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  1. Something is wonky with the display image, I’m not sure why.
  2. Ekimu, Kulta, Onua (master/2015 version) + 7 “hero pack” polybags.
  3. I start shouting the Rise of Skywalker spoilers at the top of my lungs everywhere I go to cause people to aggressively chase me, even the land around me warps to go after me, leading them to the vast hole of what would be G2 Bionicle lore had it survived longer, only a few aren’t distracted enough to realize the trap, and are sucked into the mysterious shadow realm. Now only the confusing pastries are left, all under my command for a show of such ingenuity.
  4. The recipe I listed was not for non-sentient regular food... me and MoarBotar make the recipe to sustain ourselves, baking it quickly using the heated terrain of Mustafar, and mixing it on the go. With MoarBotar assuming it was the same recipe as the one for the non-sentient regular food, the sentient irregular not-food came to life... for MoarBotar, it turns out to be a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one, and expected to be unsure, but an unwelcome expectation for Kardas....
  5. I offer a confusing treat that simultaneously appears to be a cookie, brownie, piece of cake, pie, and pastry. Do you eat it, and do you ask for the recipe?
  6. I show them the Bionicle 2016 art book! Perhaps the dragon will be impressed at the potential of Bionicle G2, but disappointed it didn’t fully come into fruition.
  7. I think picking up the loose ends of G1+G2 While also being something new would be ideal. There are a lot of... interesting phenomena that weren’t addressed in G2 that had potentially extremely significant importance, even things suggesting connections to G1. G1 has plenty of settings to work with too, and G2 literally had 95% of the surface of a planet that was completely unaddressed, yet had numerous very visible islands of large size. One last gigantic side note: unused concepts in the G2 artbook (there’s a planet terraforming wolf-like villain, corrupted toa, A castle... in the shadow realm... with Makuta’s mask painted onto its pillars... with Okotans coming out of a portal heading towards it... on the last page outside of any section where it’d make sense... and this all could be a continuation of Bionicle G2 after Makuta is sent back to the Shadow realm. There’s a bunch of other interesting stuff too.)
  8. Kind of like Journey to One but with very through rendering would be good. Maybe the style of the non Bionicle lego movies. An emphasis on the mechanical nature of the characters and focus on realistic feeling lightning and environment would be ideal.
  9. What about *gasp*... no toa at all? That’s right, the story wouldn’t center around the toa, they’d play an important part of the story, but instead I’d prefer we got something new in terms of character perspectives.
  10. It definitely had loose ends, especially looking close into the details, these loose ends seemed to be pointing in the direction of plans for story continuation that would be potentially extremely interesting. Look through the artbook, the last page shows a castle in the shadow realm with the mask of ultimate power painted on a pillar at its entrance, in addition to a portal that Okotan’s were coming out of approaching its entrance. The art was separated from the rest in the book. Make of that what you will. Basically, the Toa refresh the seal keeping Makuta imprisoned (they don’t even fight him) then go back into the sky where they will wait until they are needed again (that last part we don’t even really see, the ending narration just tells us). There’s not even anything in between those, I don’t think. Just “We win” and they’re among the stars in the next shot. It wasn’t too memorable, though, so I may be remembering it wrong.That’s not exactly what happened, there was definitely more to it in details, episode 1 and 2 was slower pased and better explained (and centered around a ark about Umarak, Makuta, and the Mask of Control with a surprising ending), but not too complicated or unfinished, the last half brought up dozens of questions and felt far too rushed, and left you with few answers.
  11. G2 could actually be continued pretty well, but would have to raise the level of story complexity quite a bit and would probably involve the Shadow dimension and various other unexplained lose ends such as the Vahi, and key words in sentences that suggested something much larger was planned for the story before it was ended prematurely (notice how Makuta referenced gods in a manner indicating they existed somehow in JTO? Or the unexplained temple of light? What happened to the Okotans that were transported to the shadow realm with the city? Does the Vahi have any connections to G1, where did it come from and how did Ekimu get it? What else is in the shadow realm? Is there a temple of shadow? Since there’s also the temple of time, are there other temples for other things, and do the “gods” have anything to do with this? The list goes on.). Also, the G2 art book is an absolute goldmine for story concepts that would be pretty awesome.
  12. Water or earth, they seem to be the most available elements, and the most useful. I would have black, brown, and blue as a color scheme. As weapons, I would have two short swords and a bow.
  13. The way I would want it is if the focus moved towards the inhabitants of Okoto, especially the protectors, Ekimu, and Makuta. Much of the story would revolve around Makuta, who would try to find a way out of the shadow dimension, and as stated in JTO, this would be achieved by combining all elements, of which would be rare in the shadow dimension. Makuta (being Makuta) would develop an army in order to compete with existing inhabitants who remain against their raids of territories in search of every element. The nature of the shadow dimension can be described as: dark, mind bending (literally and figuratively), defying standard physics, containing many connected ancient secrets, hidden threats, illusions, dangerous, desolate. Makuta was corrupted by their own dark spirt, which was split from their light (light and dark, figuratively), and took over. In order for Makuta’s spirit to be balanced, they must completely destroy the mask of ultimate power, but at the cost of releasing enough energy to merge both realms, disturbing the gods referenced in their speach in JTO. This is keeping it extremely brief.
  14. For huge titans I would do protector sized figures, for massive ones I would make even larger sizes. Perhaps if the hero factory figure style was used, then titans could simply have larger limbs/bodies.
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