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  1. Ah, Tennessee. The land of bad pickup lines.


    "Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see."






    That's all I know about Tennessee.



    Ah, Tennessee. The land of bad pickup lines.That's all I know about Tennessee.

    Well, there's some music history in Nashville you probably should learn a little about...


    Although I know very little about eastern Tennessee. It's close to the western NC border, but that doesn't do that much for you...although Asheville's not a bad place to visit.


    Tennessee is a southern state, very rich in its history--very much so related to things like the Appalachian people, the Civil War, and most importantly, M U S I C. Considering towns like Nasvhille, Memphis, and even Chattanooga, this is the place to go in the states if you want to get your music on stage or published (I will argue for all types of music, not just country or bluegrass). We're also called the 'volunteer state', because we usually are the first to respond to calls of need or war. We also have the Smoky Mountains National Park. I have grown up most of my life in TN so honestly I'm a bit biased and probably am exaggerating the importance of the state, but you know. But there's some random facts for y'all.



    That's really exciting! I offer the best of luck and encouragement for your studies.


    Sounds like that'll ease up the drive to BrickFair too!

    Thank you! And yes. 6 hour drive instead of 11? I'll take it.

  2. You could try a train? I took a couple on a trip recently, and it was actually a very pleasant way to travel.



    I think my brother and I looked into that but it was expensive or there were not very good options. I THINK next year we'll be closer to bfair and chris wants to bring a lot of MoCs next year so we'll likely just make it a roadtrip.



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  3. I have a question.



    In your opinion, if a train leaves Boston travelled at 100 km/h, while another train leaves Denver travelling on a parallel track at 78 mph, and the conductor on the first train fires a gun while facing west at a 16 degree angle while the moon is in its first waxing phase, and the American dollar is trading for 99 pesos, and Jim wants to sit next to Sarah, but won't sit across from anyone wearing green... solve for X.

    no. no spirit. just no.



    I will not be there but I will be sending a representative in the form of a Bird Robot. Contained within will be a shipment of good vibes and other positive witchcraft from us to you!

    sad you're not going to be there! but, the bird robot?? a shipment of good vibes?? :D i'm excited!

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  4. Yaaaaay, you're back! ^^



    For now, haha. How are you Inferna?? We should talk more.


    Starving artist? Just draw money so realistically that no one can tell the difference. It's foolproof.


    What could possibly go wrong?




    yo yo lady kopaka



    all I can think is the piraka rap song



    "I miss doing bonkle art," says the girl who just recently finished an AMAZING painting of a human Kiina. which you should totally post in General Art — it really needs the activity!


    So excited for you getting a Cintiq! I hope it serves you well in your artistic endeavors!


    And oh, you're planning on going to BrickFair Alabama? Hmm, I wonder if I should go. I was on the fence but if you're going that's as good an incentive as any to register...

    Well, I need to do MORE bonkle art!


    It'd be cool if you'd go!

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