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  1. Hello Everyone! Come celebrate the ending of an ERA with the GMs and fellow players via the SK-RP Discord server. Mark your calendars for August 7th 15:00 hours PDT for our first post-game event! We'll be roasting and toasting many of the characters from the trilogy as a whole, having an AMA section, and revealing something special... See you soon, Kughs
  2. It's so adorable and reminds me of trucks I used to ride in as a kid.
  3. SK Trilogy Survey "Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey of creating a collaborative story set in the wonderful universe of SK: E/R/A. The survey linked above will focus on each game and the trilogy as a whole. Please know this is a longer survey, and you may find it best to complete in a cozy place with plenty of time. If you played SK in any capacity, we would love to hear from you!" ___________________________________________________Prior Post_____________________________________________ @pokemonlover360, I wanted to answer your Post Game Questions as best I could. As a general note, the questions were really good and I loved trying to find the best way to answer them. Q: SK:R leads to SK:E. Do the events of SK:E proceed identically to what we previously wrote, then to SK:R, then to SK:A, with no changes between repetitions? This is a difficult question to answer simply, but I will try my best and will involve a mutual understanding of this concept: memories are us recalling the last time we recalled something. Okay, here we go: This trilogy was designed from the beginning to cause a specific experience when returning to SKE at the end of Apocalypse (if that occurred). Our memories of SKE are now intentionally in conflict with the new interpretations and readings of SKE after playing through SKR and SKA. This does not mean our memories are incorrect: it means we have to decide which version we believe. I like to think both can exist at the same time. Q: What other endings were available? Any ending players created, just like the ones you fashioned during this playthrough. I spent a year and half actively tracking all the different plot threads so that they could merge into a cohesive story at the end while still leaving room for player interpretation. A few clear endings based on in-game milestone accomplishments that could have occurred: Takadox was found at the Earth Suva: you all would have gotten two Great Disks very quickly, which would have shifted the way Kaita ACRs were unlocked. This would kind of have a butterfly effect across the game as a whole. Takadox was maybe the only “good” barraki, so there was an option of attempting to get him to aid in returning to the GSR by using the teleporter in Mata-Nui’s skull (leads to the Orbit ending). No Makoki Stones? Island vanishes, everyone dies. Luckily, Sorilax and Sala installed one in SKR so that ending wasn’t an option. No further Makoki Stones? Island fades, nobody dies. Despair and grief reign. Miserix cannot complete the Winding Walk. This is an interesting one. If she was stopped from completing the Winding Walk, she would not become the Mata Nui inhabiting the Krom Sphere during SKE (yes, that’s Miserix now). Icarax is defeated before experiencing the game’s end: the revelation of “The Drawer” is obfuscated and left undiscovered. Spiriah Wins: the cycle stops. Nothing continues and Confusion reigns. Spiriah feeds on the nightmares of those who are unfaithful and continues to rage a war against Icarax. This would lead to a Lightbringer vs Darkbringer war, with different values and individuals behind the names of those historic organizations. Ehlek Wins: you don’t want this one. Trust me. It’s the real bad ending. Grime is never revived: Grime was the pilot for Miserix’s Ark. Should one portion of this duo fail, the other would as well. He was Miserix’s greatest weakness. Tuyet Fails: another fun one, but I’ll leave that up to the community to try and figure out. There are more (such as All Makoki Stones placed not in Overtime), but I’ll save those for maybe another time. Q: What's Spiriah's deal? Was he trying to do anything? Why was Icarax boarding up his home from Spiriah? Spiriah’s deal is pretty simple: he is content with observing, enjoying life as a deity, and has decided the surface world is too small. He’s content to wait as many cycles as it takes for him to get what he wants. What does he want? You’ll have to keep waiting. Icarax’s last milestone was to see the game end. Through regular dosing of Pure EP Icarax read the Narrative and discovered player characters had a way of avoiding difficult situations: stall and do nothing. Icarax copied that behavior to avoid any sort of conflict that might jeopardize their goal. However, they did want to see the game end, so they would happily provide assistance to those who sought them out, kind of like the cranky old person at the end of the street who gives kids candy to go away. Getting involved in anything would have increased the chances Icarax might be destroyed, so they just didn’t do that. Q: Why did Mata Nui's head want more? Because it was never enough. MORE! Q: How did Icarax ascend to great spirit? Icarax’s final milestone was to witness the conclusion of the third game. Q: Explain Nuju. Stay tuned. Q: What loot was present in the water and earth suvas? What were the puzzle solutions? Given the trend with other suvas, I’ll happily reveal that the toa tools of Gali and Onua were in their respective suvas. Perhaps in another playthrough the solutions will be discovered. There were additional clues for how to avoid the apocalypse, along with helpful items that provided more lore to connect the dots. However, these will be left undisclosed for now. Gali’s spoke of the future. Onua’s spoke of the past. Q: What was in the great temple suva, since nobody ever looked? In general, Turaga Dume, Lhikan, Nidhiki, and Tuyet all used the suva in the Great Temple. So their gear, masks, and other misc. items (nidhiki’s neck massager for instance). A few choice items I will not mention, as they may be something to discover in another playthrough. Q: Can the Hiko let you travel between Zakaz and the GSR? No. The Hiko as far as I’m aware does not allow traveling between dimensions, planes, or spacetime. Q: What was Ehlek's big ol' device that we didn't have time to deal with? I assume you mean the giant power reactor that ran on souls? It’s a giant power reactor that runs on souls sucked that were "recycled" as Nuparu mentioned. This was his way of creating “renewable energy” on his flying fortress. Solar would have probably would have been a better option for the long-term, but the estimates for installation were too expensive to be financially justifiable. Q: Datrox Karvan MC??? That’s something only Tarn and Snelly can answer together. A Datrox Karvan has walked into the Time Between Time. What happens next sounds like an exciting adventure.
  4. @Snelly for posterity's sake, and because loot is fun and awesome, Skyra's Loot Drops from her surprise Far Shore Adventure Crossover Extravaganza: Skyra successfully completed her main prompts as well as one optional prompt. Since she entered the Far Shore Portal after fixing it, I will be doubling the loot rolls. Additionally, for each character who joined her in the adventure I will be adding an additional roll as well. I believe this equates to 13 rolls on the Far Shore Loot Table: 19: Datrox Karvan followed Skyra NUVA through the portal as an MC. 11: +1 Psychological Flaw and Balta’s signature tools (see BS01) 4: Skyra’s signature katanas are now made of protosteel 16: Great Kanohi of Levitation 8: Kanoka disk with digits 3-8-5 20: Void Sickness (see Expansion 3) 13: Midak Skyblaster 20: Golden Mask (Translation, Concealment, Telekenisis, Mind Control, Night Vision, and Illusion) 6: +1 Vuata Maca Crystal 8: Vakhi Staff of Control 3: +1 Psychological Flaw 7: One Krana Ja. When worn allows for telepathic connection to all other krana gained through Far Shore Adventures. 11: +1 Vial of Antidermis
  5. In SKE in January 2020, Knichou is Knichou. This is during the playthrough of that game. By the end of SKA, Knichou has become Artahka's vessel in full. Moving again into SKE with an eye for details regarding the changes caused by Great Spirits, we see once again Knichou is Knichou, and simultaneously he is Artahka's vessel. This is the power of ascendant wishes. EDIT: I have begun collecting and running the data for the trilogy. Here's a little peak behind the curtain:
  6. Thank you Smudge for those really kind words. I never thought someone would say SK would be in their mythological canon of Bionicle. I'm honored. Snelly, please know that the loot from Skyra's Far Shore Adventure is coming once I have time to get it written up and posted. Questions round up: Xemnas, you asked if I'll run another game on BZPOWER. The short and honest answer is I don't know. Stay tuned, I guess. Same goes for you too Daniel, but it looks like Bulik might have a little treat in store (lovely hype trailer btw). Nuparu's mask is purple because he's from a different reality. For more about his connection with the vahki and Ehlek's Flying Fortress, check out Nuparu's first lines of dialogue in Escapement. Believe it or not, a large majority of Escapement contains heavy spoilers or seeded clues for future reveals in Rebirth and Apocalypse. The Great Spirit Artahka is Knichou. It's a little more complicated, but that's the easy answer. Definitely not something I expected to happen, but a joy to watch occur. There were several riteborn that were scrapped due to a consistent player request for less time on expansions and more time on posting in the IC topic. Also, I reduced my dedicated weekly time spent GMing SK from 40 hours to 20 hours to 5-10 hours. PMs, interaction requests, planning, reading, and approvals take time. Please use design elements from Six kingdoms games only with my prior written permission. These design elements include any original rules posted in the Rules topic for Escapement, Rebirth, and Apocalypse With that said, please feel free to use the base rules minus any expansions for the character profile system in any future games you may want to run on BZPower. Minions seem useful, enjoy them if it suits your future needs. If you haven't taken the Post Game Survey, please do so. It means the world to me. Be back soon with more answers. Also, hey there Caedast, Whira, Whisper, Sorilax, Miserix, and Icarax. Hope you're doing well with your newfound sense of identity.
  7. POST GAME SURVEY HELLO EVERYONE! It's time for the honored tradition of survey taking! As a treat, this one's just about SKA, but keep an eye on this topic for a chonky survey about the trilogy as a whole. If you played SKA even a little bit, we'd love to hear from you in the survey linked above.
  8. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The Makoki Stone was completed. The land returned to it once was, and then more lush and green, more fertile and blue, more alive than ever before. The winds of Whisper's change carried the knowledge controlled by Caedast, and Whira held the dreams close and safe of those within the Time Between Time. Sorilax flowed through it all, the binding for the unending tapestry of life. And The Drawer Opened. The light was blinding. Tren Krom had arrived at last... IC: Great Spirit Icarax, Mata Nui Ascendant The aspect looked at the large, curved display in front of him and let out a deep sigh, and reached for the coffee cup next to the keyboard. As soon as the cup was in hand, Icarax noticed it was empty and promptly put it back on the table. It was too late now to get a refill anyway. Rest was needed and it was earned. They felt very tired, eyes burning from looking at the screen for so many days in a row now. But it was done, everything was there, and in time too. Icarax felt rather satisfied. This was what they’d been working for for so long. They made doubly sure that the automatic save feature backed the document up to the cloud, then saved a copy to a USB drive and closed ‘SK: E/R/A’ and switched over to excel, where a massive spreadsheet was waiting. Nearly every cell was filled with information, most of them dates, and most of them had been checked off. Some were marked in red, for things that had not made it to fruition in time, others in yellow for the ones that had, but were delayed. The majority was in green. Green was also the color Icarax chose for the last remaining cell to not be checked yet. The aspect selected the fill tool and moved it to the cell, coloring it green as well. Status: Complete. They closed the spreadsheet as well, then quickly typed up a mail. “Hey boss, Just got done with the story. Everything’s ready for your presentation tomorrow. I left a copy for you on your desk. I think we’ve got a winner on our hands this time. Cheers, Iccy” Then they closed their workstation, placed the thumb drive on another desk in the area, grabbed their messenger bag and headed out, bidding the Rahkshi standing security that night in the reception goodnight.Icarax felt good. I wonder what tomorrow will bring... End of an E/R/A To learn what happens next in the game of Six Kingdoms, you can enjoy Six Kingdoms: Escapement here.
  9. Your wish, Great Spirit Whisper, Mata Nui Ascendant of Change, is granted. You are as you wish: a mortal beauty or an immortal terror. You are a Great Spirit of Change, and you shall live within every moment of The Truth. Sincerely, The Gms. EDIT: Six Kingdoms has Officially Ended. Thank you all for joining me, Vezok's Friend, and Eyru on this journey. This topic will remain open for the near future to communicate regarding Six Kingdoms, to let the Great Spirits have a little chat in their office, and to generally celebrate! Cheers, UN.
  10. IC: Grime | The Legend He recited the final words, passed the final trial and rites of the Winding Walk, but not alone. She was bound to him again, and he was bound to her. They shared their knowledge and walked hand in hand from the darkness of the deepest night to the brightest light of The Truth. Grime was himself again, renewed with purpose, bound in apostasy, and forever the pilot destined for the stars. “You have your wish now,” Grime said as he raised his hands towards the light in the darkness. Miserix wished for what she could, bound now by those who’d ascended before and guided by her vessel. She was his pilot, and he was her pilot. He was her ark from the Mangaia, and she was his from the Time Between Time He remembered the day so long ago on the beach. Strangers wandered up and seemed confused. They called him by a name he gave, a random name chosen for no real reason. Then they fought each other and left him alone with his drink and the waves lapping at the surf. He died soon after. He liked that name. It was the first time he remembered being called something other than the dirt beneath one’s heel. He held it in his mind and found it all the more compelling. From the storybook of memories he took the name and claimed it as his own And from within The Legend Miserix claimed her wish once more: May we find the end in the beginning, and the beginning in the end.
  11. You wish, dearest Sorilax, is granted. You shall be the Great Spirit of The Living Legend. You shall know all life, and touch it with your intent. You shall bring those to you who endeavor in your ways, and shall forever learn what Life means in all its endless stories. You shall be the living energy that is The Legend. Welcome Great Spirit Sorilax, Mata Nui Ascendant.
  12. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui Skyra was there. And with a mountain of loot. Nuju, however, was not. He floated in the Far Shore, lost in the junk and the dust of The Truth and stuffed away in the back corner of the drawer. He could do nothing. He could not escape. He’d been banished to the horrible little hole he’d crawled from, and sat in eternal hatred of Stannis, the Lizard King. He would crawl back to the living one day. He’d done it before, and he would always do it again. HE found his way through the cycles to return from death, to seduce those to explore and collect those items that might keep him forever real. But for now, he was dust in the darkness of a forgotten filing cabinet, left slightly ajar by a very sleepy Game Master. OOC: @SnellyCongratulations on returning from your Far Shore Adventure. You may have missed a prompt or two, but you got back and that’s what matters right? Just in time for the next cycle...
  13. IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri, Elemental Temple of Light Sorilax watched the death and he felt the passing of the world into a new creation. He felt life budding and blossoming. He was that life. He watched the golden light of the Ignika as it radiated throughout the temple, and he stepped into his impossible machine forever passing from one fractal's point to another as he achieved the only wish he'd truly die for: life. OOC: congratulations @Kal the Guardian on completing your Grand Wish.
  14. IC: Ehlek | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, The Asylum They teleported to the mental signature and immediately Vashni unleashed her most potent mutation. She didn't see the space around her or the horrors of the asylum that Ehlek made his abode. She felt blood trickling down her face. Blood from her optics and audio receptors, and in her mind was only a single thought: Lizard. And so there were many, many lizards. They exploded from Ehlek, and multiplied across time and space as the Makoki Stone sustaining Ehlek’s life sustained theirs. They wandered throughout realities with broken knowledge of The Truth, cursed to obfuscate so that only Caedast, Mata Nui Ascendant of Knowledge, might reveal the way of the cycles in time. OOC: @Snelly, lizard is it.
  15. We grant your wish, Great Spirit Caedast, Mata Nui Ascendant of Knowledge and Control. All that is known shall be known, in this Cycle and the next. All that transpired will be remembered. New things can be uncovered, there will always be mystery in the world, but no longer will there be the ignorance of the past: for you shall carry it. You shall stand at the center of all timelines, and you shall be arbiter of all knowledge in all cycles.
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