina to rescue her girlfriend, Niham, from the clutches of Masqouth and the Echoes. Though Cina is friendly and helpful, she seems to be hiding something from Ruby, but Ruby may not find out what it is until it's too late.

As for Masqouth, he currently believes that all is well and that he will be reunited with his parents shortly. Yet doubt begins to creep in his mind as to the trustworthiness of Atuje, forcing him to decide who he is really loyal to.

In the end, all of these threads will come together for the grand finale. When they do, there is no telling who will live and who will die.

(Author's note: This is the FINAL epic in the Shikaverse.)

The Glatorian Chronicles

What is the Glatorian Chronicles?

The Glatorian Chronicles is a series of BIONICLE fanfiction short stories that star each of the twelve Glatorian characters released as sets in 2009. Each story is independent of the others and can be read by itself with little-to-no confusion on the reader's part. All of them are written in first person.

Glatorian Chronicles #1: Gresh's First Match
Summary: Gresh is one of the youngest known Glatorian. But how did he first become a Glatorian? What made him want to become one, anyway? Find out in the first in the series of Short Stories called the Glatorian Chronicles! (Author's note: GFM isn't called a Glatorian Chronicle in the topic itself because I posted this before I decided to make it into the first GC)

Glatorian Chronicles #2: Malum's Exile
Summary: Malum is an exiled Glatorian from Vulcanus and is considered highly dangerous by most. But how did he get exiled? And how did he end up leader of a pack of Vorox? Check out the second Glatorian Chronicle for my interpretations of these events!

Glatorian Chronicles #3: Intruders
Summary: Follow from the point of view of a female Vorox named Sril as she tries to get intruders out of her territory. Will she succeed in this third installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series or will she fail? Read it and find out!

Glatorian Chronicles #4: The Fallen Warrior
Summary: Tarix finds a strange message from a being supposedly known as "The Fallen Warior." Coupled with some mysterious murders and yet another message challenging him to fight in Sandray canyon, will Tarix discover the identity of the Fallen Warrior before it is too late?

Find out in the fourth installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!
Chapters: 3
STATUS: Complete

Glatorian Chronicles #5: Honor Versus Greed
Summary: In the fifth installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series, Strakk stumbles upon the identity of the traitor and makes a deal with him. The deal is that if Strakk betrayed the villages to the Skrall, then he would be allowed to live once the Skrall have taken over Bara Magna. The traitor agrees to the deal, but what will Strakk do when he learns that the Skrall have been defeated by the rest of the Glatorian?

Glatorian Chronicles #6: New Beginnings
Summary: With Tuma defeated by a strange warrior clad in yellow armor, the Skrall army has been scattered all over the face of Bara Magna, and the Skrall named Branar finds himself alone in the vast desert at night. Here he encounters a baterra, but will he survive his encounter with the shape shifting entity or wille he die in this final confrontation with one of his worst enemies?

Find out in the sixth installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!

Glatorian Chronicles #7: Confrontation
Summary: Lead by Mata Nui, the Glatorian and Agori of Bara Magna take on the Skrall and Bone Hunters in one last battle. Vastus, the Prime Glatorian of
Tesara, is isolated from the rest of the group and engages the Bone Hunter Fero in combat. Will he defeat Fero or will the Bone Hunter walk away with Vastus'weapon as his prize?

Find out in the seventh installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!

Glatorian Chronicles #8: The Stranger

Summary: A mysterious Glatorian called Jetrupi has arrived in Tajun. Rumors that he has mysterious powers caused Kiina to believe he might be from another world. She decides to figure out for herself, but is she prepared for the truth surrounding the mysterious warrior or is she in over her head?

Find out in the eighth installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!

Glatorian Chronicles #9: Reluctant Allies
Summary: The Core War has been rippling through Spherus Magna like a wave, striking everywhere its combatants choose to battle. One of these soldiers, named Ackar, is isolated from his troop after a clash with the Water Tribe army and has to ally himself with the Water Tribe warrior, Kiina, who has also been isolated from her army, in order to survive and return to their respective armies. Can the two learn to work together and reach their armies, despite their differences? Or will their distrust of each other be their downfall?

Find out in the ninth installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!
Chapters: 6
STATUS: Complete

Glatorian Chronicles #10: For Fame and for Fortune
Summary: During the Battle of Roxtus, the elite forces Skrall Stronius escapes into the Black Spike Mountains after wounding the Glatorian Gelu. However, Gelu heads after the Skrall, but soon finds himself up against a foe he is not sure he can defeat. Will Gelu survive his encounter with Stronius or will he die?

Find out in the tenth installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!

Glatorian Chronicles #11: Obsidian Among the Frost
Summary: Stronius and an unnamed Skrall find themselves separated from the rest of their squad following a fierce battle with the Fire army. They are stalked by a monstrous mutation that is attracted to sharp objects, of which they have plenty of. Will Stronius and the Skrall survive this ordeal or will they be eaten alive by the monster?

Find out in the eleventh installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!

Glatorian Chronicles #12: The Future Begins Where the Past Ends
Summary: After defeating Makuta Teridax, Mata Nui returns to the Mask of Life to figure out why Ignika, the mask's spirit, has been acting so aggressive toward him lately.

But when Ignika reveals his own plans, will Mata Nui be able to stop him before it's too late?

Find out in the twelfth and finall installment of the Glatorian Chronicles series!

Miscellaneous Short Stories

This content block is for all of the other short stories that I have written, the ones that aren't part of a series like the Glatorian Chronicles.

The Recruitment of Axonn

Summary: Axonn is one of the greatest Order of Mata Nui members, even to this day. But how, exactly, did he end up joining that particular organization? What prompted him to join it? And what was his first mission? Read this short story to read one author's interpretation of events!

Icarax's Broken Heart

Summary: Originally an entry for Short Stories Contest #5, this short story focuses on Icarax as he realizes that he has feelings for Gorast during the time when Teridax had ordered the two Makuta to hunt down unloyal members of the Brotherhood. Will Icarax succeed in winning Gorast over or will he tragically fail?


Summary: In an alternate universe, King Brutaka has ruled the Matoran Universe for 2000 years. But in his old age is becoming increasingly paranoid and mistrusting of everybody, for he believes that Axonn - whom he had banished from the universe 2000 years ago - has returned to kill him. Is Brutaka correct in that assumption or is he simply paranoid?

S&T Contest #6: False Hopes
Summary: This story follows Mantax and Pridak as they attempt to steal what might be an important, previously unknown treasure from the Zyglak of the Pit. Pridak believes it will give the Barraki the ability to breathe air again, while Mantax privately thinks it is proof that someone had betrayed the League of Six Kingdoms all those years ago. Will they succeed in their quest?

Library Summer Olympics 2010: An Abrupt End
Summary: Makuta Koghi, the Makuta of the Southern Islands, attempts to take the island of Shika Nui by striking at what he believes to be its weakest defenses. But when the battle suddenly turns in the favor of his enemies, will the Makuta live long enough to regret his hasty decision?

BS01 Contest #5: A Change in Plans
Summary: When the Dark Hunter Flamer is defeated and jailed by a Toa team, Guardian is sent by the Shadowed One to eliminate the captured Hunter before he can reveal Odina's location to the Toa.

However, when Guardian arrives, he learns from a badly wounded Flamer that one of the Toa, a Toa of Psionics named Varian, managed to learn the location of Odina from him and has gone to inform her allies. This forces Guardian to go after Varian, before Odina's security is put at an even greater risk than before. Will he succeed in capturing her or will he fail?

SS Contest #8: The Triumph of the Toa
Summary: After escaping the destruction of their village, Turaga Mohadias and the few villagers still at his side are in a desperate situation, which is definitely not the time for stories. Yet Nurmaz, one of the Matoran, wishes to hear the story of the triumph of the Toa Avha. Mohadias decides to tell the story, but wonders if there is something wrong with Nurmaz. What are Nurmaz's motives for wanting to hear this story? Will Mohadias find out?

Two Tales
Summary: A compiliation of TNTOS's Flash Fiction Warm Up entries. Includes "The Curse of Vagueness" and "The Test."

The Biological Chronicle

The Biological Chronicle isa series of flash fics written by me. Like my earlier Glatorian Chronicles series of short stories/short epics, each story in The Biological Chronicle is a standalone and the stories can be read in any order you please.

What connects these story is the basic theme. I gave myself the challenge of writing ten flash fics based on the ten years of Bionicle (one for 2001, another for 2002, yet another for 2003, etc.). The result is a mixture of my interpretation of scenes from canon, scenes from canon that were mentioned but never shown, and a few scenes that were never mentioned nor shown but which I nonetheless believe could have/probably did happen at some point in canon. I tried to stick to canon as closely as possible, however, so don't expect to see any new characters or locations or anything like that that weren't in canon.

Each story is under 800 words, so they are a very quick read. Enjoy:

The Biological Chronicle: 2001
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: The first in a new series of flash fics, this story depicts the scene of Tahu's arrival on the island of Mata Nui.

The Biological Chronicle: 2002
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the second installment of The Biological Chronicle, Onua sets up a trap to obtain the final Krana he needs to complete his collection.

The Biological Chronicle: 2003
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the third installment of The Biological Chronicle, Kopaka finds himself facing six Rahkshi at once.

The Biological Chronicle: 2004
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the fourth installment of The Biological Chronicle, Krekka is annoyed by a Po-Matoran carver whose work he accidentally destroyed.

The Biological Chronicle: 2005
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the fifth installment of The Biological Chronicle, Norik is surrounded by Visorak and must survive.

The Biological Chronicle: 2006
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the sixth installment of The Biological Chronicle, Zaktan has to act Toa-like in a precarious situation.

The Biological Chronicle: 2007
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the seventh installment of The Biological Chronicle, Kalmah confronts Mantax about harm that the latter's snacking preferences are doing to the Barraki's ammunition supply.

The Biological Chronicle: 2008
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the eighth installment of The Biological Chronicle, Gavla makes a new friend in Metru Nui on the day of Mata Nui's awakening.

The Biological Chronicle: 2009
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the ninth installment of The Biological Chronicle, the Element Lord of Ice makes Surel an offer.

The Biological Chronicle: 2010
Rating: G
Genre: Flash Fiction
Summary: In the tenth installment of The Biological Chronicle, two Great Beings discuss the possibility of the Makuta rebelling and how to combat them should that happen.