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Posted by Swert , Aug 18 2009 · 26 views
It has been an age since I last posted here.

Have I anything to say? Nah.

Besides, what makes me think I'm notable here? tongue.gif


Doomed, Pt. 3

Posted by Swert , Jul 27 2008 · 25 views

"Why did they do it? We tried to warn them, but they wouldn't listen..." -Scientist in HL1.

So yeah, why oh why did someone HAVE to retrieve the Mallard of doom? Now BZP's in for the fads again.

I figure this should close off my blog, it's been fun guys. Let's do this again next year.

Edit: Wow, I can still edit this? Sweet. -Swert


Half-life 2: Completed

Posted by Swert , Jul 26 2008 · 28 views

Oh man, this was an awesome game. Well, for a 4-year old game XD

I bought it yesterday, and it took roughly 11 hours. Makaru and I have agreed many things, for example: There is a reason we don't go to Ravenholm anymore. *shivers*


For that matter...




Oh, and while I'm complaining...


That hatred follows on to every single sequel. Except for the hatred of Gunships, since I only take one down.

It transfers to Hunters biggrin.gif

So yeah, now you know why I was so busy all day, to those BS01 readers. I might post a review on my BS01 Blog, since I won't have one written in time for here.


Swert's Top 10 Best Toa Sets

Posted by Swert , Jul 25 2008 · 28 views

Okay, I figure a bit of a BIONICLE theme this time.

Based on observations, there might be repeats, but of different sets. Here we go. Also, they have specific reasons for why I like them, so I will note with a symbol behind each one. Chart for explaination at bottom of list. EDIT: NEW LIST BELOW.

#10: Jaller Mahri (G) (K)
#9: Nuju Metru (F) (T)
#8: Vakama Hordika (T) (G)
#7: Kongu Mahri (F) (G/T)
#6: Lewa Adapted #1 (F) (K)
#5: Pohatu Mata (F) (K)
#4: Nuparu Inika (A)
#3: Ignika (V) (K)
#2: Takanuva (2003) (F) (K)
#1: Lesovikk (A)

#10: Jaller Mahri (G) (K)
#9: Nuju Metru (F) (T)
#8: Vakama Hordika (T) (G)
#7: Kongu Mahri (F) (G/T)
#6: Hahli Mahri (K) (Wings)
#5: Pohatu Mata (F) (K)
#4: Nuparu Inika (A)
#3: Ignika (V) (K)
#2: Takanuva (2003) (V) (F) (K)
#1: Lesovikk (A)

(T) Tool's awesome
(K) Kanohi (or similar) rocked
(G) Gun (or similar) rocked
(F) Actual figure was awesome
(V) Vehicle rocked
(A) All of the above

So there we go. Criticism is welcome biggrin.gif But I think the list is awesome.


Swert's Top 10 Best Artists/bands

Posted by Swert , Jul 24 2008 · 33 views

Since it worked so well last time, I decided to do it this time.

Again, THIS LIST IS OPEN FOR DEBATE. Please do complain that I didn't add rappers. I dare ya sly.gif Also again, this is based on my experience, not on any "facts." Also, these are all Rock only, if I start using more out of that genre, the list is harder, and the Honorable Mentions is longer.

#10: Nirvana
#9: Guns N' Roses
#8: Sublime
#7: Foo Fighters
#6: Beatles
#5: Beach Boys
#4: Metallica
#3: A Perfect Circle
#2: Tool
#1: Pink Floyd (DSOM-Wall)

Honorable Mentions: Ozzy Osbourne, Floyd Post-Waters, Beastie Boys (pre-00's), Nickelback, Creed (They were very decent, trust me), Audioslave, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam (got all the Seattle mainstream rock out of the way...), Calling the Kettle (Shoutout to you, Dav!), Billy Joel (He's rock, nobody better correct me xD), Paul McCartney and the Wings (Rather good), Led Zeppelin (If I do a top 10 Best songs, a few of their songs might make it on the list), NIN, Godsmack, Disturbed, and many more.

Again, criticism and praise welcome.


Swert's Top 10 Best Albums

Posted by Swert , Jul 24 2008 · 22 views

Okay, it's not a giant list of albums as impressive as Dav's (Kyn Ace) or Makaru's (Makaru), but it's my favorites.

These are listed from my personal experience and is open for debate. As usual, all Top 10 lists are open to debate, except for mine 8D (sarcasm, of course). I might make this a feature for the rest of the week, and bring it over to BS01 in my blog there, it depends on feedback.

#10: Pink Floyd's Animals
#9: Metallica's Black Album (Metallica)
#8: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
#7: The Eagles' Hotel California
#6: Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
#5: NIN's The Downward Spiral (Halo 8)
#4: Tool's 10,000 Days
#3: Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here
#2: Pink Floyd's The Wall (Many would think I'd rank this #1.)
#1: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Honorable Mentions, albums I felt had good music but not to the level I liked, consist of the following albums: Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Pink Floyd's Division Bell, Nickelback's The Long Road, Tool's Lateralus, Tool's Ćnima, the Across the Universe Soundtrack, and the Paint Your Wagon Soundtrack.

These are my list. I accept all criticism and praise.


Doomed Pt. 2

Posted by Swert , Jul 22 2008 · 30 views

So I've come to figure, what could possibly doom BZP if it were to return?

We've covered Plushie Fad, so I'm thinking what's worse?

I am [insert user name here], perhaps? Or perhaps the infamous Ducks?

I can promise you, if Ducks came back, we'd be in trouble.

Oh, perhaps combine old fads? Plushie All Your Base? That would scare.

Let's go ahead and dedicate this blog entry to thinking of what would doom us all.


How I Doomed Bzpower (joke Blag Entry)

Posted by Swert , Jul 22 2008 · 46 views

So last night/this morning around 3AM PDT, I linked the BZPower talk page on BS01 to... the Auto Plushie Generator.

Most (if not all) newer members will not understand. All those members that joined before 2004 know what dangers that poses.

I just hope it doesn't spark the fad again... PLEASE don't let it spark the fad.

For those who don't know, in an attempt to be more accurate in our BS01 database, I dediced to post a new section called "Fads," which would describe all fads BZPower had that were notable. Notability, of course, is different from Wikipedia notability, since we still have more content on our site that WPedia would have deleted by now. Of course, one such fad, sparked by the appearance of "Plushies" in MNOLG2, led to probably the biggest sprite mania that BZP can probably record. It even sparked the first resistence group (You only thought you started it with Anti-Ponies wink.gif) that opposed them. Yes, the Plushie Fad.


EDIT: So I checked back, and Mahalis modified it to include a new watermark and he reset the counter. It says at 3:03 PM:
This software has been used to make 66 plushies since 7/22/08, 4:08 PM.

We're doomed.


Concept Albums, A Rant.

Posted by Swert , Jul 21 2008 · 46 views

I must stop blagging soon enough, but I must ask the question before the day is out.

What happened to Concept Albums? Seriously, it seemed like every single mainstream band put out one of these puppies every 4-5 years, and now it's rarer than a decent Generation One Pokémon card.

Let's be honest, would you rather listen to 12 songs with barely any connection to each other, or 12 songs which tell a story of either love, hate, anger, passion, peace, war, anything? I mean, come on artists of the world. Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor's still doing it, and he's making good money.

Also, remember when Green Day made one in 2004? They made very good money. In fact, so good they're probably still living on the sales very comfortably.

Now granted, those bands who did it were very Classic Rock based, and the current generation has very little patience for story telling. It's one of the reasons we've got movies based on action and less talking. Now, this isn't to say a very -bad- thing, but I know for a fact it's not very good for those who enjoy reading a book or enjoying a lovely story being acted out, and not just guns blaring. And again, this isn't to say I hate guns blaring, and I'm losing track of focus here.

I'm pretty sure people wouldn't mind seeing Concept Albums anymore in a more widespread fashion. Imagine what kind of money could be made on it after the album's done. Roger Waters was, at last check, writing a Broadway musical based on The Wall, a very famous concept album. Trent Reznor once mentioned that he was going to make a sequel to Year Zero soon, and that he also wanted to bring the album to the big screen, taking another feather from the cap of Pink Floyd when they made The Wall with their music. 10 Bucks says they ask Bob Geldof to star in it.

I'm also pretty sure people would buy these albums and enjoy them. I mean, sure they buy singles and all that, which also bring in money, but which would get you more money, buying an album or buying a music download? That's the question before the board. Record Labels would call out Album, consumers (us) would ask Music Download. I'd gladly support Concept Albums coming back IF they were written in a way that it'd be awesome and could be converted into at least 2 forms of outside media afterwards, be it movies, a TV series, a book, a play/musical, or even a remix (Like Year Zero Remixed)


My Fascination With Music

Posted by Swert , Jul 21 2008 · 29 views

As many of you know, or will now learn, I am fascinated with music. What kinds, you may ask? (Either that or you're being forced with this question.)

I'm big into Classic Rock. The obvious connection from there is my Pink Floyd collection. My original Blog title was "A Momentary Lapse of Reality," an obvious play on words from the original title, which was "A Momentary Lapse of Reason," an awesome album from them. The current one is a more accurate portrayal of that, "A Delicate Sound of Blagging," which had an original name of "A Delicate Sound of Thunder," also a rather interesting album. I might perhaps call this "The Division Blog" eventually, to portray "The Division Bell," but that's optional.

The next genre I'd like to discuss is current Rock. It's divided within several genres from that, some I like and some I don't. I actually enjoy Grunge, some Industrial, some standard Rock, Alternative, Post-Grunge, and some classic Punk (90's). I don't particularly enjoy the Goth and/or Emo styles. They were never a favorite of mine. I also dislike the current age rap and R&B, preferring classic (early 90's).

This also leads me into another genre like it. Jazz and Blues. I love some Jazz numbers I heard my brother play in highschool band, and also I listen to Floyd's renditions of Jazz in songs. I also love the Swing genre, which derives from it a bit.

Without a doubt, you can probably toss anything in front of me and I'll either enjoy it, endure it, or hate it. I'm not too picky with stuff from the 60's to the 90's, but I'm very picky about current age. Only one person really got me to listen to music I disliked, and that was Kyn Ace. He made me listen to NIN, who I hardly enjoyed at the time. I'm glad he did, because I enjoyed a few songs. Bravo, Dav.

In Brightest Day...

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