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Gathered Friends... Listen again to the Legend of Tuma...

Posted by Swert , Aug 18 2013 · 156 views

I'm listening to the recording of MakutaFest 2013. Man, I talked too much.
Man, I totally said Chima Wiki when trying to say Chima Website.
Man, I kept talking about budgeting.
And I haven't even passed the 20 minute mark yet.
Good times.


Man wouldn't it be funny if...

Posted by Swert , Aug 16 2013 · 185 views

For no reason whatsoever, the Staff Survivor game got overrun by BS01 staff?
That'd be hilarious.
Also I just got done with a huge week of work, gluing a commissioned mosaic designed from scratch. I'm tired, but I still have one more day to work on the week alone, and I have to prep for a birthday party with a Technic theme.
Yes, there's some Bionicle in the pack, but not much. We also have almost every Star Wars technic droid set going towards it, too. I've gotta finish repairing the Droideka and the Pit Droid, but the others appear okay (skipping C-3PO and one of the Battle Droids we had.)
Fun times.


TumaFest 2014

Posted by Swert , Aug 07 2013 · 172 views

It should happen.

Posted Image


The 13th Doctor

Posted by Swert , Aug 04 2013 · 173 views

Seriously, given the arguments I'm hearing today, it seems the 13th doctor should be a 10 year old redheaded girl.

That covers -everything- the people wanted in the Doctor right there.


Blog post about TLH and Turakii's Wedding.

Posted by Swert , Jul 31 2013 · 157 views

This is basically a log of what transpired last weekend for me. Both the good... the bad... and the epic.

On Friday evening, I flew out from Seattle at 11:15 PM PDT. At this point, I was awake since noon. I did not sleep on the flight, and I did not sleep again until 3 AM Sunday morning. I then arrived in Cincinnati around 6 AM EDT. From there, I waited 3 hours til 9:45 AM, where I departed towards Detroit Metro Airport.

Once I touched down and collected my bag, I walked out and met up with Toa Lhikan Hordika (henceforth referred to as "TLH") and Lady Kopaka (henceforth referred to as "LK"). I then got a call out to Avohkah Tamer (henceforth referred to as "AT") and got his ETA for when we can check in at the hotel. From there, we went to TLH's parents' house. For the record, TLH was marrying Turakii (henceforth referred to as "Turakii"... redundant, I know.)

Once there, we ended up with a huge downpour and thunderstorms. I got a photo taken with my phone of the aftermath between myself and TLH:

Posted Image
We're just a bit damp... just remember that the shirt I'm wearing is LIGHT blue, and that gives you context on HOW damp.

From there, we went to go meet back up with AT, and enjoy a wonderful day of just getting to know the real us for awhile. This lasted with a group party until like 1 AM. AT and I then went to our hotel room and crashed for 2 hours until sleep.

The next day is where the big stuff happened, really. First off, I woke up and got ready for the wedding. I elected to ride with a fellow wedding attendee (he was at the same hotel as us) so AT could go do other stuff, and we got elected to go pick up a giant gorilla stuffed animal (there's a backstory to it, we shall not be repeating here) for photos for the wedding reception.

This is where things took a negative tumble for a bit.

On the way to the church, we were pulling in on a left turn, and we got smashed in the side by a driver coming from the opposite direction. The short story is we believe he was speeding, and we KNOW he didn't attempt to stop, and I am perfectly fine injury-wise. I have some skin abrasion on my arm, but otherwise I'm just fine.

Posted Image
The gorilla in the truck, pre-accident. No photo exists of the aftermath, I was too traumatized by it (as you could well imagine).

Coming from this low, we could only go up from there.

Anyway, wedding happened, then reception, finally got to the end of the evening where AT and I sat and watched YouTube by hooking my laptop up to the HDMI of the hotel TV and tethering to his phone's 4G connection (who needs hotel TV? YOUTUBES!)

The next day, we all arrived at TLH's parents' house to pick up LK and go to the airport. TLH, Turakii, LK and I were flying out that day to respective places, they went to Washington DC, I went to the real Washington. Keeping in mind at this point I was terrified of EVERY SINGLE DRIVER IN MICHIGAN NOT NAMED TLH OR RELATED, this trip to the airport was less than thrilling.

After lunch at the airport, I walked all the way down to the gate I was departing from, after a heartfelt moment of hugs and goodbyes for us. I then snapped a photo of the happy couple before I left.

Posted Image
Why must she photobomb me when departing? Now I'll never remember her for not being non-photobombing.

On the flight back, I just cruised by and watched the tops of clouds and lands. It was a memorable flight, and I landed safely (much smoother than the one in Cincinnati, I might add) and took a bus back to Lakewood.

All in all, a wonderful little trip, though I think I made them promise me I didn't have to do the car accident bit over again if I go back that way. It's a shame I couldn't go to BrickFair (I worked the very next day, and Dan's already making sure I won't forget it) but I'm sure everyone going will be happy there.

Plus, I got to witness the beginning of a new chapter for two people. I'll take that over a convention every single time, no questions asked. I'm sure I am not the only one in this mindset.


Man, Cincinnati...

Posted by Swert , Jul 27 2013 · 96 views

It's raining like crazy over here.

Oh, and it's 6 AM. I'm still on PDT mindset.


I'll be in Detroit by 11 AM their local time. So 8 AM my time.

I need a nap x_x


Of Travels and ABS Iron Mans

Posted by Swert , Jul 25 2013 · 186 views

Man, this week.

So, tomorrow at around 11:15 PM PDT I fly out towards Cincinnati, where I then wait for 3 hours at 6 AM local time (EDT) to 9 AM to catch a flight to Detroit. From there, I get to meet awesome people and attend a wedding the next day. Wootness to that.

Meantime, since last Tuesday I was working on a megafig version of a wonderful character to build in Lego, that being Iron Man. The chest was a combination of the Mk III Arc Reactor core, plus the Mk VI styling and a hint of Mk. VII detailing. The legs were based on Mk. III. The head was the run-of-the-mill one Lego releases with every Iron Man set so far, excepting War Machine; In other words, Iron Man.


Posted Image
Posted Image

Head needs work, I want to redo the legs (they were done back in April, so I'm not ashamed of that) and the chest should get more black lines. I -love- the use of Xpods for the thruster exhaust on the feet.

And yes, there's plenty of dark red material in it. I ain't even mad.

So there ya go, Iron Man. One of 5 superheroes ready to be displayed (and will be displayed at great lengths).


Brace Yourselves

Posted by Swert , Jul 20 2013 · 81 views

The blogs are coming.

... Also my trip is in one week AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Rolling Stone brief thoughts (and photo of Megafig Iron Man!)

Posted by Swert , Jul 17 2013 · 130 views

... Are you even kidding me?

Just... no.

In other news, here's Iron Man sans head (replaced with my epic Hawks hat)

Posted Image


Life as we know it, plus new Blog stuff

Posted by Swert , Jul 15 2013 · 117 views

Man, I'm bored. So I updated my blog with new stuff. More Green Lantern related, go figure.
In the real world I am in the middle of summer, so our schedule is down to 3 days a week in the studio. FORTUNATELY I'm busy working on something epic, that being a megafig of Iron Man. I may have described the last four before (Green Lantern, Captain America, The Flash and Logan (Wolverine) in street clothes) so this is a bit more challenging.
For the geeks out there, I'm designing the Iron Man 2/Avengers first-half Mk. VI armor on the torso, with the Mark III/Mark IV legs. The arms are solid dark red, done by another one of the artists. We're also simplifying the design, the back isn't getting as detailed, but the front is heavy in it.
I may recommend changes later on, if we decide to tone down the dark red and make it more yellow (akin to Mark 42) just to give it more color balance.
I'll try to get photos later on, I want to show off the progress as I go. I also desperately want to bring it with me to BrickCon, along with the other four, but it depends on Dan.

In Brightest Day...

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