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  1. IC: Administrator | Ruins of Air “Lrrthxx," the Administrator said in the same voice as the Aspect's. "A name. I shall add you to my watch list. Why should I assist you?” OOC: @Azibo, @Toa Fanixe
  2. Hello everyone! First, the survey is STILL OPEN. Please, please, pretty please... FILL IT OUT. Weekly Updates: At long last, they're back! Given I did a bit of a reading marathon over the past three nights to get caught while working one job (well two but the second just furloughed again) and potentially moving in the next two weeks and existing in the current state of the world and so I probably missed something. Please comment if I missed something you feel should be in the weekly summary! June 1st-7th Ice and stone ruins get to Nuva chamber, discovering a Great Disk is necessary to continue further. Ruins of fire progress beyond the first chamber Miserix awakes, revealing herself during the duel between Barius and Boss. Meanwhile, a new skakdi leader gains allies. Tac panda 2 gets to Zataka The coliseum assassins get closer to their fight with Pridak, Rose providing a brief glimpse beyond the scarlet warrior's hard shell. Airship fight heats up as Kat prepares her fiery attack, the Taku invisibly grows closer to the fray, and the Inferno begins to falter. June 8th-14th Cravius hires Uraborask to capture flying rahi in the Fau Swamps. Drukarus and Marrow form an unlikely team as they continue on their ascent of Irnakk's Tooth. Viltia, part 1 The battle in the skies continues as Poroka commands his ship to avoid destruction. Aurax's Assassins prepare to get the drop on Pridak, hiding themselves in the throne room of the Coliseum. June 15th-21st Yumiwak and her crew finally meet their prize: Zataka. The Ruins of Fire continue Arkius seeks out Kanohi to talk about the future of Po-Koro Iradra discovers hardlight elemental manipulation, drawing on the teachings of Ko-Metru scholars and her old element. The skakdi of the Rig continue their lives. Gore Fury finishes his conversation with McGrokk, Cravious considers life as a detective, and Uraborask goes to sleep on his couch with the sounds of his stolen radio in the background. June 22nd- 28th The skakdi of the Rig continue their machinations of power, engineering, and a halfway decent meal. Gore and Cravious meet at last. The Taku prepares to finally board the League airships as Zaliyah, Dar Poroka, and Ostroxx draw closer to Metru-Koro Kat of The Flame, order of the Kanohi Dragon, releases her powerful technique: Dragon Flare! Will the Razorfish be destroyed?! Dru and Amarth board the Wombat, Dar Poroka prepares for a good fight! Knichou and his ever growing list of sudden recruits jump from the Taku for a mid-air boarding action of the League airships. Keitara and Kat board the Tranquility June 29th - July 4th Gnabol and Mazor learn parenting isn't easy, and decide to travel to a matoran camp. Cravious and Gore Fury plot out a new ACR. The airship battle above Metru-Koro grows hotter as the Wombat pulls evasive maneuvers and the Tranquility takes on boarders. The first bombardment of Metru-Koro begins, destroying the garrison and laying waste to the village. Takadox convinces Nu-8020S and her companions to leave. Drukarus and Marrow enter the Nightmare Pits. Yaushe becomes the Taku! As the Taku takes heavy damage, the ghost in the van takes over the airship in an attempt to save the day. Sans and Zaliyah have their showdown aboard the Razorfish. Ostrox is captured as a prisoner while the Tranquility beings a crash landing. Dar Poroka engages the boarders of the Wombat in melee combat. FAVORITE PART OF THE WEEK -- remember this? Yes! Favorite part of the week! It's back! Comment what you enjoyed the most this past week. I personally loved catching up and seeing all the story that developed while I was gone. I also loved seeing how well Vezok's Friend ran the ship in my absence. <3
  3. Halfway through the game? Already in a new month? Oh yeah... IT'S SURVEY TIME!!!!
  4. Hi all, I think most of you already know I broke my glasses over last weekend. With everything rapidly changing in my life, having impacted vision really pushed things over the edge. I need to take a break from GMing until I get my new glasses, about 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, Vezok’s Friend is fully in charge. Please address all game related questions to him until I get some glasses on my face and can see again. Happy gaming, Unreliable Narrator
  5. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire As those who chose to proceed passed through the glowing portal into the next space, they felt the sweltering heat of the first room vanish to an uncomfortable chill. Despite the small nature of the portal, they beheld a massive complex strewn before them, dark and brooding. They stood within a massive unlit forge. Pipes ran along the walls, ceiling, and floor. The pipes connected four separate pillars of machinery to a central furnace in the middle of the room. Or it seemed like they should. But some pipes dangled in the air. Others stuck out awkwardly from the four pillars of machinery. The Administrator spoke calmly as the assembled adventurers and aspects took in the scene; “Rekindle the embers, and keep them stoked as long as needed.” IC: Suva of Stone Accepting input of mask of mind control, origin Apprentice Smith Nuhrii, no recorded abilities. Approving withdrawal of Mask of Speed, origin Forgemaster Dume, power of increased speed. The glowing aura around Ollem’s face faded as his old mask, the one he wore for so long, disappeared to be replaced by a foreign shape.
  6. IC: Reliable Narrator | Metru-Nui Coliseum with Stannis As they progressed, the floor they walked through had dim flickering lights. The service corridors were still returning to full operational status, and small breakages in the walls signaled ongoing issues repairing the building. The corridors were high vaulted, even in the service passages. Tag art littered the grey and white protodermis walls. Broken glass littered the floor, crunching underfoot. As they progressed further, the four vigilantes noticed a strange change. Banners bearing the crests of the barraki hung in the hallway. Strangely, only Ehlek and Pridak were featured. Before long Stannis reached the doorway he sought: a matoran sized entrance with a touchpad lock leading into the office once belonging to Turaga Dume. Stannis knew Dume once kept a bookcase on the other side to hide this escape route. OOC: @EmperorWhenua, @Toru Nui, @Snelly, @Tarn IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice “They left behind what they learned, or gathered the hidden teachings they needed to perform things taboo to those who follow the Krom. They had many ways of hiding their secrets among the teachings of the faith. Not that I would disclose such secrets. They are against the Krom." Korruhn continued to inspect the lantern, holding it aloft and moving it from side to side. He felt called not to the lantern itself, but the shadows banished by its light in the room where they solved the puzzle. OOC: @Crimson Jester, @Nato the Traveler, @EmperorWhenua
  7. Happy Tuesday! I know the weekly recaps haven't gone up the past.. 3 weeks (holy moly)! Vezok's Friend and I will be working on getting those up asap. I just accepted and started a new position this week, so I've been exceedingly busy with work life. I apologize for the delays, and will continue to be as available as I can. Things to look forward to in June: Weekly Recaps getting back to current gameplay state A mid-game survey looking towards SK3 A longer SKR themed lore quiz
  8. IC: Pridak/Coliseum It’s amazing how I set up a system to be left alone, and then I take a breather before the big show, and I still get interrupted. I blocked out the schedule, I ordered the catering, I put on my new warsuit -- less missiles, more raw power -- and took a walk down to the docks of Ga-Metru. Leave it to Ehlek to insist my new warsuit be built to receive emails. The afternoon went by in a blur. I only remember some of the meetings, and the feeling of the slowly draining ocean lapping at my feet when I finally got a moment to myself and my guards. It’s infuriating to gain power and then find out power doesn’t equal getting a moment alone to think. Someone always has to protect you, watch you, or otherwise be nearby to get your opinion on something. I can see why Takadox left. Power is a trap. I watched the tide slowly recede and return. It felt strange to be sitting on a broken dock in Ga-Metru looking toward the dark and empty back of a dead god's skull. Stranger to be eating my snack while doing so. I never thought of myself as a binge eater. But I did seem to get certain cravings when thinking proved difficult and the paperwork piled up. My warsuit kept notifying me of emails. When I finally got around to checking, there were several messages from the vortixx receptionist I hired. One caught my eye, Saybo and Ourash being back with Stannis’ mask, but I didn’t really want to get up and rush back to the Coliseum. I wanted to savor the moment and enjoy the victory and work on repressing the deeper feelings of frustration and betrayal. After a bit I responded: I’m out. Apparently that wasn’t good enough. Apparently the leader of the free world had to go and collect the token of his fallen enemy personally. Apparently I requested they return the mask to me personally, and so I had to fulfill that. I sighed and stood up. It was a long day. IC: Reliable Narrator | Coliseum, Private Floor 49 Reception Room “Our lord says he’s currently traveling back from Ga-Metru and will be available shortly,” the receptionist replied politely to Saybo and Aurax. “Please, take a seat? If you need some refreshments, there’s a small juice stand two floors down we just got repaired. The Watermelon Breeze is very popular.” OOC: @~Xemnas~, @Kal the Guardian
  9. IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits The metallic sand yellow kraata with reddish gold accents pulsed with activity, and the dirt and grime across Barius’s hand flaked away and scattered off the slippery ledge and into the volcanic air shrouding the Nightmare Pits. Barius’s armor flaked and cracked, already eroded from the last tussle on the ground. The longer they remained locked together, the more Barius’s defenses fell. Barius repeatedly slammed Boss’s head back into the ground, concussing him, the stone beneath cracking and flaking. Boss’s audio input rang with static, unable to calibrate under the force of the blows, overwhelming whatever Barius screamed. The onlookers could feel the reverberations of the brutal attacks under their feet. Boss’s powers over molecular disruption made each impact erode the ground, and the two fighters began slowly sinking into the stone ledge, as if the earth itself wanted to swallow them alive. Barius pushed his thumb against Boss’s eye socket. The primarily black kraata with metallic sand yellow accents along Boss’s neck twisted and squirmed, the power of limited invulnerability becoming strained and challenged by Barius’s sheer force of will. A primarily dark green kraata with metallic lemon yellow accents squirmed alongside its brethren, increasing the density of Boss’s anatomy for greater resistance. A moment passed where the two men howled and shrieked as they wounded each other. The tension viciously burst as Barius pierced the metallic protodermis. Boss’s concentration broke from the pain, and Barius’s vision swam back into focus and out from the utter darkness in time to see not just blood but a dark gaseous substance begin to pour from the wound. Boss swung his knuckle duster against Barius’s hands, ferocity fueled by something more than desperation: fear. Fear dominated Boss. He fought back and snarled and screamed. He mastered his fear. He shackled her and forced her to obey. Or so he thought. Now she controlled him. She shackled him. He obeyed... Boss blinked. His feet dangled off the driver’s seat of the war rig, unable to reach the pedals. The top of his head barely reached the top of the wheel. Cracked leather covered the seat, the cushion worn out underneath to where Boss could feel the metal frame. He felt disassociated as multiple points of view warped his reality. He could see the wheel, but he could also see himself looking at the wheel from outside the rig. It made him nauseated. His head hurt. The hot, motor oil smelling air of the garage didn’t help. “Why are you hiding here?” Her voice echoed. Why couldn’t he see her? He could smell her, he could hear her… why couldn’t he see his momma? “Nektann said I can’t go,” Boss replied, his voice young and higher pitched. It sounded tinny. The bass boost hadn’t kicked in yet. “Your… Nektann doesn’t want you to leave yet because you’re not ready. He’s concerned about you is all.” “He’s not concerned about me. He doesn’t even care. Nektann just thinks I’m weak.” Boss hit the horn with his fist. It smelled of summer sunshine and desert adventure. And he was trapped in the dark halls of the fortress. Again, his sense of self swam uncomfortably. “We don’t think you're weak,” she said. Boss knew she only presented a unified front when commanded. He grunted angrily, unable to argue because he knew where this was going. She continued, “you are so strong. You’re just--” “Too damaged.” “--too young.” An uncomfortable silence. Boss kicked his feet against the underside of the driver’s seat. His heels could just reach one of the springs, and the rough edge scratched him. “You keep rushing forward, trying to do everything. You’re excited. But you’re not old enough to go out with the warskaks. You don’t understand--” “--Maybe that’s because you won’t let me leave.” Boss didn’t remember saying that. He remembered this conversation but he didn’t remember saying that. “We let you leave,” his momma replied. An exasperated edge crept into her tone. “You go with the other skaklets every other time there’s a convoy to the Rig. You get to travel, but not alone. We’re still showing you the roads to follow, the safe paths through the dunes. It takes time and practice to navigate safely.” “I don’t get to make my mark. I don’t get to be me. What about what my wish?” His hands gripped the wheel, so much smaller back then -- still blue and sharply clawed, just small and unused to butchering skakdi like rahi. Boss paused, unsure how to proceed. If the words he said weren’t his past... “I’m not me, am I? It’s not just the toy I’m trapped inside.” His momma interjected, voice sounding closer to his own deep tone and scratchy timbre; “Come on out of the rig. Let’s get you back to your garden. You like it there. You get to talk about your dreams there.” “I hate our garden. Our garden makes me want to die. I prune flowers and want something better with our life… but all you do is hope and dream and crush the hopes and dreams of others. You never let me out. You never… let me live.” He slid out of the rig, feet touching the cool floor of the garage. His vision kept swimming, refusing to obey, refusing to let him clearly understand his place in the world. He saw the strange beasts in the corner no one else saw, starving and bloated. He saw the back of his head and his frills. He saw his own perspective looking out from his own eyes. He saw everything at once and nothing made sense. His head hurt. His head hurt so much. And his eyes itched. They itched so much. Something pushed against his eye. It pushed in and it pushed in with unbearable pain. “Momma I…” “Hush, you’re free.” “I can’t be free. I’m not done. I need this. I need you.” His voice sounded alien now. Alien and so far away… Barius found his bloodied hand wrenched back in Boss’s vice grip. The three dark eyes moving across Boss’s face seemed to swell and pulse and more and more of the gaseous substance leaked from the wound. “You. Don’t. Get. To. Touch. Me.” Boss’s lips moved in a crude puppetry as Miserix spoke, her voice a multitudinous echo. A wailing call of recognition from the pit witches down below echoed upwards in response alongside the drums. A wave of recognition reached Parnassus. And, quite possibly, a wave of genuine awe and terror at the possibility of what he could someday become. The knife inside Barius twisted, jerking sharply upwards inside him, wrenching away tomorrow and any hopes of glory... OOC: @Burnmad, make your last play. It's be an absolute pleasure writing this out with you. I've got some stuff to send you, so check your PMs.
  10. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice "The boon bestowed to those who are the protectors of their people. The matoran called them toa, stronger and lifted up by the Krom. Two stand with you. I imagine such a boon could be claimed by any who provides the necessary key. It is my place to keep the boon safe until the world is ready." The Administrator stopped speaking. It seemed to have nothing further to say as to the nature of what lay hidden beyond. Then it spoke again; "This is a terrible world. The Time Between Time needs heroes to help lift up their people, not become corrupted by the hopes of individual gain."
  11. (Reliable Narrator) IC: Coliseum, Private Floor 49 Reception Aurax proved the subtle dangers of the mask of charisma once more as the vortixx looked over the mask and nodded. The vortixx took another long look at the booking software on their iStone, absentmindedly tapping the rhythm of an outdated pop song with one hand while they searched. “Well, I was told Barraki Pridak is unavailable for meetings, but you both did say he asked to see you right away. I can try and get in contact with him, see if he’s still upstairs. Hold on.” The vortixx quickly typed something, slammed the enter key, and waited. A frown followed moments later. “He says he’s out.” IC: Ice Ruins “The device is a lock requiring a key,” the Administrator said in response to Sidra’s question. “It does not provide power, only restricts access to a great boon for the chosen one. No Korruhn, you are not the first apostatized to enter this chamber. Often they come for redemption, or to seek the teachings of the Krom for their own twisted whims. After centuries of silence, this temple went offline. I only regained access after you three reopened the temple. The Northern temple of stone and the Southern temple of air have also been brought back online.” IC: Fire Ruins “For you, only forgiveness upon seeing you aid those who still follow the Krom. You have fallen to the darkness. For those who are still pure and hold the Krom in their hearts, the challenges beyond may prove their worthiness,” replied the Administrator to Tuakana. The Administrator made no comment to those who left, letting them pass freely out into the volcanic wasteland. IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits Crushing his hands against Boss’s skull, Barius yelled his challenge and called Boss weak. They struggled on the ground, blood pouring from Barius’s open wound. Boss clung to the knife inside his enemy, twisting the blade, gouging deeper even as he felt the metallic skin of his head throbbing under the pressure. The sunken portion of his skull where eyes once rested threatened to collapse. “You know nothing of strength,” Boss yelled as he fought to hold on. It took all his concentration to keep blinding Barius. OOC: Please let me know if you've been missed.
  12. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice As they walked down the hallway, Leklo asked his questions and Korruhn ran his hand on the wall. Leklo's curiosity only grew. Korruhn's hand got cold from brushing against the hallway, missing part of the riddle burned into his hand. Sidra contemplated her choice of prior employment while walking forward with the lamp. "You ask more questions than you have patience, toa Leklo. I will answer as best I can. Time and inactivity has filled me with lost memories. What is there to know of Forgemaster Dume? He makes masks and disks of value. I have not seen him in… a long time, and never in this temple. He prayed in the temple to the East, in the region of fire. I have blessed many of his creations." The Administrator paused, not to catch a breath but to let the information sink in. "The writing is of the matoran. It tells their story of loss, of growth, and of loss again. Many teachings are stored here. Many prophecies. Most of what is written I cannot speak. It is not my place. You are not the first cycle, and you will not be the last." As they crossed the threshold into the next space, the Administrator said; “but we do not exist as just individuals. The Krom reminds us we are all part of a whole, and we rise or fall together in these great cycles." Korruhn, Leklo, and Sidra stepped into the hexagonal room, the icy walls bare at first glance save for lightstone sconces providing a soft blue illumination. A strange device rested in the center of the room. It rose about chest height for a toa with a slot at the top. All three immediately noticed how the slot seemed perfectly shaped to fit a kanoka disk of all things. A three digit code could be seen next to the disk slot: 4-2-9. On the far wall they discovered one more piece of writing. The letters in matoran spelled a single word: NUVA. ... Ooc: @Nato the Traveler, @EmperorWhenua, @Crimson Jester Art by @Vezok's Friend
  13. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Ice As the ice caps melted into their respective tubes, the three standing in the chambers felt growing anticipation. Finished, Sidra pulled away. The three tubes slid into the walls, and the liquid drained into something hidden. They heard the groaning and shifting of something beyond their view, and then the far wall split in half and rolled back to reveal a long hallway covered in further hieroglyphics. An arched doorway waited at the end of the hall. "You have proven yourselves enough to walk the path as individuals," said the Administrator. Ooc: @Nato the Traveler, @Crimson Jester, @EmperorWhenua
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