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  1. I love that Nokama drawing! The style with her legs being slightly more organic versions of the Metru legs, and her mask is beautiful. Hordika Nokama looks menacing, but at the same time has an almost mother bear feel, ready to snap Vakama out of his funk.
  2. AZBlue

    17 years?!

    Tomorrow will be my account's 17th birthday! So much has changed from when I first joined BZPower. I was only Twelve when I signed up after lurking on the homepage for just a few months during a lull in news on Mask of Destiny. The world had really started to change for me at that time and my interest in Bionicle was the singular constant as my family prepared to move across the country. I didn't know the challenges that I had yet to face, nor the joyous moments to come, all I knew was a sense of fear for my world and great hope in the world of the Matoran. Bionicle will always inspire my creativity, and BZPower will always be how I began writing, and for that I am forever indebted to this community and those who've been a part of it. Illustration from my first finished story, Bionicle Legacies: The Return ca.2007
  3. Wow! This needs submitted to Brickset and Bricklink's databases. The 2001 completionist in me would love to track down a full set of the boxes at the minimum!
  4. I'm not sure if any of the in-production fan servers will require the use of an install disk. Games like Star Wars Galaxies that have had fan revivals have required access to an official install disk, however games like Toontown or Pirates of the Caribbean Online have fan servers that utilize their own installers.
  5. I remember your burnings! The worst I've ever done is putting together my Lesovikk and attempting to assemble my Elhek. Those two sets should've stayed sealed
  6. Toa: Matt Lanter as Pohatu Dante Bosco as Lewa Mary McGlynn as Gali Phil Lamar as Onua Steven Yeun as Kopaka Jeremy Shada as Tahu Turaga: Dee Bradley Baker as Nuju David Harewood (Martian Manhunter in CW's Supergirl) as Vakama Lynda Carter as Nokama Mark Hamill as Matau Troy Hall as Onewa Kevin Conroy as Whenua Matoran: Anthony Daniels as Matoro Bex Taylor-Klaus as Hahli Laura Bailey as Macku I've got more, but I'm struggling to find several actors names currently. Having played many voice acted games and watched many animated shows has helped flesh my choices out dramatically
  7. I was there in 2001 when these were going, but I didn't get the chance to see them. I'll have to watch these in the morning!
  8. AZBlue


    His next post about this is going to be either a Yay to G3 or a Not happening. No more teasers from him after he signs off the stream.
  9. AZBlue


    Thanks Daler! I'm really not great at taking notes for posting later.
  10. AZBlue


    It's all been a bit confusing while watching, honestly. I'm making some inferences, but one of the things he showed early on was a timeline of storytelling, and the VR, etc. was a heavy focus of current storytelling techniques. One of the things he specifically talked about was that Bionicle parts are going to be incredibly valuable because they're completely a thing of the past.
  11. AZBlue


    Possibly not Lego. He seemed to indicate that Lego is trying to avoid those kind of parts because of their environmental costs.
  12. AZBlue


    Ball joints are done for, as far as Bionicle and CCBS are concerned. No confirmation yet, coronavirus has delayed several meetings, but doors are open for Bionicle. There was something that has to do with storytelling exclusively. Possibly VR/AR/Mixed Reality based building. Major focus on the storytelling it sounds like. He seems to be under a NDA, but was allowed to say that there is something coming. This is Disney-Level secrecy!
  13. AZBlue


    So am I. I'm skeptically hyped.
  14. AZBlue


    We're down to just a few minutes until he reveals...Bionicle Gen 3? Hopefully. I'll be very disappointed if this was all an elaborate hoax, especially because of how long its been going. Faber would lose major respect from me.
  15. Are you going to upload the .stl anywhere? This mask is awesome and I'd love to print it with my Green Bronze filament!
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