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Modified Green Grocer Project For City Blocks Of Tacoma

Posted by Swert , Jul 27 2010 · 117 views
So, as I mentioned in an earlier blag entry, I now work at a LEGO art studio called City Blocks. My first project for them is an event piece in which we are modifying the Green Grocer, a LEGO Exclusive set.

What modifications, you might ask? Well for one, the whole thing used to be 32 studs wide. It is now 31. Two, it has only one middle section normally. Now it has three. Also, it has tan stripes. Not anymore. And finally, it had a rounded front market with steps going in. The shop front is no longer round, and the steps have a new purpose in life. We decided to elevate the floor to match the doorway, and by doing so we eliminate the need for steps going in and out, and plus it now looks so much better.

All links go to photos I have taken across four days of hard labor. Bolded are the modification photos, not the originals.

And finally, the photo you've all been waiting for.

That's the final product. And that's only STAGE ONE. Stage two begins soon.

I doubt I'll be able to post it here again unless I go premier, so keep an eye on the Folder (when public) and I'll try to update on BS01 or something.

Aside from that? It's my first project, and I love it.


Okay, 360 Poll Time!

Posted by Swert , Jul 26 2010 · 28 views
I just want to know, FROM GAMERS WHO MAY KNOW...

Halo 3, or ODST? Which should I get?

For the record, I have only played Halo on PC and the first level of Halo 2 on my brother's Xbox back in the day. I am as noobish to Halo as an Apple fanboy is to a Zune.


Things I Bought With My First Two Paychecks

Posted by Swert , Jul 24 2010 · 28 views
Let's see...

$110 phone with Sprint
$39 MP3 player
Left 4 Dead 2 for $30

and my biggest scores?

XBox 360 Jasper model with a 150 GB hard drive and new controller: $75

Also, Batman Arkham Asylum for $20 (Brand new copy) and LEGO Batman and Pure (pre-owned twin pack) for $10.

And maybe Halo 3 or ODST tomorrow, pre-owned. Still deciding which. Oh, and I pre-ordered CoD: Black Ops and Portal 2 for 5 bucks each.

And that's just stuff for ME, wow.


Blag Entry : O

Posted by Swert , Jul 24 2010 · 30 views
So finally got off work long enough to post an entry.

So what does the Swert do from now on, you may wonder? Easy.

I work for a commercial LEGO Art studio in Tacoma. It is owned by Dan Parker, one of a handfull of LEGO Certified Professionals in the world.

I've sorted and stocked bricks and plates, I've sold minfigs, and I've plugged our parties, but my favorite part? I've been given the chance to rebuild this set.

Dan bought three of them and put three of the middle sections together to make one larger building. Now I'm taking one stud off of each left wall, and taking the tan stripes out. I already scraped two figures (one on each hand) in my building attempts.



Please Do Me A Favor

Posted by Swert , Aug 26 2009 · 40 views
BS01 / HS01
If you have any idea on how hard I work on BS01, let me know.

Cause somedays I sure don't feel like I'm working hard. Quite the reverse.


Amusing Fact

Posted by Swert , Aug 24 2009 · 27 views
I had planned to post like lists of top 10 stuff involving music with Necro. Then I got busy and didn't. Now I have like 2 days left to do so.

Woe is me~ -Swert


I'm Bored

Posted by Swert , Aug 22 2009 · 42 views
BS01 / HS01
Someone entertain me.

Winner gets a Swert Award on BS01. GO!


Expanded Multiverse Facts (from A Guy You Don't Listen To Anyway.)

Posted by Swert , Aug 20 2009 · 37 views
Expanded Multiverse
It was about a year ago. Almost, not quite. I forget really. tongue.gif

Anyway, Bonesiii and I were discussing stuff, as usual. Then Expanded Universe came up in discussion. A question was asked whether it would return. I was unsure. He was unsure. We then spent two months discussing WHY Expanded Universe failed to catch on. As you read in the news report announcing the guide, it was simple why it failed. There was no story to follow. So we spent months planning what will indeed be a VERY, VERY shocking story to read.

Basically speaking, the original concept was simple. One planet, hooray. We made a planet! But then I switched it up by saying "What about one planet, stuck in seven different dimensions?" Okay, this is where the term Multiverse began coming into play. Over time, it evolved from one world in seven dimensions to seven worlds in one dimension. It made sense, because now there are physical changes to worlds that, with my first idea, would have not happened unless changed.

So, we began phase two: The Plot. What, you may ask, would be a perfect plot? Well, the answer is simple, mystery. It worked well for 3 years in 2001-2003 in Bionicle, and has kept people coming back from 04 on. We planned out an entire origin for these worlds, most of which remains locked up in our heads, and have not once made it to any text program yet. Bones led that charge, with his physics and space-altering ways, while I worked out reasons for them to happen. It began to take form, and finally it made sense.

Phase three, approval of contests from BZP. That was easy. Those will come out eventually.

Phase four, characters to write about. Well, we spent a great deal of time on them, and I'm happy to report there are several that, if you don't feel too happy about writing your own character, you can use ours. (Within the rules, of course... for more on that, read the Guide, page 2.)

And finally, Phase five, putting it ALL together. You can see we mashed it all into place with a mallet and a nuke or two, but it all managed to fit into 100 pages of glorified Guide reference. Bones again wrote most of it, asking me along the way for input, and I did my civic duty by doing graphics. He did his own duty by one-upping my graphics with his awesome PowerPoint skills. Needless to say any ego I had at that point was buried. It will not be missed.

And so, the five-stage plan was complete. We had a setting, a plot, a set of contests, characters, and a set of guides we plan to release for awhile to come. What was missing?


So we fixed that last week. Enjoy smile.gif


Funny Stuff

Posted by Swert , Aug 18 2009 · 19 views
So, I went to that new password form, figuring to fix my password. I go to fill it out.

"Sorry, incorrect password."

Huh, okay. Take two...

"Sorry, incorrect password."

Take three...

"Sorry, incorrect password."

Take Forty-Two...

"Sorry, incorrect password."

Take One hundred and nine...

"Sorry, incorrect password."

Finally, asked Black Six to help me out. He hooked me up with a password for temporary usage. By this point, I was convinced it was the new password unit anyway. Take nine thousand and one...

"Welcome to BZP."

Seriously. It was that easy. I wish to thank Six for hooking me up with a temp password, and for putting up with my foolish ways, and whatnot. But yeah, first hand experience folks, this system -WORKS.-



Posted by Swert , Aug 18 2009 · 31 views
It has been an age since I last posted here.

Have I anything to say? Nah.

Besides, what makes me think I'm notable here? tongue.gif

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