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  1. There is no connection between shape and power of masks anymore since... when? So probably yes.
  2. Vortixx are, perhaps, the most reasonably powered beings in the entire MU.
  3. - Biosector And light speed is mentioned as one of Light powers. Welcome to 'canon should be rebuild from the very basics' squad.
  4. Stone and Ice: unlimited amounts of any tools and furniture without flexible parts. Earth: sliding through moving, well, earth under one's feet. All three: armour and replacement limbs. Now if you think about possibilities of basic six - did we even actually need all this plasma and stuff?..
  5. Little to none usage of masks and elemental powers.
  6. We have reached the apogee of years-long canonizing spree.
  7. How comes that this idea wasn't brought up and widely accepted in the fandom, like, some considerable time ago?..
  8. >what is Pokemon with its Ground and Rock types
  9. What do you associate with water? What do you associate with ice? How different are associations for two elements above? What do you associate with mud?
  10. And absolutely nobody cared after 2007.
  11. Huh? Of course he could. The fact that the story team hadn't thought of Kraata at the time we saw the infected Rahi saga doesn't mean that in-story the Kraata didn't exist during that saga. But it also doesn't mean that powers exhibited in 2001 are automatically kraata powers. You can't explain something written in 2001 via concepts invented in 2003 until 2003. Wrong. We already knew that the Kanohi were infected in 2001, we just didn't know how they were infected. Also wrong, and also not Cheesy's logic. You stretch his logic from "you can't explain something with a concept until you have this concept" to "you can't write prequels". See above.
  12. Strong yes, 1:1 within each element and (if setwise) 1:1-2:1 for the main cast, yes as in "unlock what is locked".
  13. Has anyone here ever tried not continuing, but rewriting and altering?
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