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  1. IC: Reliable Narrator | North of Metru-Koro, Road Trip With Providence and Vent The two youngsters traveled due North, or as close as they could imagine was due North, while skirting the border of the toxic lake slowly pouring out of Mata-Nui’s skull. Time passed peacefully for them. Small rahi darted from their path. One particularly excited mahi calf tried racing Vent, then settled for hopping alongside Providence as the devil-child sprinted without tiring in his recently upgraded armor. As afternoon turned to early evening, the two found themselves at the base of a blasted out mountain range. The mountains were all angled like a fang, with the concave depression in their now low summits and sides facing the direction of the fractured and bleeding skull of the old world. Vent realized the force of his world coming down onto this alien landscape did more than end his past: it ended everyone’s past, regardless of home. The arrival of his world marked a new epoch in the Time Between Time, not that the speed demon could possibly know the metaphysical landscape of where he now lived. Early evening gave way to late evening, twilight, and then twinkling stars above as night set in fully before the two found anything odder than the lake and the skull. They saw small tunnels dug out of the mountains, big enough for them to squeeze into but small enough to feel claustrophobic trying, and the soft rush of a wind from deep beneath the earth poured out like in a droning whistle. Upon investigating further they would realize the tunnels looked like tools made them rather than dug by hand, and the fresh earth piled up around them had been packed into semi-circular stairs around the base of each. OOC: @Dane, @Burnmad IC: Reliable Narrator | Irnakk’s Tooth The pair of skakdi, one new one native, made their way around the North Eastern side of the base of Irnakk’s Tooth. Any time they looked up the steep mountainside of the volcano they could see the telltale plume of dark smoke softly drifting from its broken summit. The afternoon turned to late evening, and then nightfall by the time they arrived at the fields and wide rivers of cooling lava marking the border between the Northern Wastes and the Dead Forest. In the rising moonlight and the red glow of the cooling lava Xane and Enra saw the petrified trees covering the visible distance across a wide lake of lava. Enra remembered hearing of pilgrims visiting the Nightmare Pits summiting a violent path up the mountain on the far side of the wide river of lava before them that started at an obsidian boulder deep in the Dead Forest. Dark glowing boulders floated downstream to the coast over a day’s journey to the East in the process of melting in the fiery stream. They could wander for a bridge, attempt to carve a new path up the side of the volcano following the lava to its source, or find a creative way to cross the distance. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui
  2. GM Note: Hi everyone! Welcome to week two of SKR. We made 12 pages in seven days last week, and no I will not be attempting to bullet list this game if we keep that pace, and yes I am utterly astounded. As always, you the community continue to blow me away with the love you all share for not only Bionicle but this story and setting. I will write a faction based synopsis of events for each week! If the GMs create a weekly event I’ll make sure to include it in these weekly write ups. Consider this the “wow you wrote so much I have to change my approach” compliment. To get more details on information, reach out to fellow players or search the game thread by character name. Not only did we have an unprecedented amount of gameplay, we had a large growth in our player base. I want to take this moment to say thank you to all the returning players and welcome to all the new. In this time of “no talk me I social disty” this community has grown and I think we’re all better for it. Speaking of growth… For those who want to participate in SKR’s Discord scene, follow this link. We made the jump from a shared Discord server to a dedicated Discord server last week at the request of the other server’s staff. I think this is a good sign of our growth as a community. Please remember to have at least one active character approved in game before joining the Discord server. What this does mean is I am personally having a growth spurt learning all the ins and outs of Discord server management, so I hope you will please bear with me as I made the inevitable mistakes. I want to take a moment and talk about the amazing amount of characters (73!) we have in this game. So many of you have made some really interesting stuff, and in the past week I've done many customization approvals. Moving forward, I ask everyone to please try making their characters with the tools already on hand. The toolbox is vast and complicated, and I know many players are all too happy to help navigate the hyperlink rabbit hole of "bzprpg custom species". If you absolutely cannot make your character concept work with what's on hand already I will talk about custom stuff, but I'll want to see what you tried with what's available first. You’ve been wonderful. I’ll stop being sappy now, but thank you for being such an awesome community. Happy Chat, UN Weekly Summary for 04/01/2020 to 04/06/2020: The Zakazian warbands adjust to life and seek information after the western side of their island is decimated by a gargantuan skull from space. Initial contact between the Zakazian warbands and the refugees/barraki proves violent. The Aspects of Makuta begin to seek answers regarding the new arrivals, plotting and scheming as always. The refugees of Metru-Nui set up two new villages in the first week on their new island home: Po-Koro and Metru-Koro. Turaga Jovan leads Po-Koro, Turaga Sans leads Metru-Koro. Po-Koro is further to the North on the rocky foothills near the desert wastes while Metru-Koro is a stone’s throw away from the crashed skull of their dead god with only a toxic lake of mutagenic silver liquid and a few hours of walking through scrub brush between them. Many refugees make new friends, find old friends, and generally attempt to deal with the trauma of starting over. Turaga Sans appoints Waveahk responsible for a scouting mission to the South where Stannis reports dark entities live in secret. The Barraki Pridak and Ehlek place a bounty on Takadox. The crew of the Ripple begins to reassemble as they head out on a diplomatic mission to Metru-Koro. The Archives hold dangerous wild rahi and a cantankerous locked door who speaks in emojis. Pridak questions his judgement, and Ehlek holes himself up in his workshops and new biological laboratories.
  3. IC: Reliable Narrator | Irnakk's Tooth From Enra's perspective, Irnakk's Tooth looked more like Irnakk's broken bleeding molar. The rocky volcano rose hundreds of feet into the air in front of them, once dwarfing the icy mountain ranges to its West. Now it dwarfed the massive skull that descended from the sky and destroyed the Western seaboard of Zakaz. Enra knew of two safer paths up the volcano than attempting to just walk up any old side and risk rock slides, unknown monstrous rahi, and the nightmare creatures her mother told stories about when she was a child: one followed a river of molten lava on the Eastern side. This was where the occasional apocalyptic tahtorak was born from. The lava flowed from the volcano out to the sea just south of the Riggers shantytown built into a large bay. Petrified trees and charcoal stumps stood in its wake, charred from the fires and heat in the periphery of the lava. The other way was a toll bridge run by six monsters calling themselves skakdi, but when she thought about that she realized the molten lava was probably safer. Also, the toll bridge was gone when she looked at the Western side of the volcano. The mountain range it extended from had been flattened by the impact, and now only a glittering toxic waste dump of a lake took its place. @Toru Nui
  4. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ice Temple Sidra pushed against the suva towards the left, and to her surprise it groaned with the internal churning of gears. Slowly, and with an obstinance born of centuries of disuse, the white marble suva turned. It took all the strength she had to move it even an inch, but it turned.
  5. @The UltimoScorp, change this sentence to read "the extent of this ability is not known to her," and Kat is good to go. While I personally think the name Katherine in a Bionicle RPG is exceedingly out of place, it sounds like this character has personal significance and so I won't ask you to change it.
  6. IC: Nektann | Fort Nektann, Hangar Bay “I know what to make of that Mesi-dung head,” Boss replied. “It’s a piece of space junk. I sent six ACRs out last week, they haven’t come back yet. But where it crashed made me happy. With hope those six idiots with their stupid toll bridge ain’t breathing no more. Something tells me there’s freeloading trash vermin living inside that skull. With luck they’re peaceful little skaklets. I like stealing scrap from skaklets. Easy raid, easy reward. I woulda sent Barius here with ‘em, but…” Barius’ ACR still needed the repairs from the last raid, and Boss trusted Barius less than the distance he could through the smelly pilot. The upstart had been getting more outright rebellious with every passing moon cycle. Boss felt about one more new moon away from chucking the skakdi into a nightmare pit as a sacrifice for a new fire tahtorak. The “something” he spoke of was Miserix. Miserix whispered of the arrival of star children eight days ago, hungrily demanding to be set free to work his dark dealings. Boss had refused. They weren’t on speaking terms right now, but Boss didn’t care. He could shake the information out of the elder Aspect whenever he needed out whenever it suited him. “You been driving a while. Took the East side of the island then? Any news of those Riggers? They’re late on the last shipment of water casks.” OOC: @Burnmad, @Conway
  7. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ice Suva Temple Sidra’s closer inspection of the column revealed they were made of stone, some were covered in vines, and they were placed around the hexagonal chamber an equal distance apart. The top of each column was adorned with a small rahi head in stone relief facing outwards toward the landscape beyond the temple. They all seemed to be some form of cross between a muaka and a frost beetle. Some of the faceted, insect-like eyes had glittering bits of seashell to catch the evening light. The soft wind brought the faintest smell of smoke from the large volcano to the East of her. OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  8. OOC: Hey, I thought this was an Earth temple, but it turns out it’s not. Sorry for the confusion! You are actually in a temple that would be in the region of Ko-wahi if we were in canon Bionicle. @Nato the Traveler IC: Reliable Narrator | The Temple Where Sidra Is Taking a closer look at the suva, Sidra began to draw some connections between the twelve columns placed equidistant around the exterior of the temple’s ground floor and the suva. The suva’s shadow pointed to the West in the early twilight, and stretched long enough to reach beyond the lava rock floor to the dirt outside. As she continued to stare at the panels around the bottom sides of the white marble suva, Sidra noticed three panels featuring color paints in the masks on matoran. In the first, one matoran facing towards a toa on the left side of the panel welcomed the newcomer to their shores. In the second, three matoran sat facing the ocean to their right and the five sparkling stars in the night sky above. In the third panel six matoran worked on building a new toa, dragging the construction equipment behind them as they marched to the left side of the panel. Curiously, this toa in the final of the three panels with color stood taller than the toa shown in the first panel and wore no mask, unlike the white kanohi akakus in the first panel. Even with all these clues, it seemed like something was missing. Did she have all the clues to solve this puzzle on her own?
  9. Hi everyone! In the grand tradition of Six Kingdoms, I humbly offer yet another GOOGLE FORM. This is for learning more about everyone's experience this past week! We may hit 12 pages before next Monday in my timezone, which means almost 2 pages daily. WOW! https://forms.gle/DCMuqFuudnhkq4ho7
  10. IC: Pridak | Barraki Coliseum, Pridak’s Throne room Pridak sat back in his throne and slid down a little bit as he thought on Ostrox’s words. At last he spoke. “Then let him bring a friend, preferably someone who poses no real threat. I’ll leave the choice to you two. You are dismissed.” He waited for Zaliyah and Ostrox to leave. He would need a nap after this. So many questions and most were one’s he still asked himself: what should I do, is there anything I can do, how do we deal with what’s happened? Once the two were out of his throne room he rubbed his eyes and sent a vahki to get him more of his favorite drink. He paced on the balcony once belonging to Turaga Dume, considering his options and feeling very at odds with himself. OOC: @Nato the Traveler and @Toru Nui, you have a quest
  11. @Eyru, Tuakana approved. @Kal the Guardian, welcome! Seybo is approved. Sorilax is approved if he found the Midak skyblaster in the past week before SKR started. Midak does not exist in the Time Between Time, and a blaster from Midak would have only been available since the GSR skull crashed into the island. Sorilax's ACR, Second Skin, is approved.
  12. IC: Reliable Narrator | Temple to the East by South East of Metru Koro To Sidra’s west she saw the massive skull of Mata Nui crashed from the heavens, and around it the glittering lake of toxic silver. To the East beyond the temple rose the still slowly erupting volcano. To the Northwest were cold and inhospitable mountain ranges with snow capped peaks, most were much smaller now after the impact. The temple Sidra stood on the threshold of was made of orange siltstone and rose two stories high. The clay tile roof of the second story caved in centuries ago, and was now filled with ferns, air-dispersed weeds, and clinging vines which trailed their snaking green leaves down the sides and around the columns of the exterior. The temple had a hexagonal floor plan, but the Southern facing walls had decayed and fallen apart. Stones once used as columns dotted the small slope down back down toward the far swatch of toxic green marsh and forest in the distance. Inside the temple the floor was cool and made of blackened lava rock with large pores in its surface. Weeds clung to small cracks in the floor, and fluttered in a soft Western breeze. Resting in the center of the room rose a domed structure half Sidra’s height, but at least her height in diameter. She recognized it immediately as one of the suvas used by toa that dotted the islands of her old world. The edges closest to the floor were covered in a thickly painted but well worn depiction of kanohi, rahi, and stars. The small lizard who playfully approached her nektann drone had vanished, no doubt into some small hidey-hole in the ruined siltstone pillars holding up the decaying roof. She noticed there were twelve larger pillars located equidistantly around the perimeter of the temple, although the Southern ones were little more than wrecked stumps. Her shadow followed the direction of early twilight, stretching out behind her to the East and into the scrub brush and rocky hillside beyond. OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  13. IC: Reliable Narrator, the view through Mazor's Scope Looking through his scope at the early evening sky Mazor could see the multiple colors painted across the air and clouds: peach, streaking lines of burnt orange, light goldenrod, honeysuckle pink, and the softest kisses of periwinkle and lilac. The sun moved to the Western horizon slowly but surely. When Mazor returned to the surface of Metru-Nui a week ago he saw the red ring on the horizon no longer seared across the sky. It gratefully remained as nothing more than a recent memory in this strange new world. His view trained on the dark purple and smoke colored clouds resting high in the sky. He could catch the same glint of sunlight from between them. As he saw every time he looked to the sky following this trail of rain and youth. The water fell from behind the clouds, but they were not rain clouds. He moved the scope's view a little higher. He knew a strange sphere hung in the sky just beyond the clouds. Sometimes he caught a glimpse or two, but never a full view. This evening proved lucky for Mazor. The sunlight shone through the large glass sphere, glinting and making its own rainbows. Bigger than any airship, half of it looked shattered, destroyed by some unknown impact or explosion. From the shattered hole in the glass sphere poured the waterfall that became the youthful rain. He saw small peaks of green dangling over the sides of the floating sphere, but nothing discrete enough to accurately determine. His scope did not have enough magnitude to see so far in great detail. It looked impossibly high in the sky, so high he wondered if an airship could withstand the elevation. Ooc: @Smudge8
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