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Sumonu-Wahi Citizen List

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#1 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 02:33 PM

Welcome to the Profiles Topic for The Light Meets the Dark! Here you will post any and all profiles you have. Character rules can be found on the main post, along with the Character Sheet, so go bugger over there for the process of making a character.Do not post your profiles here until they are approved! Once your profiles are approved in the Discussion Topic, then you have full liberty to post them here. If your profiles were pre-approved before the contest began, you have permission to post them here without going through the Discussion topic, but that only applies to like three or four people.You may only have one post on this topic! When you make a new character profile, you just edit your post and put it on there. This makes the topic a lot cleaner and more professional.Finally, if you color your profile, I will color your characters name in that same color in the list, for ease. Or, at least, close to it. What I think looks similar. It'll be close enough, at the very least. Just to let you know.Thank you,Toa Levacius Zehvor
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#2 Offline Conway

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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 03:06 PM

-The Insufferable Ace-"My name's Strata, but you can call me "The Greatest Warrior This Side of Metru-Nui" if you like."Character Name: StrataGender & Species: Male Ba-MatoranPowers: n/aAbilities: Strata is a skilled warrior, adept at most forms of close-range combat, as well as being particularly fast and agile.Equipment: Strata carries a short dangpa as well as a leaf-shaped short sword.Appearance: Strata is a slim, surprisingly tall Matoran with light-weight armour covering his whole body. He wears a dark-grey (powerless) Kanohi Pehkui, with accents of deep purple along its sides. The armour on his arms and legs is the same shade of purple, and his torso is predominately black, with his skin remaining a fairly dark grey.Faction: Templars of Mata-NuiMorality: 0Personality: Strata, for the most part, can be described in only a few words: An annoying moron. Unfortunately, he’s one of those people who is so ridiculously good at what he does, that he can’t actually be fired. He’s a womanizer, drinker, and overall nuisance to most sane people. However, he manages to compensate for that by being a brilliant warrior, a genuinely loyal soldier, and a brave Matoran. He honestly, in his heart of hearts, loves his job, and believes that he’s doing what’s best for his people.Biography: Strata grew up on the streets as an orphan, fighting each day to survive. He couldn’t afford any sort of formal education, so he’s still functionally illiterate, but he managed to teach himself hand-to-hand and melee combat, to the point where he could put ancient warriors, who have trained for millennia, to shame.Eventually, after the descent underground, his skills as a swordsman and bruiser were spotted, and he was offered a position as a Templar of Mata-Nui. Having always looked up to the Toa and other guardians of his home, Strata joined, thrilled at having the chance to become a hero. His dedication to his job are profound, as he truly believes that what he’s doing his right, and nothing could shake his belief that he is (or at least, will be) a great hero.-Void
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#3 Offline Wyrd Bid Ful Araed

Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 05:31 PM

Character Name: BorosilGender & Species: Male Toa of GlassPowers: Elemental control of GlassAbilities: Fairly good at rational deduction and calculation.Equipment: Mask of Rahi Control (dubbed the Suaka)Appearance: Proportionately, Borosil is nothing spectacular. He's not overly muscled or alarmingly skinny. He's not toweringly tall or humorously diminutive. He's just a Toa of white and translucent grey. His mask is Pakari shaped, a relatively neutral appearance not loaded with symbology like a Hau or overly aggressive like a Kadin. His armour has small spikes, true, but they appear more decorative than usable. It would be difficult, just on appearances, to judge which side he might fall onFaction: House Guard [Pheond]Morality: 0Personality: Some would say that Borosil is cold. Or unfeeling. These people are wrong and, in Borosil's mind, oversimplifying things greatly. He has emotions, yes, which means he's not unfeeling, he just prefers to put them aside in the metal equivalent of a little box so that they don't get in his way at awkward moments. That doesn't make him cold, surely, that just makes him pragmatic. He's constantly amazed that no-one else does this. It allows him to be direct, and to the point without letting bias cloud his mindBiography: Borosil started out, as most people did after Skyfall until old orders and positions started re-establishing themselves, as a simple man on the street. But while most people panicked he found work. He found things that needed finding, people mostly. A village of Matoran lost their Turaga during an evacuation? Borosil would follow his trail to the ends of the earth? This came in useful when the mining started and House Pheond started...recruiting human interests, as Borosil himself puts it. In the early days it was hard to maintain order and runaways were common. Cue Borosil, hunting down rogue escapees, reporting on the methods and networks they used to stay free. He brought back those he could, and eliminated any who would prove to difficult to contain or control for the journey back. Ruthless and unrelenting, but without being overly cruel or destructive in his methods, he made himself indispensable to the house of slavery, recouping their losses without earning them a bad name or interfering with the delicate balance of politics of the newly established Sumonu-Wahi. When House Pheond became an actual world power rather than an influential industry, Borosil was offered a more permanent position. Possibly the Pheond wanted its guard to be comprised of people it trusted, possibly it didn't want anyone hiring the investigator to investigate them, possibly it just didn't want to share an asset that had been such a help. Whatever the reason, and Borosil considered them all, he decided to accept the position. Well, a reliable salary was tempting, and he was only a Toa. Serving as one of the first of their guard he steadily worked his way up, becoming one of the highest ranked of their personal elite. He still performs his old job of tracking and hunting though these days there usually end up with a lot more...liquidation of assets at the end of itCharacter Name: Damek/Calucian/KalafrakGender & Species: Male Onu-MatoranPowers: Slightly enhanced night vision and strengthAbilities: Skilled actorEquipment: Ring on fourth finger of right hand is actually a concealed Zamor launcher, the spheres filled with rockworm venom. The miniaturisation of the device means its range and power is severely compromised and only good if he's standing next to his target though the venom which he puts into his custom-made spheres is still potent enough to trouble even a Steltian bruiserAppearance: Kalafrak's appearance often depends on where he is. His body is mostly an ashen grey bordering on black, allowing him to blend with Onu-, Ta-, Po-, De-, Ba-, Fe- and even some Magnetism Matoran depending on what other colours he gives himself. His default is purple with a noble MatatuFaction: The SyndicateMorality: 0Personality: Getting to the bottom of Kalafrak's real personality is tricky because he has so many others that he can present to the world its a wonder they haven't started splitting apart into a mental disorder. He can be meek or quailing or brash and brazen. The Damek personality he presents to the world is the one he most often wears, like a favourite coat, and is a quiet sort of fellow, content to work hard in the mines and eager to lend a hand to those in need. A bit unreliable though, he has a weird tendency to disappear without warning...Biography: As nobody really knows much about the Syndicate, Kalafrek's motivations for joining it are likewise unknown. His past as a whole is shrouded in enigma, largely because no-one has actually bothered to look into it but partly because he's going by someone else's name. If his miniaturised launcher and the custom spheres he makes himself from regular sized ones are any indication he was presumably some kind of engineer or mechanic. It seems that, during the Skyfall, Kalafrek dropped his old identity and adopted that of Damek, potentially someone he knew who had died in the Skyfall, but just as possibly because Damek is a common enough name that it could be anyone. He continues to switch identities around, taking new names, swapping Kanohi, adding a little splash of dye or paint to make himself seem an entirely new Matoran in his work for the Syndicate.

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#4 Offline Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter

Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 06:25 PM

Character Name: Unorxid Gender & Species: Male, Onu-MatoranPowers: NoneAbilities: None Equipment: A large chest full of spare parts, tools and any other assorted objects he's picked up.Appearance: Unorxid is your typical Onu-Matoran, with a bulky, heavier-set body than most Matoran . He wears a black, powerless Miru, and his heartlight is a dark green. His eyes are perhaps the most unique part of him, with a combination of lime and dark green swirling within the depths. Faction: HimselfMorality: 0Personality: Unorxid is simply very strange. He tries to be the stereotypical villain, but usually ends up more being an annoyance than anything else. Although, even as he goes about, doing 'evil' deeds, he follows a moral code that keeps him from truly becoming shrouded in shadows. He's always fiddling with his various parts, attempting to make something that can be used in his pursuit of an 'evil conquest'. At the center of it all is really just a Matoran, just trying to have some fun. Biography: Unorxid was just another miner of the House Redome, hearing stories about valiant heroes, dastardly villains, and even ruthless mercenaries. Being intrigued, he kept listening in to tales of the happenings. Eventually, he decided that being evil sounded like fun, resigned from his mining job and headed out, wanting to become one of those tavern tales known by all. Zakaro
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#5 Offline Constructman

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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 06:35 PM

Character Name: Dyzaera "The Electric Woman"Gender & Species: Female Toa of LightningPowers: She is very proficient in blasting energy. She has a wide range of electric shots and blasts at her disposal. However, she has trouble manipulating already existing electricity. Absorbing electricity is no problem thoughAbilities: She is quite strong for her size and can take quite a few hits (ie Surviving falling off of buildings with fewer injuries than most others)Equipment: Two pronged club she calls "The Amp", Kanohi Miru, the Mask of LevitationAppearance: She is a tall toa with mostly blue armor with white highlights. She has a build similar to that of a phantoka makutaFaction: None, though she fights for good and against the beastMorality: 0Personality: Dyzaera is very convicted of her responsibility to do good. Even though she isn't held by any contract or code of duty, she follows her own personal codex to the death. She has very strict morals about what she can or cannot do and always keeps the health and safety of civilians in mind, even if it causes her missions to become extremely difficult. She is one of the ones who have seen the Beast face to face and have lived and actively works with those who seek to destroy it.Biography: Long long ago, she was a simple matoran living on the surface. She was just another villager, living her life out as an errand runner doing odd jobs around town. Although she was on the lower end of society, she was well liked by her fellow matoran That all changed one day. Gangs started appearing all over town for no reason and began to spread terror among the peoples. In the village's darkest hour, a dying toa gave her and fourteen others toa stones to form a new team of toa to protect the village. Her team had many victories against the thugs, but one of the gang leaders got away: a skakdi of lightning known simply as "The Red Demon". Peace returned for a short while. It seemed that all would be well. Then the cataclysm happened, and Dyzaera was forced to migrate underground, with many of her friends being killed in the attempt. The journey underground was long and hard, especially for her, who was now nearly alone. Only a few members of her team remained to walk alongside her in this new life underground. She helped to build the caverns and to protect the matoran and the other villagers as they attempted to start over underground. Years later, she was part of a mining expedition to the cavern of Tzont to guard the miners there. As a result, she was one of the first to witness the arrival of the beast. Appearing to her as a giant person made of lava that could regenerate itself, it caused havoc by bringing the cavern down. Filled with grief, she swore vengeance on the Beast, but it was nowhere to be found. Unable to exact her revenge, she did the next best thing: helping to protect the people from the terrible creature and whatever evils may lie underground. However, she came face to face with the evil again in the city of Taunn, this time actually doing battle with the creature but failing to bring it down and to prevent it from destroying the city. She has hotly pursued the beast ever since while doing battle with Norkaron, the Red Demon who had survived as well and had followed her here.Character Name: Norkaron "The Red Demon"Gender & Species: Male Skakdi of LightningPowers: Innate Lightning powers that can only be used when channeled through a weapon or in conjunction with another skakdi, heat vision, a third power of limited flight (much like the Kanohi Miru). His lightning abilities are similar to that of Dyzaera's; with his gauntlet, he can use attacks similar to Dyzaera's but cannot manipulate already existing electricity. Abilities: Much like Dyzaera, he is very strong and tough. Even more so, since he is a skakdi. Equipment: Two gauntlets; one that allows him to shoot electric blasts and another that allows him to absorb electricity, an "Amp" similar to Dyzaera'sAppearance: Unlike most skakdi of lightning, he is not blue but red in color. He has a Toa Hordika build instead of a normal skakdi build. Faction: Neutral; he's just in it for his own benefitMorality: 0Personality: He cares little for other people and their well being. He doesn't really have any ulterior motivation for being evil; he's just in it for the evulz (for fun). You can often find him doing what he loves best; causing death and destructionBiography: On the surface, he was just a petty criminal. He stole and took whatever he could but he had no big ambitions. Then, he found a pair of gauntlets that allowed him to channel his electricity powers through, and that was the beginning of no end of trouble for the matoran. Rallying together a gang of thugs, he descended upon Dyzaera's village causing the inhabitants much grief. After many conflicts with Dyzaera, he was forced to flee but he escaped with his life, unlike many of the other gang leaders. He disappeared from the public eye for many years, plotting his revengeThen the Cataclysm came. Norkaron, like all the others, was forced underground. He tried to keep a low profile as the groups from the surface attempted to rebuild their lives. In secret, he began to reform his gang of thugs. Then, when all seemed well, he struck again. Like before, however, Dyzaera put an end to his little group, but not before he escaped one more time. The events concerning the beast didn't bother him; in fact, he welcomed the news as it allowed him to cause more havoc without the people noticing. He continues to clash with Dyzaera while overall causing trouble in the new village underground.

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#6 Offline The Lorax

The Lorax
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 07:33 PM

Character Name: KaroroGender & Species: Male, Tobduk’s SpeciesPowers: Gains strength from feelings of pain, both in himself and those around him – exactly like what Tobduk had with respect to anger.Abilities: Karoro has a high tolerance to pain due to his power. The high he gets along with the increased strength counters his pain, and often allows him to push on through it for longer than other beings.Equipment:
  • A Great Kanohi Faxon. Using its power allows him to mimic the abilities of rahi which share his general environment.
  • A multi-shot zamor launcher with two types of spheres:
    • Absorptive spheres: while they appear to be empty, and therefore not dangerous, these spheres can be very useful. When fired, they will absorb attacks thrown at Karoro into themselves. The attacks will remain contained and concentrated within these spheres until they are fired again, when the stored power or material is released. These spheres are black when unfilled, but take on the colour of the contents once they have absorbed something,
    • Stinging spheres: Distilled from the venom of Kofo-jaga scorpions, the liquid within these spheres causes and intense burning and stinging sensation when it comes into the slightest contact with flesh. It is also mildly corrosive. These zamors have a dull crimson hue.
  • A chainsaw-like weapon similar in appearance to one of Onua Nuva’s quake breakers.
Appearance: Karoro looks very similar to Tobduk: 10 feet tall, lean, but very muscular. His colour scheme consists of dark blues and greens, whereas Tobduk’s was grey and red. They have different masks too, but that’s about where the physical differences end.Faction: Metru-Sumonu GuardMorality: 0Biography: For the first 10,000 years of his life, Karoro lived on a small island in Mata Nui’s left hand with others of his species. Their lives were simple at that time, though they were content, for the most part. Then, one day, Makuta Chirox showed up. He had a little experiment he wanted to do. He mixed a little of this, a little of that, and before you knew it he had a great big spider, and then a lot more. But that wasn’t enough; he had to see what they could do. So he unleashed them on Karoro’s village. It was over in minutes. When they were done, the Makuta renamed the island Visorak in honour of their pets.Karoro was one of the few who made it off the island, after hiding underground for a few days to avoid the spiders. He moved onto the Southern Continent and tried to start a new life there, but he was never that successful. He lived on the fringes of various communities for a while, but could never bring himself to become a part of any, not after how he had lost his first home and friends. He knew that he should not let those events that happened millennia ago stop him from rebuilding his life as part of a new community, but his fears of losing friends again kept him from doing so. Millennia passed this way, as he lived as a self-made outcast.During the Great Cataclysm, he watched as catastrophe overtook many of the villages on the Southern Continent and their inhabitants. He saw countless other beings emerging from the rubble of their lives in much the same way he had when his own village was razed.The enormous amount of aguish around him, both physical and mental gave him a boost the likes of which he has never experienced before, nor is he likely to again. That massive high, combined with compassion for the beings around him gave him a moment of clarity, in which he saw that whatever irrational reasons he had had to separate himself from others could no longer be justified. Everyone had lost their homes and friends, but still, through dumb luck that some call destiny, survived. They were all in the same boat now, and he realised that he could no longer defend his irrational fears of loss and rejection.As the survivors regrouped and began digging into the earth, he joined them, though tentatively at first, and aided in the discovery and construction of Sumonu-Wahi. After the Metru-Sumonu was founded, he joined its Guard, and worked to protect the newly fledged society that had become his home.Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only way in which the Great Cataclysm changed his life. All the pain he absorbed during those months, and the strength he gained from it felt too incredibly good to give up. That experience was like a drug addict’s first buzz to him, and it has left him wanting more. He has become addicted to the feeling of pain and the strength it gives him, and the addiction is slowly growing. At first, small hurts were enough to sate him – stubbing his toe or getting injured trying to chase criminals. Eventually, however, these no longer satisfied his needs. Recently, the addiction has been impinging upon his work. Other guards have become concerned about his brutality towards criminals when pursuing them, and even once they are subdued and captured. What they don’t know is that they aren’t the only ones from whom he is extracting pain – he has been secretly going after ordinary citizens as well.TL;DR: He’s a corrupt cop who slowly deteriorated from an honest one into a being who will hurt those he is meant to protect.Personality: Karoro’s life is ruled by pain – evading his own from the past and voraciously consuming others’ in the present. When he has had a fix of pain, he can be much more mild, even friendly, but after the effects have worn off and he is hungry for hurt, he is increasingly apprehensive and angry, even brutal and sadistic when he thinks he can get away with it.Character Names: Hatann, The JagaGender & Species: Male SkakdiFaction: The Black Sickle (Higher up).Appearance: He almost completely black, with a few strokes of purple around his face and spine, which resemble Zaktan’s in shape. His eyes (and by extension, his eyebeams) are also purple. He bears a purple tattoo on each of his shoulders in the shape of a catapult scorpion, and indeed, the resemblance is strong, both physically and in temperament. He is heavily armoured and above average size for a Skakdi. He prides himself on his brute strength. His armour is a bit scratched up and dented in a few places, and his organic parts have amassed their fair share of scars.Powers:
  • Elemental gravity, when working with another Skakdi
  • Laser vision
  • Hatann’s third power is the same as that of the rahi known as Tunnelers. This means that he can transmute his body into any substance he is in physical contact with.
Abilities: Living for many thousands of years as a hitman on Zakaz and then later as a Dark Hunter, Hatann has served to sharpen Hatann’s mind and skills razor sharp. He’s strong, fast and cunning, being able to quickly form strategies and adapt to new situations. He is a master of his chosen weapons, be they magical or physical.Equipment:
  • A light backpack he uses to carry around the rest of his possessions.
  • Multi-shot zamor launcher with two types of spheres:
    • One of his favourite and most versatile shots, containment spheres are dark blue, and when they strike a target, these spheres will form a solid, shock-absorbing bubble around it. They are useful prisons, but also serve as shields, which Grokk can use on himself if he needs a quick defence (or salvation from a long fall). The bubbles will lose power progressively after formation, but are susceptible to far quicker dissolution by means of strong acids or intense heat.
    • Acid spheres: Primarily in his possession as an anti-containment sphere sphere, these strongly acidic shots are also useful in corroding metal locks or the armour of enemies. The spheres are bright green.
  • A large black mace with silver spikes.
  • Other miscellaneous items. He keeps a bottle of water, a few rocks, a box of matches, spare zamors and a lightstone on him wherever he goes. You never know when these things might come in handy. Plus a sandwich for when he gets hungry.
Morality: 0Personality: Hatann is said to be as nasty as the catapult scorpion whose image he bears. He delights in brutality, and will shoot at just about anything, mostly because he loves the feeling of power it gives him. When he has nothing to do, he gets cranky(er), but as the vahki would say, “a busy Hatann is a happy Hatann”. There is a certain thrill in the hunt and the following battle, and Hatann craves it.His relations with the other member of the Black Sickle are somewhat tenuous – he is always wondering how he might benefit from their deaths.Biography: Hatann hails from the island of Zakaz, the home of the Skakdi. There, he wasn’t truly part of any of the warring tribes, though he had dealings with many. He was an infiltrator/killer for hire, though he would often turn on his employers if the intended victim was willing to pay more. Wherever he killed, he left a tablet bearing a silhouette of a catapult scorpion, a rahi he admired for their power, their cunning, their savagery and the fear they inspired, all traits he wishes to build in himself.Eventually, he got so good at his work that he attracted the attention of the Dark Hunters, and was recruited to the organisation around 35,000 BGC. While working for them, he was codenamed “The Jaga” after the scorpions that fascinated him. At the time of the Great Cataclysm, he was passing through the Southern Continent on his way back to Odina after completing his latest assignment. He had been sent to kill Nynrah Ghost who had supplied the Dark Hunters with faulty weaponry. The Matoran fled his home, leading Hatann in a chase across the Southern Continent. He caught up with them at the western mouth of the Tren Krom River, just as the Cataclysm struck. With bioquakes tearing up the ground, he didn’t have time to make the crafter properly regret his mistake, so he threw them into a fissure created by the quakes and left the crushing forces within the earth to do the rest while he made his escape and tried to find somewhere he could wait out the quakes in relative safety.When, at last, Skyfall came to an end and beings slowly emerged into the wreckage of the Southern Continent, ties to other lands and all possibility of travel were shattered, and along with them, Hatann’s chances of returning to Odina. When the other survivors dug into the earth, he followed them, because what else could he do? Once they were all gone, there would be nothing left for him on the surface.In the massive logistics of moving such numbers of beings underground, nobody noticed the small amounts of resources that would occasionally go missing. They were a drop in the ocean, but they allowed Hatann to sneak himself underground with the other migrants. Once there and with a fragile society to feed off, he returned to his former ways, living as he had on Zakaz. He was a lone criminal for hire, doing the dirty work of other unscrupulous beings who wished to hide their involvement. After a time, his work brought him into contact with others in that field. Sometimes they were associated with his employers, sometimes they were rival crims going after the same target. A few of them showed potential, he thought, or just worked well together. Slowly, he gathered a team of others around him, all dedicated to crime and the profit it could bring. Hatann was the nucleus around which they condensed – like the great scorpion that gathers the smaller kofo-jaga into its nest, unites them, and makes them stronger.Finally, one approached the gang, a great scorpion equal to their leader. This was Sickle, the leader of her own gang of felons. She wanted to merge the two groups and work as one. Hatann accepted this offer, seeing the additional power and profit he could gain. Time proved him right, too. He is now a leader within the gang, though certainly not one to stand back and send others out to steal and kill. He still spends most of his time doing those things himself.Character Name: RemoGender & Species: Male Toa of PlantlifePowers: Elemental control of plantlife.Faction: Karimio House GuardMorality: 0Appearance: Remo is an unremarkable looking toa, though slightly taller than most, and a little thinner too. His armour is mainly dark green, with patches of sky blue on his arms and legs.Biography: I was inspired to make this character by a song. Here are some of the lyrics. They were written for a human, but capture the essence of Toa Remo just as well.My father was a doctor,Who would come home late at night,With a soul so bruised and bleeding,From his unending faithful fight,To keep a hold of kindness,In a world that isn’t kind,To hold out the hope of healing,To his hurting humankind.Remo is employed in the Karimio House Guard, though not in the same role as most. He has some basic combat skills, but mostly he works as a doctor, healing other guards and members of the house of their injuries. Whenever he can, he extends his practice to other beings as well, particularly the poor workers in the mines at Feurn, where he lives at a guard outpost.With the house demanding more and more output from the mines to compensate for the loss of Tzont, he is seeing ever-greater numbers of beings through his surgery from accidents, fatigue, burnout, fights and maltreatment. He does his best to combat the rising tide of suffering, but one toa can only do so much. He works hard on his patients to do the best for them, and often to his own cost. This has been happening more and more in recent times, as he sees the needs of others and cannot turn them away when it is within his power to help them. Still, when he finally does rest at nights, the sheer amount of sickness and suffering in the world around him can cause him to despair. At these times when he is alone with his thoughts, he can lose hope that he can really make a difference. He hopes that, one day, he will be able to improve the working conditions in the mines.Personality: Remo is kind and compassionate to his patients, and genuinely wishes to help them the best he can. On the surface, he tries to keep up a calm, professional persona to reassure others, regardless of what he is feeling inside. He has a great depth of knowledge where medical issues are concerned, and also of plants. He is perceptive, with an eye for fine detail.Equipment:
  • Various pieces of medical equipment.
  • An extensive collection of medicinal plants
  • A rhotuka launcher. His rhotuka power is like Iruini’s – his rhotuka can heal injuries, so long as they are not too grievous and he has sufficient understanding of what is wrong.
  • A Great Kanohi Matatu with a telescopic lens, which affords him a range of telekinetic powers.
  • For when he has to go into combat, he has a simple wooden staff, about 1 bio long.
Abilities: Remo is dexterous and precise in his movements, performing every action in a neat and efficient way. He treats his body in a similar way to his mask or elemental powers – it is a tool to effect his will on the world, and one that can be mastered with practise, and honed for fine control. He does not possess any great speed or strength, but he does do everything with precision and skill.

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#7 Offline Delta Titan Sparta

Delta Titan Sparta
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 07:48 PM

Character Name: TenebraeGender & Species: Male OdinanPowers: Slight control over IronAbilities: Close-quarters and hand-to-hand combat, smithingEquipment: Greatsword, combination shield/iron sphere launcher, Mask of HealingAppearance: PictureFaction: NoneMorality: 0Personality: Usually laid-back, but becomes deadly serious in combat situations. Unlike before, he voices his opinion on what he believes is right and wrong. He is curious about the Beast, and wishes to observe and/or capture it.Biography:An original inhabitant of Odina, he fought back after the Dark Hunters took control. He led a small group of his kind on raids while the Dark Hunter base was being built, destroying equipment and supplies, and killing or injuring Dark Hunters. After a year and a half, the Shadowed One dispatched an assassin to kill him. However, he failed to kill him after his second-in-command took the knife that was intended for him. Several days later, the Shadowed One himself led a small contingent of Dark Hunters into battle. Tenebrae and his men fought valiantly, but were defeated. Tenebrae and the survivors escaped. Eventually he made his way to the Southern Continent, and became a smith and warrior. He never openly chose sides, but assisted those he viewed as in the right by selling them weapons and armor. When he went underground, he changed drastically, and now openly takes sides.

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Name: VilozGender and Species: Male Ga-ToaPowers: Elemental powers of water.Abilities: Strong as an ox, Viloz is tough, enduring and unlike most of his kind, brutal, ruthless and unrelenting. Traits that come naturally due to his element are excellent swimming skills and extended preiods of time for which he can hold his breath. He lacks proper training in hand to hand combat but when you’ve got super strength at your disposal, it doesn’t really make a difference.Equipment: His Toa tool is a protosteel war hammer with a long, thick shaft and a large head, coupled with a spike on one side. It’s a lot easier to use with the help of his Pakari, mask of strength, resulting in more efficient handling and deadlier blows. Viloz sports a backpack to carry supplies such as rope, a lightstone, a heatstone and a map.Appearance: Viloz is a tall, thick, muscular man with broad shoulders, a stony face and luminous green eyes. He’s mostly coloured dark blue with white accents thrown in, clad in heavy armour whose former beauty is marred by several scars of battle. In terms of age, he’s had his fair share of time in life but he’s not what one would call old. Striking would be exaggeration but the word 'handsome' fits the bill, as well as 'intimidating'. His mouth often defaults to a faint smirk, chewing on a piece of straw while two white linear streaks run down both sides of his face like smeared paint.Faction: House Kirak GuardMorality: 0Personality: To say in the least, Viloz is self-centered although he’s not blatant about it. He’s big on making profit no matter how small it may be and will rarely do something for free or out of good will unless he’s got a very good reason. Viloz is usually prone to sticking to the winning side of a matter however considering he’s a bit of a wild card, he’s just as likely to flip on moment’s notice. With that said, it’s not too hard to guess that unquestionable loyalty from this guy is completely out of the picture. On the bright side, he’s mostly a calm and friendly guy with dry humour and a knack for sarcasm. Don’t kid yourself into thinking he’s your friend though.Biography: As a Matoran, the little egocentric bugger turned out to be a wealthy merchant who often dealt in the black market, selling some of the most high-end merchandise he could scavenge in his travels. Eventually, he settled on an island, famous for its commerce and set up shop there. In public, Viloz was known to sell all kinds of goods and for the time being, profit was to be made. From a commoner’s point of view, he slowly but surely made his way to the top of the business with honest work. However behind the scenes, he usurped many and got rid of most of the competition over very long periods of time so as to not draw attention to himself. Very rarely would he ever go out of his way as to killing someone though. Doesn’t mean he never lost some sleep at night on the odd occasion. "It’s just good business", as he would say.Time passed, power and wealth were his but over the course of just a few days, all of that went down the drain. He screwed up. An associate of his, a Dark Hunter to be exact, returned from a job one day with some loot Viloz had asked him to retrieve, including a peculiar locked box. Curious, he opened it and to his utter shock, there it was: a Toa stone. Things just spiraled downwards from there. The moment he’d made contact with the peculiar object, his body began to undergo drastic transformations and before the realization of the event occurring then and there, a Toa was born. Knowing the Dark Hunters and how they behaved around Toa, a sudden panic gripped Viloz and in a skirmish of just a few seconds, he killed his ‘associate’ for fear of what he’d do to him. Knowing they’d come to investigate and return the act with his own murder, he fled to the southern continents and began a new life there, on the run. Many years later, Skyfall commenced its campaign of death and destruction, forcing everyone underground. Naturally seeking profit, he worked with house Kamirio until he grew sick and tired of how inhumane the faction was. Moving on from there, he went straight to the Kirak Guard because the house controlled one of the most important things in all of Sumonu-Wahi: food. Nowadays, he continues his work as one of their elite, deals in the black market from time to time and even offers his services as a bounty hunter, as long as it doesn’t impact him negatively.
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Character Name: VoraskuGender and Species: Male Po-MatoranPowers: NoneAbilities: He is a skilled fighter, having served in the MSG. He is also fairly intelligent and quick-witted, not easy to catch off guard. He has just above-average strength and average agility.Equipment: He carries a short sword, straight on one side and jagged on the other, for use in battle.Also a pickaxe, for use when traveling through deserted caverns. He also carries a sort of sack, which holds a coil of rope, a small knife, and some provisions.Appearence: Vorasku is slightly shorter and brawnier than the average Matoran, though not overly so. He is dark brown in color, wearing some light armour, which is tan in color, most closely resembling sand. He has a large scar on his left forearm, from a previous encounter with the Beast. He wears a powerless Ruru.Faction: NeutralMorality: 0Personality: He is fearless and almost reckless in nature, not afraid of ventruing into any cavern. He is a natural adventurer. Somewhat ambiguous in regard to the law, he still has a good nature in general. He has expressed an interest in venturing into Tzont, not believing the sayings that it is haunted by the spirits of the dead, and wondering if he might find the Beast there. His main goal in his travels is to find the beast and somehow injure or kill it, despite knowing that it would probably mean death for him. He considers the law to only be a set of general guidlines, and though he would not commit murder, battery, or any major crimes, he sees no problem with commiting more minor infractions, such as minor theft. Though he intends to find the Beast, he does so independently, not trusting the organizations.Biography: Before Skyfall, he lived in a village on the surface, an average Matoran in an average society. He was known to go on hunts for dangerous Rahi, delighting in the danger and excitement. When the inhabitants of his village were forced to go underground, he initially opposed the decision, but soon after realized its importance. He was a member of the first group to encounter the Beast, which is the origin of the scar on his arm. After that encounter, he lived uneventfully for a short time, but then began to explore the caverns. When he learned of the destruction of Taunn, he despaired, knowing it was the only way back to the surface. Eventually, he became a member of the Metru-Sumuno Guard, and became a favored member, well respected by his leaders. However, his favour did not last. After some time in the MSG, he was caught attempting to steal from the MSG's treasury. Due to the small sum he attempted to steal, and his past favour, instead of imprisonment, he was discharged from the MSG, and he then set out on his current goal of finding the Beast.
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Character Name: JenariGender & Species: Indeterminate Gender, male personality. Laisku. (Lay-Ees-Koo).Powers: Jenari has only two powers, and that is the power to control anything requiring electrical stimulus, including the Biomechanic species, as well as quite a bit of technology. However, he must literally insert himself, or part of himself, into the item at question to do so, and this requires a powerful mental struggle, so he normally does not utilize this power. The second is his extraordinary memory-he remembers, with perfect, uncorrupted detail, everything that he has ever seen.Abilities: Jenari has some rather odd abilities, for most normal beings, but these lie in relation to his species. His first power is his rather amorphous nature-for a being composed entirely metallic microtentacles, he can alter the organization of everything that forms his 'body.' His preferred form is like that of a Toa. His next ability also lies in regards to his species-he has an extremely fine sense of touch and motor control. Being made of these microtentacles as he is, when he forms them together, as you go to the ends of, say, his 'fingers,' things take on a fractal set, constantly dividing and getting smaller, until they reach the molecular point, allowing him to pick up and manipulate items with a deftness that most beings don't have.Equipment: Jenari carries no equipment, due to the simple fact that, with his amorphous nature and perfect memory, he can rather simply recreate whatever tool he needs from himself.Appearance: In his natural form, Jenari is a constantly-shifting, formless mass of what appears to be half molten metal, but is, in actuality, millions upon millions of small metallic microfilaments, all of the same silvery hue, and these all surround a single, clear crystal, though this crystal has, when shown, been known to fluctuate colours in regards to his mood. Normally, though, he takes up the form of a Toa-esque being, as an outer shell-within, he is writhing just as much as his normal, natural form, the crystal suspended in the mass. He constantly forms the area around his 'face' into the shape of a Kanohi Hau.Faction: The Sen'Iva OrderMorality: 0Personality: Jenari is, to say simply, an enigma. He has a wildly fluctuating personality, from the extremes of both depression and gaiety, and everywhere in between. However, regardless of this, he generally attempts to portray a calm demeanor unto those he is dealing with, though his facade may break at times. Many have labelled him insane, but that is only to their standards: To most of Laisku, he is actually a rather calm being. Many have speculated that his seeming 'insanity' and his constantly shifting body go hand in hand, and that is the reason why he always seems at least slightly different from when last you saw him...and this may be the case.Biography: Jenari is a rather young member of his species, only having seperated from the family crystal from which he takes his name in the last twenty years-however, a Laisku year is, simply put, much, much, much longer than a Matoran year, and so he is older than most Matoran, his age on par with many of the oldest members of the Matoran Universe. Unlike much of the Jenari family, once he had gathered what he wished for a body, he quickly left the pool, leaving the underground to search the surface. He watched as civilization came fully into being, his head constantly cocked in curiosity as he observed. He saw seemingly mythical Dragons come and go, though one was left to fly overhead, the only being who was older than him, and his only true friend in those early years. He still stayed in the background in the years prior to the Great Cataclysm, as the Makutas' power rose, always holding himself behind. However, once the Great Cataclysm struck, he had been stuck on the Southern Continent, and had been forced to go underground. Once he had done so, he realized that he would no longer be able to stay in the background, and he didn't wish to go back to the near cavern which held most members of his species, and so he joined with the Sen'Iva Order once it was formed, endeavoring to learn more about this Beast, while still doing what was possible to keep it away from the rest of Sumonu-Wahi.
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Character Name: GlitchGender & Species: Male SkakdiPowers: When partnered with another Skakdi, Glitch can control the element of Iron. His individual Skakdi vision power is thermal/infrared vision, allowing him to see in the dark- an asset in the blacker places deep beneath the earth.Abilities: Glitch excels in hand-to-hand combat, partly due to his large size and impressive strength. The rest of his skill comes from his long history of mercenary work and bounty hunting. In contrast to many of his brethren, Glitch also has skills in finer arts than combat: he is a mechanic and inventor, constructing odd gadgets and gizmos that, as befitting his name, usually go wrong more often than they go right.Equipment: A zamor launcher that he has modified to slip over and latch onto his arm, effectively replacing his hand with a gun. While this means a loss of digital dexterity, it also means he can’t lose it in the middle of a fight. The launcher fires projectiles including rocks, hunks of metal, homemade explosives, and zamor spheres that can be filled with anything Glitch desires.Iron knuckles, essentially allowing the Skakdi to throw punches without worrying about breaking his hands.Glitch also carries a couple knives, with the sole excuse of “they might come in handy,” and a pouch full of mechanical bits and pieces, which he is usually fiddling with. As most citizens of Sumono-Wahi, he also carries around several lightstones of various shapes and sizes, as insurance against the ever-present darkness of the deep underground.Glitch has a telescopic eyepiece that fits over one eye; he created it himself, and as such, it can be temperamental sometimes. When it works, it allows him to magnify his vision, seeing farther or seeing things close-up.Appearance: Consistent with most Skakdi, Glitch stands a little taller and broader than your average Toa, with sharp spines running down his back and both his arms. His predominant colour is dark gray, with splashes of lighter gray armour adding an accent to his appearance. His armour is light and allows him quick movement and agility, but can still stand up to a decent beating. Like all Skakdi, his grin is broad and a little unnerving, showing off two rows of perfect pearly whites.Faction: Himself. Being a mercenary and a bounty hunter, Glitch will take on just about any assignment from any faction.Morality: 0Personality: Drifting between Neutral and Chaotic Neutral, Glitch’s primary concern is himself. It’s typical of a bounty hunter: you can’t care about whether the person who gives you an assignment is good or evil; you just take it, or starve. As such, Glitch doesn’t follow anyone’s moral code but his own. Quick-witted and clever, he’s openly selfish at times, preferring his own welfare to that of others, but at other times he can be generous: it all depends on how he can best turn any given situation to his advantage. The only thing he’s not is an extremist, and if he finds one, he'll probably joke around and try to push their buttons. He approaches life with the philosophy of everything in moderation, except for good things that happen to him, and bad things that happen to people he dislikes.Biography: Glitch lived as a mercenary and a bounty hunter in the Southern Continent when the skies fell. He had built up a reputation of being one of the most solid and dependable men in his profession –more dependable than the stars, it turned out, because they crashed long before his career did. Joining the survivors of the Cataclysm, Glitch dug down, deep into the earth, where Sumono-Wahi was founded. He quickly started up his business again, and was pleased to find that there was much demand for his services. With everyone vying for a place in this new society, there were plenty of people who had enemies they wanted taken care of, especially the Houses, who have never stopped trying to get ahead of one another. Glitch did what he had to to make a living, and pretty soon he found himself comfortably well-off, his life funded by men and women with grudges and vendettas that he didn’t really care about one way or another. He began playing with mechanics in his spare time, and eventually got quite good at it, although he still hasn’t quite gotten the knack for inventing reliable machinery. Though he could retire with the money he’s made, he doesn’t –the thrill of hunting and battle are simply too good to give up, though not quite good enough to do for free.
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Sorry about the time constraints, Toa Levacius Zehvor. Since this RPG has been retracted, I'll close this.Thread locked.
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