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Six Kingdoms: Escapement - Character Profiles

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Name: Kal

Species: Kal

Faction: League of Six Kingdoms (Allied), Himself

Brief Description: Kal stands taller than most other beings in the Matoran Universe. His ancient face gazes upon the world with three red glowing eyes, his head crowned with two pairs of horns, one pair short and curving up over his face, the other pair long and curving up behind his head. His armour is a dark green primary colour with the occasional black and white throughout. His large muscular frame is offset by two wings that protrude from his back. A red glowing miasma trails ever out from the perpetually open jaws of his visage. His two large wings can fold into two bladed appendages.

Background/Occupation: An ally of the Legion of Six Kingdoms, Kal holds a strange and ill comprehended position in the world, a being as old as Artakha and Karzahni yet an enigma even to them. What reason he has for aligning himself with the Legion is not entirely understood, but he represents their interests and aids them with his unique abilities.

Flaws: Although immortal in most regards, Kal is vulnerable in one notable regard: A weapon piercing his heart through the front will kill him. Due to this, Kal is prone to neurotically protecting his chest during combat, leaving him open to less lethal but equally debilitating injury.

Powers: Kal has the unique property where his blood is the eponymous Kal mutagen, which through a specific ritual known only by Kal and a handful others he taught, can transform a being into their Kal variant. 

Aside from this quirk of his biology, Kal also possesses immense strength, dexterity, and speed, being much faster than his immense bulk and stature would indicate. He also possesses the innate ability to teleport as if by a kualsi.

However, although all of these abilities would make for a formidable being on their own, there is one innate property of Kal which turns him from formidable to nigh-unstoppable: His immortality, that is his inability to die. Unless pierced through the heart from the front, no injury can kill Kal.

Gear: A long whip Kal can use to lash at or immobilise opponents, the whip possessing the ability to wrap around objects or people as well as constrict around them.

His primary weapon is a massive sword, the blade of which widens at the tip into two points like that of a pickaxe, with a bladed curve at the tip of the sword connecting the two points. It is a weapon excellent for breaking through armour and cleaving opponents apart.

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Name: Kohara

Species: Toa of Light (formerly Toa of Water)

Faction: Metru Nui (Order of Mata Nui affiliated)

Description: A lithe female Toa of average height. Kohara’s true armor color is white and gold, but to avoid attracting attention to herself, she uses her power to change her armor color to light and dark blue (although she will change it to other colors when she needs to be even more discreet). She wears the Kanohi Urutaunga, the Great Mask of Adaptation.

Background: After being born, Kohara dedicated herself fully to her role as a Toa protector. When she saw evil begin to spread further in the universe, she proactively did whatever she could to protect innocent lives, but was frustrated, and felt that she was not enough in her role. It was then that the Order of Mata Nui approached her with an opportunity to hone her skills so that she could be the best possible Toa that she could be. Under the watchful eye of Axonn, Kohara meditated and trained for many years, becoming more skilled of a warrior, and purging herself of all darkness and temptations. However, this had the unintended side effect of changing her element from Water to Light. Armed with her new skills and powers, Kohara set out once more to protect the universe she loved, using her rare power only when necessary. There are stories on many islands of a Toa of Light who aided the inhabitants in times of need, but none of these people can ever tell you the Toa’s name.

Personality: Kohara is calm and compassionate. She is strongly devoted to the Great Spirit, a firm believer in destiny, and tries hard to do what is right. However, she will not hesitate to fight in order to protect the innocent.

Powers: Kohara has replaced her natural element of Water with Light as an unintended consequence of her years of meditation and training; therefore she is able to control, create, and absorb light, as well as access any other ability a Toa of Light may have. Her mask also allows her to slightly shapeshift in order to adapt to her surroundings.

Equipment: Kohara carries a sword and shield. The sword is a simple hand and a half sword while the shield is decorated with the symbol of the three virtues. The shield is also able to fold up a little for convenience.

Flaws: Though her training has granted her new powers, Kohara tends to ironically see morality in black and white terms. Thus, anyone she believes to be evil or doing wrong would have to work hard to redeem themselves in her eyes; she has no sympathy for the Barraki, for example. 

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By popular demand ^^

Name: Zataka

Species: Brutaka’s species

Faction: Metru-Nui



Very tall and athletic build, that comes with being part of her species. While appearing almost black in color at first, her skin is in fact iridescent - as is her armor, which is cut in sharp, flowing lines that match her physique. The protection of the armor is  combined with functional clothing appropriate for someone living in Metru Nui. (rain coat, storage pouches, carrier straps etc.) 

Background/Occupation: Hailing from the southern isles, Zataka was a warlord in her own right before the league and hunters began their current campaigns. And to her that means one thing: competition. And since all eyes are on Metru Nui right now, she has traveled to the island city, begrudgingly allying herself with its defenders - to become the warlord that triumphed over the other warlords, so that she may see her position solidified in a grateful universe.

Flaws: Power hungry, and overconfident in her own abilities, leading to being a bit of a lone wolf that has a hard time accepting help, even when it might be wiser to do so. 

Powers: Enormous physical strength. Capable of raw energy blasts, stasis field  dissipation. Shadow - insofar as cloaking herself or an area in absolute darkness; but can’t physically harm with this ability. This skill is not natural, but was acquired by a chance encounter with a strange substance (antidermis) during a previous adventure. It surprisingly interacted with her physiology, unlocking the ability in the process.

She wears a Kanohi Suletu, used for communication, mentally transmitting her thoughts to others or disrupting their concentration.

Her personal armaments include a Falchion matching her style and size; and a standard Kordak blaster for long range engagements.

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Name: Fa'amatai, the Untethered

Species: Toa (Former)

Faction: The Untethered

Brief Description: Fa'amatai is of average height, with a custom, highly streamlined set of Toa armor. Once a gleaming white, his armor is broken up by large patches of corrosion and laminations, speckled with traces of the black and Ko-Metru blue highlights that once adorned his armor. Due to his Undeath, and acquiring of the elemental power of Iron, his once-rusting corpse is now a cycle of constant corrosion, lamination, and regeneration, causing a strange, sickly appearance and a constant cloud of oxidized iron particles. Where his head once stood, and around his neckline, lies a soot-scorched, plasma-burned hole where his neck and head once stood. His natural Iron augmentation allows him to form heads of many shapes at will should he choose, and sometimes, im moments of deep thought or anger, his head can be seen constantly shifting shapes; although, his head serves no function, as his Untethering has granted him senses, and a voice, from other, unnatural sources.

Background/Occupation: A once-dead warrior, killed in the flurry of battle before his time. Once afflicted by the Untethering, the headless Toa is now arisen, and will stop at nothing to awaken the Dead One at the Coliseum.

Flaws: Fa'amatai, the Untethered, relies on his status as a Revenant, and connection to the Dead One, to grant him senses.

Powers: Fa'amatai has no head, and thus no need for a Kanohi. His elemental Iron courses through him, and greatly augments him physically. 


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Name: Vyarik (Revenant)

Species: Tobduk’s Species

Faction: Untethered

Brief Description: Ten feet of hardened armour and mountainous muscle, Vyarik cuts an imposing figure. He’s clad in shades of black and crimson, with the skull of a Muaka – the first creature he ever killed – mounted on one shoulder. A blood-red light now radiates from his empty eyes and the gunshot wounds in his back, a manifestation of the new spirit that has taken up residence within his empty shell.  

Background/Occupation: Formerly a Dark Hunter, Vyarik was characterised by his arrogant overconfidence and stubborn refusal to surrender… traits that resulted in him being murdered at the hands of Toa. But where many beings would have feared death, Vyarik embraced it, knowing he would be reborn as something new, beautiful, and deadly.

Flaws: Lacking a true personality or feelings, the Revenant can no longer utilise Vyarik’s inherent ability to draw strength from feeding on emotions, nor does he possess the necessary focus to utilise the power of his Kanohi. As a Revenant, Vyarik’s continued existence is bound to his spirit core, and should it be destroyed he will be destroyed along with it.  

Powers: Vyarik’s body still possesses formidable physical strength, even without the power to augment it further. His spirit core has formed around the element of magnetism, being the power that wrought an end to his previous existence.   

Equipment: He wears a Kanohi Pehkui, custom-forged into the shape of a skull-like helm, though he cannot access its power in his current state. He also wields two upsized Kanoka Blades, each imbued with the power of a Kanohi Crast.


BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria

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  • Name: Mons Shajs
  • Species: Skakdi
  • Faction: The League of Six Kingdoms
  • Brief Description: Shajs is a short, stocky Skakdi, dull grey with gunmetal undertones and red eyes. His face is akin to the that of Avak's, and he carries a generally ragged look to him. Over his short, dagger like spines is a brown cloak, over his natural armor, leather armor covering his chest, legs, and forearms. 
  • Equipment. Mons Shajs carries a Kanoka Launcher, a cutlass, and a boot dagger. He also carries a backpack with a number of satchel charges and light tools, befitting his duties as engineer. 
  • Background/Occupation: Shajs was a low-level mercenary employed by a sell-sail company before the rise of the league. Previous to it, he was employed by a warlord as a combat engineer before his capture by the sell-sails. Rising to the level of Captain within the sell-sails, his company was nonetheless conscripted by the League as it came to rise to prominence. Shajs, by and large, chose to bend the knee instead of rebel, a decision he regrets to this day. Buoyed by a personal code of honor, he shied away from more ruthless actions ordered by his betters, leading to him being demoted from an officer position to, again, a kind of combat engineer in Metru Nui. 
  • Flaws: Mons Shajs is a lazy and unmotivated soldier, and chafes against the League he is ostensibly aligned to. He is also overly fond of alcohol, to the point of being borderline alcoholic. Not a particularly good thing, when being in charge of explosives. 
  • Powers: Shajs has x-ray vision and latent Crystal powers. 
  • Name: Vestrix Kytorikk, Prince of Kollrus
  • Species: Ta-Toa
  • Faction: Metru-Nui
  • Brief Description: Vestrix is a tall, young-looking Ta-Toa, silver and crimson in coloring. He wears a silvery Pakari-styled Mask, and black-dyed leather armor over his natural armor. He has light blue eyes, and is of medium-weight build. 
  • Equipment: Vestrix carries a brass-hilted sabre, a dirk, and stirrup crossbow. 
  • Background/Occupation: Vestrix was the third-born Prince of a small, isolated Kingdom on the Northern Continent called Kollrus. Raised quite haughtily in privilege and grandeur (For the comparatively poorer area) he was displaced from his land as it was placed under the 'protection' of the league, reduced to a de jure vassal. Too proud to take his land being in such a status, he joined the resistance movement, against the advice of the collaborating parts of his family, led by his elder brother. He narrowly avoided being killed by enforcers of the League by being knocked out and smuggled north to Metru Nui, on behalf of rebelling noblemen concerned that the heir to the throne most amiable to them would perish in their rebellion's death knell. He has since joined forces with those loyal to Metru Nui, in an attempt to wreak revenge upon the League. 
  • Flaws: Vestrix is a proud, haughty Toa. Not keen on taking advice, or respecting elders not of his own culture. He is brash where prudence may otherwise be more useful. 
  • Powers: Vestrix, as a Ta-Toa, commands power over Fire. In addition, while his mask is shaped like a Pakari, it, as an Iden, allows for Astral Projection. 

I occasionally return to BZP for a nostalgic trip back. Hit me up on discord if you need anything. 
BZPRPG Characters that I will possibly revive, Mons-Shajs-Tarotrix-Aryll Vudigg-Jorruk Yokin-Senavysh Angavur






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Name: Matrak

Species: Eakai of Void

Faction: Unaligned/Eakai

Brief Description: Dark green and black armour with silver highlights. His form is tall and lithe, his head is elongated with a pair of large mandibles flanking his mouth. His eyes glow an emerald green, as does his heartlight. He stands about two to three heads above the average toa.

Background/Occupation: Hailing from another realm where his people live in peril, Matrak has come to the Matoran Universe in search of a way to bring the Eakai to a safer home. Arriving in Metru-Nui, Matrak finds himself a fish out of water in a world spiraling out of control.

Flaws: Matrak is a fish out of water, with no idea what’s going on in this war torn universe. He is ignorant of this world and its customs, and though he is by nature wary, he could be manipulated into supporting a certain cause or another due to being utterly clueless to the world’s situation. The severity of this flaw will inevitably lessen with time.

Powers: As an Eakai of the Void, Matrak has the ability to traverse the unreal that lies between the real, enabling him instantaneous travel from one location to another so long as he knows where he’s going. Barring him having personally been there, he can instead meditate in extrospection, reaching his mind into and through the void to other places, other realms, granting him the familiarity to travel there, though this requires time and effort, and is not without danger. 

Another ability of his is that if he can see another power being used, he can choose to create a ten feet (3 meters) radius area around himself where the chosen power is nullified completely. This ability cannot be switched instantaneously to another kind of power, and only works on one power at a time.

Lastly, as an Eakai of the Void, Matrak can blur his own existence into the void, walking a tightrope between reality and non-reality to the point where people are unable to comprehend or register their presence. While in this state, Matrak cannot affect anything around him, though he otherwise interacts with the world as normal.

Gear: A bladed weapon that is held like a tonfa, with the blade covering the forearm and curving to cover the knuckle of the wielder as well.

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  • Name: Korruhn, Voidknight
  • Species: Toa
  • Faction: Metru Nui
  • Brief Description: Since his ascent to Toahood, Korruhn has retained little of his former appearance as a Ko-Matoran. Well-built on a sleek, solid frame, Korruhn bears armor of a deep, smoky grey imbued with brilliant white and ice blue highlights throughout. The armor has an appearance of master craftsmanship, offering both protection from heavy combat and the maneuverability of a stealth suit. His Kanohi is shaped not unlike that of a knight, sharp and angular with only a pair of holes for his icy blue eyes to burn from beneath, and Korruhn will sometimes cover this with the hood on his black half-cloak with white stitching and strange small runes, that he's never seen without. Through a horrible encounter with an unknown creature in Ko-Metru, Korruhn's right arm has been imbued with the power of shadow. As a result, his right arm appears much darker, the armor slightly more angular, and the arm seems to constantly give off a sort of shadowy smoke, although faint.
  • Equipment: Korruhn carries several weapons for use in a variety of situations, including a small dagger worn on his right calf, an ornate, otherworldly-looking black khopesh with ice blue highlights, as well as his Kanoka launcher.
  • Background/Occupation: Enhanced by Turaga Dume and the Toa Stone, the Cartographer has become a fearsome Toa. Going by the name of Korruhn, he now turns his attention from hunting Great Discs to destroying threats to his island.
  • Flaws: Suffers from a mild, but increasing case of Void sickness, resulting in clouded thoughts, distraction, inability to discern reality, and worse symptoms to come
  • Powers: As a Toa, Korruhn is a master over elemental Gravity, using it to his advantage in both combat and non-combat situations. As well as elemental gravity, Korruhn has been imbued with the power of Shadow, granting him abilities from beyond the Void (placeholder until UN and I solidify what powers exactly). Korruhn's Kanohi bears the power of a Calix, which, when combined with his elemental Gravity, allows him to perform near-impossible physical feats with ease.
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Colour later, I did this on phone.

Name: Oryn

Species: Kekamaire (Link to species info here)

Faction: League Of Six Kingdoms ("Pledged" to Kalmah)

Description: Painted a crimson red to match his master, Oryn resembles a dead cervid, with the skull shaped head and broken antlers to boot. He stands far above Matoran and even slightly above Steltians and Vortixx in height, and in bulk. However in stance Oryn is not quite as imposing. At a glance you could about make out the deep scars across his arms and chest, and the broken look in his red eyes. He is also missing a finger on his right hand, leaving him with only two on that arm. Kalmah's sigil is painted in white on his head, between his eyes.

Powers: Torture has not halted Oryn's strength much. Like all of his kind he has incredible strength, able to beat most species into submission with just his bare hands. He also possesses the odd trait of acidic blood.

Equipment: Oryn's only weapon is a large Dane axe with a blade built from a Jutlin. When hit, the point of impact begins to rust/decompose slowly. This can be halted by destroying the weapon itself or reversing the effects with a Mask of Healing/Regeneration

He sees fit to carry nothing else.

Background: A broken prisoner-of-war set loose by Kalmah, Oryn's mind has been warped by months of torture and punishment. He is now little more than a Kavinika, a brutal warrior who Kalmah utilizes as a mindless berzerker, a soldier with nothing left to lose.

A sad husk.

Flaws: Oryn has nothing left, meaning he will never surrender or give up. He's also somewhat sluggish and, oddly enough, colourblind.

Edited by Dane




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Name: Iradra

Species: Toa of Light

Faction: Metru-Nui

Brief Description: Enrobed in long flowing robes of white and grey colouration, with ornamental pieces of bronze armour laid on top over her chest, arms, waist, and face. The face mask she wears conceals her true mask and visage underneath, a faint white light glowing through its darkened eyeholes. Underneath this she carries remnant scars of the disease that once ravaged her body, scars that mar her pristine white and bronze armour. Where as a matoran she seemed ready to keel over at any moment, she now stands tall and carries herself with a grace and dignity she'd never imagined she could possess.

Background/Occupation: Once a lone survivor of a village ravaged by disease, she carried the disfigurements and remnants of that plague with her every day as she struggled to find a reason to exist in a world that didn't want her. Her struggles eventually brought her to Metru-Nui, where she found the company of two fellow Ko-Matoran and a Turaga. Joining them on their quest to find the Great Disks of Metru-Nui, she eventually found herself in the presence of Turaga Dume, who bestowed upon her the powers of a Toa, transforming her and cleansing her body of the ailment she'd fought for so long. She emerged from this transformation not as a Toa of Ice as she thought her element had been, but a Toa of Light, revealing that she had in truth been an Av-Matoran.

Flaws: Iradra, formerly carrying the moniker 'The Waif', still carries the insecurities and self doubt that ailed her as a matoran.

Powers: The powers of Light now lie at Iradra's fingertips, powers she never could have imagined would be hers. Though new to her role as a Toa of Light, she's found to her surprise that she is a quick learner. In addition, she can imbue her light with curative and restorative properties, healing wounds and eliminating toxicants in those her radiance touches. This process is not instant, and requires time and concentration from Iradra.

Gear: Transformed with her two-handed sword, Iradra's main tool is a gigantic yet beautiful sword, almost as long as she is. It is a weapon she wields comfortably with practised strength and balance, more so now than as a disease addled matoran. She also possesses her daggers, still sheathed underneath her robes, now transformed into short ornamental curved blades of beautiful craftsmanship. Under her ornamental bronze head gear she also wears a grey Mahiki that bears the scars of her past, though this damage is purely superficial at this point. Otherwise the Great Mask of Illusion differs in no way from others of its kind.

Edited by Onaku

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Name: Taja

Species: Toa of Sonics

Faction: Metru-Nui

Description: Taja stands at average height for a Toa, with a slender black body and dark gray armour. Her yellow eyes shine from behind a gray Huna, and she carries a Kanoka launcher strapped to her back.

Background/Occupation: Taja used to live in Ko-Metru, whose quiet streets and even quieter inhabitants suited her well, being sensitive to loud noise as all De-Matoran are. She worked as a scholar in the Knowledge Towers, where she studied the stars and translated the work of other scholars. However, unlike many scholars, she enjoyed more lighthearted pursuits in her spare time, such as disk surfing.

When the Krom Sphere changed the skies, Taja travelled to Ga-Metru to consult with the Astrologist, Nixie. She met Okuo and Kohara, and they joined forces to recover Ga-Metru's Great Disk. Upon successfully obtaining the disk and returning it to Turaga Dume, Taja was transformed into a Toa.

Powers/Abilities: Taja's sensitivity to sound is both a weakness and strength. Her enhanced hearing allows her to listen over long distances and to hear sounds that would go undetected by others. As a Toa of Sonics, Taja can control sound in all its forms, from imitating noises to unleashing powerful blasts and beams. She can absorb sounds to create silence, manipulate soundwaves to weaken structures, and use sonar to "see" without her eyes.

She's a fair shot with a Kanoka but prefers disk surfing to sharpshooting. As a Matoran, she learned to surf at high speed through the chutes and canals of Metru Nui. 

Equipment: Taja wears a great Huna, the Mask of Concealment. This mask has been modified to include silencers over her ears, which can be manually adjusted to allow more or less sound through. Her Huna also sports a custom lens over one eye that she can activate to enhance her vision, which aided in her work studying the stars. She carries a Kanoka launcher strapped to her back, as well as a small collection of various Kanoka disks.

Flaws: Like all De-Toa, Taja is sensitive to her own element. To avoid noise, she tends to isolate herself, and speaks as little as possible. She's slow to trust others, preferring to keep her own counsel. Being a new Toa, she is unfamiliar with her new powers and has limited control over them. 

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You know what, I’m social isolating, might as well try a new character to help pass the time.

  • Name: Ka
  • Species: Bohrok/Matoran hybrid
  • Faction: Metru-Nui
  • Brief Description: A strange yellow bulky creature, something not in like a Matoran but with strange insectoid features like large shield-like pincers and a bloated torso, her head fused to her torso, and a Krana Bo held in her head. 
  • Background/Occupation: Ages ago, an Av-Matoran had the destiny to transform into a Bohrok, in particular Lehvak. However as she began to transform a strange fluid splashed into her, locking her in mid transformation. Whether Energized Protodermis, Pit Mutagen, or something else entirely, she became a hybrid of Bohrok and Matoran, her natural gold armor and the green of a Lehvak merging into a pale yellow. She was still teleported into the Archives, but did not fall into sleep, instead wandering about in confusion. Because of her appearance and the sense of “wrongness” she emits, Matoran ran from her in terror, leaving her bitter. She preferred to live on her own, hiding far from the gaze of Matoran. She was eventually caught and put in stasis by a group of terrified Onu-Matoran, where she has slept for millennia. But as the invasion begins, she awakens from her slumber…
  • Flaws: Most of the time she has free will, but if ever given an order by the swarm, she must fight the urge to obey. Likewise she is monstrous and considered little more than a Rahi by most Matoran, and bitterness leaves her to want to avoid all contact with other people.
  • Powers: Able to create a very corrosive acid and to use Krana, her Krana Bo allows her to see in the dark, and thus navigate the darkness of the Archives. 

"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged"-Jaller(Jala) :smilejala: 
"We're on our own here-like we've always been-and we'll stand or fall on our own"-Tanma
"He may seem slow and strange to you, but his simple words often carry a hidden wisdom"-Turaga Vakama on Kapura

Kanohi: Stories of a Matoran Vigilante The Impact of a Rebirth: a Kanohi Fanfic The Willing Exiles: a Kanohi Fanfic SKA PC Profiles: Kanohi, Collector, Mahrika Kardaka BZPRPG Profiles Avatar by @Harvali 

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Simple for now, I guess.

Name: Leklo

Species: Toa of Plasma

Faction: Metru Nui

Brief Description: A tall, lithe toa with bright orange and gunmetal grey armor components, and a bronzen mask shaped like a stylized Hau.

Tools: The twin ice axes the alpinist carried were transformed into twin swords, each half his height and with a streak of luminescent energy down the length of the fuller. Leklo also wears the Kanohi Peá, Mask of Possibilities, which allows him to alter the increase the chance of a certain event happening, or lessen the likelihood of something occurring with a thought.

Abilities and powers: Leklo has the ability to create, control, and absorb plasma, specializing in the use of veritable cannonballs of plasmoid energy shot from his swords. He maintains the same traits as his former self, including an unreal skill to scale any surface and an eye for weaknesses.

A new "power," if it could truly be called that, is Leklo's ability to see the spirits of beings someone has killed or otherwise had responsibility for the death of. While it can be turned 'on' and 'off' with some focus, it is usually on at some low level regardless. These apparitions surround the one they are attached to, swarming around them and indicating a number of things to Leklo, such as how fearsome they are and who they usually fight.

Background: Formerly known as the Alpinist, a thrill-seeking climber Ko-Matoran, he was created a toa by Turaga Dume and took the name Leklo.

Flaws: Toa Leklo, much like the Alpinist be was before, is a hedonist at heart and seeks challenges with relative abandon, taking almost unreasonable risks simply for the fun of it. He is unafraid of getting in fights for reasons even slightly justifiable because he seeks to test his new abilities and see where his destiny’s boundaries lie.

Edited by EmperorWhenua
Added sixth sense ability, pre-approved by UN.

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We thought we should put this up for reference:

Mata-Nui (Untethered Avatar)

Powers: Magnetism and Fire and Iron, as per the three combined units in the Kaita fusion.  A Rhotuka of sickness launcher within its chest, though the emphasis is more on the blunt force of the projectile more than extended periods of illness if one should be struck by it.  The weapons all fused into this monstrous mace with dozens of blades surrounding the clubbed head.  This mace exhibits the repulsion powers of Vyarik's previous blades.  Very strong, since three beings compose this one, especially the already very strong Othorak.  Ghostly wail which can summon other Untethered to it if needed and assuming they can journey to the location.  Hive-mind mind-link with other Untethered.  Any other powers UN predecided this being has that we are not yet aware of.

Appearance: Exterior is a constantly shifting mass of metal plates and parts that scrape and bend around one another as if being eternally shifted by inner struggles of magnetism and gravity at odds with one another.  Tiny tendrils of granular metal extend like wispy tentacles form the beings limbs.  Skull pauldrons, and the entire body is like armor dipped in a deeply crimson blood, as well as dark, black accents throughout the red form.  Three eyes and a wicked smile emerge from behind a grotesque combination of two different ruined masks forged over one another.  Subtle flames still burn within the beast.  In two words: Nightmare Fuel.

Edited by Azibo

In a world where heroes and villains battle for the fate of the universe‚ some people have normal lives and work normal jobs... Zimixes

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Name: Jutori

Species: Toa of Gravity

Faction: Metru Nui

Description: A Toa of average height with an overall heroic frame and appearance, Jutori's armor is mostly purple in color with black as a secondary, and his eyes are yellow. He wears a Great Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion.

Equipment: A sledgehammer given to him by Knichou, now transformed into a Toa tool to focus his element.

Powers: Can create and control gravity. His Kanohi allows him to create optical illusions and shapeshift into another form. He can change the way others see him and imitate voices, but cannot copy any powers the original has.

Personality: Awkward as a Matoran, Jutori is still somewhat awkward as a Toa, having to adjust to his new form and abilities. At the same time, fulfilling his life-long dream of Toahood has given him a new sense of purpose and bravery.

Background: Originally believing he had been dealt a bad hand in life, Jutori thought his destiny was to become a heroic Toa. Joining together with a group of varied individuals (who could possibly be referred to as an "odd company"), they discovered the Onu-Metru great disk deep in the Archives, and then merged with the crew of the Taku to uncover Po-Metru's disk. Whether his belief was true, or it has all simply been a matter of circumstance, Jutori has now gone from an odd Matoran to a heroic-looking Toa of Gravity, and now seeks to defend Metru Nui from ruin.

Flaws: Still somewhat stubborn, and his greediness for power as a Matoran has developed into a greediness in combat--there's a good chance that if he believe he has the upper hand, he will go all out to secure it.

:kaukau: [BZPRPG] :kaukau:
(shout out to max)

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Name: Okuo

Species: Toa of Fire

Faction: Metru-Nui

Brief Description: Average height and of slim yet athletic build, Okuo has a red primary armour colour with a light azure secondary. His eyes glow a vibrant azure-cyan underneath his red Great Rau. 

Background/Occupation: Okuo has always been fascinated by events out of the norm, things happening in the city that didn't fit into the regimented day to day life of the Matoran. Evading his job as a smith in his Metru's regimented forges, Okuo instead set out to learn as much as he could about events in the city, seeking out whatever means available to gain more information. Gaining the power of invisibility due to a freak accident aided him to that end, allowing him pass through places no other matoran could.

In his pursuit of information, Okuo learned how to access it through remote means, teaching himself how to bypass encryptions and digital security measures to snoop around in confidential data. He's also been known to dabble in digital graffiti, displaying artwork of his making on individual display screens throughout the city from time to time. Nowadays he is somewhat infamous, referred to in some circles as The Digital Spectre or The Invisible Matoran, and so far no one has been successful in apprehending him.

Eventually his penchant for digging for information he wasn't supposed to know led him on the trail of a Dark Hunter conspiracy to assassinate a fellow matoran of Metru-Nui. Saving her life, he followed her on a wild chase for the Great Disk of Metru-Nui, eventually parting ways with her to deliver the disk to Turaga Duma along with other members of party that found the Disk. There in Dume's office, Okuo found himself at the center of another Dark Hunter assassination plot, leaping in to save the Turaga's life but suffering mortal wounds as a result. To save him, Turaga Dume used one of the Toa Stones to turn Okuo into a Toa.

Flaws: Okuo tends to be a bit overconfident and brash, often taking unnecessary risks in his pursuit of information. Taking pride in his ability to get by as a Matoran, his newfound Toa power is liable to get to his head.

Equipment: Okuo has been integrated with technology he possessed before turning into a Toa. Incorporated into his Great Rau is a heads-up display that allows him access to networks and computers, with an augmented reality keyboard for input. This HUD is routed into his deck, which has been shrunk into a smaller, more portable form, losing its input functionality in favor of the integrated HUD keyboard. The deck still retains its physical connectivity functions, allowing him to jack into systems that lack a wireless option. 

His kanoka launcher/hover board has been transformed as well, expanding to fit his new Toa form, but also gaining an additional mode, taking the form of a large shield he can use for defense. In its launcher form, it can fire regular kanoka, as well as channel his fire powers through it, for example in the form of kanoka-like fire projectiles. Its shield form is as previously stated large, and has the option of being fixed to the ground, providing cover for anyone in need. The levitation kanoka Okuo used to have has been fused into the hover board mode itself, and cannot be retrieved.

Powers: As a Toa of Fire, Okuo possesses elemental control over fire. He wears a Great Rau in addition to this. Carried over from his matoran form is his ability to turn invisible as if by a Great Huna.

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  • Name: Atamai (a-TOM-eye)
  • Species: Toa of Iron
  • Faction: Metru-Nui
  • Description: A male Toa of Iron, Atamai is of average height and build. His armor color has changed to be more in line with other Toa of the same element, metallic silver with burnt orange as a secondary color. His eyes have changed color, too, from their original orange to a quartz blue, like the Toa stone that he obtained his power from. His Mask of Conjuring has changed shape to be that of a normal Mask of Conjuring; however, it retains the telescoping eyepiece it had when Atamai was a Matoran. 
  • Background: Formerly an Archivist, Atamai now finds himself a Toa. After his experiences searching for the Great Disks, Atamai has realized that there’s a higher calling for him. He now focuses on protecting Metru Nui and it’s citizens. 
  • Personality: Atamai often has a matter-of-fact attitude and a dry sense of humor. However, he means well, and those around him eventually get used to his demeanor. He rarely holds grudges, but when he does, he will hold onto them for a quite a while. Even so, Atamai is not 100% confident in his abilities as a Toa, and so deep down he has some insecurities. 
  • Powers: As a Toa of Iron, Atamai is able to create, absorb, and manipulate metallic protodermis. He wears the Kanohi Haonga, the Mask of Conjuring, which allows him to program a power into it for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are up, Atamai must wait 30 seconds before reprogramming it. The powers must be programmed by Atamai verbally by beginning with “Mata Nui...” and ending with “...Amen.” He must also state a weakness to the power, lest he suffer psychic backlash. 
  • Equipment: Atamai’s Toa tools are a metal baton that can expand into a full staff, and a war axe that has a short handle. The axe head has an axe side and a hammer side (like Thor’s Stormbreaker in the Marvel movies) He also still has his satchel holding useful items such as an iStone tablet and a lightstone, among other things. 
  • Flaws: Atamai is afraid of water, and this cannot swim. As stated above, he holds onto grudges for a long time, and will generally not cooperate well with those he dislikes. 
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  • Name: Knichou (Neh-Chow)

  • Species: Toa of Iron

  • Faction: Metru-Nui

  • Brief Description: Knichou wears a set of custom adaptive armor that changes its configuration in response to his surroundings and situation. While highly versatile for surviving in extreme conditions, Knichou’s shape is not always consistent depending on where he is and what he’s doing. What is consistent between all forms is the white and grey coloring of the majority of the armor, with his kanohi (A Kakama) and gauntlets being a distinctive crimson color, and a similarly-colored matoran ‘x’ symbol emblazoned above his heartlight. This unusual coloration and branding is a permanent reminder of his exile from the Ghosts, with the coloration now shifting even more red as he disavows more of his guild's creed.

    Knichou always carries his trusty lightstone rifle with him in case of danger, although because it is matoran sized, it's more of a lighstone carbine to him now. It’s been modified to have a top-mounted magazine that has space for 5 lightstones, and a bayonet in case of close quarters fighting. On Knichou's back his adaptive armor shifts constantly to act as a liquid metal backpack, where he holds anything he's not using currently.

  • Background/Occupation: Knichou is an ex-Nynrah Ghost who immigrated to Artakha where he established himself as a successful protodermis smith, specializing in manufacturing extremely precise and intricate parts for commercial machinery. As the League of Six Kingdoms made major land grabs in other parts of the Matoran universe with startling speed, Knichou panicked and sold his home and shop for a medium-sized hauler airship commonly used for inter-island trade. He put everything else he owned in the airship and left just days before a Kingdoms fleet established a blockade around the island. In the weeks since that escape Knichou has been running small cargo transport operations in order to build up the widgets to reestablish his business, while modifying the new airship where he sees fit.

    Knichou went to see Nuparu to see if he could help the engineer in the war effort, and learned of the device that Dume wanted to use to end the war. He was present at Nuparu's assassination, the chief engineer dying in front of his eyes. Knichou took a memory crystal and iStone of Nuparu's corpse, and with the protection of Toa Nale, Stannis, and Arkius, escaped Onu-Metru in the Taku. This group went to Po-Metru where they teamed up with a group of disk-hunters in order to acquire the Great Disk of Po-Metru. They then went to Dume in the Coliseum, where Knichou was tranformed into a Toa.

  • Flaws: Knichou is extremely curious yet cautious. His intense focus on small details and learning more can blind him to a the wider problem. Given his past as a member of the Nynrah Ghosts, a notoriously secretive guild of craftsmatoran, he isn't known for being the most open or talkative matoran around (Although that has been changing over the past few days of traveling with a team). That lack of care and trust in others can cause problems when personalities clash. While he has lots of experience testing weapons during his time in the Nynrah Ghosts, he has only used them on firing ranges, and has no combat or tactics experience. He is also quite new to his Toa powers, and cannot use them so effectively.

  • Powers: As a Fe-Toa, Knichou can create, control, and absorb any kind of metal. His Kakama gives him the ability to move at ludicrous speeds, and his adaptive armor can shift to have various sub-powers, like water breathing or flight.

  • Vehicle: The Taku
    The Taku is a medium sized airship built for inter-island shipping, jokingly named after the small bird common throughout the matoran universe. It has a bridge with two sets of controls for a pilot and co-pilot, with a small two-bunk crew quarters attached to the bridge that Knichou lives in. Secured to the other side of the bridge is an empty toa canister – a custom addition out of Knichou’s paranoia when leaving Artakha. It’s intended as a makeshift escape pod – although unfortunately he hasn’t had any luck yet trying to tune the inertial dampeners to make its use completely safe for matoran.

    The center of the Taku houses the storage compartment. Half of this is pure storage space, the other half having retractable floor coverings that are opened during the loading and unloading process. A primitive crane system on the ceiling allows for the loading and unloading of cargo. Overlooking this cargo bay is a catwalk directly along the spine of the ship that connects the bridge and the engine compartment at the rear, where transport chute tech provides propulsion.

Visit www.BZPRPG.com to view my project of archiving BZPower's RPGs, and also access the BZPower Roleplaying Wiki

BZPRPG Profiles - Exo-Force RPG Profiles - Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse (Knichou, Berys, Arnex, The Taku, Exuze)

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Knichou approved.


For reference in fighting him:

Name: Barraki Pridak

Species: Takean

Gender: He/Him

Faction: League of Six Kingdoms 

Description: White and gold mech suit (“warsuit) with a red tabard displaying the flag of his homeland. Blue eyes, cut facial features, long limbs, body built like an inverted pyramid, missed leg day, golden mask on his face. Seen at all times except in war with a wine glass of chocolate milk.

Flaws: pride, lust, passion, and easily tempted with divinations. Once sold a house to a traveling diviner who said the cards told her the house was cursed.

Powers/Equipment: large warsuit made of protosteel, designed for heavy impact trauma. Shark-tooth blade sharp enough to cut through protosteel when wielded with full force, mask of Creation. Pridak’s inner rage and pride in his own self image are formidable in social situations.

Edited by Unreliable Narrator

Happy chat.


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The remaining Barraki profiles are listed below since players are now engaging in combat with them:

Name: Kalmah

Gender: He/Him

Faction: League

Species: Titan

Description: a tall warrior, though a head shorter than Mantax, with crimson armor and dark grey and black undertones. Small pop colors of yellow and cyan can be found on his armor. He has blue eyes, and a resting poker face. Silver scars and open sores cover his back from daily flagellations.

Flaws: Overly religious, consistent self sacrificing for his people, bad with personal boundaries both his own and others.


  • Kanohi Olmak, Kanohi Huna
  • Immune to fire
  • Innate physical regeneration
  • Barbed Chains, attached with cords to his wrists


Name: Mantax

Gender: He/Him

Faction: League

Species: Titan

Description: Twice the height and girth of a toa, this titan lord of the barraki kingdoms wears black and silver armor covered in the scars won in both honorable duels and violent battles. Often found with either a book or a cup of tea in his hands when not on the battlefield, Mantax is a true philosopher warrior and a living example of the best of his people. His outer armor is strong, well proportioned, and painted with gold, blue, and white ocean waves. He wears spurs for riding his kikanalo mount Raja.

Flaws: Mantax’s concept of honor is intense. He won many islands through individual “trial by combat”, choosing to be his people’s champion.


  • Mask of Clairvoyance
  • Spear of Fusion (recent acquisition)
  • Riding lance for when astride Raja
  • Reinforced armor and boots


Name: Ehlek

Gender: He/Him

Faction: League

Species: Ehlekian

Description: Around a turaga in height, Ehlek is the smallest and most technologically savvy of the barraki. He is a lime green and neon yellow in color, with a soft abdomen and a hard, spiny hunched spine. His blue eyes are small and beady, often barely visible behind his rebreather. He has reinforced protosteel claws of a dull silver color. He carries a satchel full of useful gadgets for tinkering wherever he might be.

Flaws: ignorant of other perspectives, selfish, and incredibly steadfast beliefs formed in his own scientific research. He has a habit of talking only to “the smartest person in the room,” often being himself.


  • Protosteel claws
  • Rebreather mask 
  • Toa level power over electricity
  • Various gadgets in his satchel
  • An incredible ability to deny facts that do not match his own perspective

Happy chat.


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