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    Bionicle, terraria, hero factory, lego, computer games in general, making youtube videos for my channel, strange animated films, bootlegs, collecting bionicle models, and summoning karzahnic monsters to assist me in my atrocious deeds.

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  1. lovely colours, lovely crab. nice moc! the claw is a cool weapon idea!
  2. nice colours moc a trifle too basic for my likin' though
  3. good gravy you must be existing on a whole other level of Lego fan to actually count your sets but i probably have 50-60 and a lot of them in pieces
  4. it's positive people like you keeping the fandom alive
  5. so, does lariska have digitigrade legs? asking so the age-old question can finally be put to rest. so if anyone has a greg archive answer or something else please let me know. thanks.
  6. i found a photo of the original mr zork design sorry for your eyes
  7. nice! i can see this as the thing that lesovikk was trying to kill to be kind but didn't manage because lesovikk is incompetent
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