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  1. A MOC I recently made using the new Skull Skorpio mask.
  2. I got one this morning for $30, though shipping brought it up to $35. I'm working on a MOC right now that I think this would look great on, so I couldn't resist.
  3. MOO MEAT!!!

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom


    2. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Bromandude please come baaack on here ;-;

  4. So are these actual, solid minifigures, or are they electronic things?
  5. This started as an attempt to make an entry into BBCC 69, as an attempt to make Kopaka Mata in the 2015 style, but after making it I saw that the Toa Mata weren't allowed. I finally got around to taking pictures today after weeks of letting it sit. Main image : As always, comments and criticism appreciated.
  6. Source: Kopaka Mata 2015
  7. I voted for 10. That Mata Nui is simply beautiful, with excellent use of new Bionicle parts.
  8. We should have an unofficial competition where we post brackets to compare. Anyone interested?
  9. It happens to frequently though. Cmon mods... True, it seems like voting is never posted on time in a BBCC.
  10. Thanks. When I first saw the trans-purple pieces, I resolved to make a Toa of Xenon with them. I had been wanting trans-purple for so long before that, so I was quite excited when I saw the Protector of Earth. Also, I do have higher resolution pictures. Here is the link to all sizes on flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/94650439@N05/15980952694/sizes/c/
  11. Source: Toa of Xenon
  12. The problem with that idea would be that an excellent MOC that lost in a high-skill group would be considered lower than a poorer MOC that won a low-skill group. Additionally, it would share the problem of age-grouping; namely, it would imply that people in low-skill groups should make no effort to improve themselves. Rewarding mediocrity would provide only mediocre results.
  13. I was 15 when I won BBCC 68 last summer, if that has any significance. Anyway, I disagree with age brackets. More than anything, I think it would patronize younger children by making them think they couldn't match up to adults. Children are not inherently worse than adults at MOCing, and excellent quality does not need years of experience. It is quite possible to go from very poor to excellent in MOCing within the span of one to two years, regardless of one's age.
  14. That was quite possibly the worst play call ever at the end. Still a great game. (though the commercials were by far the worst we've had in some time)
  15. I thought they followed the pattern of one in summer, one in fall, and one in late winter/early spring. Though logically, the BFTGM would have taken the place of the fall one.
  16. That pakari looks like it was repeatedly hit in the fact with a stick.
  17. This should become known as "The Random Garbage Blog"
  18. I'm going to say yes, then immediately check my nearest luggage line to see if I can steal it. Is coffee the superior beverage?
  19. I do that all day, every day. TPBM, on the other hand, hates potatoes and wants nothing to do with them.
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