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  1. Hey @Smudge8, your toa Jephro is good to go. Your Dark Hunter seems like they need a touch more work. 1.) You mention matoran letters changing on their body. Is this a power? Did I miss something? Please explain. 2.) If they regenerate and heal naturally, how do they have an artificial eye? What is stopping the natural eye from growing into the prosthetic?
  2. I feel lessening the poison effect would be good, given the many other abilities she has between psionic powers and bestial memory consumption. Otherwise I think she's an interesting idea. Backstory is strong and fits well into the lore of the game.
  3. IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru Streets | Vahki Response From Kanohi’s elevated perspective he watched the rorzakh squad charging a lone toa by the elevator become engulfed in a dark grey cloud of smoke. Thom’s smoke canister made visibility almost impossible around the doors to the elevator chute. Breathing the smoke left a cloying texture in the mouth. While the rorzakh charged Nale, the squad mother speaking with Vyarik sent their squad to investigate the alleyway where the Dark Hunter and Stannis fought. They noted damaged walls and protodermis chunks scattered about the alley. While they searched, the squad mother reiterated to Vyarik; “return to work functions. Further resistance will lead to a forced return. A busy matoran is a happy matoran” The elevator capsule containing Stannis and Knichou began to slow as it diverted toward the exit. As it arrived, a squad of rorzakh scuttled across the airship docks of Onu-Metru toward them. How the vahki knew where the two were planning on exiting was a mystery, but there they were assembling to continue the pursuit.
  4. Many of the islands south of Metru-Nui are in separate habitation domes. These are connected by sea gates and waterways. Let's PM about specific locations for your property.
  5. IC: Reliable Narrator | Silver Sea | Airship Ambush South of Destral In the skies above the rolling protodermis seas a tense exchange of fire began. There was a peel of thunder as Varxii released her elemental power across the skies. The smell of ozone filled the air as the first rippling lightning strike cut through afternoon weather. She was the conduit for nature’s wrath, pulling from the storm inside her to wreak havoc on the approaching airships. The first strike went wide, but the second surge of lightning struck the bow of the craft closer towards port. Flames burst along the underside of the hull, and over the rush of air Varxii could hear sirens blaring in alarm. Skorm’s altered senses revealed the attacking airships were crafted around large organ-shaped sacs. They floated like blimps, and were propelled forward by an unknown source. What at first seemed like thick netting between the two airships on closer inspection revealed itself to be a green webbing that stretched and swung in the wind. The webbing seemed to be what held most of the crafts together, with thick coatings gluing cabins and catwalks to the hulls. Mazor spied gunports along the sides and bow of each airship, which unloaded another barrage of snot-like projectiles towards The Ripple. The projectiles that made their target hit the blast ceiling with a gooey splorch, a burst of steam as the sac ripped open, and then something spindly crawled out and rattled off a horrid warcry: The Ripple was boarded! On the now covered cargo deck Ostrox watched as Morah crept forward toward the crates the projectile had displaced. She saw nothing but a thin trail of acidic slime leading its way under the cargo. Pushing aside a box revealed nothing. Then, with a burst of surprise, a screeching red creature pounced on Aksa as she attempted to patch the floor with her powers of stone. Ostrox and Morah saw the creature in full as it grappled Aksa: four legs, spider-like body, massive mandibles, and a strange plate on its back beginning to quickly spin. OOC: It's ya boi... IC: Reliable Narrator | Onu-Metru | Archives, Level Seven Vashni’s psionics softly touched against the minds of rahi as the party made their way through the seventh level of the archives. The structure they were in was simple and straightforward: a long hallway with containment chambers on either side. Flickering lightstones socketed into the hallway’s ceiling fizzled creepily. They progressed without further danger to a crossroads in the archives. A map with “You are here” on it was posted on a nearby wall. According to the map, continuing forward led to Southern Region Rahi, turning left entered Steltian War Trophies, and to the right was simply labeled: “under construction -- please avoid.” The ghoulish echo of a loose rahi hunting far away came from the right.
  6. @Azibo, Othorak is approved. Thanks for giving me a link to upper Steltian information. I am interested to see how he eludes the vahki presence in Metru-Nui if he a higher ranking member of the League under Barraki Kalma. Regarding the official title he holds, it looks like in Maori a "knight" is called rangatira. Since the League is more of a feudal system if I remember correctly, I would love to offer him the title of baron, as well as a small island to own somewhere in the League's borders.
  7. For the onu-metru disc hunting team, have you actually left the elevator vestibule and begun walking through the archives or are you still at the landing?
  8. OOC: I don't think I can get to Silver Sea conflict tonight, but here's the Onu-Metru vahki response for now. IC: Vahki Response, Onu-Metru Streets The two squads of vahki fully established a perimeter per their programming. Another squad of six signalled intent to reinforce, which was accepted per established programming. It was normal to have vahki descend on an incident in overwhelming numbers for better establishing peace and order. By the time the third and four squad arrived the only remaining individuals in the vicinity were Stannis, Nale, Knichou, Vyarik, and an unlucky onu-matoran who got busted for possession. Since the debut of the vahki with the first wave of rorzakh in Onu-Metru, Nuparu made several revisions. The most recent were squad mothers. Equipped with the ability to both understand and output matoran speech, squad mothers bridged the gap between law skirting denizens and the fair and just police system. A small but vocal minority of matoran began protesting living conditions of vahki in charging hives stationed throughout the city after the introduction of speech, saying that they were now too advanced to be considered merely robots and deserved equal rights and pay. Like the two present at the scene of Nuparu’s murder, squad mothers were designated by stripes of paint and more elaborate armor plating. They stood almost a head above others in their squad, making them easy to pick out in a crowd. More frustratingly, they carried kanoka at higher power levels then regular vahki. “Spoke with Dark Hunters. Let them escape. Allegations against known visitor Toa Stannis: organized crime, brawling on city property, collusion with known terror organization. No visual evidence provided. Thank you for your report. Return to work matoran. Thinking is dangerous.” The squad mother speaking with Vyarik chirped the last line in a far more peppy voice than the otherwise choppy and disharmonious computer voice preceding. The prerecorded voice of a Ga-Matoran read out all the city’s slogans of diligence and hard work except in Ta-Metru where vahki spoke in chute speak because of a “feature” in their programming provided by an unknown individual. A rorzakh blipped and screeched as Knichou stealthily removed the components of Nuparu’s iStone for later use. The squad mother rose up to full height, towering above the already cowering actor of a matoran. “Theft detected. Personal property requested did not contain a knowledge crystal. Proceed with retrieval. Surrender, worker.” A squad of vahki screeched distorted audibles in unison, converted themselves into quadrupedal mode, and began a reckless charge towards the elevator Knichou and his companions were stepping into. “Surrender, worker. Theft detected." OOC: Surrender or run!
  9. Skyra approved. Midaks are okay I think, but we'll talk if there's a problem.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the following is a list of player groups and missions currently being attempted: Onu-Metru disc hunters on level 7 of the archives Onu-Metru dark hunters waiting for the moment to strike Stannis and Knichou Onu-Metru vahki response interacting with witnesses and participants in the fight surround Nuparu's murder Ga-Metru disc hunters are roaming the streets Ko-Metru disc hunter has reached the first puzzle Metru-Nui faction (Orieus, Iona) is beginning assault on an island to gain access to communications array League faction is engaged with hostile airships in the silver sea traveling to last known Nynrah airship coordinates I want to make sure I stay up to date on the events! If there's anything I'm missing or if you haven't heard from me in a day regarding a post feel free to PM me about it.
  11. IC: Vahki Response, Onu-Metru Streets “State your identity. State your report.” said the rorzakh to Vyarik. While speaking it attempted to poke dark hunter with its staff as if analyzing a specimen. The crowd parted to give them room to speak. “Why are you not engaged in work functions, mask maker? Why are you so far from work location during furnace hours?” The programming of the rorzakh had determined Vyarik was a matoran of Ta-Metru and was competing with the request to submit a trouble ticket for the incident. Meanwhile, Knichou, Stannis, and Nale worked on their distraction plan. The rorzakh would buy the hook of a simple conversation, passively recording Nale’s distractions as it would any normal conversation and feeding it back to the nearest hive charging cluster station. It was there to protect the worker’s corpse and the city’s property, but Knichou was allowed to collect his belongings without retaliation. OOC: Onu-Metru disc hunting gang, I'll get a post up either this evening or tomorrow once you've progressed further.
  12. IC: Reliable Narrator, Silver Sea Morah's telekinetic pull brought the projectile's sac into the air, revealing it was much larger than she thought on initial inspection since it had folded in on itself. It was brown and green, mottled with acid burns, semi-translucent, and big enough for a matoran. Something like webbing between the sac and the floor twisted and snapped as she pulled it away. The pool of acid continued to eat at the floor.
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