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  1. I was just going to say "fast" but your method is way more scientific. EKnight
  2. Yes, these are Inika from another universe. I guess I forgot to mention that. I'll go back and fix it. EKnight
  3. This is genius. I usully just pry something flat under the liftarm, like a brick seperator, grip the sides of the head, and lift up. Works well enough for me. EKnight
  4. My brother had Keelerak, and the joints did break, but I can't recall how quickly it happened. He also had Ehlek, and a leg joint broke on the first connection straight out of the canister. Mahri Hahlis in our family did not fare so well, either. eKnight
  5. I don't usually read the whole lore drop, just skim it, but I am highly in favour of it never stopping.
  6. And free Lego is good Lego, but this haul is VERY good free Lego. EKnight
  7. My current count is 1973. It is likely a little bit short of what I actually have, as I do tend to miss putting some sets on my list. This DOES include each separate CMf, but does NOT include all my doubled up CMFs. It also does not take into account any duplicate Bionicle sets I could easily make if I took apart all my MOCs. of the 1973 sets, 293 of them are Bionicle. That does include all my actual mask sets I have acquired. I obviously could say I have a lot more mask sets, based on all the loose heads and masks and Krana and such I have acquired, but that's going down a rabbit hole that I shouldn't EKnight
  8. I started playing around with those large hockey bodies, and some Throwbot shoulders/hands, and this is the end result. These guys were actually built a year or two ago, and have been taken a part for a couple months. An interesting experiment, I would say. I liked some a bit more than others, some definitely were rough. Toa Inika Hafu, my favorite, and the only one I kept built. (It might be the Ruru. It's my favorite mask, after all. Hafu Hafu Jaller, the first one I built, and maybe my 2nd or 3rd favorite. Jaller Jaller Kongu. I really like the combination of lime and turquoise. Kongu Kongu Onepu. Proportions are really weird looking with this guy. I am fond of the hands, though. Onepu Onepu Kopeke. Kopeke Kopeke And Macku. Definitely the roughest and my least favorite build. Macku Macku Tell me what you think! EKnight
  9. I really LOVE that sword! The MOC as a whole is wonderful, but that sword! EKnight
  10. Excellent rendition of Hordika Vakama. IT's quite a shame some of the parts don't exist in the colours you used. EKnight
  11. That drawing looks so much more Onua like than the actual set.
  12. This guy is way too cute. I want one.... EKnight
  13. And I thought I had a lot of Pohatu bodies. I've been kind of wanting to build a tree out of Bionicle parts, I have lots of brown leftover from my boat I made. very nice, very simple, but very nice. really does give off MNOG vibes. EKnight
  14. In a word: No. The Castle fan base is MUCH larger than Bionicle. And Space probably dwarfs both of them combined. Just look at how quickly the Castle in the Forest sold out. It took a half hour or so. I'm not even going to go into the awful job Lego did with the whole thing. I wold say odds are it being a Bionicle related set are so slim, they don't exist. I think based on what Sokoda's project did with this, adds another nail in the coffin. If preorders can't even get 3000 as quickly as a bird, there is no viable way a Bionicle, large scale, system dsplay set would sell. Many Bionicle fans voted for Bionicle in the 90th Anniversary poll, but in my experience, Bionicle fans are a small, small minority of Lego fans. A very vocal minority, for sure, but one that didn't put it's money where it's mouth was. I would love for the 90th anniversary set to be Bionicle, but I would be SHOCKED if it actually was. EKnight
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