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  1. I really like both of them, but Nokama's side glare is making me feel like I disappointed her majorly! I can definitely see how Antroz influenced your style too.
  2. I think all of reality would cease to exist. That or Q would finally become the hero he knows he can be. Of all the crews most likely to interact with the Matoran on Spherus Magna, I'd say Archer or Janeway's would definitely. The other three major crews would need a really good reason outside of standard curiosity. The NX-01 tended to get involved with pre-warp cultures against the advice of the Vulcans. Voyager on the other hand would only visit if it needed a particular resource they scanned on Spherus Magna, but would flee at the first sight of Bio-mechanical beings. Archer would be completely out of his league, but Commander Tucker and Doctor Phloxx would easily be welcomed into the Le-Matoran or Onu-Matoran culture, and T'pol would be accepted as a Ko-Matoran before she even left the shuttlepod. Hoshi would possibly even leave the Enterprise for a time just to study with the Ga-Matoran, while Reed would be joining the Ta-Matoran and learning their fighting styles. Meanwhile Mayweather is hanging out in the Ga-Matoran areas for 'social' reasons.
  3. MoarBotar, Legoland California is where all of my TNGMs came from. There was a BZPower member that at one point had a large quantity of those masks, possibly leftovers from the promotion at Legoland.
  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL! Great job capturing the colors of the transparent masks, they look like real pieces to be used in a set. I'm very impressed.
  5. AZBlue

    Hello Again

    I'm not going to deny that it is part of my career goal XD
  6. AZBlue

    Hello Again

    Since everyone seems to be posting their returns, I figured I'd join in even though I never left I've been here since 03. Those were the days, back when the forums were so active we'd get server busy messages every so many minutes, the art and epics boards were my home, and modified screenshots were known only as edits. These days it's quiet 'round here, bursts of activity every so often. In real life I've been through some stuff. I've seen things... no not those things, the other ones. I was recently accepted into Idaho State University, and will finally be joining a degree program that has some real potential. Namely Robotics. Someday you'll hopefully even see some of my work at a Disney park, if my dreams happen that is. I've fallen in love a few times, but I'm still a lonely single guy. I've made and lost many friends over the years. Only a few are still a part of my life. The one thing that has truly stayed with me is this website. I can't believe this is still here!
  7. It's good to see you again, Argetlam! Over the last decade? I've moved to new states twice, become disabled, gave up on school, then finally found the right school for me and am starting in their Robotics program in January. I'm impressed with how much you've accomplished, and you have my congrats.
  8. New inspiration for Human Ga-Matoran! Maybe I'll get back to drawing Bionicle some more. I had forgotten that the main stage was in the center of the Town pavilion. Its been too long! If I'd known how important Bionicle would end up being, I don't think I would've put my camera down. If time travel becomes a thing in my lifetime, Legoland California in July of 2001 is one of those destinations I'd visit!
  9. I was at Legoland California in June 2001. The scavenger hunt involved finding brick-built Hau scattered throughout the walkthrough attractions, each with a letter attached. Those letters went onto a map of Mata Nui that was handed out upon park entry. Once the letters were placed you would go to the Lego Maniac's Club in the City section of the park and hand them your map. They'd cut a corner off, where a completed phrase was written, and hand you a TNGM. The club itself was completely decked out in Bionicle gear. The computers all had the MNOG running, there was a large diorama with all of the sets displayed, and two wall-mounted cases with all of the Kanohi displayed. It's the only time I've ever seen a 'brown' Kaukau (it was TNOrange, and I'd still love to get my hands on one!). There were also shows held at the town stage and a parade, both of which happened in the evening after my family had left. Both were heavily inspired by the Polynesian roots of that first year. Also when you went through the gates you got a special promo pack of Bionicle TCG cards which included an exclusive foil Miru card to represent the TNGM. I wish I had pictures from the park, other than my souvenir picture from the Dragon coaster, the Bionicle reskin of the Lego Maniac's Club was awesome and I wish I could see it again.
  10. AZBlue


    That would kinda freak me out Planetperson, my ancient fanfic The Return has a similar premise.
  11. That is a sweet Lego version of the robodog! I'm impressed by how well you captured the detail, especially with the legs. Part of me really wants instructions to build one for my desk, but I also love that it's a unique build.
  12. I really liked Iron Man 2 as well. I loved Howard Stark's Walt Disney moments, and just thought that it was a great story of reconnection with one's family history. Secondhand Lions is also a great movie, despite what Rotten Tomatoes says. Now, I do have quite the controversial opinion of The Dark Knight and particularly Heath Ledger's contributions to it. I don't like it and I really don't like the portrayal of Joker in it. I also feel that Heath Ledger's performance is lauded solely on it being his last major film. Nobody seems to acknowledge the mental toll the role took on him, and that in and of itself is sad and does admittedly contribute to my dislike of his portrayal.
  13. AZBlue

    Ask Me Anything

    When will we see JAG19?
  14. AZBlue

    2018/2019 Sets

    Seriously, that would be awesome!
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