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BBC Contest #72 Preliminary Poll Luke Skywalker

BBC Contest #72 Preliminary Poll Luke Skywalker  

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Preliminary Poll Luke Skywalker

BBC Contest #72: Use the Force!


Here we are... it's the first round of voting for BBC Contest #72: Use the Force!


Two entries from each poll will advance, as well as two overall wildcards.


Preliminary Voting begins December 21st and ends December 23rd at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.


A voter in this poll will be selected to win a random Star Wars constraction set, kindly donated by LEGO.




BZP Rules and Guidelines




1. c72_001.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Pit droid


2. c72_011.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Watto


3. c72_006.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Grand Master Yoda


4. image2.jpeg_thumb.jpg >>> Twi'lek bounty hunter


5. c72_009.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> A-wing


6. dsc00465.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Kylo Ren


7. c72_008.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> AT-RT


8. imag0295.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Yoda

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Two entries here jump out at me: Yoda, and Yoda. Both have their own good qualities:


The first one captures the look fairly well, but judging by the design, it's got little to no articulation and likely looks good only from the front. It's a nice "alternate" take on the character, but I feel that the googly eyes and lime color scheme make it a bit too cartoonish, and kinda ruins the effect for me.


The second one uses more realistic coloring and feels much more true to the character as he appeared in the original Trilogy. Plus, the extra effort that went into the shaping of the robe and the face appeals to me more. This one gets my vote. 

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Aw, both Yodas in the same poll?


I really like both. Entry #3's use of the Kraata as ears is both hilarious and genius.


Oh, and Watto. That one looks great.


Hmm... I think, though, I'll go with Entry #3.



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I voted for #8. The other entries aren't bad, but the two Yodas stand out. I really love the Kraata being used as ears on #3, but I went with #8 because it is more of a complete MOC.

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Went with #1, the Pit Droid! Simple and captures the droid near perfectly



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