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  1. IC: Nuju | Kini Nui Nuju smiled. It was a rare and genuine smile. "Your insight may be just what is needed. When the warriors fight, scholars must consider why." OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  2. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui "Sounds like rain," Nuju commented as Vulimai ran off. He waited for a bit as Stannis stood there in similar silence. They both understood the power of words, and chose them carefully. At last Nuju answered; "perhaps you'll be back before the rain stops. Maybe you'll find what I'm looking for: a makoki stone that will reveal the path to Tren Krom. It wasn't always a cycle, you know." OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  3. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui "Oh, hello. You must be Vulimai. I'm Nuju, it's a pleasure to meet you. I hear you're the leader of the village beyond the temple. Say, have I seen you somewhere before? You look familiar." Nuju screwed up his eyes in concentration. Then he gave up with a shrug and a noncommittal whistle of failure. "You asked about a Krom Sphere. I'm--" Caedast interrupted. "Oh hello, you're a sight for old eyes. I thought your last mission took you to the Southern Continent? And now you're here, impressive." Nuju paused, sitting down on the steps of the rift and crossing his legs in casual comfort. "How do you know Korruhn? It's a pleasure to meet you at last, Stannis. Care for a little adventure to save reality and time itself?" OOC: @Sparticus147, @EmperorWhenua
  4. IC: Miserix | Kumu Peninsula Miserix stood on shaky legs. She staggered her form uneasily towards Korruhn, one eery jolting step at a time. They met a few paces from the rahkshi’s broken and scavenged armor. Its pilot, a small and dying kraata, struggled to escape her. She held it outwards, pointed towards Korruhn like a weapon. She knew there were shortcomings on both sides. Korruhn demanded justice and satisfaction. The small being she held outstretched from her wanted freedom. Neither would get what they wanted. But she would raise them all the same. “You must worship me,” Miserix said through Grime. Korruhn could feel her antidermis miasma swimming through the air around his own body now. “You must give yourself freely, as this poor little star does. They will save your life. It is only fair.” And then she placed the kraata onto Korruhn with the strength of all her years and hidden power. She placed it where it would be most happy: upon his back, with a view of the stars. It bit deep into him, and drank its fill. “Hello,” she began… … and then it was done. “Go,” Miserix whispered in Korruhn’s mind as Grime’s body slumped against his back. “Go and bring the broken Builder. Tell them he walked the path. They will understand. You must not reveal me, or all is lost. But know this: we must hope the one who lingers beyond is not yet who you think. Guard your heart closely. It will be your greatest weakness. If you do not, you will be bound to them in body and soul. Do not make idle wishes. Speak when spoken to, and be polite. You have just killed one of their children." OOC: @Crimson Jester
  5. @Onaku: Kargon is approved @Sparticus147: Tihun is approved, as is his sub @pokemonlover360: Patiwairutiki is approved
  6. RULES UPDATE TO FAR SHORE ADVENTURES Hey all, as part of Expansion 8 there has been a revision to how Matoran Principles work for Far Shore Adventures. While the design intention of the original version provided a little more freedom of choice, it was overly complicated and this new version is a more streamlined and (hopefully) understandable system. You can see it in the rules topic, and the main portion of the rules text that was changed has also been posted below: I hope this change helps those who are wanting to try Far Shore Adventures, or who were a little confused about how to end them.
  7. IC: Ehlek | Mi-Kiri "A refresh wouldn't be that simple, would it?"
  8. Approximately 40 - X NPC Skakdi, where X is equal to the number of MCs + PCs in the faction. The number of 40 comes from Boss's raiding party in SKR.
  9. @Snelly, I believe just a PC profile submission is sufficient. The Breed would be Toa Kaita.
  10. IC: Miserix | Kumu Peninsula The worm struggled for freedom. Grime’s puppeteered corpse held it fast, squeezing the red and black flesh of the kraata like a lifeline. Its body pulsed and contorted, but it still could not scream. The crushing of the armor had removed that terrible power, and the kraata’s life slipped further away towards whatever death existed for such an abomination. But its eyes glittered with intelligence, and through it there could be no doubt someone was watching. Grime’s fingers pressed firmly into the eyes of the kraata, keeping its infectious mouth pointed firmly away. There would be no accidents. Not this time. The miasmic entity of Miserix spoke carefully, but confidently, through her puppet. “Do you willingly wish to prepare yourself, regardless of the horrors you must endure?” OOC: @Crimson Jester, yes or no? The choice is yours: Korruhn can choose to be desecrated by Miserix, or he can choose to venture forth alone through the portal.
  11. An Infectious Kraata used in Desecration only replaces the heartlight component and is destroyed during the Desecration just like the heartlight would be normally. The Desecration is otherwise unchanged in its input and output. The new wording in Apocalypse is only for clarity and is not intended to change the power.
  12. The End, Shlolmo IC: Reliable Narrator | Kumu Peninsula Everything reduced to a red haze. Korruhn’s violence ended before he realized it was over, his powers over a fundamental force of the universe stripping his enemy to pieces. He didn’t feel the lacerations as miniscule bits of metal blasted outwards from his kill. He just felt the primal rush of rage, and the weight of his dying culture whipping at his heels. He kept fighting, tearing, biting. At last the drumming in his head eased enough to see clearly. His hands were slick with silver blood -- his own and his enemy’s. One of the eyes on his right arm had opened, its sickly golden pupil gazing back in acknowledgement of Korruhn’s brutality. There was no doubting it: Korruhn could never return to the society he protected. He was too far gone into the void. He was too sick to return. Something squirmed inside the battered and dismembered armor of the defeated rahkshi. It wriggled and whined, but having been half crushed could not find the energy to scream one last time. The kraata was dying, and it struggled and twisted its body like a fish out of water… “It’s not too late,” said a voice behind Korruhn. It came from Grime’s mouth, although the jaw was slack and the head hung low. The impaled matoran’s body dangled limply from the shaft of the rahkshi’s spear. A green mist poured slowly from the corpse as Miserix began to work Grime like a puppet. Even in death he consented to her power. Grime’s dirt-covered hand reached out towards Korruhn. “Give us the worm, and we shall guide you in the darkness where you’ve so far walked alone. You will need us, for the one who waits across the threshold is capable of more than you can possibly imagine.” OOC: @Crimson Jester, Korruhn has survived this fight, although he suffered greatly. The rahkshi staff of Power Scream (stage 4) is his to claim as his own. Great job allowing your character to take the hits.
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