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  1. WOOHOO! Super excited to see this return! And wow way to make the Tarakava scary. Can't underestimate those punchy arms.
  2. Good to know. I had assumed you display your enjoyment of the post by "liking" it, but by "upvoting" you were wanting to bring it to others' attention.
  3. Woohoo new chapter! Still loving this series, very eager to see where things go. Hopefully things will work out before everything goes downhill.
  4. Man, I never thought I'd want that song with a full orchestra, but here we are! It's crazy how this song has stuck around since 2007.
  5. So this happened a couple of hours ago. Let the speculations continue!
  6. Well since his first post he has always added #14B2020, I'm still wondering if it'll come to a head sometime next year. He certainly doesn't seem to be stopping with these cool art pieces anytime soon though, so if that's all we get from him I'm totally fine with that!
  7. Just to keep this updated, Faber posted a new update 3 days ago: Newest Faber drawing
  8. It's just as well none of the VN matoran turned into Toa before the Inika showed up, otherwise they'd end up looking like Zaktan and the crew lol
  9. You'd need a "Golden" Legendary mask, like the ones the Toa Mata gained once they put all 6 of their other masks onto the Kini Nui suva, letting them wear 1 mask, but can access all 6 powers at their whim. Exactly like that, except for all of the legendary masks. Now that would be OP, not to mention I don't think anybody could handle that amount of power (Tahu Nuva barely contained the power of time himself).
  10. Personally I'd say yes, basically because the power to reach outside your own reality into a completely different universe is a huge power to have. Need unlimited storage? Pocket universe to hold an infinite amount of supplies. Need someone imprisoned? Kahgarak's "realm of shadow" pocket universe. Need an army? Go to a different universe and grab some extra troops or even a copy of your worst enemy to fight him (meldingTeridax for example). Need your own mask of life to save Mata Nui? Grab it from another universe. The possibilities are endless!
  11. The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts! Great couple of chapters, I'm very excited to see what happens next.
  12. The way that the stones seem to work is that when they are wielded, they supercharge their bearer with a huge amount of energy that (if they're not strong enough) will kill them. Thanos and the Hulk are able to contain this energy because of their nature, and Tony was able to withstand the energy because of his suit and arc reactor. That is why Quill was able to survive once his friends linked up with him, there were multiple people dispelling the energy of the power stone instead of all of it being poured into Quill. Also, the entire point of the infinity gauntlet was to help contain and control the energy of all the stones at once, if someone tried to use all six stones without the gauntlet, it would probably be suicide, even for Thanos. That being said, we need to look for some BIONICLE characters who can contain and control great amounts of energy and won't become overloaded and consumed by it (like the Bohrok Kal). I'd wager the Toa Nuva could handle the stones if they were able to dispel the energy into the Nuva symbols since that is what they were created for, to hold the Nuva's energies because they were too great for their bodies to hold. I'm also certain Teridax, or any Makuta could, and the energies might even make them stronger, since their essence is pure energy anyways, it might feed their strength (like antidermis does with Brutaka). Speaking of Brutaka, I'm pretty certain he and Axonn would manage, we never really were told hold strong they were, but they are pretty high up there. Going back to the Quill scenario, I'm certain that any Toa Kaita would be able to manage this as well.
  13. Iron_Man5

    LEGO Risk

    It would be hard to trump the league of six kingdoms match, that one truly was legendary! Thanks for trying to have a round 2, I really have enjoyed the games you've been hosting.
  14. Iron_Man5

    LEGO Risk

    Sure I'd be up for 2 player if it came down to it. The other modes would be fine, I'd need a brush up on how the rules play out as opposed to the original.
  15. Iron_Man5

    LEGO Risk

    Fair enough, I'll be the martians from 2001 and we'll be green (love those guys, though ironically never owned one of the minifigs)
  16. Iron_Man5

    LEGO Risk

    Question: Are the martians these guys?: Or these guys?:
  17. Looks around at the lack of Kardas reaction or response. Guys... do you think we killed it?
  18. It's been awhile since I looked at a world map, but that's Antarctica right?
  19. Whoever designed this dragon was quite insane I'd imagine... I'd blame Mutran if it wasn't Ignika's fault. Ah well. Pulls out a cryoblaster which freezes the ground and the dragon slips down the road until a THWOMP smashes it.
  20. Time to up the stakes... (spoilers from Endgame in case a few of you guys haven't seen it yet) I reverse time to turn the Kardas back into a harmless Fenrakk spider.
  21. Calculates how many seconds of damage that is It's not super effective! nudges the rolling dragon until it rolls right off a 1000 ft cliff. Geronimo!
  22. Time to bring in the big guns... brings in giant boom boxes blaring "We will rock you" making enough noise to shatter solid stone all focused on the dancing dragon And I'll keep dancing as well, the show must go on!
  23. Picks myself up off the floor and quickly calculates how many hitpoints the dragon has left *value pending* "No one can out dance Iron Man!" Starts a dance off with Kardas.
  24. Dons Hulkbuster Armor and stands up to the dragon. "You want to wrestle? Let's wrestle!" Activates unibeam
  25. He could. Someone could also "dream" the galactic empire out of existence, and that would happen. He's definitely OP in my opinion. He probably wouldn't intervene unless his Skakdi "allies" were in danger, or he thought the empire would be a huge threat to his new kingdom. Not out of any loyalty to the Toa or Glatorian anyways.
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