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  1. A nice reimagining of an old and popular MOC concept. A pity Lego never saw fit to release their own G2 Vahi...
  2. To quote Power Rangers in Space: "Part of a deliciously EVIL breakfast!"
  3. It could just be a feature of the species he's a part of-it's hard to know when the only other representative we have a visual representation for is Voporak, and he's hardly a typical specimen given all the experimentation the Brotherhood put him through.
  4. Fuel for my desire to collect, to write, to dream.
  5. Reminds me of a video that was on the site YEARS ago-someone did a pilot for a G1 Lewa talk show that doesn't seem to have gone anywhere. A fan letter asked Lewa if he ever used the "hatchet" for anything besides channeling his power, and he responded roughly: "You've obviously never been to one of my Mahi barbecue parties. Sometimes you just have to hack them up to get at the good parts, you know what I'm saying? And it's an AXE, by the way, if you want to get technical."
  6. No way I could have pulled it off without absurd amounts of money, but to be Dark Lord Makuta (the G2 Titan/combiner model) would be amazing.
  7. The Chronicles of Prydain: The High King Not gonna lie, wasn't expecting all the sad.
  8. That's a bit too close-up to a Jungle Okotan's face.
  9. I suppose you could say Nidhiki's death is tragic-he was supposed to be a hero but became more concerned with his own self-interest-but it's kind of hard for me to see it as anything besides long overdue comeuppance. Of the others, I would say Krika's death is the most tragic, since at the end he tried to do something good at the end of a lifetime of evil but failed miserably. Matoro, Lhikan, and Jaller all died to save the lives of others which, while sad, doesn't really strike me as tragic-except in the sense that they had to die for others at all due to Makuta's evil. Some tragic deaths that come to mind for me: The Toa Mangai (besides Lhikan, Tuyet, and Nidhiki) These poor guys didn't even get the chance to be characters-they were a plot device for all intents and purposes, because Lhikan needed a team outside of two power-mad traitors. Only one of them has even been given a name, and they died being picked off one by one after being sent to their doom by an enemy who disguised himself as a friend. And on top of it, when Greg revealed his big deus ex machina for various deceased characters not being dead after all, he worked in a way to exclude them. The Toa Cordak Their story is much the same as that of the Mangai-only one of them besides the one we actually got a set for was given a name, and even she was barely a character. I would say that their death perhaps isn't quite as tragic as that of the Mangai, if only because they fell in the line of duty as opposed to being assassinated by a Dark Hunter, but it's not by much when you consider what became of the Matoran they had protected and their sole surviving teammate Lesovikk. Karzahni (the Being-and may I say how annoying it is to have to clarify that?) As one who appreciates a little villainous variety to a franchise, Karzahni's death saddens me because he was featured in a single book one year, returned as a a serial-exclusive antagonist the following year and was quickly taken out of the picture by the established main antagonist of the franchise, and was then killed off in another serial because things had gotten too cluttered. He might has well have bitten the dust back in 2007 if they were going to do that to him. From a character standpoint, Karzahni's whole history is somewhat tragic. The Great Beings created him and his brother and then made them fight over a mask designed to help them to create-how fighting prowess equate to worthiness for something like that? Upon loss of said battle, Karzahni was then dumped into a domain with with the purpose of repairing and/or retraining Matoran, but his creators kept up their poor judgement streak by apparently not telling him how to do his job. Then, as if he didn't have enough issues, the other inhabitants of the universe expect him to do the job he doesn't know how to do, and instead of trying to figure out why he's apparently having problems decide that he can't be trusted to do the job anymore. Is it any wonder that he went bonkers?
  10. Lewa Well that's lucky for you 'Cause you've managed to tick off Everyone else on the crew Your mask is overused, Even Mata Nui don't like ya Makuta did him a favor Stickin' him in that Ignika!
  11. I'm totally okay being the color that's previously been applied mainly to female characters or mass-produced minions. Korgot
  12. Cool design and concept-it is a little puzzling that Star Wars hasn't really had any humanoid mechs that I'm aware of.
  13. But remember, Taipu excelled at mining, which was a quintessential Onu-Matoran activity. Plus, all Onu-Matoran had night vision and had trouble seeing above-ground, so an Onu-Matoran would have a hard time living above-ground, and vice versa. Could always see him having been a Po-Matoran who carved Rahi replica statues in the Archives and thus adjusted to being underground. Plus, he seemed awfully happy hanging out in Le-Koro.
  14. Wait, you want humans to be involved? Why? Part of the beauty of Bionicle is that it takes place entirely separate from anything even remotely related to humans. It's an entirely alien world whose inhabitants are only human in that they have emotions we can relate to. Also, they're humanoid. Point is, adding human-related anything to Bionicle is a bad idea. If you like it, and you wanna chalk up your own G3 fanfic based on that premise, then fine; but that's still sucking out a huge part of what makes Bionicle...well, Bionicle. It would be, upon its reveal, a more realistic way to explain where they came from. The one thing I don't get about the Great Beings in the G1 storyline is this; where did THEY come from originally? They were highly-advanced Glatorian, and I know Glatorian are MOSTLY biological and the inhabitants of Spherus Magna, but did they evolve there and then afterward cybernetically augment themselves, or did something else build them and then stick them on that planet in the Solis Magna star system? With this method of Mata Nui, Makuta, and the resulting Matoran, Rahi, and other creations of theirs being the result of a future-Earth's terraforming and colonization mission in space, it'd make a more clear-cut origin story for everyone, and would also allow the kids who play with the toys a way to feel like they have a connection to the story in a roundabout way; future humans built the ship that built Bionicle, and they're building Bionicle characters with their Lego sets. It'd possibly make it more relate-able to the target audience as well as giving a clear cut answer, when it's revealed, as to where everything in this story's universe came from. But why must their creators be human? Why can't they be another alien race entirely? Why must that race's identity be specified, thus removing any mystery or room for speculation? Clear-cut isn't necessarily better. Sometimes, ambiguity and mystery adds to the "magic." G1 didn't need to be connected to humanity, and neither do any future generations. Why must they have a creator at all? Glatorian may well have simply evolved naturally, with the hyper intelligent Great Beings being the result of mutation, augmentation, etc etc Also yeah, keep nasty humanses out of my Bionicle. Would filthy Elveses be more to your liking? Seriously though, no humans-if the biomechanical characters are written well enough there is no need for actual humans.
  15. Dosne, Mamru, and a couple unnamed Onu-Matoran had some tan to them as well, though the first two had orange masks to help differentiate things. I have half wondered whether or not Taipu might not have been a Po-Matoran mistakenly identified as a Po-Matoran due to the whole amnesia thing.
  16. Get rid of the whole Web of Shadows thing, and turn Time Trap into the story of the Toa Metru getting the Matoran out of Metru Nui while dealing with the Dark Hunters. If you were to repurpose any G2 set as a G1 set.
  17. Definitely some interesting ideas-definitely not something that ever caught my attention.
  18. Among the Okotans, certainly. Mask Makers and Toa-who knows?
  19. I liked the Kal. Sure, they were clones, but sometimes things are cooler after a bit of reworking.
  20. You have to remember that the thing is a Norse war hammer-it wants to glory in battle and kill monsters. That being said, most Toa probably wouldn't be lifting it because most Toa don't kill. Now Helryx would probably have a field day with the thing, assuming it isn't put off by her moral ambiguity.
  21. The Mask of Ultimate Power-it's all the more alluring because we can't have it.
  22. The competitive nature of sports tears the island apart and results in a six way civil war. Brutaka opens a portal into the Bionicle afterlife-and no, this isn't the Red Star.
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