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Escape from the Underworld iBooks Preview

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Not bad. it's cool to see events from Kulta's perspective-- this guy won me over the second he took out all six Toa with one blow, so it's nice to see him given a bit more depth.


I also really like that Skull Basher was referred to as Kulta's "lieutenant." The idea that he could be a sort of Starscream to Kulta's Megatron makes me like him a lot more. :P


Seems it's also been implied now that there are only two Skull Scorpios? This is corroborated by the animations and by the 70794 box art, but up until now it hadn't been made very clear.


Anyway, this is neat info. Thanks for sharing!

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Neato! Seems like a really interesting read! Also, it's nice to have confirmation that everyone in G2 is in fact biomechanical, and not just straight up robots (if this had already been confirmed previously, then, heh, whoops, guess I missed that (I haven't read any of the other books, so yeah)...) Anyways, seems like we'll be getting the full backstory to ol' skully here, and I can't wait to see where it goes.


Huh, maybe we'll even get a Skull Grinder meeting/vs. Umarak moment.  :begging:

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This seems somewhat different in style to the last two books- Windham doesn't often seem to focus much on characters' inner thoughts. I hope it's something he decides to do more often.


Also, interesting confirmation that




1. Okotans are biomechanical.

2. The Toa are apparently immortal (perhaps just in the sense that they don't age, but still interesting)



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Amazing preview! I wish we got this sort of thing out sooner. Is it just me, or does it seem like the books are being released at odd times to compliment the sets?



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