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  1. w w w w

    1. Bonkle


      I can grasp the concept of Pepe and an array of other memes but I still do not understand vaporwave or aesthetic in the slightest

    2. Aerixx


      That's precisely the point, my friend

  2. In Slovakia at the moment, I'll be heading back to Poland in a couple days and eventually back to Ukraine

    1. Dane-gerous


      A friend of mine lives in Poland.

  3. RIP Bonkle Gee-Too 2k15-2k16 Hey at least it ended on a better note than G1
  4. Aerixx


    Snipers? Ha, like we need more of those.
  5. Oh my god it's Junkrat! Can't wait till I see the final product!
  6. Aerixx


    Disturbed's version was a bit better in my opinion, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like covers.
  7. Aerixx

    lego overwatch

    I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm satisfied.
  8. Aerixx

    a good day

    My friend has Wolf Link, and even as someone who knows next-to-nothing about Amiibos, even I can appreciate how awesome it is. Good luck with your collection!
  9. Yo, Mercy is where it's at.
  10. I see what you did there...
  11. Aerixx


    Have fun. Just don't play Reaper, the gun bill is too high.
  12. Look, kid, I don't know who you think you are, but there's one thing I gotta tell ya: I'm the pineapple man around here.

    1. Dane-gerous
    2. Aerixx


      nothin personnel

    3. Quantum Melody

      Quantum Melody

      What? you thought you were the only one?

  13. Aerixx

    Recommend a Book!

    The Great Forgetting by James Renner, and all of Tom Knox's books. Note that they're very NSFW and really touch on sensitive subjects and have lots of blood and gore.
  14. The mind is one's most powerful tool- Oh, who am I kidding? My First Blaster™
  15. Stoooop all these people talking about Overwatch keep making me sadder because I can't play it ;~;
  16. Aerixx

    BEST EVER: Preliminary!

    Bastion, Bastion, Red.
  17. I lost a huge box of BIONICLE stuff (I've definitely talked about it here before), and it's probably my most cherished lost possession. It had all the Nuva, all the Rahkshi, the three large Takanuva-wave sets, and some miscellaneous stuff (Gali Mata, two Toa Metru, etc). I have dreams about it sometimes. It sucks.
  18. Aerixx

    the dream team

    You forgot Stan Lee No team is complete without Stan Lee
  19. Aerixx

    the dream team

    Silver Samurai, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Lasher, Rocket Raccoon, Falcon. The villain would be Groot.
  20. No, I already sold it for a pineapple. Have you ever won a BZPower contest?
  21. I like how both of the people he named star in Ocean's Eleven
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