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  1. AZBlue


    His next post about this is going to be either a Yay to G3 or a Not happening. No more teasers from him after he signs off the stream.
  2. AZBlue


    Thanks Daler! I'm really not great at taking notes for posting later.
  3. AZBlue


    It's all been a bit confusing while watching, honestly. I'm making some inferences, but one of the things he showed early on was a timeline of storytelling, and the VR, etc. was a heavy focus of current storytelling techniques. One of the things he specifically talked about was that Bionicle parts are going to be incredibly valuable because they're completely a thing of the past.
  4. AZBlue


    Possibly not Lego. He seemed to indicate that Lego is trying to avoid those kind of parts because of their environmental costs.
  5. AZBlue


    Ball joints are done for, as far as Bionicle and CCBS are concerned. No confirmation yet, coronavirus has delayed several meetings, but doors are open for Bionicle. There was something that has to do with storytelling exclusively. Possibly VR/AR/Mixed Reality based building. Major focus on the storytelling it sounds like. He seems to be under a NDA, but was allowed to say that there is something coming. This is Disney-Level secrecy!
  6. AZBlue


    So am I. I'm skeptically hyped.
  7. AZBlue


    We're down to just a few minutes until he reveals...Bionicle Gen 3? Hopefully. I'll be very disappointed if this was all an elaborate hoax, especially because of how long its been going. Faber would lose major respect from me.
  8. Are you going to upload the .stl anywhere? This mask is awesome and I'd love to print it with my Green Bronze filament!
  9. The big thing that I can recommend is to make sure that your group is at least moderately familiar with the source material, in this case Bionicle. If they aren't, then reconsider before you get too committed to a Bionicle RPG. I unfortunately don't have anyone I could run a Doronai Nui game with, so I don't have any experience with it.
  10. Thanks! That was all
  11. Computer Gaming or Socially Distanced
  12. When LEGO did the last Space Police line the 5974 Galactic Enforcer in particular seemed very reminiscent of the Explorien's largest set, 6982 Explorien Starship. I've seen other sets where they've referenced older designs, but that one in particular seemed like a modern remake of one of my white whales.
  13. I've tried in both Chrome and Edge browsers, and there is no trashcan or plus on any of my attachments. Is it possible to have someone just remove the attachments from my account?
  14. The Life on Mars sets were great, but the ones I'm referring to came out in 1997. They were a cross between Star Trek and Star Wars, with a good bit of retro Sci-Fi mixed in. The set in the picture was the largest set I owned until Vezon and Kardas in 2006. Is the Galidor show available anywhere? I remember really enjoying it when it was on, and I'd love to relive it with nostalgia glasses on.
  15. All but one are blog posts, which I tried editing before making this topic. The only thing I've been able to do is remove the image from the post, the attachment is still there though, linked to said entry according to the 'My Attachments' page.
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