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Review Of Lego Star Wars Iii Demo For Xbox 360

Posted by Swert , Feb 23 2011 · 42 views
Just one statement, really:


That's really it.

I love the graphics upgrade, the change over with both the lightsaber change, and the gameplay mechanic for vehicle fights. I -love- the fact we can now land them and exit our ship and fight droids. I dunno about what I think will be a real-time strategy mode, but hey, it can't be all too bad right?

Force powers are MUCH better. I love the fact it works like the LEGO Harry Potter Wingadium Leviosa power, in that we can lift and move in multiple axes. The fact they also added The Force Unleashed-inspired force push is awesome, and lightsaber toss is a much welcome addition, especially after seeing it in LEGO Batman.

Oh wow, C-3PO finally has a purpose : O He's the archeologist/Hermione of Star Wars now, and in a much simpler method than the 3x3 box and the 2x2 box we had last. Now it's like Simon Says, only instead of more challenges, you get opened doors. Awesome.

I know this whole entry is really spoiler-laced as far as what to expect, especially if you planned to try the Demo. Trust me, this only touches base on SOME of what to expect in it.

I'm sold on the game, personally.


Brickfair Vs Brickcon

Posted by Swert , Feb 22 2011 · 46 views
Let's see...

I -could- pay $6 round trip to get up to Seattle for BrickCon, then use my Orca bus pass (which after $3 would be free) and find a hotel near the convention hall or within bus range, or bum a ride...

or pay $429 BEFORE TAXES round-trip flight to Washington, D.C., get a ride or a bus to the convention hall... and then pay the $52 to get into the convention, and still find a way around the town I have never been in before.

Oh, and I'd have no family nearby in case I get really stuck, since they all live on the West Coast.

To all those people who asked me, for many weeks and months, "Hey, going to Brickfair?" Guess which convention I've chosen. tongue.gif


Elimination Chamber

Posted by Swert , Feb 21 2011 · 29 views
So, I doubt there's any WWE fans who regularly read my blag, but yeah, I wanna comment on the major matches. Spoiler tags for those who did not see it/can't see it.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

I definately will be looking forward to WrestleMania 27, despite the main events being what they are.


An Introduction, Of Sorts.

Posted by Swert , Feb 20 2011 · 26 views
So, I'm not exactly a well-known person, so I should introduce myself to the BZPower citizens. Let's face it, I don't do anything nearly notable enough to be recognized.*

I shall list my credentials. I doubt they're notable, but my friends think they're cool.
  • BS01 Owner, Administrator, and overall decision maker. Anything on BS01 you don't like or think should be changed? Rant here.
  • PREMIER BZPower Outstanding Citizen. And proud of it.
  • Part- to full-time employee of a LEGO Art Studio, City Blocks of Tacoma, WA. I say Part- because my hours were cut during the winter lull, but they're picking back up.
I also do freelance web design and graphics art on the side. A few little minor things, not note worthy, are also stuff I do. I also enjoy classic rock music.

So yeah, I hope to receive a warm reception from the BZP denizens. Let's face it, a little guy like me can learn to grow up in a friendly community, can he not? : D

*If by now you haven't realized, I'm intentionally dulling down my accomplishments, since I don't like having an ego. So, if I intentionally say I'm much smaller than I am, I can live happily. Please don't let the ego grow bigger.


The Blag Is Back

Posted by Swert , Feb 20 2011 · 26 views
And boy, wait until I finally get settled back in.


Modified Green Grocer Project For City Blocks Of Tacoma, Pt. 2

Posted by Swert , Jul 28 2010 · 112 views
While this entry may be kept open, remember that if a staff member locks an entry, it stays that way unless an administrator opens it back up. You do not have the authority to just unlock an entry, especially when no blog staff member was given any notice or made aware of any exceptions. You also may not edit out a staff member's edit.

Your blog will be available until sometime tonight, so when you are able to use it again next year, if premier perks are again a part of the celebration, do not forget that. -DV

Obviously not a problem now tongue.gif
So in continuation of this entry, I've begun stage two of the Grocer project.

I had two choices for the floor. These are 15 studs from front to back, and 11 studs front to back. We chose the 15. After making a floor, I began making the actual design. This is the ending to the project, once I make a shop underneath it. It's being held up by nine 1x4 bricks right now.

After the first was made, I began copy-building them. First, the second (third) floor. Then, the third (fourth) floor. Then the Attic. I forgot to take a photo of the roof, but it's gotta be worked on anyway.

Tomorrow, I have to fix some minor details I missed (but my boss Dan saw them) and so forth. But beyond that? It's almost done.

Now, it's up to YOU! I wish for ideas to build under this new tower. So far, I've decided on either a record store, or my boss has the idea to make a bookstore. So what do you guys think? Or maybe something else altogether? GIVE ME IDEAS D:

Oh, and hooray blags.


Modified Green Grocer Project For City Blocks Of Tacoma

Posted by Swert , Jul 27 2010 · 125 views
So, as I mentioned in an earlier blag entry, I now work at a LEGO art studio called City Blocks. My first project for them is an event piece in which we are modifying the Green Grocer, a LEGO Exclusive set.

What modifications, you might ask? Well for one, the whole thing used to be 32 studs wide. It is now 31. Two, it has only one middle section normally. Now it has three. Also, it has tan stripes. Not anymore. And finally, it had a rounded front market with steps going in. The shop front is no longer round, and the steps have a new purpose in life. We decided to elevate the floor to match the doorway, and by doing so we eliminate the need for steps going in and out, and plus it now looks so much better.

All links go to photos I have taken across four days of hard labor. Bolded are the modification photos, not the originals.

And finally, the photo you've all been waiting for.

That's the final product. And that's only STAGE ONE. Stage two begins soon.

I doubt I'll be able to post it here again unless I go premier, so keep an eye on the Folder (when public) and I'll try to update on BS01 or something.

Aside from that? It's my first project, and I love it.


Okay, 360 Poll Time!

Posted by Swert , Jul 26 2010 · 29 views
I just want to know, FROM GAMERS WHO MAY KNOW...

Halo 3, or ODST? Which should I get?

For the record, I have only played Halo on PC and the first level of Halo 2 on my brother's Xbox back in the day. I am as noobish to Halo as an Apple fanboy is to a Zune.


Things I Bought With My First Two Paychecks

Posted by Swert , Jul 24 2010 · 31 views
Let's see...

$110 phone with Sprint
$39 MP3 player
Left 4 Dead 2 for $30

and my biggest scores?

XBox 360 Jasper model with a 150 GB hard drive and new controller: $75

Also, Batman Arkham Asylum for $20 (Brand new copy) and LEGO Batman and Pure (pre-owned twin pack) for $10.

And maybe Halo 3 or ODST tomorrow, pre-owned. Still deciding which. Oh, and I pre-ordered CoD: Black Ops and Portal 2 for 5 bucks each.

And that's just stuff for ME, wow.


Blag Entry : O

Posted by Swert , Jul 24 2010 · 33 views
So finally got off work long enough to post an entry.

So what does the Swert do from now on, you may wonder? Easy.

I work for a commercial LEGO Art studio in Tacoma. It is owned by Dan Parker, one of a handfull of LEGO Certified Professionals in the world.

I've sorted and stocked bricks and plates, I've sold minfigs, and I've plugged our parties, but my favorite part? I've been given the chance to rebuild this set.

Dan bought three of them and put three of the middle sections together to make one larger building. Now I'm taking one stud off of each left wall, and taking the tan stripes out. I already scraped two figures (one on each hand) in my building attempts.


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